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  1. NBA Discussion

    Lebron fans be like...
  2. NBA Discussion

    Yup Lebron is so damn clutch it is unbelievable. Definitely up there with the greats of all time!
  3. NBA Discussion

    Ingram is undoubtedly the face of the Lakers and even when they draft Ball, Ingram is going to be the leader of that young core. Magic himself has stated that a couple times as well. Also there is no way Lakers would trade Ingram for PG when they can get him for free next summer, that would be ridiculous. However if management does decide to try and get George this year I'm sure they will low ball and offer the 2 late 1st round picks + something else. I also think you're down playing how good of a ball player D'angelo actually is, and has the potential to be. He has unique and underrated play making as well as a great scoring touch. Once he stops over thinking of when to pass and when to shoot he will be a very deadly guard in this league for years.
  4. NBA Discussion

    As a fan of the Lakers I absolutely hate this trade, mostly because I was actually a fan of Russell. At least Mozgov is gone...
  5. NBA Discussion

    How am I a troll for saying the outcome of the game lol
  6. NBA Discussion

  7. [Signing] Tryamkin goes to the KHL

    Wow, not having Tryamkin next season is gonna suck, he was my favorite player and was most of the reason I tuned in every night. Maybe ice time wasn't the only reason he decided to go back home? I mean coming to a new country at 21, recently getting married, and experiencing the whole culture shock he might have felt going home was a better option. Whatever it may be I just hope he comes back more mature and ready.
  8. LeBron 'fatal' injury

    In what world is Kevin Durant the 2nd best player in the league?? Westbrook and Harden are clearly 1 and 2 putting up historic numbers. I don't like Durant moving to an already ridiculously good team, but what can you expect from players who have no loyalty or honor nowadays. Also If he was so scared of the mighty and unbeatable Lebron why wouldn't he just join him instead? Lebron and his 2 other superstars ain't looking too good, 5-5 in the last 10 against mostly bottom feeders. Get over it, he isn't all what you are making him out to be.
  9. LeBron 'fatal' injury

    Fair enough, that is your opinion and I'm not trying to change it. But I can't agree with you saying Kobe never dominated the league, I could bring up stats but I don't feel like I need to show stats to tell how dominate Kobe was. You don't score 81 in a game not being a dominate player, however again it is your opinion as for whatever reason you don't respect Kobe.
  10. LeBron 'fatal' injury

    I don't know everything about the NBA, nor did I claim I know everything. Rather it seems you're trying to be a know-it-all, when most the things you're saying are false. Now that is out of the way, you're now guaranteeing I was jumping bandwagons between Lakers and Bulls back in the day. Well let me tell you this, just because I respect Jordan doesn't mean I bandwagoned, unlike you who is a huge Lebron rider, who get's angry when someone says something bad about your "king." Also you are the type that can't respect other players as you are just a Lebron fan who has been watching the NBA for a very short period of time. So when I called you out on bandwagoning, you got mad that I accused you of it. Now you admit it and say whatever team he goes to, you go. Well I have been a fan of the Lakers ever since I was a kid, not because Kobe, not because Magic or whomever you think I bandwagoned. My earliest memories of basketball was just seeing Lakers on tv, as they were the few teams that were actually on tv, and I fell in love with them. No other reason, not because I ride a player like you, simply because I genuinely love the Lakers, and still do to this day no matter their struggles. "Why is Kobe not brought up in the GOAT talks at all? He's brought up in the greatest scorer talks, but he's nothing more then that a scorer, and Lebron is beating all his scoring titles as well." Why do you keep bringing Kobe into this like I'm going to get hurt when you say something bad about him, like when you get mad whenever someone says something negative about Lebron? I also don't have a doubt in my mind Kobe would beat Lebron, either 1 on 1 or a playoff series. I didn't watch the Lakers for Kobe, so for whatever reason you keep bringing Kobe into this doesn't affect me. Again, this quote proves you don't know much about basketball. Kobe wasn't just a scorer, he was the best guard on defense for years, but you wouldn't know that as you only follow Lebron. When did I even mention Kobe and the 3peat? Stop talking out of your ass. Again you bring up the whole Kobe was carried by Shaq, once again showing you don't know anything about anyone or any team other team not related to Lebron. The way you're talking about this is you think Shaq could have won 3 by himself. Or they improved due to a whole summer of development? Most of that team was in their first years in the NBA. If you knew anything about the Lakers you would know all the young guys attribute their development due to Kobe's mentor ship. Again you don't think about this as you're trying to make stuff up about Kobe to try to get me to respond.
  11. LeBron 'fatal' injury

    Me too, I got into it a few years before the Grizzlies came in 95, but during those years I just fell in love with basketball
  12. LeBron 'fatal' injury

    Exactly, that era was filled with so many dominating and imposing players Lebron would stand no chance. Watching games back in the day were a treat, they were an actual battle. Now it just a bunch of wussys who need to sit games for no reason, and cry babies who get mad when they don't get their way. We were lucky enough to witness that era.
  13. LeBron 'fatal' injury

    So you're telling me you weren't a Miami fan not too long ago? And you have been a Cavs fan ever since Lebron left? I don't believe that, so you're a bandwagon jumper. Lebron's so called "grip" on the NBA has resulted in him wanting every good player out there, if he's so good as you said why does he feel he needed to make a super team to compete? Not too long ago near the trade deadline he publicly ranted about him needing a playmaker, shouldn't the "greatest all around player" ever be able to carry his team? This has what caused the NBA to go from what was once a competitive league, to a league where star players want to hop around and chase rings. Lebron is so fixated with chasing Jordan he's ruining his legacy. Bringing up Jordan's loses proves how competitive the NBA was, further backing up what I said of how that era of basketball was the most competitive ever. It make's it that much more special of what Jordan and Kobe did in their careers. Plug Lebron in that era and he's not doing anything, unless he starts demanding every good player to join him.
  14. LeBron 'fatal' injury

    I personally never said Kobe is top 5, that's not the argument here. It's all opinion on who has who as the greatest, I can respect people's opinions, like wise I can understand the points you are trying to make. However I don't agree with them. Regarding Kobe and Jordan had more to work with and what not, and Lebron has done more in the playoffs? No he hasn't. You do know Lebron has had significantly less of a challenge come playoff time? There isn't nearly as many championship teams in the NBA as there used to be. Kobe played in the toughest era of basketball ever, and that is a fact. I'm not sure you knew of that, as you probably haven't been watching the NBA for too long, and was a Miami fan not too long ago, and just now recently you are a Cavs fan since 2014. Lebron fans are really obsessive over defending him for some reason, it's crazy. People who say Lebron can dethrone Jordan as the greatest never actually got to see Jordan play, the man revolutionized the game, he looked like a man against boys. He was an icon for basketball. It was unbelievable. I can't say that for Lebron, not because I don't like him I can see past all of that, but he just doesn't dominate the game like a supposed future "goat" should. You really think Jordan is scared he's going to get dethroned by LBJ? Come on now, I know you're a big LBJ fan but don't get so ahead of yourself. However I can't blame you, as you didn't have the chance to see the real GOAT play.
  15. LeBron 'fatal' injury

    That is not true, find actual quotes of 'greats' saying Lebron is top 3 already. Stop saying false things and stating them as facts, it's simply not true. I'm not saying he can't be the top 5 greatest player of all time when it's all said and done, but now? Not close. I'll be honest, I'm not a fan of Lebron. Just don't like him, never really did. But can I respect what he's done? Yup. You also said by the time he retires he will be the greatest to ever play. Nope.Take a look at his finals record, I'm sure you know it, he's 32 and is sitting games, he flops, this latest "injury" was an excuse to sit for the rest of the game, did Jordan and Kobe ever do that? Switching teams, all these things added up make me dislike Lebron. I could go on forever. Btw never mention Lebron as the GOAT, because the funny thing is, Lebron isn't even the best player in the NBA right now. No one will be better than Jordan, especially Lebron. At the end of the day Kobe vs Lebron can be an endless debate between us fans, but if I had to choose I take Kobe every time. If you wanna win, it is easy you go with Kobe. I'll leave this video here from the real GOAT.