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  1. Last word on this, because you have stated I’ve contradicted myself. Winning the Cup by starting at game 83? Insta-playoffs will be a battle of healthy rosters and what a battle it will be, sure, but there’s no way you can say it will be harder of a trophy to win than it traditionally is. You only have room to say that it’s equal opportunity. Like having a 3 month pause after game 82 before the playoffs start so everyone is healthy and equal at the starting line. It’s not the same grind. The Ironman Race having a nice long sitting break after one leg, so everyone can catch their breath and start fresh? Not much Iron there. Same difference with the Cup starting at game 60, or whatever, after a massive break. Its not the same grind, so yes, it’s not like winning the Cup is, traditionally.
  2. I think where they start the playoffs and the roster health is enough argument on my end. The Cup is a revered trophy because of the grind. Insta-playoffs isn’t the same thing; Cheater Cup, no doubt, but equal opportunity for all, for sure.
  3. I get it, all of it. This reads like a classic 189lbs post. We are Canuck fans; suckers for the pain of it, but all-in as fans, regardless. I’m ready for playoff hockey... the hands over my eyes, peeking through a few fingers, which we both know is the likely pending outcome of this playoff battle. Still, this will be way better than the bullied 2011 Playoff Canucks, it can’t be any worse. Those days are over, I hope. EP can prove it or it can go the other way too. I want to win, but it’s HOW they lose that will be remembered forever too. Can’t wait. Been stuck in this Canucks Fans Support Group with you lunatics way too long. Time for us to get out of this halfway-house and back into hockey talk.
  4. Playoff hockey. This is where we can finally grade Benning’s “rebuild”. No whistles don’t favour the Canucks, but a fresh start into the playoffs sure does. After a few rounds (no whistles), I suspect kids like EP and especially QH to be severely banged up and ineffective. I’m always up for a pleasant surprise though. Prove me wrong, Canucks.
  5. Kind of a cheater version of a Cup run though. No 82 games of pain to get in. It’s a cage match battle, not a war. Having said that, a healthy roster should be a thrill to watch. My only reservation is the refs. Will they follow tradition and put their whistles away? That will be the biggest challenge for the NHL, IMO.
  6. I’d bet on EP, QH and BB coming out of the gate super strong. I’d think the kids could and should beat any team on opening day and for the next few weeks.
  7. Crawford still thought he had Roy back there. How many odd-man rushes against did we have in that series? I still hate Crawford for his poorly suited structure that left Cloutier, one of the worst lateral-movement goalies I’ve ever seen, in net to defend all those two or three on ones. Still bitter.
  8. Just as an aside here, man what a terrific player and example Koivu has been for the Wild. I have a lot of respect for him as a player. He could have played in any era due to his Canadian-style game. What a beauty. He has been everything to that team that Horvat projects to be in Vancouver, if not more. Too bad his teams were in cap hell or crippled for most of his tenure. There always seemed to be some kind of disaster and their hands. I feel for the Wild fans like I do for Columbus and hope luck shines on them for a change.
  9. They were one of the better teams through the second half, as you’ve pointed out elsewhere. Does their lack of delivering hits correlate with strong puck possession stats? Will advanced stats show that they weren’t hitting as often because they usually had the puck instead of chasing opponents for it? The Wild looked to me like a smart, efficient team that used positioning and strength for puck retrieval, not hitting; the trademark of the poise of a veteran team. Thoughts?
  10. Toews Knows. You’ve left them no room to argue. Well said.
  11. GMs next? Coaches would be real gud too. Might be saturated now though. Happy May long, everybody.
  12. I know and you’re right. It was greasy, but necessary. It’s been a great time and all of you have been excellent contributors and sports in here. What a great group of fans. I think you’re getting a taste of what the threads have been like for the older posters who see their guys overlooked. Cooke is a great example of a guy we rasins wince at having been voted in over a Dana Murzyn, for instance. And at least he was probably still playing when you were born. I wonder how many players you did you not even consider? Dozens of years worth, perhaps, but I’m being facetious for effect. So, I think we’re even. You know what also sucks, and i hope you get my perspective here, is you young guys voting in several guys who don’t deserve to beat out those Canucks players which many of voters here probably never heard of... I’m ribbing you a bit, I hope it comes across that way. The players some of you younger voters never voted for because you guys only first-hand know 1/3 of the history of this team, made this list pretty sucky in places. Blocking Cooke wasn’t half as bad as having to watch the glut of the demographic on here vote for the names they know, not necessarily the Greatest names. You’ve survived one manufactured vote. Us older guys have been watching players get blocked since the top 10, mostly due to the age demographic on here, I assume. Younger posters were able to skew the votes a lot more than a few of us did in this one vote. Perspective is key. You’ll likely also go through this in 20 years with the next generation of fans too. There is no end to the amount of suffering for a Canucks fan
  13. Not that I disagree, but that it sophistry lol. You’re probably right though. Still, I think some PR work could be done, however narrow it is focused, like draft strategy, whatever... Now is the one time when the exec might actually have time to have the PR team work some magic and craft a way to draw those trolls out into the open and let them have at it. Good idea? Maybe not. Doing/saying nothing is more of the Canucks’ norm, we should know. They stay mum unless it’s to quell some rumours, then they recognize the media being the culprit. Reactive, passive even. Gillis sure did a lot of PR early on. It was a disaster. Maybe Orca knows better than I do, which isn’t saying much...
  14. What did you think of the thread? It was an interesting question that you asked.