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  1. 2017.18 Canucks Team Awards (Poll)

    And the Cyrus H. McLean trophy will be shared by Boeser and Daniel. Damn, it's really like the Sedins are passing the torch here.
  2. [Discussion] Draft 2018

    Keep in mind that the 3 teams that won the draft lottery last year were all outside the bottom 3 in the league.
  3. [Proposal] Hire AV!

    Wouldn't mind him as an assistant or something, but I think Travis knows what he's doing with this team and his players. I would prefer him over AV with the state of the team right now. I doubt AV would want just an assistant coaching job at this point anyways.
  4. Surprised no one mentioned Jannik Hansen.
  5. Wouldn't mind Vanek again for another year or two while the players in the system develop.
  6. [PGT] Edmonton Oilers vs. Vancouver Canucks

    This will never not be funny.
  7. I've always wondered what a blue and green skate jersey would look like. Maybe on a green alternate like Utica's.
  8. Canucks personal goal songs.

    They use the Whip after a goal, and then during the next stoppage in play or TV timeout they play the individual goal songs.
  9. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Buffalo Sabres

    When you can shut down McDavid AND score some goals early on
  10. I miss Cracknell. He was a good 4th line guy for us. But considering who the Canucks have in the system now, it would be best for all parties if the Canucks passed on him.