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  1. If you all just block and ignore Bernards it makes it that much better in here. He will be gone soon enough.
  2. DJSkingz

    The World Events Thread

    And some people still wonder why other intelligent life in the universe don't try and make contact with us. Would you? The Matrix had it right; we are a virus on this world. All we do is consume and destroy.
  3. DJSkingz

    [Proposal] Major swap with the Jets

    Agree with a number of posters before me. I would be hesitant to do Bo for Laine straight up, let alone offering extra. Bo is the backbone this team needs and they would be stupid to move him. The kids work ethic and drive will be infectious and he will lead us to many competitive playoff appearances in his long tenured run as the Canucks captain. Book it.
  4. DJSkingz

    André Boudrias passes away

    RIP Was not expecting to see this today. Sad.
  5. DJSkingz

    Kinder Morgan Pipeline Talk

    This message has been paid for by the Government of Alberta
  6. DJSkingz

    The Captaincy question

    No contest; Bo Scorvat. End of discussion.
  7. DJSkingz

    [Waivers] Mike McKenna (Flyers claim McKenna)

    I heard them discuss this on the radio the other day and apparently you can play if on waivers just that teams don't like to do it as it is unfair to the player.
  8. DJSkingz

    Should we question management?

    Was just going to mention something about this. Coach hasn't been fired so now Fedor is going one rung up the ladder to the real problem.... Step away from the keyboard man. Get some of that fresh air I keep hearing people talk about.
  9. DJSkingz

    [GDT] Preds @ Nucks Rogers Arena 7pm Dec 6 2018

    I think the Nucks will lose tonight which means they will win. As long as EP40 gets more points and it is a close, entertaining game that is all I ask for.
  10. DJSkingz

    [PGT] Minnesota Wild at Vancouver Canucks | Dec. 04, 2018

    My thoughts from last night: Reffing is garbage as usual Our PP is slow, predictable and toothless Our PK is slow, predictable and full of holes Goalies are picking up on EP40's tendencies Boeser is not alright. Something is still ailing him Leivo looked good
  11. DJSkingz

    [Report] Canucks loan Sam Gagner to Toronto Marlies

    Not quite sure what is going on with management and the strange decisions lately. Utica needs help but it doesn't seem like Canucks brass care. Oh well, this season never really mattered. Here's to another high draft pick!
  12. DJSkingz

    Canucks don't want to be too good yet

    Agree with the thoughts of posters above me. Why would the Canucks not want to be good? They want to lose on purpose? I have been enjoying these exciting games and once we get healthy again we will be a force to be reckoned with.
  13. DJSkingz

    {GDT} Canucks VS Knights Nov. 29th, 2018

    The reason no one questions it is because we have you to question it every day. Keep on keepin' on Fedor....
  14. DJSkingz

    Who goes first Markstrom or green?

    Seriously can we just get rid of this guy?? Or bring back the minus button. I am sick of him starting these negative repetitive threads.... Enough is enough FedorFedorov. Log his IP an ban him from making another account. Would not surprise me if he was banned multiple times already.
  15. DJSkingz


    Not trying to be negative here but I think the losing streak continues tonight. It will be a close, exciting game though. There is no quit in this team. 4-3 Sharks