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  1. I really regret selling all my hockey cards ive collected since i was a child for beer lol.. worst mistake ive ever done.
  2. My fake gretzky looks identical lol sorry to accuse.. but obviously its been sent in and graded.
  3. That gretzky is a fake.. u can tell by that orange dot on that right shoulder
  4. Shaw... telus has failed me mannny times... had the tv and internet package .. internet rarely works , and the cable didnt work for months.. and they dont offer me anything .. so i switch to shaw.. for the first year i got harrassed by telus at my front door every week to switch to telus.... thats just brutal on how they work. How can they expect me to go back to telus with the poor treatment and harrassment. Thank god they finnaly stopped. Shaw has not failed me once.
  5. i think other gms could see what u see and make offer base on that
  6. i guess its really isnt bad... its just reminded me of erricksons contract and it made me ill.
  7. i can hear the crowd chant ... " PUT-GOALS-IN, PUT-GOALS-IN, PUT-GOALS-IN" commentators... "He vastly puts goals in!!"