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  1. NHL 2018 Draft Lottery

    It’s all good! I have faith in jim
  2. NHL 2018 Draft Lottery

    Why is the 3rd pick not getting any love ? Zadina is a juiced brock (drools)
  3. NBA Discussion

    He choked. If you're a top 2 YOU CANNOT CHOKE IN THE BIGGEST STAGE OF THE GAME. FACTS. Jerry West "clutch" has to do with his shooting, not his rings. Plus if Lebron had games like Jerry where he comes out cold and drops dagger after dagger, he would have 2 more titles. I would go back and watch his performances before bringing up Lebron passes up on the moments. Jordan and Kobe never did, they took the moments and if you don't have Kobe in your top 5 list you can't have lebron there. 1. Lebron doesnt have a goto move 2. Lebron cant close out games 3. Two - Three of the best shots of his finals career were made by other players. If he's top 2 he should've hit those shots and drained them 4. His defence is overrated He's marching through the east cuz its a weak conference but in the finals he gets his head knocked. I seriously don't care how good a player plays in the regular season if they can't get it done in June. You play in the NBA to win championships.
  4. NBA Discussion

    Bruh he has three rings and has been to the finals how many times?? Cant be top 2 if he’s only won three times out of 8 appearances
  5. NBA Discussion

  6. E Kane with another one
  7. That was a weak call come on refs moment
  8. he went for a knee on knee
  9. that goal horn gives me the chills and lets see if kadri gets suspended
  10. I wanna see the leafs get bullied by the bruins Hate the bruins so I’m cheering for the leafs (puke face)
  11. [Report] Drew Doughty suspended 1 game

    Bulls**t call
  12. Simmer down bud, this isn’t the time to point fingers.
  13. [Retirement] The Sedins to retire at the end of the season

    respek to chicago