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  1. Having been to a number of Coyotes games, I can say without a doubt that there is no way at all that they are even close to 14k per game. Too bad that rink is where it is. The facility is one of the nicer NHL rinks I've been to, just in the middle of nowhere.
  2. Not gourmet or boutique, but my go to is LaVazza Oro. I think it is the best "big bag" coffee out there, and not super expensive.
  3. Podkolzin is a gamer. He is an absolute ox like Horvat. I think he will fit very well in our top 6. Best case for me he is a 60-70 point winger in his prime who is a B**tch to play against.
  4. Boldy and Caufield had really nice freshman seasons in the NCAA and Soderstrom played very well as an 18 YO rookie in the SHL. I'd say all three progressed pretty well this season -I wasn't impressed with the top 3 as rookies in the NHL. Hughes, Kakko, and Dach all 3 looked rushed and far from ready. Obviously far from bust territory, but none of them are sure things -I wouldn;t say that Byram had a great season in terms of development -Turcotte had an OK season at Wisconsin -Seider looks like the real deal -Cozens stood out in the WHL -I didn't like Broberg's season or development -Zegras looked very good this year. -I was very impressed with Podkolzin. If I were to redraft the top 10, based solely on this season -top 3 stay the same -Seider at 4 -Cozens at 5 -Zegras at 6 -Podkozin at 7 -Byram at 8 -Turcotte at 9 -Broberg at 10 Not sure anyone from outside the top 10 makes it in, maybe Newhook. Very small sample size, take it with a grain of salt.
  5. I wouldn't do that for a backup goalie, especially when we have DiPietro coming along. if you give up a 2nd, you are losing a prospect like Lind, Woo, or Hoglander, as well as the player Seattle chooses. We already lose a 1st this year or next, as well as our 2nd from the Toffoli deal. Personally, I'd trade Demko as a sweetener on a bad contract to free up some cap space to signToffoli. Obviously after we sign Markstrom.
  6. Or maybe you could try watching some of his actual games? The bulk of his early season games were limited to 1 or 2 shifts, it was not until the last 10 games of the season and playoffs that he was getting regular 3rd line shifts. Next year he will be in the top 6. Keep in mind that 18 year olds rarely play in the KHL, ever. Even with 8 points, that is near the top of all time scoring as an 18 year old. In a years time, he will hit the ground running in the NHL. He plays an NHL game in terms of physicality and in his own end already, the production will come with more opportunity in offensive minutes next year. Keep in mind he was one of the youngest players in the KHL and the WJC last season. Based on what he did this season, he goes top 5 in a redraft, without question.
  7. Not saying that Podkolzin will be as good in his rookie year as Hughes, EP or Boeser, but he will be every bit as NHL ready from the start as they were.
  8. I'd have to think that they would go with Saunter or Chatfield first, then Rafferty/Brisebois/Joulevi. Just based on who their call ups were this year. Benning is probably very happy to have Joulevi train all summer in Finland in order to push for a roster spot out of camp next year.
  9. Stat wise he was right there with the two first team D's. I'd be curious to see how far off he was in the ROY vote that Norris won.
  10. Why not? Virtanen isn't going to be a high salary, an Podkolzin will be on a ELC. I don't see that Toffoli and Boeser will be much more than $5-6 mill wingers. Unless they are pushed out be better/younger/cheaper wingers, why would we move one or more of them?
  11. Chicago will always be the 12 seed. Why would they all of a sudden be the 5 seed? They will play the top seed remaining in the west in throughout the whole tournament.
  12. Not sure what your point is. JB has been great at signing our FA's, and equally as good over the past three years in trade market. Our pipeline right now is as stocked as it's been at any point in our teams history outside the last 5 years.
  13. Not ideal, but probably not a s big a deal as people are going to make it out to be. Our team is stacked with young talent, and our pipeline is still loaded. Drafting will always be critical to a teams success, but the next phase of the Canucks build toward contention is going to hinge of JB's ability to sign our FA's, UFA's and trades.
  14. I think a lot depends on how the lottery shakes out. Lafreniere and Byfield would probably move your timeline up by a year I'd think. Islander pick could hold a lot more value as well depending on how they do in the playin.
  15. Yes, but not many other options come with Demko attached.