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  1. That rink in Glendale is awesome, I absolutely loved it. Too bad it is so far out of town. $12 all you can eat section is the best deal in the league.
  2. I love how they are selling Ceci as a gain. He is awful. Spezza has 16 goals and 50 points in his last 160 games. Barrie is better offensively than Gardiner, but even worse defensively. Kerfoot is solid. Last season they were competing with the Bruins an Lightning, now they are closer to the Habs and Sabres. They had no first this year, no first next year, no cap space, and 2 of their 3 best D are UFA's after the season. Dubas has had a tough offseason, yet TSN will celebrate it.
  3. LV CAL SJ VAN LA ANA EDM I can see us battling with the Sharks for the last divisional spot, and Dallas, Winnepeg and Nashville for the wild card.
  4. I think we a a team that will compete for a playoff spot next year, with a top 10 prospect pool coming up as well. To me that is a pretty solid spot to be. We have a lot of homegrown talent on the roster already, and still have Podkolzin, Madden, Hoglander, lockwood, Lind, Tryamkin, Woo, Joulevi, Brisebois, Rathbone, Di Pietro as solid to high end prospects. That is a pretty balanced pool of talent in all positions. I am a huge fan of what JB has done in this rebuild. Not all of his moves have worked out, but a 5 year turnaround from 100 point season to rebuild to competing again is pretty impressive.
  5. Assume that lineup: Out from our opening day roster in 2018: Del Zotto, Erikkson, Granlund, Gudbranson, Leipsic, Pouliott, Neilson, Goldobin, Sutter In for 2019: Hughes, Ferland, JT Miller, Meyers, Benn, Gaudette, Leivo, Demko, Pearson Not many teams have improved that much over the past year.
  6. Ferland-EP-Boeser Pearson-Horvat-Miller Leivo-Sutter-Virtanen Rousel-Beagle-Motte Gaudette LE, Beartschi, Goldobin, Schaller are all likely gone. That forward group is light years ahead of where we were at last year, especially given we didn't know how good EP would be as a rookie.
  7. Not to mention the number of guys we will have playing on ELC's in 2 years time.
  8. So even if they wanted to, the Canucks couldn't buyout LE? Thanks for that, I didn't know this.
  9. I still think that JB goes pretty hard after a top 6 forward and top 4 D. Teams are going to be pushing pretty hard to clear space to sign some of the remaining UFA's, or to create some wiggle room under the cap. A guy like Gusev, who LV probably won't trade to a division rival, would be a perfect example. I could see one, some or all of Sutter, LE, Schaller, Goldy, Baertschi, Tanev, and Biega be waived/traded/bought out to make room. I can't see us trading our 2nd rounder for the next two years, as we would then potentially not be picking until the 3rd round. We don't have a ton of value on that list, so not expecting much in return. I'd love to see us open up enough $ to get Ferland or Dzingel though. As it stands, I think we have 4 top 6 players in EP, BB, Bo, Miller. Hopefully Podkolzin comes over next year and takes up the 5th spot and We get Ferland or Dzigel for the other. That could potentially be a very good group in 2 years. Bottom 6 is solid. Having young guys like Gaudette, Virtanen and Motte will go a long way for us. Our D is in pretty good shape. Having Woo, Joulevi, and possibly Tryamkin come up over the next 2 years will help out a pretty solid core. I expect Hughes and Meyers to add a bunch of sorely missed offence to the back end. I think we have 2 high end goalie prospects in DiPietro and Demko, as well as an adequate place holder in Markstrom. We are pretty well set if one of the 2 can be a legit #1.
  10. He was a stud at Michigan and has put together reasonable AHL numbers. I think he has potential to be a 35-40pt energy guy. He was a nice surprise last year.
  11. You can spin numbers a number of ways for sure. 1.5 Mill for 30 points would be a steal regardless of what he made last year on his ELC.
  12. He played well last year and deserves the 1 way deal. I still think he has a ton of untapped potential offensively.
  13. Signed to a nice deal for next year. Excited to see what he can do. Good size and hands, should put up 30 points for us.
  14. I'd argue that that NHL experience after playing college is huge and sets them both up for the following season. I'd also argue that it saves us money in the long run. BB will be signed mid to long term this off season. If he goes out and puts up 40+ goals next year and then negotiated his new deal, his contract is going to be at least 1.5-2 mill a year higher.
  15. I would still be surprised to see all 3 of Tanev, Sutter and LE on the teak at camp. I am expecting 1 more big move to add a top 6 winger to play with Bo and Pearson.