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  1. Bllewellyn

    How long should Tom Wilson be suspended this time.

    Shouldn’t have even been a penalty.
  2. Bllewellyn

    [Proposals] 3 trades and a UFA and out!

    No I wouldn’t make that trade. Wn isn’t worth the money he is seeking, and would disrupt the pay scale of the Canucks just as the team is coming into important contract renewals in up coming years.
  3. Bllewellyn

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Florida Panthers | Oct. 13, 2018

    Jim Benning needs to answer for this. He needs to send a clear message that this incident won’t be accepted..... he says the character guys are there for push back and to support the young guys, well they did nothing .... he needs to make an example of someone call them out publicly and maybe go so far as to trade them and bring in someone who will lead by example. Ep40 and the rest of the young team need piece of mind to reach their full potential and I can’t see that happening if crap like this goes unanswered. If the coach is the reason there was no response jb needs to publicly criticize that decision and make it clear management cares more about the player than 2 points. This spineless team attitude needs to be ended ... jb needs to lead and set the tone
  4. If Arizona got first Toronto trades them Mathews and San Jose’s 2nd for first overall Toronto does this cause they have forwards and offence and Mathews is already seeming injury prone and is going to cost more sooner Arizona does it to create interest, hometown boy and they have oel
  5. Bllewellyn

    Change of playoff format

    You could have 1 vs 16 and travel isn’t a good reason not to. You just make home advantage more important. Top seeds start at home and the first three games are there, then travel to one away, could end up being less travel in total
  6. Isn’t there still an hour to go?
  7. Bllewellyn

    (Proposal) VAN - LAK

    Jokinen has a limited nmc I believe and Van might not be on the list. Vancouver can get more for that package then the late first.
  8. Bllewellyn

    [Trade] Kings trade Bishop to Dallas

    Mistake sorry
  9. Bllewellyn

    [Proposal] Trades/signings

    Callahan has a nmc as well as a Ntc so he has all the power, and if I remember right he was really difficult for the rangers to move to Tampa.( wanted his way)Van would be a hard sale to him I would think with the rebuild and the difference in taxes. I would like it just don't see him waving to come to Vancouver.
  10. Bllewellyn

    Draft Consolidation (Proposal/Discussion)

    You think eriksson will wave his nmc.
  11. Question who is the youngest top ranked player likely to be at 5? is he fast etc........ I don't care if he is big, all I'd like is skilled, hard nosed, mean, and has heart, get me that and I am happy
  12. Bllewellyn

    [Report] Canucks name Travis Green new head coach

    Terrible just plain terrible.