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  1. I liked Gaunce and what he brought but I agree, he is not fast enough for the team we are trying to put together. I wish him luck wherever he ends up and I do hope he can put it together to find a regular job in the show.
  2. Love that management is giving these new signings a taste of the big show. More depth please!!
  3. 1983 Mazda 626 LX, 5 speed, power locks, power windows and a sunroof. Drove it for 7 years. Never changed the oil. Couldn't rev it over 5k without it sputtering. Had a lot of memories in that car.
  4. Anyone actually read it? I believe they are attempting satire. They are saying he will sign in TO once he's a UFA. So yeeeeeeaaaaarrrrrs from now.
  5. I wish some people would pump the brakes, take a step back and just appreciate what we were able to witness. Hughes had an amazing first NHL game. We hope he will have many more in the future. Comparing him to established NHL defensemen at this point is ridiculous. Sit back, enjoy the ride and don't panic. Whatever happens, will happen.
  6. Would love to have Dumba but like others have said I doubt Minnesota parts with him. These players do not grow on trees. We would need to offer way more to even get Minny to think about it for more than 3 seconds without laughing.
  7. Sorry need to bring this up; you have mentioned a number of times that Motte is a defensive liability. Why would he be on the PK if that were true? Don't you need to be fairly decent at defending to have the confidence of the coach to put you on the penalty kill, where you need to have your best defenders on the ice? I'm not arguing that Motte is replaceable; anyone other than a foundation piece or generational talent is technically replaceable. I will argue that Motte is effective and a good player for what we need and have him doing. He has forged a spot for himself through work ethic and heart. Every team needs players like this. I believe the word for it is "intangibles". Something that stats won't necessarily show you.
  8. Curious what your definition of "good" is? Not everyone is going to be a Top 6 player. If that is your requirement for "good" then there are a lot of players on all teams in the league that are not "good" in your eyes. Motte is able to play in this league, in a bottom 6, 4th line role, and not look out of place while providing some offence. To me, that is "good". Much better than previous options we have had in years past. I am a fan of Motte and what he provides. The guy is pure hussle and heart and brings it every game.
  9. Man it is getting hard to contain my excitement for this kid. Holy hairy ball bags was that a dirty dangle. He could be what this franchise has been missing since ever: a true #1 offensive defenceman.