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  1. Kind of funny how Minnesota fans are ripping EP apart because he's playing with an edge, on a play where their player dives and knocks himself out (how funny is that for real), and then completely ignore the fact that their entire team has gotten away with cross checking the living !&%$ out of EP for 2 entire games. Double standards lol Everybody wants someone as skilled as EP that plays the game the way he does. Must suck to be a fan of a team that plays against him.
  2. I thought today was a dominant performance by the Canucks. Honestly, the late 2 goals by Fiala made it look much closer than it was. It wasn't close for 57 minutes and 45 seconds. We dictated the play from the start. Great games by our entire forward group. However, Myers was terrible. 3 penalties in a row, on purely boneheaded plays. It was cringy. Worst part was that he took a penalty as soon as Boeser was getting sprung for an odd-man rush. That must have been super frustrating for him and the forward group. Myers is a battler for sure, but he definitely lacks hockey IQ. He might actually be the lowest IQ dman I think I've ever seen don a Canucks jersey. His reach saves him from the constant pressure he puts on himself and his defense partner. If he can clean it up, I won't be worried long. The battle in everybody was noticeable. I do want to single out 5 players specifically; Motte, EP, Bo, Stecher and Edler. Wow. Virtanen was a factor. Unleash him next game.
  3. I personally wanted Ehlers, but understood the need for someone like Virtanen, who is a hometown kid with a great mix of size skill and speed. Hope he keeps on taking that next step with us.
  4. We technically took McCann over Pastrnak, seeing as how he was the very next pick. Virtanen was a consensus top 5-10 pick, Pastrnak was a consensus late 1st rounder, as was McCann. Virtanen was a correct pick at that spot, and the conversation should be between him Nylander and Ehlers
  5. The fines were obligatory. Ferland deserved a bigger fine than Kunin, and he also makes close to 5x more money. If the salaries were accounted for, it's pretty even. I think we're lucky he didn't get suspended, knowing the DOPS.
  6. Taking it easy is what has caused 9 years of terrible results. Our captain got us hyped up during phase 3, saying all the guys looked ready to go, that they were all hungry, and in great sjape. 1 goal. 6 periods. 120 minutes. I really do believe we have the tools to beat Minnesota, and I'd even add we have the tools to beat any team on any given night. But what we showed last night wasn't it. There were good moments, but way too much indiscipline, too much perimeter play, too much dump and chase and not enough creativity and playmaking. Both goals were weak sorry. Fiala's blast was 93.7 mph and Markstrom had it, just didn't squeeze enough. The 2nd goal was terrible by Edler, but if Marky didn't cheat on it and keep his left leg up, it's a routine save off a weak wrist shot. Maybe I'm biased but I got up at 4:30 am to watch us get shut down so efficiently, and us do nothing about it. It wasn't the roughest game by any stretch of the imagination, but it wasn't pretty either. We have to be better. If it helps, I predicted in the prediction thread that we would win in 4 after losing game 1. I'm not too worried, but I am not happy at all either. We have to be better.
  7. Something I'm sure h'll pick up in-between games. Something we all wish he'd pick up on and adjust during the 1st intermission. It was his first playoff game as a coach, must've been just as nervous as the players.
  8. We have fast players but we don't play a fast game at all. I think we were 30th this year in rush chances or goals or something like that. We are a cycle team, I think we are 1st in cycle goals this year. The problem is, you have to set up a cycle. Dump and chase on a team that knows you're gonna dump and chase just doesn't work. I can't count how many times we just gave them the puck, for them to break it out efficiently. There's 60 minutes to a hockey game. No adjustments were made, even though it was pathetically obvious that we weren't going to gain possession after dumping it in.... Horvat's been talking the talk, saying how ready everybody is, how intense camp was, how they have stuff to prove. It was bull@!#t. They got outworked. Made a bush league goalie look like a vezina nominee, like always.
  9. We were missing a physical presence and secondary scoring. Virtanen fits the bill perfectly. 230 lb winger, faster than almost anybody and with a cannon of a shot. Sorry but we needed him, and it showed.
  10. Smfh this is what we see after weeks of our players talking about how ready they are? This is pathetic. 6 periods, 1 goal. I don't want to hear another word from anyone until they start backing up what they say.
  11. Rangers vs Hurricanes - Carolinain 5 Panthers vs Islanders - Islanders in 4 Canadiens vs Penguins - Penguins in 3 Blue Jackets vs Maple Leafs - Jackets in 4 Blackhawks vs Oilers - Blackhawks in 5 Jets vs Flames - Jets in 3 Coyotes vs Predators - Coyotes in 4 Wild vs Canucks - Canucks in 4 I think we lose game 1, and then bounce back with 3 consecutive wins.
  12. This game is a business. If he's not playing at 100%. Next up in line. I, as a fan and as someone who invests in this team emotionally and financially (as we all do), don't care about his injuries. I want my team to ice the players that are going to make our team win. Sutter isn't that and I'd argue has never been that for us. I have no sympathy for someone who is trying to coast for the remainder of his contract because he had a couple of injuries. If he's not fit to give us his best, then get off the ice and watch from the pressbox. This is completely different from someone like say, Tanev, who is injured frequently, but always gives his all, no matter what. He's literally never lost a step. Edler, who had serious back issues, got surgery and adapted and became a different kind of defenseman. He was less physical, but produced good numbers, continued to block shots and play 20-25 minutes a night against the opposing team's top lines. Sutter is a floater now. He can cry me a 4,375,000$ river.
  13. Sutter has been one of the laziest players I have ever watched play, for the entire duration of his tenure as a Canuck. I cannot stand how much he floats out there. I don't buy into that defensive BS. People just give him excuses because he's from the biggest hockey family ever so of course he's got to be labelled something. He's really not that special. There are dozens of players we could find that could fill his role. I don't doubt he has leadership qualities, but our leadership group is fine enough without him; Markstrom, Tanev, Edler, Beagle, Miller, Horvat.. I'd buy him out asap. Can anybody actually explain to me how he makes THAT much money? Yikes I don't consider a 10 year vet with a below 50% faceoff winning rate as someone that's valuable for faceoff duties..
  14. As much as I agree that that team was phenomenal, that team did not come up together and develop together. The sedins were veterans when they went on their run and had been in the NHL for close to a decade each at that point. Luongo as well was a veteran. The comparison is then in itself with Kesler Burrows Raymond Hansen Rypien Bieksa Edler Schneider Bourdon etc... which is still an excellent group of prospects. However, I firmly believe that this group is better and more deep. There is still lots to be proved by the players, but I don't think we had many Gaudette's, Rathbone's etc... We never had a top D prospect like Hughes (RIP Luc). We didn't have a sniper like Boeser, just two gifted players that both managed to capitalize in career years (goal scoring wise). The stars aligned in 2011. I think we have a much more sustainable team that can make a run for a solid amout of time, not just one year. I think this prospect pool has a lot more potential than the 2004-2007 Moose prospect pool.
  15. I provided what my eyes tell me the 4 times a year we play Edmonton. The guy runs around cheap-shotting everything that moves, hides behind his teammates and constantly cries to the refs. I don't want that anywhere near the team I love. At that rate, every single player that's won a wjc and wc is an accomplished winner? That's funny because Ovechkin for example wasn't considered a true winner until 2 years ago, yet he had won many titles with the Russian national team. There's an incredible difference between winning something like an AHL or NHL championship, or even a CHL championship, NCAA title, SHL, Liiga etc.... than a tournament. McDavid won in 7 game tournaments on a team that was beyond the level of competition. He was probably the best player on that team, for sure; but that doesn't count for me as being a winner. Plenty of WJC winners have ended up being absolute losers at the nhl level and barely ever sniffed the playoffs. Pettersson lead a pro swedish team to a national title as a 18/19 yo. He came into this team and didn't accept losing. The guy has that drive when we're down and not many players have that. A lot of high skilled players have never had that drive. You say McDavid averages 100 points, that's amazing. You know how many points our leading scorer had in 2011? 104 You know how many points the Bruins leading scorer had in 2011? 62. Regular season scoring doesn't correlate perfectly with playoff performance. It definitely hasn't done anything for McDavid in 5 years. Want proof? McDavid's regular season PPG : 1.336 McDavid's Playoff PPG : 0.69 I'll take Pettersson, you can have McDavid.
  16. Winning individual trophies does not make a winner. We should know that, our team has never won. However, we've had plenty of our players and coaches win awards. It doesn't matter at the end of the day. McDavid will never win a professional trophy. The best thing he'll win will be Olympic Gold because Canada is the best hockey development country in the world. Our bottom 6 is close to most top 6's at that level. Winning WJC's and WC's is always a great feeling, but doesn't really add to that winner pedigree. The proof is that the Canada USA Russia Sweden etc... rosters for WC's every year are filled by people who LOST in the NHL. McDavid is not a winner. He's never had that mindset, he's been in the league for 5 seasons, nothing indicates it'll change. His temperament and his attitude reeks of entitlement and league-wide favoritism. I don't want that player ANYWHERE near Boeser, Hughes, Demko and our young core. I'd much rather have Pettersson. However, you are entitled to thinking that he is a winner. But you'd be wrong.
  17. As much as I think he's the best player in the world, I don't think he's a winner. There are multiple players I'd take over McDavid personally. MacKinnon, Pettersson, Kucherov, Ovechkin, Crosby, Pastrnak... I'd also even add that I hate how whingy he is. Like everything, every call is owed to him. Thank goodness Crosby got rid of that mentality years ago, he became a much better pro for it. Flame away
  18. Sorry to bump this thread but does anyone know if VAnabse is planning on putting the 50th anniversary skate jersey back for men's on their website? I can't find it for the life of me.
  19. I think most of the optimism came from the fact that he wasn't exclusively playing with Chatfield during training camp, but saw some time with our regular RHD's. Could be a sign, and also could not. I think we see him game 1.
  20. Agreed. Mac is a gamer and his development has been impressive, but I think if all we lose in 2 expansion drafts are Sbisa and Macewen, I can honestly live really well with that.
  21. I highly suggest you take a look at Benning's scouting record. I know a lot of people have recency bias and therefore with Brackett's departure are ready to come back and spit on Benning's name, but the reality is that Benning's main role as a GM here has been to scout. You can say it really isn't his role, but it is what it is. So no, you can't just give every single scouting accomplishment to Brackett, and every failure to Benning. Benning's tenure has a lot of people, especially later in the draft, projecting to be or already in the main squad. Whether or not they are allstars is highly irrelevant, since he was able to acquire a #1 D, #1 C and #1 G. Those would be EP QH and Demko of course. Boeser was a highway robbery at 23. Projected near top 5 in most re-drafts, averageing at something like 8th. Virtanen is slowly gaining traction and is only 23. McCann is carving himself a solid start to an nhl career, and got us indirectly Pearson, that guy who scored 45 points this year in 69 games and brings SC winning experience into the locker room. Gaudette is a 5th round STEAL. Lukas Jasek is playing well in the nhl. 6th round pick. Rathbone is a 4th round STEAL. Trymakin is no longer on the team but was an excellent pick at the time, and his future with us and his future impact remains unknown. Juolevi has been injured a lot. It sucks. The reality is, he's been great when healthy, in all leagues. Gustav Forsling managed to make a blackhawks team, as a 5th round pick. Sure, he's been in the AHL since, but that's still great value. Guillaume Brisebois is looking to make an NHL push soon William Lockwood has been good in the NCAA. Should sign soon. Good for a 3rd round pick Lind and Gadjovich are looking like great value for 2nd round picks. One of them is currently with the team knocking on the door, the other is making big strides in Utica. Hoglander looks like an absolute f'ing STEAL. Podkolzin was ranked 3rd OA at the mid-term rankings. Benning took a chance on his KHL contract. We're laughing now. Micheal DiPietro is looking like a future stud. 3rd round pick Add to that, he inherited an absolutely gutted team. He had no choice but to give out 2nd round picks at the start to avoid a complete tank, something that the people who write his cheques were openly against. His hands were pretty much tied. For those picks he handed out, we got good value. Baertschi was one of our better players for years. Dorsett gave us EVERYTHING he had until he had a career-ending injury Vey did what he was asked to do. For what he did in Buffalo and Boston, you can thank him for; Miller, Gaustad, Roy, Wideman, Ballard, Paille, Pominville, Vanek and co, Marchand, Lucic, kessel, seguin, spooner, hamilton... Benning is one of the greatest scouts in the league. He's so good in fact, he was given a role as a GM. He's doing a great job. He was handed a flaming turd. We're looking amazing right now.
  22. Personally, I think Carlson is a top 5 dman i the league and has been for 5 or so years. He compliments that powerhouse team so well.
  23. It should be Josi if it really was a best dman trophy. But it isn't. It's a trophy given out to the dman with the most points. So it'll be Carlson. Edit; did a bit of research and it seems like +/- also plays an important role in the nomination.... yikes