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  1. Destination Wedding 2/10 it’s just 87 minutes I’ll never get back.
  2. Wonder park -9/10 just terrible i know it was a children’s show but wow it was terrible. With everything out there for children’s entertainment this was bad.
  3. Miss Bala 6/10 Easy going shot em up movie, not great but ok for a rainy evening
  4. Chernobyl ep 3 9/10 show doesn’t disappoint. Not quite as good as the first two but still very interesting.
  5. London Fields 3/10 Bad weekend at the movies for me this week. I would have probably not watched the whole movie if it wasn’t for Amber Heard. Wow she is something but the movie as terrible lol
  6. The Professor 5/10 starts well, first 15 or so minutes it seems to really be something then it’s just bla. It weak from there to the end
  7. New Amsterdam 9.5/10 for season finale. Lots of action and an ending I didn’t see coming.
  8. Escape Plan 2 Hades 3/10 Bad movie even for a b rate movie. Sylvester Stallone kicking ass and taking names as a eighty year old lol . Cast must all have been looking for quick pay check. Just bad
  9. White Boy Rick. 6/10 Based on a true story. Rick was the youngest FBI informant at the age of 14.
  10. Dexter 8/10 season 8 Watched final season and found it quite entertaining. I see it has been suggested that a season 9 may happen but as of now no.
  11. On the basis of sex 7/10 found the movie entertaining, not to preachy. A nice Sunday afternoon lazy day watch.
  12. Chernobyl 9/10 for episode two, just as good as one. I would definitely binge watch this miniseries if it was an option.
  13. Chernobyl 9/10 for a new series I liked the first episode. If this is anything like how this was at the time wow . Great start, has definitely drawn me into the story and hope it continues. Shows like this I wish I would be able to binge watch.
  14. Are farmed salmon that have escape there pens on the island not also a big problem with the reduction of returning salmon, Aren’t most farmed salmon hardier and outcompete most native stock? Growing up on the coast before all the studies and farmed fish was just starting out I know that thousands escaped yearly and was considered just a cost of business. This is just a question that comes to mind as I read the thread