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  1. The whining from our resident Utica fans is nauseating. Don't like the product they're putting on the ice, don't follow the team or go to the games. As much as you seem to know Benning doesn't care about whats happening in Utica, I can assure you he does. That is one of the things his job relies on, prospect development. Move the team to Abby or Cali, so you lot can actually see what ECHL hockey is all about.
  2. I wish we would have just moved this team to Abbotsford. Then maybe Esche and his group can purchase an ECHL franchise, and the whiny resident Comets fans around here can enjoy ECHL hockey like they truly deserve
  3. This was never a season Canucks were going to do damage anyhow, Boeser having a down year in a contract year is a blessing in disguise for us. Horvats contract is actually more of a comparable than what we initially thought, going into this season.
  4. How loose we talkin'...I can be convinced
  5. Whorvat

    Sam Gagner | C/W

    So after deciding you weren't going to comment on it any further as it would be beating a dead horse, you decide to comment twice Y'all not salty at all. Not one bit. Face it, Utica is a feeder team for Vancouver. Whatever Vancouver decides to do with its personnel is its own business, if you aren't a fan of that philosophy I suggest you find an NHL team to cheer for, so that you won't run into the same problem again.
  6. Whorvat

    Sam Gagner | C/W

    I understand the frustration with deploying checking centres in scoring roles, but Sam Gagner is not the guy to get upset for. He isn't even playing Centre for the Marlies... I think the teams hopes is that Gaudette can elevate his play to that of a #1 AHL Centre this season, so essentially the gripe here is over whether or not Gagner could fit as a 2nd line centre in Utica. At this point in his career I feel its fairly evident he is not a centre in any capacity any longer. So are Comets fans really that upset that they're missing out on a 1st/2nd line right winger? Isn't that the spot we hope our actual young prospects can elevate their play to? Seems to be much commotion over nothing here...a non issue.
  7. Whorvat

    Sam Gagner | C/W

    One question, why have the Comets fans been so bitter about this? Its Sam freakin' Gagner. He is not going to make, or break anyones career. Also, this 'dim jim' rhetoric makes y'all look salty as f. Over a non issue none the less.