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  1. Ducks to retire Kariya's No. 9, Niedermayer's No. 27

    Well deserved. Excellent careers for some amazing players.
  2. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    Ant-Man and The Wasp 7/10 Nothing groundbreaking. It was a fun, entertaining ride with well placed laughs and some really nice action. I enjoyed it for what it was. Paul Rudd was excellent. Evangeline Lilly kicks so much ass; I am in love. Stick around for the 1st bonus scene at least. The one after the credits was not worth the wait in my opinion.
  3. What would similar Canuck players look like, value wise? This seems like giving up a lot only for a 4th rounder and some cap space, no?
  4. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Derrick Pouliot

    Welcome back DP!! Like this kid and what he can bring. Kill it in camp and force your way onto the roster. More competition is never a bad thing. Makes people work for it.
  5. Crack for Jack?

    Need to bring back the minus button. How about we pump the brakes, relax and let the season play out. See what happens maybe? Let the kid play some games before ripping his size or skill? Good idea? Maybe some posters here *coughTheGuardiancough* need to find something to occupy their time with. Get off the negativity and try some of that good ol' fashioned positive thinking for once?
  6. Vinnie Paul Of Hell Yeah/Pantera Dies Age 54

    Wow. This one has shocked me. Grew up on Pantera and saw Hellyeah live about a year ago. Great show. RIP Vinnie. Re-united with Dimebag.
  7. Saw the trade on my Score app and came here to make sense of it as this seemed like an overpayment by the Caps. Now that I see it was mostly a cap dump to sign Carlson it makes more sense. Thanks CDC!
  8. Why on earth would we trade any one of our young prospects to move up 4 spots? Makes no sense, especially for a winger in Zadina. Hang onto the pick JB and take BPA. Simple.
  9. As others have already said great "show me" contract. I do hope MG can get his offensive game back.
  10. Quite the career for Sutter. Enjoy retirement!
  11. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    Incredibles 2 Incredible/10 The first Incredibles is my favorite Pixar movie. I have been waiting a long time for the sequel (thought one would never happen) and all I can say is that the wait was worth it. Great movie and a worthy sequel. Here is hoping if they do decide to re-visit this world with a 3rd movie we don't have to wait so long.
  12. Concussion Lawsuit and Player's Tribune Article

    Penalize and enforce ANY hit to the head regardless if it was clean or dirty. Take out head shots, period. Full stop.
  13. How BC Votes - 2018 Referendum

    Politicians will always find a way to cheat the system or abuse loopholes. Doesn't matter who is in power the people will always be last on the list of concerns for any government. More concerned about lining their own pockets and furthering their own agendas.
  14. [Signing] Canucks sign Michael DiPietro

    Glad to have Michael D in the fold. Hope he has another great season either in Junior or in Utica and continues to develop. Could be our J. Quick in 4-5 years...
  15. I second this. Lets unite and stand up. Ontario does not care about BC and never will. Lets see how they like having to deal with another country instead of one of its Provinces.