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  1. 189lb enforcers?

    Pavel Bure traded to Florida Panthers January 17 1999

    Still an embarrassment for the franchise, the underhandedness of it all.
  2. 189lb enforcers?

    How good has JB drafted in his 5 drafts since taking over for MG

    At least Jake has been an NHLer.
  3. When accidental tanks are no longer seen as a successful season, I doubt JB will be of service here. This summer will be his 5th. If it’s a good one, maybe he will get a statue resembling a plumber with a toilet plunger. I wonder what the Flames GM will get?
  4. Never mind the images. It’s a liberal dream: White women and children put on blind folds to escape, with help from goodly, self-sacrificing people-of-colour, from the deluded white men and their scary truths, eventually arriving at a multicultural utopia where everyone is blind to social issues, seemingly as a virtue. Quite the paradox. A few social messages competing here, but this one is the most evident.
  5. I think that you have the most to gain from these discussions. This post might sting a bit, but it’s for your own good. Very few things can set me off as much as a white knight crapping all over my ancestors’ contributions to their comfortable world. I have been careful to not directly engage you in here concerning your overtly racist comments because you seem somewhat fragile and in a state of mental flux; an easy target, and mainly because you already had your hands full with stani, which, btw, uncomfortably read like a SJW cringe collection as you ferreted in and out of the holes from many, basic truth bombs. Readers have been witness to the mental gymnastics of the outrage culture, which you seem a full measure of. There is nothing more patronizing than a white knight’s defending of the disadvantaged races, but my deduction requires not just critical thinking skills, but also an appreciation for the culture which makes these virtues possible. Truth be told, I don’t think you’re ever going to get there; that you’re eyeball-deep in the traps of victimhood culture and identity politics. You identify with those who cling to excuses for why their lives are in shambles while seeking out like, but weak-willed minds which have sought the resources of the victimhood industry of White Guilt. If there is one one thing you are known for, friend, it’s ripping on white people. You lie to us both when you suggest you are an agent of equal opportunity-critism of the races in here, something you will have to remedy if you want your views to be taken seriously. Nobody enjoyed reading your fallacy-laden world’s deconstruction over the past few pages by other posters. When you come back with suggesting tha I am bereft of critical thinking skills, first I think it’s the work of a trajic comic, until I remember that you’re serious. Deluded, but serious, which is most likely a result of a reliance on MSM messaging inplace of your own opinion. You embarrass yourself by using attributes like critical thinking to separate your views from those of others, including my own. Your identity and adherence to the victimhood narrative is an example of the success of the pervasive social engineering agenda of the day. I hope the best for you sir, but IMO you’re not seeking your best of the best for others, just excuses. The astounding level of mental laziness required to willfully march on behalf of the MSM’s agenda has inspired the NPC meme; the useful idiots. The Outrage Culture is a manufactured distraction for those without purpose, like those mockingly referred to as white knights. I think this destabilization effort has crested though and that our youth will correct the route seeking to destabilize our culture and species. I wish them luck, as well as to llunga, whom I know is a quality human still finding his way like the rest of us.
  6. 189lb enforcers?

    How good has JB drafted in his 5 drafts since taking over for MG

    How well, not how good. Just sayin’. Also, which draft, not what draft. I think 2018 might prove to be the best draft class. JV and OJ’s drafts are standouts for the wrong reasons.
  7. 189lb enforcers?

    Entry music for the playoffs

    Demko rocking a helmet from a Quiet Riot album cover would be cool, but this is Vancouver after all, so...
  8. 189lb enforcers?

    Pavel Bure traded to Florida Panthers January 17 1999

    One of the worst stretches ever for fans, like Ibatch said. It made watching the slow death of the last few seasons here that much worse for those who had already been through the build up of the early 90s.
  9. 189lb enforcers?

    Derrick Pouliot's future

    Tank Insurance Policy reminder. Leave DP alone.
  10. 189lb enforcers?

    Pavel Bure traded to Florida Panthers January 17 1999

    I remember that day. My truck thermometer went to 46 below a few days before and stayed there for another week. I didn’t like the return. Pavel was a super star and we got Jovo and some trash.
  11. 189lb enforcers?

    Jonah Gadjovich | LW

    How’s he doing? I know some of you are watching his games.
  12. Ya, well, you’re racist. Nobody cares about your hate facts!
  13. 189lb enforcers?

    The World Events Thread

    So teens can rob us with toy guns, but the real criminals are the cops? Get some new material.
  14. 189lb enforcers?

    Kinder Morgan Pipeline Talk

    What’s in that pipeline?
  15. 189lb enforcers?

    Kinder Morgan Pipeline Talk

    What is the risk to the ecosystem of the Pacific? What is the other side of this debate?