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  1. I honestly thought Ballard and Hamhuis would give us hipcheck heaven. Liked it when Gillis first pulled it off.
  2. I'm a Canuck fan and I don't absolutely love getting Jack Hughes. There has been a lot of first overalls that were supposed to be can't miss that missed badly, not a hope in hell I give up the TALENT you propose for a guy because he's Quinn's brother because a lot of you think Quinn is Bobby Orr material, imho nobody is Bobby Orr material except Bobby Orr. We need help everywhere but center and maybe goal and I don't believe we need any more smallish players unless we trade a couple first.
  3. I can understand why Greene treats gold (goldy) like poo but why does he treat poo like gold (pooalot).
  4. I might go as high as 5 for 3 yrs otherwise it is a pass for me.
  5. If we could get him at decent cash and length I would gladly take Simmonds, say 3 years at 3.5 mil.
  6. Ban that stupid goddamn overly predictable back pass.