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  1. I haven’t been much of a fan of Benning, but I’d rather have him as GM than Gillis, no matter the scenario. JB - the Silver linings playbook GM. “All part of the plan” lol all of it, especially picking EP at #5 with a cap team. I don’t care one way or another about this news. Expectations are different now and if needed, JB will be replaced, which is inevitable, unless you’re a Ken Holland, and even then... No more sissy hockey. It took house money to buy this team some character and toughness, not managerial prowess. Hardly exec of the year work, but it did suit my needs as a fan perfectly so I’m happy. I just didn’t see the need to do this now, but suspect the PR team had something to say concerning capitalizing on the enthusiasm the fanbase is experiencing right now with this signing. Personally, spending house money to bridge gaps made in the rebuild process isn’t something I’d reward, let alone before the product was even tested. For me, this news news confirms that Aquaman believes JB has listened and done what he’s been told to as GM. The news also makes me rethink Linden’s tenure here, given there appears to have been a disconnect, possibly in strategic planning. Linden, the human bug-deflector for the re-thingy in all of this, errr, Plan.
  2. Stat off the beer. I expect you at camp at 212.
  3. I expect less pansy-assed hockey. The rest doesn’t even matter.
  4. Scotland Norway, mainly. England Lots of the family tree is mapped out to wayyyy back. I know who my ancestors were and where they came from - all to get me here. That’s means something to me.
  5. I’d dangle just about anything to land Pool party AND Bouchard. Demko, Goldy, etc.
  6. The bugs alone would be enough to drive you to a eat a bullet. These were somebody's kids, someone’s babies. Its sad. So many lives destroyed. What’s left behind will be hard for those left to suffer.
  7. My son and his friends are still playing Megadeth, etc, like we did. Whats the best is they also play it on guitar, like we did. The kids are alright.
  8. No wonder the other kids in the galaxy neighbourhood won’t ever come over.
  9. Our own biases and emotions. It’s possible that you are running hot on emotion because the guy went after single mothers, which you overreacted to, even locking down the thread. Maybe you shouldn’t be moderating something you are clearly hyper sensitive about, as your reactions to hate-facts concerning single motherhood seem to indicate.