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  1. The Postcard Killing 6/10 Very slow movie to watch. To be honest it took me all day to watch it fell asleep multiple times. Lol wouldn’t watch it again
  2. Quarry ? 7.5/10 season one just wondering if anyone has watched this show and knows if it will be continued. Thought it was intriguing and just starting to get going... if you haven’t see it at all it starts slow but keeps your attention. There’s sex, nudity and all the usual things you find nowadays in shows . I guess I could google it but I’m bored and just would like to see if anyone else has seen it
  3. The hunt 6.5/ 10 Very much just a time waster of a movie. No real depth in the main character, never really get to no her, seems very half assed, enough shoot them up action to keep you going but very much lacking any depth to the movie.
  4. Pretty sure this is just the flames freeing up cap space to make a move they’re not happy with how their team is playing.
  5. He hasn’t fallen off he just wasn’t in favour with the coaching staff going all way back to Bill peters.
  6. I would never trade for Subban he’s not worth Stetcher and his price tags too high for too long. If you’re going to have a disruption in the locker room I would’ve rather tried to get Taylor Hall instead of Subban
  7. I really hope you’re right and I’m wrong but I think Hall’s going to end up being just with the coyotes need.Kessels -18 is also a little skewed as he’s been sick and probably shouldn’t of played a few of the games when he first came over to the coyotes I think this will be the shot in the arm they need to get them into the playoffs. Kempers injury can go either way either the team comes together and is better in front of Ranta or they suffer because they lost there number one. Hope for the Canucks they miss him.Not sure about the personality issues if there is any
  8. Didn’t give up a single roster player coyotes are fine except this loss of Kemper is going to hurt them,getting Hall so early will do nothing but help them if and when they make the playoffs
  9. Ben should’ve been benched anyway so it is so frustrating
  10. Right before the commercial that’s a prime example what’s wrong with this team Benn just stands there I don’t care it’s Reeves that has the visor he should’ve popped him one this is sad, stand up for each other that’s what this team lacks,a spine.
  11. I want to see them have some pushback I’d like to see Patterson use a flying elbow like Bure or Horvat break a stick over somebody’s head anything to prove they give a crap about one another. This turn the other cheek and we’ll l get it on the power play I’d rather lose a game by taking a penalty at this point.
  12. Pettersson needs to fix whatever the reason is that he can’t stay on his skates..
  13. Destination Wedding 2/10 it’s just 87 minutes I’ll never get back.