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  1. Why were there so many Canadians onboard this flight? RIP to those who lost their lives, condolences to their families.
  2. Who's to say hes not equally as good at other things? Would be awfully short sighted to think otherwise, imo.
  3. I don't think they actually know how many were affected. The 15 million sounds more like a ballpark than anything to me! There definitely has been a few people who voiced concerns about security over the years. Yep, would be surprised if the data hasn't already been sold a few times too. I hope this isn't the last we hear about this breach though
  4. That 's the million (or multi-million) dollar question. I do not see Lifelabs making it out of this one. They will end up declaring bankruptcy at some point in time due to the lawsuits that are sure to come. I honestly wish I knew, its not a good place to be in for almost half of this countries citizens. I imagine it would have to be in the form of not allowing the health card number to be used as proof of identification. But further to that, they also would have obtained far more personal details than a health card number, so how to mitigate that information being out there and available, is the next big hurdle.
  5. Just to be clear - I have no skin in the game (read: liability). I am not defending Lifelabs in the least, if anything the opposite. The issues in the article you outlined above, of course are security risks, but none of which I was referring to when I replied initially. I appreciate your replies though, as a healthcare consumer I am outraged at this as much as the next citizen. But even more so because I specifically warned them about specific security risks that could have been fixed with very little disruption to their services, if any disruption at all.
  6. Both Medical/IT. And both of your articles are actually irrelevant to the security risks identified years ago. Risks identified were with the deployment of electronic Lifelabs, mostly in Ontario. I have deployed Lifelabs to over 5,000 physicians. As I still work in the industry, I am not going to say anything more than that.
  7. I am in the industry, you do not have any idea what you're talking about
  8. Its not like I didn't warn them about their security, or lack thereof 4 years ago or anything If the consumer knew even the half of it - this would be an even bigger deal than it is already
  9. I don't have the exact source, it was somewhere on these forums, but wasn't it the idea that Rathbone is likely to go pro after this season? I feel like there was an interview with him where he says his goal is to go pro as soon as possible
  10. I love Stech as much as the next guy, but he is not a top 4 dman on a good team, and we are wanting/trying to be a good team
  11. Jannik Hansen with a higher offensive ceiling
  12. We needed to upgrade the defense this year, so 100% yes. If we need to trade someone to make room for someone who deserves it, I have faith in Benning making the right decisions.
  13. There are a LOT of miles on that man for being only 31