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  1. The idea is that we need to score more goals... not add offensively inept forwards.
  2. While it sucks we dropped to 5 again, I have to say I do still feel good about whichever player we end up picking whether it's a defenseman or forward. They all look like solid players.
  3. More like... #DiveforFive2018
  4. Same. I have no hope we pick before 4.
  5. What are the odds we get a Steve Harvey/Lala Land?
  6. Ugh I hope that's not Sportsnet trolling us.
  7. At this point theres nothing to watch. Nothing even lottery related.
  8. Honestly, I think this takes pressure off of Edler. He no longer needs to be top shutdown and 1st PK while trying to provide offence. Guddy would likely take more of those types of roles with Tanev allowing guys like Hutton and Edler to open the ice up more.
  9. Essentially its 2 late 1st round picks for Gudbranson. It's really not much of a overpayment if you know the player.
  10. I hate that we had to give up our 2nd but this is huge for our back end. It's not easy finding solid 24 year old defensemen who can play a lot of minutes.
  11. I'm curious to see if Tkachuk keeps up his scoring pace and wins a Memorial Cup if that will change anything.
  12. Actually if you go back the last few drafts, there were a few top ranked prospect that actually fell in the draft because teams were more interested in selected a player that their team scouts thought were better than the general scout rankings. 2011 - Adam Larsson was thought to be good enough for 1st OV - picked 4th OV 2012 - Filiip Forsberg was seen as a top 5 pick but ended up 11th because teams were high on the defenseman 2013 - Seth Jones like Larsson was thought to be good enough as a 1st OV and fell to 4 2014 - William Nylander was seen as the best European and another kid that was seen a top 3-5 player because of his pure skill compared to the other players but fell to 8th. 2015 - Noah Hanifin was good enough to be a top 3 but Arizona and Toronto wanted scoring over defense so he dropped to 5. Every team has ideas of what type of players they want to build their team with which is why it seems every year draft day gets crazy with trades and teams surprising people with their picks. Even with the player Tkachuk has on his line, the amount of the points the kid is producing is unbelievable and if his team goes to the Memorial Cup and wins it, he will be a huge part as to why. It would be stupid for Columbus not to take a hard look at him (not to mention he's also an American). Also, with Edmonton being rumoured to selected a defenseman for need, there is a chance that Puljujarvi could fall to 5.
  13. Liam Macguire is just another hockey radio talk show host granted he's probably watched a lot of Tkachuk which is why he's so high on him. That being said, I wouldn't be surprised if Puljujarvi fell to 5 the same way Filip Forsberg fell to 11 when during his draft he was ranked as a top 5 prospect but no one took him until Washington lucked out.