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  1. We should talk WW2 sometime. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by my views on it, but probably not about my views on what has transpired post WW2, specifically in media and education.
  2. Are you a liberal in your political views? Why else would you condemn the commenters? Noted, the racist association comment. Like I’ve said, the thread is mainly comprised of posters who align with the Left and their media machine. Screeching mobs resorting to labelling the other as racist looms on the horizon lol, I’ll chalk that up as a win. Getting called racist, by proxy... I’ll make my way to the door now.
  3. Lynch? Your words are excessively inflammatory. Why? It makes discourse difficult. By racist police and White Supremacy. You forgot that, simple, part. See you in a few days.
  4. We all go through it with differing results, sure. Remember this discussion.
  5. I want to read an answer to the question I asked you, not the search results of key words. Only a politician would reframe a question in their response. If you can’t name the systemically racist policy, then admit it. Don’t bombard me with a page of reach results that don’t actually answer my question. I want your words; your proof of racist government systems which oppress non-whites. Show me non-white people’s systemic, aka government policy, oppression via Racism by white people. I’ll come back to it later and read what you supply.
  6. My assumptions are about the University and environmental conditions you just spent the last quarter of your life in. Not much context needed to explain why I think you may revisit your youthful perspectives one day when you’re older.
  7. Answer the question posed to Jimmy or leave me alone.
  8. Take this for what it’s worth from an elder, and meant with no disrespect, because I know you as a quality dude. You just got out of University; a notoriously leftist place where you spent your early adulthood. You won’t even know it yet, but you’ll change as you get older and probably recognize a few things in yourself that were placed there by the biases inherent in these institutions. Outside is calling. Yelling, at this point.
  9. Ben nailed it though. Left no room for even debate. Not much has change since he was on that stage. Though he didn’t have much competition, I admit. He’s faced stiffer.
  10. Yes, later, of course. You’re fresh out of University, correct? Loaded question, for later. Unlike Jimmy, I look at multiple angles and respect other’s opinions enough to invest time to watch videos before I comment. I also have a time limit to how much I spend one here discussing politics.
  11. Should include a Poll to show your political leanings. Get a handle on what popular opinion is in relation to political views. (Much like Canucks Talk, a thread where it’s considered trolling to criticize the Canucks)
  12. Jimmy, you can’t. That’s why you deflect to antidotal accusations. Show me the systemic racism or shhh. Name me the policy, system, institution, employer or the like that is racist towards non-whites, or admit you can’t. Not accusations, proof. If anything, I could instead state that things like Affirmative Action and the mandatory “diversity” aka non-white, hiring practices are racist policy. That is one example, but it doesn’t fit the narrative, so ignore it, right? Whatever, this isn’t my fight, but I like to hold up the mirror to the mob occasionally. I think those who watch the videos I post will come away with a different point of view than they came with, at the very least they will look to reframe their arguments, which are seldom arguments as much as their are sophistry. Have a great day, protesters.
  13. “A card carrying Liberal” is how you’ve described yourself in the past. I’ve noticed your tendencies to, not just lean, but to firmly stand with conviction, with the Left, it’s media machine, their narratives and agenda, all of which are aligned with one crisis after another - just before the election. No coincidence at all, I’m sure, that the control of the easily distracted, media consuming masses are out marching to their drum. Floyd and his ilk is a culture issue and it’s not anything due to white cops, but that is too much to say. Ben Shapiro nailed that one a few years ago during another rioting effort by losers. Mic drop. End of.
  14. lol Uh, huh... No, Jimmy, what system, institution or employer do you know of that is inherently racist against non-whites?