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  1. Other than a one year anomaly during the lockout year, Toronto sucked for a decade before hitting the lottery and making changes. Their new management did make the best of that situation, but they had terrible management for years before that to get them to the point where it could 'all of a sudden' turn around. As to Louie, terrible contract, but I suspect it wasn't Benning's idea to sign a big FA that summer. Someone behind the scenes wanted that playoff revenue, but it didn't pan out. Next year we make the playoffs and the year after we might start making noise, but we'll need a line up that's a bit harder than it is currently.
  2. Congratulations to @Roberts on a great race this season and thanks to @Canuck_fan_52 for putting this contest on again this year.
  3. I'm pretty satisfied with my prognostications, although I'd like to have been more wrong in a winning direction. Pretty much nailed it on final standing, underestimated Petey a bit even after the edit. Instead of adjusting and getting better over the season, he Peteyed out toward the end a bit, at least in goal production. I was wrong about OJ, maybe next year. I whiffed on Nillsson, although he seems to have to picked up his game in Ottawa. Hutton and Stecher improved. Gaudette stuck, but although I didn't say it I was thinking his offensive production would be up. I have a feeling the draft lottery will be good to us by the way. Next year will be even better. Playoffs next.
  4. 3-2 Canucks. These end of season games are highly variable, though.
  5. You live in a negative dream world. Just this trade deadline Benning got Schenn and a 7th (for freaking Del Zotto) and Pearson (for Gudbranson who for some reason didn't find a fit here), who are working out just fine thank you. Not Naslund level trades, but you are looking at the world through crap coloured glasses - you need to remove them and see the world with a bit more balance. You remind me of the 2017 draft thread where a bunch of negative nellies piled on about the Pettersson pick. They look pretty stupid now. Sure, the original Gudbranson trade could in hind sight be considered bad, but overall on the trade front, Benning is at least 50/50. Schenn was a cheap drop in replacement that cost us an FA who wasn't really doing much and provided a bonus 7th. Your 'pissing away picks' argument has been debunked in several ways in the past. Look at the net draft picks in the Benning ere - overall it's +2. When meaningful draft picks have been traded, it's been for assets like Baertschi, who's a solid top 6 forward, or to fill holes in our prospect pool (which was drained completely in the GIllis era). I wonder what your initial thoughts were in the 2017 draft day thread? The Benning haters pretty much hated the pick and thought it was the end of the world. By the way, Tryamkin 3rd round pick, Gaudette 5th round pick.
  6. If I were in charge, he'd start next season with the "C" on his jersey. I'm not entirely sure that Bo needs much in the way of wingers. He tends to carry the play all by himself just fine. Maybe a couple of guys to draw attention away from him so he can go more one on one instead of one on five - and do their part in the d-zone.
  7. I think Bo, being the natural leader that he is, would say it didn't touch his stick and it must have been some optical illusion (I saw it too, but kudos to Bo for letting the old guy have his moment). Class act all the way. Give him the "C" already.
  8. I'd like to see the Canucks win the cup next year and every year after that. I expect that the Canucks will have a strong chance at making the playoffs next year and win a series or two the year after. Maybe a cup or four after that, but you never know what you'll get. It's about time we won one, though. I'd like our first to be with the Laffs in the final and blow them out. A guy can dream, right?
  9. Wait, you knew Dorsett would have a career ending injury in advance? And that Baertschi would have repeated concussion issues that might end his career as well? Show us the quotes.