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  1. Does anyone feel like this a shameless way to get upvotes... or is it just me?
  2. This is just a cap move. If he gets claimed it’s almost 4 mil in savings. We already have a full top 9. It’s a move for the future. In addition if he clears he has a chance to help out in Utica and then it’s a free call up.
  3. I am waiting to see how many @Wayne Jetski says Brock will score... because that guys gets it!
  4. Just imagine we are trading Elias Pettersson and what would you want for him... thats basically what New Jersey is going to want for the 1st overall.
  5. I think the most Benning thing to do would be to take Matthew Brassard with the 10th overall this year!
  6. On an island is SE... nowhere near a creek... if someone could help me find a stream it would save my life
  7. We should start charging struggling teams money to play us... “having trouble scoring goals? Lacking confidence? Not feeling tough lately?” come on down to Rogers arena and play the Canucks!
  8. I had so much hope Jake would be a player with edge. Ehlers and Nylander would just disappear in they playoffs they say. Well I guess Jake has be able to one up them and disappear as well!
  9. Wayne jetski where you at man! Let’s get this party started. Opening goal will be from Nolan Baumgartner assisted from Keith Ballard’s twisted knee!