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  1. I think a key to winning this series will be the willingness to block shots. Especially our forwards against Suter. Players like Beagle, Roussel, Motte, Sutter are going to be invaluable in this series.
  2. McDavid 1.07 Panarin 0.96 guess who won. staying healthy matters
  3. Wow what a trip down memory lane lol Actually very happy to see he carved out a long career outside of the nhl. Secure that bag for the wife and kids. Gotta respect that
  4. But he did it playing a bottom 6 role in Dallas playing with inferior players than Gaudette and Virtanen.. I'll just agree to disagree with you on what constitutes a 30 goal scorer.
  5. I'm sorry to be that guy, but you're cherry-picking stats. Sure, the guy had never hit 30 points as a 3rd line energy player. He hit 29 twice, and was on pace for 30+ more than just once (and that's not counting those 2 seasons at 29 points). You must be one of those people that consider Boeser is only a 20 g scorer and not 30 since he only scored 29 in 62 games and never really scored that last goal. Calling somebody a xx pt getter or xx goal scorer is a PROJECTION of the player over a full season. Roussel has been a 30 point projected player basically his entire career. Don't be shocked when he does it for us once again.
  6. Very excited about this news!! Great character and seems like he has all the tools to make a very good argument to be the #6/7 dman next year. A stint in Utica would also be more realistic and very beneficial for him. On a side note, just so we're keeping count, in the last 5 years, we are 5/5 at signing NCAA players that some were afraid would walk (Boeser, Demko, Gaudette, Hutton, Rathbone). Am I missing any?
  7. I was talking with a friend (who's a habs fan), and he said that he thought we were the dark horse this year. I agree with him. If certain things go our way; injuries, certain calls here and there, hot hands, lucky bounces, we have a solid team that can make a strong push. I for one think that the shinny type experience (with 0 fans in the stands) might actually benefit younger teams with young star players. It helps take the pressure off the shoulders, while allowing players to keep their focus with more ease. I think that could be very beneficial for our team. I'm extremely excited to see what will happen. I personally am not afraid of a single western conference team. We seem to have St Louis' number, the Avalanche are scary offensively but their goaltending is pathetic, and Vegas is a tough matchup, but one I think we can take by pure star power (EP, BB, QH and Marky).
  8. Players spend their entire lives, from bantam to the big leagues, sacrificing little pleasures like fast food, downtime, holiday vacations and family time, in order to be prepared for the rigors of an NHL career/season. They can handle being confined for 2 months (and that's for teams that make it far), whilst collecting a nice fat paychek to secure their family's livelihoods for the next couple of decades. I wouldn't worry about it personally.
  9. Other than his first round physical dominance vs our charmin-soft 2015 team, Ferland has done absolutely nothing in the playoffs. Here's hoping that that changes in his stint with us, but it's not looking very good so far. Let's see if he even suits up and gets past his first shift.
  10. I don’t really understand the hate. I’m sure most people complaining about Amazon’s carbon footprint use the site and take advantage of their services. who cares about the company when they’re literally setting a league-wide environmentally-friendly standard? bad people can do good things. Who cares about their motive? If this works, every arena will have to comply. That’s a win.
  11. Daniel & Henrik Sedin Award - Boeser Cyclone Taylor Trophy - Markstrom Walter (Babe) Pratt Trophy - Hughes Pavel Bure Award - any of QH, EP, JM, JTM Fred J. Hume Award - Pearson Three Star Award Award - Markstrom Cyrus H. McLean Trophy - Miller
  12. Next season will be spent in the KHL, which like i said, is a big contributor to him dropping in his draft. The year after, it’ll all depend on his training camp performance. He has the size and the skill to slot in the 3rd line right away, but he’s got to earn it. My point was to not underestimate or undervalue him, as he is a top 5 prospect in that draft. He could very well take a top 6 spot right under someone like pearson’s nose, for example.
  13. Idk if this helps you, but Podkolzin was ranked as the 3rd OA pick throughout the entire season pre-2019 draft. The reason he miraculously dropped to us is that teams knew of his 2 year KHL contract and the implications it had on their roster and his development. We took a chance, and it seems to this day, to be paying off quite well. I wouldn't look at him too much as a mid-round pick. For me, he's as much of a gem relative to his draft class and his pick, than Boeser Pettersson Demko and Hughes.
  14. The Leafs are an actual joke and have done absolutely nothing in the playoffs since 2004. It's in the water, much like Edmonton, and even at that, Edmonton managed to win a series after 2004...