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  1. Sutter has been mailing it in for the better part of 3 years. I don’t want that anywhere near any of our players. If he doesn’t get bought out, I’m on board for trading him for a 7th round pick. Sure, he’s on the PK. We also have Motte, Miller, Beagle, Roussel, Bo etc... that are great fits there. If I have to witness another moment of Sutter half-a£€ getting off the ice on a line change, I’m gonna go crazy. Guy’s supposed to be a leader.
  2. I’m just saying people focus way too much on that stat... i couldn’t care less how many low percentage shots we face in one game. All i know is we usually win in the high scoring chance department.
  3. Oh wow the PTSD is back now that you mention it.... The reffing was just as bad last night, it was just one game though. That series was a joke.
  4. First of all, we’ve been giving up 40+ shots for most of the season, and it hasn’t really bit us in the behind as much as some would claim. We’ve actually won a fair number of games while being heavily outshot. Maybe the quality of shot is actually pretty low, I’m sure the advanced stats are there to be analyzed. As for the game last night, the ONLY reason that NY had so many shots (Especially in the 3rd) and we had so little is that the islanders literally got away with everything. They interfered and slowed down our forecheck and dump and chase (which was terrific all game), by setting clear picks, enabling them to retrieve the puck with ease, and move it up the ice quickly. I hate blaming the refs, but that was the worst reffed game I’ve ever witnessed in my life. I’ve been watching hockey religiously since 2003-2004. Tonight was the most embarrassing zebra performance. They wanted the islanders to bump their slump. It was so obvious.
  5. Green made the right call last night, although it hasn’t payed off because of chemistry issues that should’ve been adressed since TT’s acquisition. Pearson.... Bo.... Toffoli. it really is that simple.
  6. I don’t care about anything the media or the team sais as of now. The fact of the matter is that us, the fans, just want to know that the players and the coaches care, and are aware that the playoff hunt has begun, and that we’ve been too passive the last 4 games. what the fans really want, is for the entire team to have a closed meeting, and to see the team focused, rejuvenated and motivated tonight, to start our actual playoff push. that’s all i’ve wanted to see since the ottawa collapse. A fricking meeting. Some awareness. Some reaction. I don’t care about line combinations, I trust every single one of our players, as long as I feel like they actually care and are trying. To me, Sutter and Roussel haven’t, but I hope they can turn it around, as they are leaders on this team. Roussel was fired up last game, let’s hope he keeps it up. Guy’s had a tough year what with the injury and the late start to the season.
  7. Babs is the type of coach who inherits stanley cup calibre teams, and olympic gold calibre teams. Nothing of his achievements list impresses me. what actually matters to me, and to most of the fanbase; is that we know our core has huge potential. We need a coach that helps our youth develop. Travis Green does that. The guy had Marner, Reilly, Tavares, Matthews, Nylander and Kadri yet he couldn’t pass the first round. Check out his TO record. It’s horrendous.
  8. Babs also threw his young star Marner under the bus and made him write an infamous list of players he thought he outworked, which he then communicated to the players. That is absolute bush-league player development. I wouldn’t want that anywhere near Bo, EP, Hughes and Brock.
  9. Glad Roussel got some action in the last 2 mins and not Virtanen. Someone explain that horse$&@“ decision to me right now please.
  10. Let’s wish our team wakes up and realizes that since the playoff race started, we’ve won something like a whopping 2 wins in our last 10 games.
  11. I completely disagree. On the first goal, Myers completely leaves his assignment to chase the shooter, which makes Fanta back up and allow the shot. One of the most braindead D plays I’ve ever witnessed live
  12. Sutter lazily getting off the ice every single end of shift comes to mind. Pathetic.
  13. I’d like to add. It’s not a coincidence that Myers was on for both goals. The guy finally woke up but his first 10 mins were horrendous. The guy is literally 5 steps behind every single playz
  14. I’m at the game. We’re playing well. When we get the first, it’s gonna blow this game wide open. The Sens are really bad. Like really bad. Playing very dirty too.
  15. According to SN360, Sutter questionable tonight for the game. Bailey back in?