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  1. Deep breath, Phil. Firstly, I started my OP with "if you look back at the predictions thread", indicating that my comments were in relation to the direction of the predictions people made, whether good or bad. Secondly, I said "a bit" and "very very mild". He had a solid season for the most part, and I'm ok with that. I look forward to him being in the top 10 centers in the league in the near future.
  2. If we look back at the predictions thread for the start of the season, you'll find that many were predicting a slightly poorer outcome that we eventually came up with. If you extrapolate the results from a 69 game season to the full 82 we expected, it turns out that the Canucks performed as well as a 92-93 point season. Not bad, really, and better than the 90 points I expected. Petey probably underperformed a bit compared to a number of predictions, but even he is subject a (very very mild) sophomore slump. Miller was a very pleasant surprise. We have six players who made or projected to hit 20 goals this season, which is a huge change from most of the past decade. Hughes made a flawless transition to the show and was a great pick. I'm looking forward anxiously to the playoffs after spending most of the Winter traveling around Mexico in a camper and then hiding out from the world after returning. I missed a few things while I was away: playing soccer, hanging out with friends and family, and watching my Canucks. Bring on the playoffs!
  3. You don't have to prove anything, however, if you don't provide much more than vague hand waving to back your opinion, the rest of us won't place much value on your conclusion. Boucher and Lind aren't the same player, you need to drop the false equivalency here. They both play in the AHL and they both play hockey, but they have very different skill sets. Boucher is not a high pressure fore checker. Boucher does have good hands and good offensive insticts, but hasn't been able to translate that to the NHL. Keep comparing apples and bananas if you like, but there's nothing to be had by such comparisons. Lind may or may not progress enough to become an NHLer, for now, he's a prospect trending well. Watch his games, you might like what you see.
  4. To create an equivalency, you must first prove that Lind is the same kind of player as Boucher or Bailey, otherwise you are merely making false equivalencies and using stats in ways you have pooh poohed others for using in the same post. Boucher doesn't seem to be able to make the next step at all, Bailey might, but his window is closing. Lind has made great strides this season and has pushed his way up the depth chart. You don't do that without making improvements in your game. Watch him play and then come back and tell us what you see as his deficiencies if that's your thesis. For myself, I'm satisfied with his progress, although his defensive awareness could improve somewhat. He forechecks well and has pretty good offensive vision.
  5. If you discount the games the Canucks had a lot of power play goals in, the power play isn't very good. Who whoulda thought, right? Some of these guys really reach to try to make an imaginary point. I think the power play could use consistency and in fact probably could use some tweaking to certain kinds of adjustments other teams are making but it's not bad at all. They'll get more versatile as they get more experienced, they are a very young squad on the pp. Is Miller the oldest guy on PP1 and then Horvat? Boeser, Petey and Huggy are all still far from where they will peak.
  6. Stech plays bigger than he weighs in by a long shot. He was very obviously outworking Sharks forwards along the boards tonight. He brings it every night. No quit in the kid.
  7. Third line was on fire tonight. Petey was Petey. Good team effort and solid goal tending by the kid.
  8. Look at the list of players who's contracts are up. Markstrom and Tanev are about the only ones you might really want to sign again, but you can survive without either if you are in a crunch. The rest are guys like Shaller and Leivo for UFA and some RFAs who likely aren't going to cost a ton if they fit the plan. There are a lot of guys on the Comets that are ready to give the show a run and won't cost a ton. The expensive contracts aren't even until the year after, at which time some moderately expensive UFAs come off the books (Sutter, Pearson, Baertschi, Edler). You'll need to re sign Petey and Huggie at that time and the money will be there. Signing Sutter and Edler should be doable if that looks like a good way to go by then.
  9. And at the same time, Brown saved his own career by putting Hughes on the 1st pp and switching up Brock and Petey's sides (oh, and adding a big of a different look here and there). PP and PK both top 5 in the league. I think we should go around digging up old topics to revisit now that the team is rolling and looking like a possible contender.
  10. 3-2 Canucks win. Canucks score first Miller with the 1st.
  11. I was a fan of this signing from the get go. Benning had an even better off season than I thought he did. I had given him a B+ on it initially, but I'm revising his grade to A+. Amazing transformation of the team.
  12. 4-2 Vancouver Over Miller Super Bonus: Vancouver (just a homer pick - it's probably Colorado, but I stand by my team!)