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  1. It is used as a means to control the masses. Some of the worst atrocities committed by the human race have been done in the name of religion.
  2. Hope he enjoys retirement. Had a very good career and should be proud of his body of work. All the best Mr. Ward.
  3. Happy birthday you beautiful bearded bastard. Can't wait to watch you patrol the blue line dispensing your own brand of bearded justice.
  4. Looks like the Capitals really tried to squeeze the Djoos.... I'll see myself out...
  5. I don't think we will ever be the darlings of the league and I am OK with this. Just 1 cup before I die is all I ask.
  6. I was thinking that myself. This kid is going to be something special if he keeps adding power to that frame of his.
  7. Stay classy Toronto....hate to think what would happen if they ever actually won a Stanley Cup.
  8. Pass on both and pass on Karlsson. Calling it now the wheels are falling off EK in 2-3 years. Groin injuries will continue to happen to compensate for the ankle. Damaged goods.
  9. I am unable to cheer for any Toronto based team and I don't really follow the NBA all that much. Go Warriors!
  10. I know. However, I want them full time, not just a few times for potentially one season.
  11. Bring back the '94 jerseys!! Best uniform in hockey.
  12. Your opinion is clearly biased as a Bruins supporter. I do not believe that Sundqvist was targeting the head at all; he just happened to make contact with it. I am not arguing that this wasn't a hit that didn't need to be made in the way it was made. I am arguing that the Bruins have their own rulebook that the league uses. The bias is evident.
  13. I liked Gaunce and what he brought but I agree, he is not fast enough for the team we are trying to put together. I wish him luck wherever he ends up and I do hope he can put it together to find a regular job in the show.