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  1. Looks like I may have a mild concussion. Sweet

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    2. 112


      You'll probably level up if you tough through it, Stam.

    3. Ghostsof1915


      Shouldn't be jumping from the Batmobile onto thugs without looking first.....

    4. Alflives


      Time heals all wounds.  

  2. We never know what would’ve happened had we picked up someone else. Who’s to say Tkatchuk wouldn’t have gotten injured in Utica or on the Canucks, or even busted all together under our development system. These players are all drafted that high because more often than not, they’ll make the bigs. It just so happens that certain players mixed with certain teams may cause for some less than desirable results. Think of it this way. Who’s to say Calgary wouldn’t have taken Juolevi at #6 and developed him into a bonafide top 2? We don’t know what could’ve or would’ve been, so let’s just try and move on from it.
  3. Sadly, we have quite a few of those in this fan base. Marky is is an absolute warrior and doesn’t deserve anything he’s going through right now. Poor guy
  4. In b4 incoming wave of “this is his second leave! He’s unreliable! Trade Marky for a first!”
  5. Last game was all about our depth. Now’s time for he stars to come up big.
  6. Looks like air hockey on drugs. I’m in
  7. Maybe it’s an allegory for this game. You can’t just rely on intuition, you have to use a keen sense of awareness and your expert eyes to find the rats, hiding in plain sight.
  8. Ahh, I guess that’d make sense. My tip is admittedly better for strength gain rather than weight loss. Weight loss, like others have said, is most easily attainable through movement. Just move around. Jogging, running, walking, swimming, etc., is the simplest way to achieve that type of result.
  9. I wouldn’t necessarily go to the gym that often. The way muscle mass works is working out destroys them, and they regrow stronger over time. It’s better to push yourself as much as possible every 2-3 days than a little bit every day. Hope that helps, and best of luck!