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  1. Don’t want Hofmann anywhere near our group. I come from Ottawa, his gf is f’ed up.
  2. Living in Europe and seeing all these soccer players get positive results literally depresses me. The nhl is displaying an elite level of professionalism that I’m not sure most people acknowledge and appreciate yet. Very impressive stuff.
  3. For anybody who enjoys foreign films, french cinematography is in a pretty decent state. The last french film i had the pleasure of watching was "Le Jeu", a movie wherein 8 middle-aged friends meet up for a dinner, and then proceed to play a game that stipulates that all phones shall be placed in the middle of the table, and that every single notification will be read aloud, each phone call will be answered on speaker etc...... Very good idea, since if this were actually done in real life, I imagine some people would be faced with similar issues, drama etc... Very different and enjoyable, characters are very likeable, and the story takes some good twists and turns. 7.5/10. Not the classic french movie ala Intouchables but still a very enjoyable experience. Recommend it.
  4. Lived in Vancouver and then moved to Ottawa for 16 years. It's an amazing city. Doesn't have the nature that Vancouver does, but it's an incredible place to live.
  5. I know this is a joke but isn't Minnesota an excellent state to live in? Or am i missing something (other than the joke)
  6. We got shut out 3 times in the 2nd round, in games where Markstrom and Demko kept it respectable. I wouldn't say defense is our biggest issue anymore. Secondary scoring is pathetic.
  7. Horvat's playoff performance is a sign of things to come. He will be in contention for best 2C in the league. Let's just accept that and move on. Give him the best wingers possible, a mix of Toffoli,Miller,Boeser,Pearson,Gaudette,Virtanen... and see if Motte can take a kick at the can as 3C, or Gaudette. We have the pieces internally, no need to mute our captain.
  8. Brodin was noticeably the best player on that entire roster during the play-in series. He's a gem and I really hopehe finds his way on this team somehow, eben though the odds that that happens is some'thing like 0.00000001%
  9. In 3 games, Vegas put the puck past Demko twice.
  10. It 100% could have been ownership, I'm not going to claim that I remember that incident perfectly. Either way i don't think they're winners, although I'm glad all those vets get a kick at the can after 20 years. Tampa will make quick work of them
  11. St Louis, much like 2012 LA are not prototypical miracle teams. They are powerhouses that ran into injuries and bad luck, and figured it out on time, and went into the playoffs the hottest team in the league. I'm well aware that Dallas were favorites at the beginning of the year. At the 20 game mark, their GM came out and said some flagrant things about both star players. They were considered as a wash for the rest of the season because of that. I don't necessarily agree with it, but I was responding to someone who wondered why Dallas was so underestimated. That is the reason. They aren't winners. HOWEVER, after a piss poor performance in the round robin and against calgary, they've managed to figure it out and are now in the SC final. They'll get rocked by Tampa, but it should be a good series nonetheless. I personally don't see it going over 5 games though. They can consider their season a success for sure.
  12. I think it's because, at the time of the draft, there was that "Superstar" quality top 3 that was lacking. like you said, clearly EP Miro and Makar have filled that up so it's turning out to be one of the better drafts in recent years.
  13. Starting a season 1-7-2 and having your GM and owner saying that your 2 star players aren't winners must have something to do with that.