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  1. They’re bottom 6 players. If anything this is good for guys like EP, Dahlen, Goldy because it’s not going to be one of they’re roster spots. Just be happy they’re didn’t sign Neal for 5 years.
  2. A young second line Center who is yet to crack 20 goals and more than 45 points a season and a young top pairing defenseman who is at -53 after 3 seasons. The risk of these guys outweighs the rewards by a mile.
  3. (Proposal) OTT-VAN

    There’s no way Ottawa is giving up another first round pick after having to give a first round to Colorado either this year or next year from the Duchene deal.
  4. The idea is that we need to score more goals... not add offensively inept forwards.
  5. [Poll] The 5th Pick of 2017 Draft

    While it sucks we dropped to 5 again, I have to say I do still feel good about whichever player we end up picking whether it's a defenseman or forward. They all look like solid players.
  6. [Discussion] What Now?

    More like... #DiveforFive2018
  7. Same. I have no hope we pick before 4.
  8. What are the odds we get a Steve Harvey/Lala Land?
  9. Ugh I hope that's not Sportsnet trolling us.
  10. At this point theres nothing to watch. Nothing even lottery related.
  11. Honestly, I think this takes pressure off of Edler. He no longer needs to be top shutdown and 1st PK while trying to provide offence. Guddy would likely take more of those types of roles with Tanev allowing guys like Hutton and Edler to open the ice up more.
  12. Essentially its 2 late 1st round picks for Gudbranson. It's really not much of a overpayment if you know the player.
  13. I hate that we had to give up our 2nd but this is huge for our back end. It's not easy finding solid 24 year old defensemen who can play a lot of minutes.