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  1. They will have a real hard time keeping both d. I know they want to, but they in in real tight with cap space and nmcs.
  2. Not by choice. If it got the deal done, I’d probably do it.
  3. If we have a chance to get Barrie for 1 x 4, we need to be all over it. He would be a massive upgrade over Stecher. I get he had a down year last year, and wa on the Leafs, but he was still going to be at 44-48 points on the year. We need more offense from our D, and Barrie would take care of that. I'm a real big fan of tearing down our D and rebuilding it. Sign Barrie 1 x4 Sign Dillon 2 x 4 Trade Futures (heavy cost) for Cernak Walk from Tanev, Fantenberg Trade Benn and Stecher Edler Barrie Hugher Cernak Dillon Meyers Rafferty/Joulevi/Rathbone Much Bigger D with way more offence.
  4. There isn't a single in the NHL that will need help to get to the cap floor for at least the next 2 seasons. Every team will comfortably get there. LE is going nowhere. I get he would only cost 2.5 in real cash, but why would any team accept that. They can get a far better player for 2.5 real cash.
  5. I mean it's two of our top 5 or 6 prospects and a 2nd round pick. I' do it without hesitation though. Not sure I'd add replace Rathbone with rafferty if that was what it took.
  6. Cernak would come at a heavy cost to us. TB needs to shed salary, but many teams would have significant interest. The Lightning can't take on much in the way of salary, so it would likely be for straight futures. I'd look at something like DiPietro, Rafferty and a 2021 2nd, and then deal Stecher to replace one of those assets.
  7. Cool. I wouldn’t sign Tanev to a 4 or 5 year deal at 5 million. Sounds like you would. Agree to disagree, moving along now.
  8. Boils down very simply to this in my eyes: who is better in three years time and who gives us a better shot at the cup at that point. My answer is Toffoli, yours isn’t, that’s fine. I’d rather sign Toffoli, and go looking for a Tanev replacement with more size, toughness and durability. Not easy to do I get that, but neither is getting a guy like Toffoli, who also fills a huge gap. If you feel Tanev gives us a better shot at the cup in 3 years time, so be it, I’m not phycic and am not going to tell you are wrong, but I do disagree.
  9. Yes, we are thin in terms of RD prospects as well, not arguing that. I stated we are thin at rw though, never said anything about rd. Signing Stecher and Tanev does not fix that though. Im saying you replace those two with bigger, younger and more offensive D, even if it takes a couple of years to do. A couple of deals can change an area of need to an area of depth and vice versa. I genuinely question Tanevs ability to be a key player for us in 3 years time, which is when things will really matter for this team. I’m looking at that time period, not simply where we are at right now.
  10. This. We need to get bigger, younger and faster on D. Doubling down on what we have is not going to get us a championship caliber D.
  11. I'm not as high on Lind, Lockwood or Jasek having top 6 potential as you I guess, which is fine. I also am fully expecting JV to be dealt this off season. I guess I need to be more clear with my point. I wouldn't spend term or cap on Tanev as I see him on the downhill when we are ready to compete. I'd rather look at stay at home defensive D with size on shorter term and have the flexibility to make a splash in the next two years when we are ready to be true contenders. This may even take us a bit of a step back next year, which I am completely fine with if it sets us up better when our contending window opens up. I can see Toffoli putting up 70 points with very strong advanced stats playing alongside Miller and EP. If we get that on a 4x5 deal, that is massive. Just my take.
  12. Dollar for Dollar I take Toffoli for sure. He completes a very strong top 6 for our team, in a position that does not have a lot in the pipeline. I don't like our D as a whole. Hughes is a stud obviously, and I do like what Myers brings. Edler is fine, but not an answer long term. Outside of that, we need some size, grit, toughness and offense from the rest of the group. I would be Ok with moving on from Tanev, Stecher, Fantenberg, trading Benn and going after Demelo, Dillon, types guys. We have Rathbone, Rafferty, Joulevi, Tryamkin (who is doing fantastic in the KHL right now)who will be pushing for ice time in the next few years. For next year, we will likely take a step back on D as it gets rebuilt. As it is, I don't see it as a championship level D in any way. It will take some work, but I'm OK with taking a year or 2 to rebuild it. I know its not a popular opinion, but I feel we are two years from making a legit run at the cup.
  13. That was my first thought. Why not wait until next season plays out before doing this.
  14. We are probably 3 years away from being a legit contender for the cup in my eyes. Next year make the playoffs, year after win a round or two, 3rd year when we are out from all these bad deals, take a real run at it. We don't need to make an earth shattering deal right now, because we don't know what our needs will be, or how or 4 or 5 top D prospects develop, and we have time . Trading a 23 year old core piece ike Boeser, who has a ton of potential to fill a gap right now is too soon. We are far more than a Carlo away at this point. Not sure if this only makes sense to me, but I feel we need to let this team develop and find it's way before trading major parts of it quite yet.
  15. They aren't. Simple as that. 2 reasons why: -We have much more cost effective players to move, which make way more sense. Next year would be the time to dump LE. -If he can't find a team, and their is no AHL season, where does he play? JB is hoping that he will terminate the deal and sign elsewhere, as opposed to not playing at all. He is playing hardball to try to force this option.