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  1. Love this. He knows that a win is a win, why question the young guys just need to keep up what they are doing. Sure, it's flawed, but it is working right now.
  2. So stoked he is going to hit 60. Considering his leadership and 2 way game, that is a pretty solid 23 year old campaign. Get him a solid winger or 2, and he could out up 70+ next year.
  3. I'd say the last year we were pushing to compete was 2016. 2015 we had 100 points and lost to the flames in a pretty good series. JB took one more shot in 2016, then started to rebuild.
  4. He is gone for a mid round pick at the draft I'm sure.
  5. With 11 games left, I'm shocked that Baer may come back. Why not take the extra time to come back 100% next year? I think its forgotten how big a piece of our offence he has been the last couple years, and how good he was to start the year. He was a significant loss this year.
  6. What is on your "out" list that you would love to have on the roster right now, other than maybe Forsling and a couple of 2nds. I think he has done a very good job rebuilding this team, not great, but very good. Rebuilds take time. We have young guys like EP, Horvat, Boeser, Hughes, Demko, Joulevi, Gaudette who will all be on the team next year, a bunch of guys knocking on the door the year after that, a high draft pick coming this year, and a ton of cap space . Rebuilds take time, we are in very good shape. I do appreciate your well thought out post though, nice work.
  7. So basically he signs his ELC and gets $100K, and then goes back to MJ for next year after potentially playing a few games in camp pr the start of the year?
  8. What would this be in regard to? 8 games next year? I thought he had to be NHL or CHL next season.
  9. Most of the time these college guys don't work out, but some like Stecher turn out. A free prospect is always worth the risk.
  10. These two are more often than not the Whipping boys on their respective teams. They will command big money on at least 5 year terms. If we are spending big money and term on D, I'd break the bank on a Karlsson offer. I wouldn't discount the Sweden connection here. If he doesn't sign in SJ, I wouldn't give us a great shot at him, but wouldn't write the idea off either. IF he doesn't come, save the money for the following year.....there are a ton of high end late 20's potential UFA's that could hit the market: Faulk, Barrie, Vatanen, Shultz, Brodi, Spurgeon, Petro, Josi ect....
  11. No he is not elite. He is a very good goalie. I would put him in the 20-25 range in terms of starting goalies, maybe as high as 15. Very good, not Elite.
  12. To me, this has been a great year. We have been competitive in most games, and they have been pretty entertaining to watch. We don't have depth, nor do any rebuidling teams, so injuries have crushed us. I don't have the stats, but I'd bet that in the games that we have had both Tanev and Edler in the lineup, our PPG would put us comfortably in the playoff picture. No excuse, but this roster is pretty good when healthy. We will likely add Hughes and Joulevi to our D depth which will go a long way. In terms of the young guys The Good Ep- Better than anyone could hope. He is a franchise player. Horvat- Continuing to grow as a leader and will set a new career high for points this week. Could get 60. Boeser- I don't think his play has been great, but is still producing. A healthy offseason will be huge. His wrist and hip injuries have impacted him big time this year. Virtanen- Has had a very good season. I expect him to take another step next year. Has been dominant at times, and has had very few bad games. Gaudette- Will be a key piece for us. I love his game and think he will be a great 3rd line centre Leivo- he is a steal. Could be a great 3rd line 25 goal winger with size. Stetcher- He has been great this year. Maybe the most improved player on the team other than Markstrom. Hutton- See above. Maybe not as big an improvement, but huge growth year. The Bad/OK Goldobin- Has had a ton of opportunities and fallen flat. I'd trade him for a pick at the draft. Demko- Has been put in some difficult games, but hasn't been very good. Not super worried, but he has not stood out in a good away as of yet. Motte- Has shown flashes, but really is a replaceable player who disappears for long stretches. Prospects The Good Hughes- Was very hyped coming into the year and has backed it up so far Woo- Might be our best prospect after Hughes Brisebois- Has earned a good hard look at camp next year. May make guys like Biega and Pouliott disposable. Madden- Still has a long way to go, but has looked very promising for a 3rd round pick Rathbone- see above, played well above what you'd expect for a 4th rounder Joulevi- Maybe by myself here, but I thought he was very good in Utica to start the year. I still expect him to be in our top 4 by xmas. Injuries have slowed his progress, but he is still a legit prospect. Lockwood- Will likely sign this year. Had a very good year at Michigan. Again, projects well for a 3rd rounder. MacEwen- Very good season in Utica. Could be a guys top watch at camp next year. Has great size and some grit. DiPietro- had a great CHL season, and played well for Team Canada. When was the last time we had a team canada starting goalie? The Bad/Ok -Lind- Pretty rough start to his pro career. I get he's a rookie, but 3 goals in 44 games is not what was expected. -Brasard/Eliot- Strong stats as overagers, but will have to take huge steps to make the Comets. -Gadjovich- I'd rather have Torts. He has had a really rough season. -Chatfield- Though he was going to be much better this year. Is closer to the ECHL than the NHL. All in all, we took positive strides with our young guys this year. I really expected us to hang around for a while this year and fall off when injuries hit. That is exactly what happened. We were in a playoff spot not too long ago, before Edler and Tanev went down. We replaced the Sedins production, which was a huge question mark. We have Hughes, and hopefully our 1st round pick this year as a+ prospects, and a bunch of B, B+ guys who could go either way. I think we will land a big time player this year. I really think Panarin comes here on a very expensive long term deal. I do think there is hope that we make the playoffs next year.
  13. I think the fact that he was not that noticeable last night is a very good thing. If he plays a quiet game, I think he is playing his role perfectly.
  14. Pretty safe to say he would be taken in the 20-30 range in a redraft. I a D heavy draft, he may end being one of the better ones. I'd bet he is far more physical than the 5 guys ahead of him in points.
  15. JB took a lot of heat last year for his UFA signings. Roussel was a great signing. He was very close to a .5 PPG player on the 3rd line. I really like his game and feel 3Mill is a bargain for what he brings.