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  1. Love that Johnny Canuck jersey. Don’t like the C being on the other side.
  2. I am in no favor of a Loui Eriksson for Milan Lucic trade. But if Olli Juolevi (would have to be protected in expansion draft) and Evan Bouchard (would not have to be protected in expansion draft, at least I think) were involved (Benning not initiating it because we know he would add a draft pick plus Milan Lucic waving all future protection clauses) I might pause to consider.
  3. I would say so. When Vancouver made the multiple trades to get the Sedins they gave up more in every one of the 3 trades. This 3 player proposal wouldn’t be so complex. But if NJ wants to grab Quinn, they have to add more to a potential deal.
  4. I believe Makar and Heiskanen were going to be drafted by Canucks if they weren't already taken by the teams that drafted them. Your proposal is a good proposal. I would think the Canucks would have to get something else back since we are giving the opportunity to reunite the Hughes brothers.
  5. The one that was first posted is for season ticket holders (Full). This Thursday. We get a special one time use code. The one with the 4 seats per account is for public sale next Thursday, May 23.
  6. If they just remove the Vancouver part and change some of the stripes and stuff it’s no different than the jerseys they wore from 1997 to 2008 other than the colours. Going into the 50th season it’s time to change it up. I for one am not going to buy another jersey if they just remove the Vancouver. It has to be something major like a logo change. If they keep the stick in the rink logo also I’ll just find an old one on eBay or something. I would buy any version of the running Johnny Canuck. Well actually if they did the old flying skate but with blue and green colours then I would probably buy it. No orca logo or stick in rink.
  7. Dallas would want our 1st pick this year or next year. At least another pick like a 2nd this year or next years. Maybe also 3rd, 4th or 5th just because Jim likes throwing in picks in trades. Now that they banked 3 picks they are going to want a roster player with a controlled contract (Virtanen/Stetcher/Gaudette) and a prospect (I am not going to bother trying/looking up how to spell his name properly 2016 1st round pick/Lind/Woo/DiPietro). Dallas does not want garbage contracts going to them or players like Baer (regular players with short contracts, UFA status). Unless Benn is willing to hold out, which I don’t think will happen, he is stuck in Dallas unless he opens his list up to more teams than Vancouver. Difference between Kesler and Benn is that this wouldn’t be a big distraction in Dallas as it would have in Vancouver. I could see Kesler holding out for a trade putting major coverage in Canada everyday and more pressure on Benning to make a move. In Dallas they are all Cowboys.
  8. Mitchell was offered a 1 year deal by Vancouver after the 2010 season. He signed with LA because they offered a 2 year deal. First year he didn’t play a full season. Second year of deal he played most of the year, they won cup. Got another 2 year deal and missed the whole first year and played most of the second year and won a cup. Went to Florida after that. If we had offered Willie a 2 year and he took it, we probably wouldn’t have gotten Hamius after making that trade for Ballard at the draft. Or we could have gotten all 3 and not worry about having to use Rome in 2011 and maybe we win a cup. AV stopped trusting Ballard after he got hurt early in the season. He actually played well with Tanev after Tanev was called up later in the year. Tanev eventually passed Ballard on the depth chart during playoffs. Same with Rome before he got suspended.
  9. I remember when he talked about PK Subban and Steven Stamkos. I was thinking, he's not allowed to do that. They got fined. It also probably made his relationship with some GM's take a turn. There was that time when it was revealed that there is this master list that gets circulated around the league about who is available for trade and he said his players were the only ones leaked to the media. He made it obvious that he was taking Elias Petterson so Vegas had no reason to offer an extra draft pick to not select Cody Glass. Just this year with Quinn Hughes possibly being asked if he would leave college after the World Juniors. He said well we talked about it internally but we never approached them about it. Then there was talk about the pressure on Quinn Hughes to abandoned Michigan just because they were not doing good this year. Maybe just say no there were no discussions. Sometimes you don't have to tell the truth about everything. You can kind of sense some of the GM don't think much of Jim Benning. Not as much as Mike Gillis though. You even watch TSN, Sportsnet, and CBC and they don't have much to say about him in a positive light. I don't think its bad as the 2011 team when every person outside of BC hated the team. I really think they should put a PR person beside him whenever he gets a questioned asked. But its not like we are Ottawa.