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  1. Also the flip side to that, the Lightning cruised to a 62 win (record tying) regular season last year and got swept in the first round. Adversity can be a good thing, especially when you learn from it.
  2. They also kept the entire Caps top line to only 2 SOG and were a -6 combined. With that said, there should be no excuse to giving up a 4 goal lead against a tired team but the Canucks had no puck luck in the third.
  3. Tanev is great and all, but having him over the offensively superior Myers is a questionable choice.
  4. I believe the clown that JV fought in his rookie year was AHL plug Bobby Farnham, aka Bobby Farmhand.
  5. Our current 2nd PP unit might be one of the worst in the league in terms of personnel and results. Call Baertschi up and have Gaudette draw into the line up. Having Virtanen and Sutter on the 2nd PP unit is just not cutting it.
  6. Bieksa should've spent a couple of days in jail for that beating. He whooped his ass.
  7. Edler and Myers both have a cap hit of $6mill (tied with Eriksson). So technically Loui is tied for the highest paid player on the Canucks.