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  1. That might have been the most dominant, cleanest win of the season. Well deserved against one of the most pathetic performances I've seen by an opponent this year. Stay salty old man Thornton.
  2. Aaron Dell is 6 - 1 all time against the Canucks with a 0.929 SV%. Those 6 wins are the most against any team in his career. Safe to start jinxing this guy now.
  3. In before Tomas Hertl scores another goal against the Canucks
  4. Huge win against a Pacific division rival. Canucks are now 5-0 in the last 5 games against divisional opponents. Let's hope they make it 6 on Saturday.
  5. The guy sure talks a lot for someone who claims that he's got a sore jaw.
  6. I think the Jets have been a better team the last few years. The weirder one is the Devils, we've lost 11 straight games to them and they've been a bad team for most of those games (I guess we haven't been great either).
  7. Solid road win. Good to see them beat teams that they should be beating.
  8. I was being sarcastic with my post. I agree Loui has been great with Bo and Tanner. They've been our best line 5 on 5 since they've been put together.
  9. In the last 6 years Buffalo have had: 3 coaching changes 2 GM changes 6 top 10 picks 2 2nd overall picks 1 1st overall pick Great win by the boys, but the Sabres are a pitiful franchise