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  1. Agreed, as usual, Alf. I don’t really see that in the #10 range at this draft, which kind of sucks. However, what the eff do I know, and trust Brackett to dredge up another beauty sleeper pick. The Canucks absolutely need some desire and Tkachuk-ness injected into its core, especially on D, where we wish we could draft the next Rob Blake or even a Shannahan.
  2. Awesome post. Recall that I was the guy on these boards last year cheerleading for the team to select Boqvist with the first pick... because of everything you just mentioned. It’s clear that you already understand the kid’s game, so for others I will elaborate just a little more. One thing that stands out to me about AB is that when he shoots the puck, he beats goalies clean. He is a sniper like nobody else in the game, which sounds like a tall-tale to say. He plays the game game pretty much like a slightly less motivated EP, but on defence. If you can imagine a head-up all-the-way Dman walking in from the point and cleanly beating goalies with incredible wrist shots like prime Bure or Alex Mogilny were able to do, then you have a clear image of what this kid can do from the point. He is the youngest top-end kid in his class. He has time to catch up to the early bloomers and work on the strength and timing aspects of his defensive game. Today though, he’s essentially an elite skill forward, playing defence and I am still as high on him as I ever was. I didn’t want Hughes or anyone else, I wanted this guy, and for exactly the reasons listed by Surfer. In the NHL though, I can see Bouchard as being a more capable defender with a similar, well kind of similar, offensive awareness, but with a better overall game and the size. It’s hard to ignore his incredible output in the playoffs, which almost double Boqvist’s. The Canucks have a smaller, faster, less sniper’er version of AB, in Hughes. They could then use a Bouchard to compliment the roster instead of another small, skill D, IMO. I’d gladly give up Demko and whatever it took took land Bouchard, but would do a happy dance if they got Boqvist instead/too. I absolutely love the kid’s shot and watch as much of his shifts on YouTube, etc. as I can. It’s really something to watch him shoot and ... swish. Anyways, great post, Surfer. Got me all Hockey-happy.
  3. He is far from horrible. If you refrain from using such extremes like that, you’ll have more success in your delivery of your message here, IMO. I agree with most of the rest of your perceptions though, which was once seen as pure blasphemy on these boards not too long ago. Now, it’s easier to inject these comments and critiques into discussions without the heard rushing in to stomp-out any dissent here. Even the Accidental/Stealth Tank concept can now be argued here based on the predictably of the Tank-worthy goalie tandem and D-core that Benning went with for several seasons now, combined with other IR mainstays in key roles like Sutter’s. -Nobody ices that roster seriously expecting to have a “competitive” team. Had EP and Marky not been in the discussion for the Hart this season, this would have been a not-so-stealthy Tank job/Plan, delivered by a roster *expected to produce another top pick, which I am perfectly fine with, in principle (Tanktards). JB’s plans seem to have a serious ring of silver linings to them. -When he actually wanted his roster to compete, he gets a top pick. -When he scales back and let’s kids and projects play, he wins, but still gets a decent pick. So, I agree with you and others though that at some point, the team will need a manager who executes and receives the intended results. I do not believe JB will be that guy for this franchise.
  4. Yes and I should have made a new paragraph or anything to separate my thoughts on this draft and the Horvat trade. There is a decent chance they score another core player with the 10 spot. That’s pretty exciting. I’m still mulling over the picks as I don’t have a favourite yet. I don’t want another runt for the core though, I can tell you that much.
  5. No complaints, for sure. What a beauty that pick and Horvat turned out to be. We’ve had great luck at #10.
  6. Edler has great contract-years, I will give him that. Honorary Russian-like pattern there for those who understand the nuance.
  7. Most of the nominees play a rugged style on the ice. The old cliche holds up about that sort of player.
  8. It did? Trading a stud-kid backup goalie instead of the aged vet starter was a rebuilding move?
  9. It’s been a very long time since this was a great playoff team. 2011 was an anomaly. I hope the team is built for the playoffs. Teams like Winterpeg, Columbus and the Bruins are and I like watching them. No more fancy panties-hockey. No more Naslund/Sedin-style ‘leadership’.
  10. Pens aren’t looking for our junk. They’d probably take Goldy, Virtanen, Hutton and anything we’d want to keep. This isn’t a firesale, just a hypothetical.