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  1. All in all, the game was very fun to watch. I’m not a fan of the chipping it out every single play and losing the puck, but the Flyers are a good team and they came out in the 3rd with a lot of motor and determination, and created a lot of turnovers that way. Markstrom saved our butts, but most of the team looked good for a majority of the game. i say bump Virtanen to the Horvat line, they played one shift together and it looked good
  2. Most of the people in my fantasy league have like 2 or 3 players playing tonight!! I have 3 on the canucks alone (Bo, Boeser and Hughes, plus my brother has EP) so I'd love an offensive explosion!!!!! Hoping for a win no matter the fantasy results of course, but should be a fun ride nonethelsss. Let's hope the effort and drive is there tonight, and that some lines start clicking! 5-1 win. Bo with a hatty in his first game with the C EP Leivo
  3. They didn’t make a single pass. Edler on the 5 on 3, Myers on the giveaway. The countless dump ins that led to a Cgy rush the other way. No zone entries. We were behind the play, every single play. We’ll bounce back, but that game was as ugly as it gets. Marky was fine though I’ll give him credit.
  4. I don't think it's all doom and gloom from now on. I honestly am just pissed that the Canucks couldn't make a single decent pass, couldn't keep the puck for more than 3 seconds without getting rid of it like a hot potato, and couldn't muster the guts to have a single actual zone entry the entire game. These 2 games have been frustrating because we know we are vastly better than what the team is demonstrating to start the season. What's annoying as well is that those 4 points could very well bite us in the rear end when it's march and we're trying to make the playoffs. Of course there are 80 games left, but I understand every single fan that is ticked off after seeing such a pathetic display with zero drive, motor or envy and desire to win a puck battle. Pretty much every single player last night played a 5 min game. The other 55 mins, they were invisible. It was pathetic and only a true homer can deny it. It doesn't mean I've given up on the season, I still have really high hopes and have seen things from Myers Miller and Ferland that I really like. Just a rough start to the season if I've ever seen one.
  5. What an absolute joke of an effort all night by the canucks. They don’t care. It’s written all over their faces. They just don’t care.
  6. I honestly think that it's the right call. Of course it looks as though Hoglander wasn't hurting the other player intentionally, but he's gotta have better awareness when making power moves like that. I'm disappointed but I'm not worried about his season whatsoever. He'll learn from it and move on.
  7. I expect a huge game from our top line. 6-2 Nucks EP x2 Brock x 2 Bo Beagle Go Nucks Go!!
  8. I think if the NHL wants to do this right, 10 games for Kane (mandatory if they follow the rule book), and a hearing for the linesman at minimum
  9. Petrus Palmu is listed on eliteprospects as a Utica Comet this season. Anybody have any info on this, as his name here is on Europe (which is where i thought he would be playing this year)
  10. I’m guessing the team and him decided to just get through camp without any injuries.
  11. Pouliot’s misfortune isn’t related whatsoever to Green. He had issues in Pittsburgh and was traded to us for nothing. There’s a reason there. Pouliot has been riding the fact he was a junior elite player and was a first round pick and has since then grown at a disappointing rate. Green played Pouliot and gave him a lot of opportunities, and he didn’t seize them. It’s too bad. The millionaire thing comes in when you defended him saying he doesn’t deserve the aftermath when it was strictly based off his terrible play for us during his entire tenure. I rooted for him for a long time and I wish him well, but we’re much better off.
  12. Green played the players Benning had to offer. Benning inherited a steaming pile of crap from the Gillis era. We can play the blame game all we want, we have marginal players that have the motor and drive to stick, and Pouliot didn't. I won't cry for a millionaire living out his dream.