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  1. Kole Lind is really doing extremely well once you consider his age and draft year. Gaudette for contrast, is three years older (23 vs 20), and since Gaudette went the college route, has a few more years experience playing against men. Playing this high up the depth chart in Utica is a testament to his progress. Both statistically and eye test have shown Kole to have made significant strides. He's identified areas he needed to work on and done a commendable job of getting the job done. Playing with an AHL dominant player like Boucher doesn't hurt, but he's making the most of his opportunity so far. He's maybe one or two years out for making the NHL I'd think.
  2. Sven and Goldy were delayed because you need work visas for the US for a US based team. As to your first point, you are the victim of fake news regarding volcanoes. Just google it - and fact check stuff like this before spreading it.
  3. I hope a broadcaster hires KB to do all of their post game interviews. Much better than the typical interview.
  4. Many fans don't want actual facts to mess up their current ire with a guy who made a mistake in the most recent game. Your logic is just confusing for their righteous indignation.
  5. I'm going to venture an unpopular opinion here. Loui is not as bad a player as many here make him out to be. For sure he's not living up to the big contract, that is completely unquestionable. However, he is a defensively responsible player who makes mostly smart plays. Defensively, he anticipates the play pretty well, which results in not being out of position often. Some mistake this for 'lazy play', but I'm not sure they understand the flow of the game well enough to make this judgement. They also criticise him for dumping the puck into the o zone and changing. News flash: Greener wants short shifts and this is just following the coaches plan. Nobody is going to make a huge splash playing on the 3rd and 4th lines. They don't get big minutes and often spend a decent amount of time killing penalties. Neither of these things contribute to putting up big numbers on the stat sheet. Again, I'm not saying that LE is a great player, just that he's a decent player who is better than the guys who got cut. While it might be good to have a guy like McEwan building some NHL experience right now, it's not going to win more games at this stage. I don't know what kind of influence LE is in the locker room, but at his salary, you have to hope he keeps it positive. In fact, you have to hope he comes out and tries to be the best 3rd/4th liner he can be. So far he's just passable, and I for one hope there's more than that in him. Like Jake, it's up to him to rise to the occasion and make something happen.
  6. I agree with all of your points. He's doing extremely well for such a young player. He struggled with Draisaitl along the boards all night long. However, he did strategically apply the body in a couple of situations quite well. I have no concerns that this will be a long term problem for him and expect him to have it worked out over the next couple of years. In the meantime, we'll likely see him become even more dominant playing with the puck. He has such excellent edge control and vision that it's hard not to get excited.
  7. I'm pretty pumped to see Gaudette stay up. I like the Horvat quote on it about playing in the NHL is the best development. Nobody gifted Horvat ice time and he had to earn it the hard way and Gaudette is doing the same thing now. These are the guys who end up being core players for years when guys like Goldobin are possibly forgotten - unless they learn the lesson of hard work and earning it every single day.
  8. I don't think we have to be tremendously worried about 'asset management' We have more than enough depth down in Utica to cover injuries. Therefore, I'd not be completely averse to keeping Gaudette up with the Canucks to start the season at least. For sure, I'd send down Schaller and Goldobin first, neither of them has the upside we need right now and Gaudette showed well in pre-season. As a third or fourth line winger, I'd be happy to see him on the squad, and he could slide in to center as needed. He's shown enough offensive skill that he could fill in the spots that Goldobin could have otherwise. Motte is definitely a better defensive bottom six player. Eriksson, although much maligned, is probably overall a better player. There's not a ton of room to squeeze Gaudette into the starting roster, but since he'd be easier to send down than others, it's not a stretch to see him be kept up until Boeser is healthy or possibly even Roussel. I'm a big fan of his game, and I'd love to see him develop in the NHL.
  9. Hutton was a likeable guy and has some skills, but really never developed a well rounded game here. I hope he finds his place in LA.
  10. They got Pastrnak the previous year at 25, which was a steal of epic proportions.
  11. I love how people will throw out CF% on it's own as if it has any meaning whatsoever in isolation. Without zone starts and the context of who you play with it's not of much use. Kind of like +/- or any other stat. Without context, you can't determine much of anything with it. It makes sense that Jake's CF% is lower than Laine given the way the players are used. One gets lots of PP time and high end 5v5 line mates. The other gets little to no PP time and guys who's job is to shut down the opposition. You are comparing hamburger and spinach when you do this. Seriously, people throw out the word Corsi and don't even give the correct stat (giving CF% rather than Corsi, which is raw shot attempts). If you can't tell the difference, you certainly shouldn't be using it to make a point.
  12. Schaller looked good against Edmonton last night. On his assist, he showed surprising speed blowing past the d man and made a nice pass to Beagle for the goal. Didn't see much of that last year.
  13. Well said. The kid had a great game and was ultimately awarded for his work with a very nice patient goal. Great job picking his spot and putting it away with prejudice. I think you are right that he might not make the cut out of camp but once he comes up he might not go back down again. He's taking the strides he needs to take and doing the things he needs to do to get his game to the next level. It will be interesting to see where his ceiling is over the next few years.
  14. I like Teves' game. He isn't flashy, but he's effective. Rafferty on the other hand needed a bit of rust shaken off. He's a higher risk higher reward prospect, but in the second oilers game he showed what the reward can look like. I like them both and wish them well. Biega and Stecher need to keep pushing with guys like this coming up.