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  1. Mistake sorry
  2. Callahan has a nmc as well as a Ntc so he has all the power, and if I remember right he was really difficult for the rangers to move to Tampa.( wanted his way)Van would be a hard sale to him I would think with the rebuild and the difference in taxes. I would like it just don't see him waving to come to Vancouver.
  3. You think eriksson will wave his nmc.
  4. Question who is the youngest top ranked player likely to be at 5? is he fast etc........ I don't care if he is big, all I'd like is skilled, hard nosed, mean, and has heart, get me that and I am happy
  5. Terrible just plain terrible.
  6. Dan bylsma fired in buffalo would he be a good fit here.
  7. What would the general draw backs to Kirk Muller be if he was hired. It would be his second go as a head coach. This just a question as I don't really no much about coaching but he seems like he could grow with a young team maybe.
  8. Gallant was said to be going to Vegas by the one of the guys before the Ottawa game. Said there would be a press conference tomorrow at one to announce it.
  9. Gerard gallant is not available anymore, golden knight got him
  10. 4-2 canucks 31 shots for the canucks
  11. 3-2 Canucks hutton first goal
  12. To Tampa virtanen tanev Hansen next years seconder & the torts pick to van kucherov Vans lineup sedins Erickson bear bo kuchervov granland sutter rodin Etem graunce Dorset defence edler. Stetcher hutton grud pizza try/ Larsen
  13. Tanev is worth a lot which is why I used him for this discussion. I wanted to see people's thoughts on his worth and what it would take to get Edmontons' pick. Tanev I believed would be close maybe with some tweaking, I believed this based on Edmontons giving nyi a first (16) and second (33) for Reinhart who was a 4 ov in 2012, Calgary gave a first and two seconds for Hamilton Edmonton needs defence more than another young forward Tanev's a good fit with high value, he's young and reasonable priced for the next while. I see people believe Van would have to add so what would that be Hansen + ? Id still like Yakupov in a deal as well. People are really down on him, I think he's a great gamble for the Canucks and a good fit for this retool. He got most of his points in about a month period when through injuries he got to play with McDavid I think him on the Canucks would give him the opportunity to produce, look at how Schultz is doin in pits now. Yakupovs contract is up this year as well which = more motivation. He did well in the beginning with Edmonton then Eakan (sp) got to him, I think he's going to be a scorer for someone the Canucks have good leadership with the Sedins = a low risk gamble /high reward. The 5th ov trade for Drouin was the starting point of a discussion, it I believed was a strong start considering in 2 years or so it may completely replace Drouin talent wise on its own ( yes a prospect is a gamble). Tampa has cap issues especially if the cap isn't goin up. Now if they don't sign Stamko and keep Drouin Tampa they are better off I agree, but Stamko is their guy and Tampa may not make the best choice plus I'd rather the Canucks take Douin than Stamkos for 10+ million it would be. So for the discussion the plus what ? I'd give up next years 1st unprotected if that's what it took + maybe take a bad contract back if it would work out.