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  1. You are also assuming that we are 100% healthy when Rousell comes back. Most likely we have someone out and Rousell just slides back into that spot. I don't think that Green or Benning would hesitate to send LE down if they need to make room, but Gaudette is a likely candidate as well . Beagle, Sutter, and Schaller have been very good in their roles so far this season, I can't see them going anywhere.
  2. This is a game that I fully expect our top line to break out. I'm going 6-3 Nucks.
  3. The NHL is a huge jump from the USHL. Yes, they play some exhibition games against the NCAA, but most of the points that Hughes racked up were against USHL competition. It will take him some time. Kid is a good player and will fond his groove eventually, but the size and pace of the NHL is much greater than he has seen before. We got the better Hughes though.
  4. I'd way rather have Saunter as our call up than Biega. Younger, bigger, tougher. Nothing against Biega, but I love to see our new blood get a chance.
  5. We don’t win that game last year. Liked the battle and compete. Markstrom is turning into a legit #1. He stole that game. That is a very good sign for this team that he can win games in his own. He hasn’t always been that guy. Meyers is a beast, and exactly what this team needs. He is not perfect and will be brutal at times, but he is way better than most d we have had lately. Tougher than I expected him to be. Hughes is a 19 year old rookie. He was very good again and played close to 20 minutes. That was a tight physical game. He held his own. So stoked to have him on our team, he does not play like a rookie. This is the best I’ve seen Tanev play. He has been solid defensively, and has played great with Hughes. Tough call coming up on him. He’d get us a 1st if he can stay healthy. Pearson looked good. He is a solid player. Leivo couldn’t finish, but got himself into scoring areas. Bad game from him, but I think he is better than that.
  6. He is going to be the best late season addition that any playoff team makes this year. He will completely change the dynamic of our D core.
  7. Now the real question is who does he pass the cup to next year. Gotta be Edler.
  8. There are always a few teams that are thin at centre, but AG has not proved enough for teams to give up much in the way of assets to get him. He is a very good prospect/young guy, but not a blue chip by any means. Most teams have young guys in there system that are potential middle 6 centres. I don't see him as a top line, or high end 2nd line centre (like Bo) AG stands out for us because he was a 5th rounder. I think he has ton of potential, so my ask would be a top 75 prospect, but I don't think anyone would pay more than a 3rd at this point.
  9. Can't see him going for much more than a 4th. He is not really young anymore and hasn't had any traction at the NHL level yet.
  10. Ep had a 1 timer from the face off circle in the 2nd period. I swear that may have been the hardest shot I have ever seen in an NHL game. I'm fine with the loss, if we play like that we will be fine. Really liked Meyers game, loved Hughes, Miller looked solid. Horavt, EP , Brock will be better, same with Markstrom. I think Gaudette slots in next game and stays in the lineup for the next 80 games.
  11. He was unreal last night, had the puck on his stick the whole game. That is his 6th ever NHL game. Picture what he will be doing in 2 years time. So pumped to see this kid play every game.
  12. Agreed. This is why all of the panic from yesterday and the opening day roster is a little ridiculous. We will be in the top 5 for man games lost again this year. Both Goldobin and Baertschi will get a bunch of games. Even if Baertschi got claimed, that would have given us over 3 mill in cap space for next year.
  13. Which goal scorers? Goldobin has 15 goals in 2 years, Baer has 23. Neither produce enough for our top 6, or can play in the bottom 6, so they got cut. They are not good enough to justify trying to make a 3rd scoring line either.