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  1. PK has had 3 serious cup runs in his career (where he was a key player) Karlsson got 1 lucky one off a hilarious Cinderella run, after which the team imploded in one of the most embarrassing franchise turnarounds of all time. He captained that joke. Yeah karlsson gets more points (on a better powerplay with more offensive guys).He doesnt hit. He’s terrible defensively. Pk has a better shot, is a better skater and hits. We need a PK build more than a Karlsson, much like we need more Pietrangelo types and not Letang types. We have Hughes.
  2. Points doesn’t mean anything tbh. Karlsson is playing on quite possibly the best team in the nhl, while Pk’s numbers are being dragged down by the worst PP in the league. You’d rather have Karlsson defensively? Jeez man that’s insane. PK is bigger, agile and can hit like a truck. He’s got the will and character to go deep in the playoffs, and he’s already done that more than once. He’s literally built for the playoffs. I’m from Ottawa and saw a lot of Karlsson when he was here. He’s terrible defensively.
  3. What proof do you have that Karlsson’s better than PK? I’d much rather have Subban
  4. Say what you wan’t, like him or not (and I really like him), PK instantly makes us a playoff team.
  5. The reffing system needs to be overhauled and restarted from scratch. They’re pathetic
  6. Yeah I’m still hoping Caps win it all. Ovie is everything we’ve all ever wanted out of an NHL player. Skill, grit, toughness, passion and a love for the game. Most people hate him only because he’s not wearing their team’s colour. Facts.
  7. None of them were close? Are you just choosing to be stupid? EP Edler Boeser Horvat Baertschi Pearson Leivo all had at least 40-50 point paces for us. All of them. That’s 7 right there. 4 of them are our future 2nd unit players so 4/5 of our 2nd unit are 40-50 point players. I don’t understand why you’re not interpreting the stats correctly. Baertschi Leivo Pearson and Edler are the people I’m referring to, since you like to misinterpret everything I say. Bo EP anybody(they like to use granlund for some reason so why not) Boeser Hughes Baertschi Gaudette Pearson Leivo(could be interchangeable with the 1st PP Player) Edler thats a FINE powerplay
  8. Gaudette is a 22 year old hobey baker winning rookie, who has done really well in utica and is being placed in a shutdown role primarily with terrible winger options. Ferraro is one of the brightest hockey minds, and is surrounded by idiots. His projections are usually the most accurate when comparing hockey minds' projections. Did i say he would be a 70 point center? NO. Does Ferraro's claim of huge potential, his collegiate success and his utica success show us he's capable of becoming a 40-50 point player (like i stated). Yes, absolutely, it is not unreasonable in the slightest. He has great speed, high tempo, is tenacious, is a good playmaker and possesses a wicked shot. Pearson scored 40 twice in his short career, and had 12 points in 19 games for us, which i can assume is roughly 52 points. While I don't really think that's what we should expect of him, I do believe he will be a solid 40-50 player for us. Leivo whether or not you accept it, had a 41 point pace with us. At 24 years of age. Yeah that's definitely a sign that he's a 40 point player, whether or not you like that. Edler was on pace for 50 as I already stated. You can say that's bad evaluation, I couldn't care less to be honest, but I think it's pretty good evaluation. That's a terrific 2nd powerplay unit. I do like how you thought i was so stupid to think stecher and hutton were 40 point players, seeing as how our defensemen have been terrible point producers since 2012, but i guess you really just decided to nitpick. Clearly i was talking about the forwards. Cheers
  9. My 40-50 point was about the wingers. It is undeniable they all have 40 point potential, even Virtanen who I omitted in that list seeing as how most people count him out. Edler is a 40 point dman and baertschi is a 45 point man. I also mentionned Gaudette was touted by one of the best hockey minds as a future 70 pt center. pearson scored 40 twice leivo was on pace for 41 with us and baertschi has had his last 3 seasons at over 40 point paces Edler also had 34 in 56 meaning a 50 point pace great to know the nitpickers are there to police cdc!
  10. A 2nd PP doesn’t need stars on it. The way I see it, we’ll have great players on it regardless. Gaudette Leivo PEarson Baertschi Edler Virtanen stecher hutton idk I dont see these guys who are all 40-50 point players (Gaudette has a 70 pt potential apparently according to Ferraro), just suddenly not know how to score with the man advantage. They’re already all competent enough 5v5. Virtanen is the only one that’s not an established winger out of all those 3. Leivo Horvat Petey Boeser Hughes Pearson Gaudette Baertschi Virtanen/ Stecher Edler looks great to me. If you dont like Virtanen, just put Stecher, he’s more than competent enough
  11. 2014: Ehlers 2015: Roy or Kylington 2016: Sergachev or Tkachuk 2017: Pettersson (because of dahlen) 2018: Hughes i am not by any means a good scout nor do i watch these kids play enough during their draft year. I was so wrong in 2015 and boy am i glad I’m not a nuck scout. Saw tkachuk play in Ottawa vs London and his line (with Dvorak and Marner) were electric. Tkahcuk was the driver and I think they all got like 5 points of just pure ridiculous skillful goals. Was very happy we picked up OJ, and am still very happy about that pick. I thought Sergachev filled a better need, but now that we have Hughes, OJ was in hindsight the better organizational pick In Benning I Trust!
  12. Because teams keep their cards close to their chest, and that Benning had EP ranked high, and probably thought someone would grab him in the top 4
  13. I trust JB at number 10, more than I’m sure a lot of fans trust their GMs with higher picks. Bo (I know MG pick) Petey Boeser Demko should have all gone before we got them, and lots more we’ll probably have of those kinds with Jasek Madden Lind Gadjovich Dipietro etc...
  14. Not many of them are as giftend offensively as Goldobin is, so you don’t give up on him easily. I hope he kills it next year