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  1. You don't even need to have been in a locker room before, anyone who's been around a douchebag jock in high school knows these guys have no issues talking like this.
  2. Markus Naslund was traded to the Canucks at the 1996 trade deadline for Canuck Legend Alek Stojanov
  3. It was there right after the Pettersson goal. But almost right on cue, they kill the momentum with a mediocre powerplay
  4. No doubt. CBJ has 3 wins in their last 15 and 2 of them have been against the Canucks.
  5. Not a great sign when two of the league's lowest scoring teams can come back from a deficit and take the lead in the 3rd.
  6. Bottom line is, this game should have been 4-1 Canucks with the empty net. They had full control against an injury ravaged team with 1 win in 11. There is no way they should have lost this, especially in regulation.
  7. It would be disappointing to hear the excuse of "we're a young team that's still learning" when two 30 year old vets blew it in a crucial part of the game.
  8. The 3rd line has not been good in a while. I'm not sure why Green insists on keeping Roussel - Gaudette - Virtanen together. They have some decent games at home because they get favorable match ups, but they have been pretty bad on the road.
  9. Canucks puck management has been below average the last 3 games. With that said, this team needs a spark. Time for Big Mac to come in for Roussel or Eriksson.
  10. The Laffs first line couldn't even score on a 42 year old zamboni driver.
  11. I know people have been ragging on Green to scratch Loui in favour of MacEwan, but Roussel deserves to scratched more. The guy's been invisible in the last 15 games or so.
  12. The first half of your name pretty much describes your post