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  1. Yeah I’m not suggesting we should use him there. Pretty special to have that depth where resting Hughes during the PK is actually possible. Look no further to prove to anybody how VITAL Edler is to this team.
  2. If your bar for a number one dman is Lidstrom... Then idk what to tell you. Seeing how tenacious and skilled woth puck Quinn is, i wouldn’t be surprised if he was decent on the PK.
  3. Hughes is 20 and scoring at an almost 60 pt pace, playing 20+ mins a night (some nights had him at 25+), and is playing incredibly solid defensively. How anyone can call him a number 2 baffles me. He’s already a number 1 in his rookie season. He’s just also fortunate he’s being “sheltered” as a 1A/1B thanks to Edler. It’ll be his team soon.
  4. Myers is by far our weakest link. Guy thinks he's Bobby Orr but throws more pizzas and hospital passes than I've ever seen. Useless shots from below the goalline, literally impossible to win puck battles. I'm fed up and ashamed he's our highest paid player.
  5. I had the same thought about Holtby. Have to imagine they're gonna run with Samsonov next year. It makes the most sense cap-wise. Regarding Ovi, I absolutely would not be surprised if he took a huge pay cut to chase cups for a couple of years. He's made his money and then some already.
  6. We don't need a 1st rounder. At all. It'd be nice though, but Benning won't rush a move just to acquire one, especially at the TDL. Your trade also decimates our defensive core. No thank you. I personally don't like Tanev, but to get rid of 2/3 of our RHD is baffling at best. Ceci doesn't make up for losing Stecher, let alone Tanev.
  7. 9+ seems insanely high but I'm guessing they've considered everything he's done for that franchise and gave him an extra 2+ or so.. Something like we did (on a much smaller scale) with Burrows (who had his best seasons at 1m if i recall correctly, and signed for 4m after his best seasons). The term is fine though and I'm sure they've thought of their cap situation going forward. I wouldn't look too much into it, Washington is a very well ran team.
  8. I just had one quick assessment of the coach’s system that I wanted to point out. It was something that was bothering me for pretty much half of the season. Yesterday was the first game in months where we changed our lines while keeping possession. Numerous times, our dmen pivoted and returned into our d zone in order to let the change happen (Stecher did this the most) whilst not just dumping the puck in, like we had started doing way too much in the last month or so. This actually launched a handful (if not more), of solid rushes up the ice. I was very happy with that adjustment by Green and co.
  9. Benning is 3 calder nominations in a row. Could be 5 if hoglander and podz break out in their respective years. i think that’s a modern era record.
  10. Good to hear Duke will be going! Hope his prom date (forgot her name) is going as well. I’m just a sucker for Boeser’s personal life and I want to see him put on a clinic in front of the people he loves. Such a good kid.
  11. I couldn't care less that they had a great practice after the most embarrassing showing of any team in the 2019-2020 season. They clearly were not ready for this game and didn't put anywhere close to the effort needed. They have been a complete joke the last 2 games. Especially Myers and Tanev.
  12. This is really Jake's chance to make a name for himself. He's been great this year, and this bump up the lineup is well deserved. I hope he knows what the coaches expect of him tonight and that he seizes this opportunity. They don't have to score 2+ goals for me to be happy with that line tonight. I want to see JV unleashed is all. Boeser will make any line work so I'm not worried about him at all.
  13. I watch Mtl a lot. Know a lot of diehard habs fans. They know if they make the playoffs, they’re getting worn out quick against many teams. They hit a lot for sure, they’re top 5 in hits I think, but when you watch them play, it’s not hard to take over physically.