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  1. No, I would have still traded him. He was an expiring asset that we converted into another asset. No matter how it shakes out, I'd rather have a current prospect rather than a retired player. Burrows got a nice retirement contract in Ottawa, and would not have got that here anyway.
  2. Quinn Hughes has been more impressive than both Boeser and EP were as rookies in my opinion. BB and EP were great, but Hughes on pace for 70 points as a rookie Dman, while playing a ton of minutes against tough competition. He may not win the Calder, Makar has been even better than Hughes so far, but both are having rookie seasons for the ages.
  3. It has to be Gaudette at this point. He could put up 35-40 points this year, and see steady improvement from there. Madden is an excellent prospect at this point, and probably has better tools that Gaudette, but he is still just a prospect.
  4. I was at the game last night, first one I've made it to this year. Much better atmosphere than past years, near capacity, music is much better, crowd was pretty into it. I thought we dominated the first 10 minutes, we had long stretches of possession in their end but nothing to show for it. only 4 shots. -Virtanen was our best player I thought. Scored a nice goal, and had a few other solid chances, He is becoming an increasingly valuable asset this team. -Gaudette is going to be a player for us. I really like his game. -Hughes struggled, looked like he was fighting the puck all night and was overmatched by their bigger forwards. -Edler looked tired for most of the game. We need to blow a team out and let him play 18 minutes that game. He has played a ton of heavy, hard minutes so far. -I say this with all due respect to Markstrom and what he is going through, but Demko is the better goalie of the 2 right now. I hope he gets a few more games coming up. -We need to get back to basics. We try to make the perfect play, rather than getting the puck on net and cleaning up the rebounds. -Thought we could have won that game, down 3-2 we had a ton of chances before Dallas go their 4th. Probably should have got at least one PP in that stretch between 10 and 5 minutes left. I like where we are at as a team. I think the Pacific is going to be a dog fight for all 3 spots with the Oilers, Coyotes, Flames, Knights, Sharks. At least 2 teams from the Cental will be in that same battle for the wild card. I expect that we will hang in for most of the year.
  5. There were more than a few comments about him being selfish, and immature to try the Lacrosse move in a 1-1 game. I don't think it was a big deal, and I love that he gave it a shot.
  6. You need a bit of both. I thuink we could use 1 more high end skill guy. Not saying that is not Podkolzin, but more likely Zegras.
  7. We've had a number of Elite prospects in recent years....QH was very good at Michigan, Boeser was oioutsyanding at UND, Gaudette won the Hobey Baker, Ep won everything, Demko was very good at BC and in Utica. We have been pretty spoiled as of late. This is probably the first year in a while that we don't have a prospect that is dominating their level. I like the way Podkolzin plays, it should translate well to the NHL. If he becomes a 40 point pit bull middle 6 winger, I think we did alright. We've got 3 NCAA guys in Lockwood, Rathbone, Madden who could be NHLers Hoglander is skilled and young (I don't understand the backlash for trying a low % play with 18 minutes left in the 3rd. Last minute, it's probably not cool, but the games wasn't exactly on the line) Dipietro, Lind, Joulevi Macewn are looking good in Utica. Goldobin is producing as well. Maybe no stars in this year's prospect pool, but looks like some potential NHLers at the very least.
  8. I have no doubt that if Zegras was there at 10 we would have taken him. I like the Podkolzin pick, given what we had to choose from, but would rather have Zegras.
  9. That was a big win for us. If we had lost, I feel that we could go on a pretty big slide. Win tomorrow and we are right back with the Oilers at the top of the division. -This is Gaudettes time to establish himself. I feel that he could thrive on the 3rd line if Sutter is out. He quietly has 6 points in 9 games now. -Virtanen has taken more strides this year. He has been very good through 20 games. I could see him scoring 20 goals and 40 points this year, has a much better nose for the net this year. -Demko is looking like he is the real deal. He could be ready to be our #1 as early as next year. Tough call coming up this offseason with Markstrom. -I really like the way Boeser is coming along. Still floats a bit at times, but is much more than a 1 dimensional scrorer -Meyers has been an outstanding pick up. I've been waiting for the tire fire that many said he is to come out, but through 20 games, he has been a solid #2 -Quinn Hughes is a 20 year old rookie. I still can't beleive how good he is already. 5 years from now he will be a franchise D.
  10. He’s been our best player this game. This is the type of game that we need him for.
  11. I think he has it in him to be a dirtbag on the ice that is an A-hole to play against. I mean that in a good way, like Burrows was.
  12. I fully expect that Pettersson will be the best Canuck in history when all is said and done. Sedins were very good players throughout their careers, but only Elite for 4-5 years. It took them 8 years in the NHL to crack 100 points. Between injuries and the trade, Bure really only had 4-5 Elite seasons with us as well. Ep is 20, and very well may put up the best offensive season in team history this year. This kid should be in the conversation for being a top 5-7 player in the league as a sophmore. I really am trying to temper my expectations, it is just hard to do when you see him impact nearly every shift he is on the ice. He rarely makes a bad play.
  13. I’d offer 3 years, 4 max at 6 million. See next season how him and Demko play next season, then decide whether to trade or expose 1 of them. So much also depends on DiPietro down in Utica. If they think he is a stud, keep markstrom for the shorter term, trade Demko for assets. i know it is a tough spot, but however we manage this, we have 2 pretty solid goalies, even if we have to trade or expose 1.
  14. We want the shortest term on a bad deal. I think we have that in Erikkson. Regardless of the cap hit, we want out from under this as quickly as we can. 3 years isn't too bad, let's not make it 4 or 5 years.