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  1. Looks like a Vincent Price style pencil 'stache under that nose. Lol!
  2. Good luck getting insurance coverage again. Burnt twice in successive years. I guarantee the current Insurer is getting off risk and I doubt any company is bold enough to take the risk of insuring this. I would take a hard pass.
  3. We saw what a well rested Demko can do. Don't forget, when he is the starter, he won't be so well rested going into regular playoffs (this year is an outlier due to world events). I still have faith in him and believe he is the answer going forward. He will need a solid 1B to help with load management though.
  4. They need to start finishing their checks and making Vegas pay a little of a physical toll. Vegas can pound our guys with impunity and we allow it to happen with no retribution.
  5. Reminds me of the scene in Liar Liar where Jim Carrey grabs the phone and just yells into it, "Stop breaking the law, asshole!"
  6. This team never stops impressing me. There is no quit, top to bottom. They are playing for each other and it shows. Even after losses they just bounce back and do what they have to. This feels like the beginning of something very special and I am looking forward to see just how this team will mature and morph into perennial cup contenders.
  7. I would much prefer to get a D for Virtanen, if we are trading him.
  8. Yay! Never been happier to be right. Go Nucks Go!
  9. Looks like the outline of a giraffe to me.
  10. That is frightening. Death threats for holding a sign? America is rotten to the core and is going to implode if something isn't done.
  11. Completely agree with your theory that we will kill ourselves off. Doesn't matter how many great minds our species has so long as the corrupt control the world. Greed and pride will be humanity's downfall.
  12. Coles notes: It was a bird in 1 of the 3 videos released.
  13. Honestly I think we need a coaching change on the PP and defense regardless of this season's outcome.
  14. Alf, normally I enjoy your comments and insight. But reading your latest replies I don't understand your hard on for Babcock. He is not the coach we need nor do I want him anywhere near our young players. Who we need is Gallant. This team was always going to struggle this year; we knew this coming into the season. They are hitting the wall and injuries are piling up at an important time of year. This doesn't mean that the future is any less bright. The team could look completely different in the summer. Lets all take a deep breath people. It is not the end of the world, nor is it the end of the season yet. Canucks will right the ship or they miss the playoffs. Simple as that.
  15. Not time to panic yet but we are getting closer with each loss. Demko looked better and more confident last night (the first goal withstanding). However the defence was brutal. And what is with Roussel?