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  1. It just shows what we, the average people, know about something as intricate as running for POTUS I feel like there are going to be major bombshells dropped over the next few months, stuff that may have been gathered some time ago, and saved for this specific timeframe Go Canucks Go
  2. Should make for an interesting next few months at least I respect your opinion, you raise valid points, but none of which would persuade or change mine Cheers and Go Canucks Go!
  3. Its pretty easy for him to spin the country/economy/citizens NEEDING that stimulus, which then paints Democrats negatively prior to the election, if they're to reject it. In your opinion, he was not going to get the initial 4 years, am I correct in that? So what makes your current opinion of him not getting another 4 years more valid? I don't have proof as my companies emails only go back a couple years, but in 2014 we had a foosball tournament where my teams name was 'Trump 2016'. Easily recall this due to how many people took issue with the joke. After 4 years, it still surprises me how little credit people give him. Wholeheartedly agree the man is a complete moron in many ways. But there is no credit ever being given from the left. He is where he is for a reason, the longer the Democrats are in denial and think the likes of Joe Biden will beat him, the longer America will suffer with Trump and then Trump-like politicians afterwards. In the end, this is MY opinion. You're welcome to have your own, too.
  4. You were probably one of those people who was absolutely certain we would have a Hillary president too, weren't ya?
  5. I honestly see very little differences between 2016 and 2020, aside from the obvious COVID impact on this election. Those numbers you're throwing out are good and all, but not when you have a POTUS who can easily sway public opinion with a couple well timed reasons (read excuses) for why the economy/jobs situation is so poor. He is also intentionally slowing down the amount of COVID tests performed, to show a gradual decrease in positive results. Seems to me people are underestimating Trump quite a lot, just like last election cycle. For all his deficiencies, the man is far more intelligent than the average person is willing to accept. Not sure if that says more about the individual, or him. Disclaimer: I am not a Trump supporter. But I did predict in 2014 that he would win 2016.
  6. Looks like a way to waste time. I remember how far ahead of Trump the pundits had Clinton previously, looks to me the exact same thing is happening with the exact same media outlets this go around, weird innit?
  7. Regardless of how you feel about the sitting POTUS, Joe Biden will not beat him come November. You'd think the Democrats could muster something up more than a political has-been re-tread, but then again, here we are. Not even going to dive into the mess that Joe Biden is. Either way, prepare yourselves for 4 more years of Trump
  8. That's the thing, you people (Benning Bashers) can only ever point out flaws, so you're only speaking ill. Of course a rookie GM is going to make mistakes along the way, you'd be foolish to think otherwise. I think I'll take expert analysts opinions on the state of the Canucks franchise over CDC armchair GM's, and that general consensus is that the Canucks have one of the deepest pools of not only prospects in the league, but impact young players already on the roster. That is directly related to Benning's management of the team, top to bottom
  9. Good to great chance Shea Weber sticks it to David Poile by retiring with the largest cap penalty, if hes still the GM of Nashville when the time comes
  10. Entered EKSO at 3.97 on the news of their 4.50 offering, but got stop lossed on the slow bleed down to low 3's, then they got FDA approval Thems the breaks
  11. That's the plan, hoping it has a good spike Monday morning
  12. Depending on your average buy, GNUS is looking like a decent buy with the content and people they have My average on GNUS is 4.4
  13. Nice work Ari! Still at a loss in GNUS, hoping the 15th pumps it a bit so I can exit
  14. If you go back a couple pages here, someone uses WS and it wasn't listing many of the tickers we have been talking about around here