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  1. Nah Tanev is worth it, and once he starts playing on a team that plays a little more in the other zone I think the Games missed due to Injuries should start to drop. I rather Keep Tanev, since he one of the best Defensive D's in the league and Toronto really has nothing we need, Nylander would be nice but, we have a young enough core as it is.
  2. (Report) CBJ shopping Panarin

    I would steer clear, only one year left. Unless Columbus wants more of veteran in return like Baer, Sutter, Tanev or Edler - all of which are completely unrealistic. No Point in giving up a Young asset for someone who's contract is up in the air after one Season.
  3. [Trade] Hoffman to Florida

    Back to the comment where someone said it was all about GM relationships. I've always noticed the Canucks Trading with the Panthers in the past... Hopefully he stays out East