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  1. I don't know if anybody has talked about this previously or if I may be wrong on this subject, but according to EliteProspects, Holgander and Pettersson were part of the same J18 Timra team during the 2015-2016 season. Now EP only played 2 games there,and I'm not even sure if they played those games together but if they did, that's a really cool story, and good to know that they know each other even just a little bit.
  2. Good for him, hope he can make the big club for a bit and gain some NHL experience and some closure to his hockey career and adventure. No better club for that opportunity than that tire fire...
  3. Re-doing this since i posted before the Ferland signing: Ferland - Petey - Boeser ---> nothing to say, that line is perfect if the chemistry works Baertschi - Horvat - Miller --> solid mix of grit and skill, good in all 3 zones Pearson - Sutter - Virtanen --> energy line with scoring touch, very decent depth Motte (Roussel) - Beagle - Leivo --> just an incredibly above average fourth line, full of grit and high work ethic and defensive prowess Edler - Myers --> two way D with offensive D... enough said Hughes - Tanev --> sheltering a rover with the best defensive dman we can offer (and one of the best in the league) Benn - Stecher --> just a really steady 3rd pairing overall, defensive Benn and two way Stecher Marky Demko We are looking really good this year. We are the wildcard team in the league this year and I can't wait to see how far we can go.
  4. Skinner and Reinhart don’t have close to as good a shot as Petey, although I’ll give you that eichel has a very nice shot, comparable to Boeser. I’m pretty sure neither are on the right half wall either
  5. Could be optimistic but it takes into account lineup situations. Hughes having both EP and Boeser as one time options creates a very high potential for primary assists this season. I don’t think many teams have better PP options on BOTH sides. We’re about to enter a very unique and exciting era of Canucks hockey.
  6. I don't have a source on hand so it may be hogwash but it is almost a certainty he will not be in the opening line-up.
  7. No it won't since he's already ranked top 25 in the defenseman list, with only 3 points to his name and a mountain full of potential. The league and the analysts know what we have in him.
  8. Highly unlikely since Roussel is out til Christmas
  9. Calgary has the worst goaltending in the league. They got lucky that their offense could make up for it but it won’t 2 years in a row. they need prime Kipper to get them over the hump.
  10. The truth is, we're already heading out of a rebuild only 5 years into it (yes it's still a very long time), and looking very good. These media hacks follow teams that we have humiliated by rebuilding quickly and efficiently (think Buffalo, Edmonton, Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa, Florida, Carolina etc...). Compared to the above teams' rebuilds, we are looking phenomenal. Some of those teams took 10+ years to become less of a joke than they were... some are still just as sad as ever (Edmonton and Buffalo I'm looking at you two). We have every piece we need: Top 2 centers in Horvat and Pettersson Top Wingers in Boeser and Podkolzin Number 1 dman in Hughes Steady Top 4 in Juolevi and Myers Great goaltending in Marky Demko and DiPietro Great role players in Lind, Gadjovich, Jasek, MacEwen, Gaudette, Virtanen, Tryamkin etc... We'll be fine
  11. I expect Calgary, San Jose and Winnipeg to fall each off a cliff. Vancouver with the 7th-8th spot is really possible this year. We overhauled the D, increased our offensive depth and our goaltending seems really stable with a Marky-Demko tandem. I don't think I've been this excited for a season to start for a really long time. The road back to contender status starts this septembre!!
  12. My best friend is a huge Habs fan and told me that I've never seen a worst defensemen than Benn, and that Benn made him rage consistently throughout his tenure as a Hab. I told him I've seen worse (MDZ, Pouliot, Larsen). He still doesn't believe me. I really hope Benn brings us some positives
  13. To everybody saying Myers is a good 4/5 D.. tell me how many # 5 dmen have scored at 30+ point paces their entire career? Tanev hit 20 points once in his career. Different roles for sure but it does add perspective. He's a LEGIT Top 4 D, stop underselling him. We got the most coveted position in the entire league (Top 4 RHD) for less than market value. It happened.