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  1. Who’s going to protect McDavid now? Ferland is going to love playing against Edmonton
  2. It was one OT goal against the Devils, in a game that we lost. Had we won that game, NJ and us would’ve swapped placement, giving us the #1 overall. Although, we probably would’ve traded down since Benning wanted Petey no matter what.
  3. There’s a possibility that Tryamkin comes back after his KHL season ends. It’s not set in stone, but that would mean another LHD who can play either side is here to stay. That means Stetcher can be our #7 guy come playoffs.
  4. Stamkos

    NHL 20 Thread

    Things that’ll still suck this year - - Feels slow - Fights - Faceoffs - Face animations - Tripping/high sticking penalties - Unrealistic sim stats (if McDavid plays with Marner and Kucherov, none would be a ppg)
  5. Was just going to come in and say this
  6. Now that Loui has his signing bonus, every time I get a VC notification I’m hoping it’s an Eriksson trade
  7. Teams looking for second/third line RW depth can get Corey Perry @ max retention. This UFA class is hella weak too
  8. I care about the team a lot, and I feel like I can say I’m probably more knowledgeable about certain players, strategies, and workings than most casual fans. I like to take my time with moves, and research the benefits that they can have. At the time the Eriksson signing made sense and people loved it, but it just didn’t work out. Same with Lucic and Backes that year, but look at which GM gets the most hate. I don’t think I’m negative, I’m more-or-less critical, but I’m not negative. I try to see the good moves, and I can see the bad as well.
  9. Jupiter looks so nice tonight :blush: 


    It’s the really bright thing next to the moon, btw. 

  10. 2 year “prove it wasn’t a fluke” contract. Could look like a steal at that cap hit though, until he breaks the bank. Low risk, high reward.
  11. That’s more something that would be saved until draft day, or close to it. Right now, we don’t know which prospects will flourish, flop, or otherwise surprise us, but I wouldn’t be opposed to a prospect for pick trade. On the other hand, if we could start Gaudette in Utica playing on the top line so he could get some good offensive minutes, I could see Sutter or Beagle becoming expendable. Either of these to a playoff team with enough space could bring us a 3rd round pick. What if we mixed the two? Say we trade Sutter and Goldobin to Carolina for a second round pick in December?
  12. I think that the league and level of play has gotten much better since then. Almost every team now has their own young star, instead of just a couple teams per division, and the overall standard of play has gotten much better. I feel we have a much better team than 14/15, but we’ll perform worse in comparison due to the prowess of the other teams.