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  1. The horror commentary towards the end made me laugh
  2. Two former Kamloops Blazers, both also captains of their NHL teams, were on the ice with Crosby for the Golden Goal. Kamloops
  3. Can’t keep climbing the charts. He and Ovie are in a race that way too. Ovie can finally pull ahead in some stats... maybe.
  4. It should be a great battle tonight. More brother vs brother hockey. I assume Jamie is playing... Edler against his old, vet enemies. I like it.
  5. Best at bouncing pucks off shin pads, would be something I might have expected. Pleasant surprise. Cool.
  6. Still, nobody here discussing the good stuff about immigrants and poppies? Now it’s gone to race. Distracted. As far as I can tell, only one of you opinionated, closet experts... ‘you people’... here have engaged in the discussion at the root of this, a question of immigration’s impacts on Canada’s cultural values, heritage and rapidly changing demographics. ‘you people’ talk tabloid new headlines with the best of them and distract yourselves from the hard work of critical thought involved in reframing the discussion into something more productive than calling people names.
  7. Your convictions are showing. Its interesting to look to the language used to express ourselves in here for clues as to how others perceive things. I’m not sure I’ve seen you use this kind of language before, not that I’m an expert on your vocabulary.
  8. “ You people that come here, whatever it is, you love our way of life, you love our milk and honey, at least you can pay a couple bucks for a poppy or something like that," Cherry said during Saturday’s Coach’s Corner segment. "These guys paid for your way of life that you enjoy in Canada, these guys paid the biggest price." Then... “ I don’t regret anything that I said. I wish I had of said it different, I wish I said ‘everybody’ instead of ‘You people’, I should have said everybody. I still believe everybody should wear a poppy. Everybody, I don’t mean one or two. I still say downtown Toronto and Mississauga, they did not wear a poppy. I don’t back down one bit saying that.” If he was right, this is then an interesting social question. Once people are done outraging, maybe there is a discussion to be had concerning the heritage and values of Canada not being observed by new Canadians, who definitely enjoy the milk and honey set forth by a people that came before them. Is Canada’s host culture changing as the demographics change from immigration? Are there behaviours to support this?
  9. Was the big fish in a little pond. Such an ego to think he was going to come over and do something, especially in LA. Tuck your tail and head for home, Ilya.
  10. Not many here old enough to appreciate his career. He was an incredibly smart distributor and could play D with the best of them. He was so solid on his edges. Cool to see something like this.
  11. Imagine the horrors these souls faced in the wars. And what life was like for them at home if they lived. The families these people raised or were part of also share a common disaster. An entire generation was ruined, spawning a trickledown into today. I don’t think many people appreciate how awful war is, not really. Cherry surely had that part inside of him and his blundered message.
  12. Its not if he’s tradebait being fattened up! Put both him and LE on EP40’s wing for a while