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  1. DeBrusk and Burke are two of my favourite hockey guys in tv. CBC has done a great job with them.
  2. Lots to play for sure, they are just getting better each game though. i sat through every single minute of every game through this rebuild. I am enjoying the hell out of this ride.
  3. Hanging a banner if any sort would be so massive for this young group, even if it’s just a divisional one. This division is ours for the taking.
  4. Kid has looked very good since he came back from injury. He is going to push to make the team out of camp next year. As is Raftery. Lind maybe as well. Our prospect depth makes our cap situation so much more manageable.
  5. New draft plan for 3rd round and later: Only draft USHL guys committed to Northeastern.
  6. I agree Alf, I don;t think he gets a contract here. He would bbe very far down our depth chart if he did.
  7. I was scrolling through this page and was going to post the same thing. Leading the AHL in D scoring is one thing, Doing it in your 1st year of pro hockey is another.
  8. If the Flames lose tonight in reg or OT and we win tomorrow, we will be alone in first in the division. Who would have ever thought that would be the case as we enter the final 3rd of the year. Keep in mind that both wild cards as of now are the Oil and Knights, so it is not as though the division is a complete tire fire.
  9. Here is the thing, many top 5 picks in the 48 years have become massive busts. Maybe being patient with them would have yielded a better result. OJ would have been in the NHL last season had he not been hurt, and this would have all been moot point. He very well may be a bust, who knows, but he is playing well as of late and is still very young. I am not a "cheerleader", I am a fan of the team who thinks that writing off a 21 year old kid who has had 2 injury riddled seasons is premature.
  10. I'm pretty happy to have both. This loaded prospect pipeline is something I could get used to.
  11. 7 points in his last 8, while being +5. Obviously a small sample size, but looks like he is turning it on a bit as of late. Hope he can keep it up, probably his best stretch of games he's had in Utica.
  12. That was just a perfect storm to get our *sses kicked. Tbay is hot, and one of the elite teams in the league. We had won 7 in a row, but may not have been as good as that indicates. We just took the 2 longest flight that you can in the NHL, and Markstrom was awful. Not making excuses, we got smacked big time, but that is a game you don't even look at the tape and move on. We only lost 2 points regardless of the score. Tonight is big, how well does this group bounces back.
  13. These are pretty bad. Use the ASG jerseys to push the envelope and try something new. These are boring and look like walmart knock offs. I'd way rather see something like the kings and avs stadium jersey, at least they are different.
  14. I put the PP as a positive surprise, but probably would have gone with Virtanen's play of it were an option.