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  1. Just someone explain to me why.... we didn’t get the powerplay after the Boeser goal (double minor turned into a minor) we didn’t get a powerplay after the goalie interference call. oilers are trash and will always be, hiding behind McDavid’s and Nurse’s whining. i wholeheartedly respect Draisatl and his excellent 2-way game. He’s top 5 without a doubt.
  2. Just a solid game overall. Very happy for Makrstrom and Pearson.
  3. I think you’re over-analyzing quite a bit. Whichever line Petey is on is the 1st line. Whichever Horvat is on is the 2nd. It really doesn’t matter what order a poster on a Canucks Discussion Forum writes it down. So it would be Roussel and Ferland on the 2nd line. Seeing as how Ferland is a 40 pt power forward winger, and Roussel is an energy type guy with chemistry with Horvat, I really don’t see that much of an issue with the line. of course I’d rather have Virtanen and Gaudette with Horvat, or Pearson, but those lines are not that far from reality.
  4. Every single team in the nhl uses the drop pass on the powerplay
  5. I heard if we had landed Dubois, he would have been traded for Subban. Anyone remember anything about this?
  6. It was just a given at the time. The Canucks had zero defensive prospects (I think Brisebois was our most enticing at the time) with top 4 potential. Benning had stated that entire year that his goal was to start acquiring dmen in the pool because of how our forward crop and goalie crop had taken strides. OJ at 5 was a "safe" pick, but MT had and still obviously has the higher potential. Vancouver drafted it's first dman in the first round since Bourdon, and many were very happy as we needed that blue chip dman. Times have changed, some see MT's success, some see OJ's potential. It's still very early but an interesting narrative nevertheless.
  7. I'm sure if you went even just to 6th overall for each of those, we would see OJ's name a handful of times. It wasn't that much of a reach. MT must've been like slightly better, and the Canucks went with the organizational need. Sure, at 5th overall it might not always be the right move. Then again, not having MT and other people like Nylander/Ehlers, Pastrnak etc... and all our other draft misses, also allowed us to be bad enough to nab EP at 5th OA and Hughes at 7th. I'll take those losses for the wins we eventually got. Because to be honest, I'd rather have Juolevi and Pettersson than Tkachuk and whoever else we would have had to pick instead of EP. On the plus note, OJ is far from a bust and will eventually become an NHL calibre dman. He will be found gold now that the entire hope of the fanbase isn't solely on his shoulders, much like it was in 2016. We have Hughes, Woo, Tryamkin, Rathbone and company to help us out.
  8. And a much more developed offensive superstar to play beside in Nathan MacKinnon..
  9. I’m predicting a blow out win for us. Dallas are heating up but are bound to hjt a rough game soon. Nucks 7-1 Dallas EP 1 G 3 A Brock x3 AG Bo Virtanen Go Nucks Go!
  10. Boeser is by far our best forward so far this season. Just incredible all-around, involved, physical, intelligent, and brings a lot of grit. That is not a knock on EP, who is our best forward in general, and who is producing even though we all know he isn’t playing at his best so far. Boeser had a lot to prove, and he hasn’t disappointed.
  11. They also conveniently didn’t call that blatant first minute interference on Virtanen last game. How weird..
  12. I say that’s more because our players are terrific penalty drawers. Leivo’s boardwork for example is phenomenal. Petey alone draws tons of penalties and our players play high tempo and go to the boards and net.
  13. Good to know that he’s being taken care of
  14. To sum up all my feelings in one play. pettersson dumps the puck in, gets clearly interfered with, right in front of the ref. No call. same play 10 seconds later, Pettersson gets highsticked right in front of the ref, doesn’t embellish, no call. Pettersson frustrated by the terrible call, gets called for a slash. good job refs you really gave those 2 points to the Hawks tonight. on a more optimistic note, it’s nice to know that even on our worst night, the Hawks need the refs to help out to take the game from us. How refreshing.