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  1. 2018-2019 Canucks season tickets thread

    If there were row 9 in section 308 or 323 I definitely would have went there. But I didn't see any in session 5.
  2. 2018-2019 Canucks season tickets thread

    I only have 2 season tickets. They let me pick up to 4 which I took advantage of. When picking seats, specifically said lower bowl. Perhaps, saving the upper bowl for pak holders and general public.
  3. 2018-2019 Canucks season tickets thread

    I got 4 tickets in section 118. They will be feeding you also. I don't have time to go to these events so I give them to my friends so they can take their kids. They put on a good event with these things.
  4. 2018-2019 Canucks season tickets thread

    I believe there was but not aisle. Lots of low rows for sure. I didn't even go during my time. When i signed in, I just walked into the concourse and tried looking from a distance. Didn't see what I wanted and went to Club 500.
  5. 2018-2019 Canucks season tickets thread

    Went for session 5 on Tuesday. I only go to see if I can get aisle in 308, talk to my account manager and get fed. I'm seeing more availability in that section the last few years but lower rows which mean around $30 more per pair. I'm row 11 (rows 9 to 12 are same price) and only have one row behind me because of what used to be called Orca Bay Grill don't know what it's called now. I have been selling half my seats on NHL TicketExchange (I list at the minimum, I just want them sold so I don't have to go or give them to Tickets for Kids) and some of my friends buy tickets.
  6. 2018-2019 Canucks season tickets thread

    He probably said the thing about Benning just to convince you to buy season tickets lol. I don't know anything about a previous loyalty program in the time that I have been a STH. These perks now have probably been going around for the last 10 years or so. They've added a bunch of interesting things from when it was first introduced. They should do in game perks for example if the Canucks score 5 goals you get something from a sponsor. The Seattle Seahawks do a lot of in game promotions if certain scores are met or if they do something out of the norm during a game.
  7. 2018-2019 Canucks season tickets thread

    Didn't need an invitation (or would take one) as I knew the result (lol) even before the Canucks season ended. I predicted that one of the Carolina (new owner), Detroit (rebuild, 2nd coming of Niklas Lidstrom) or NY Rangers (rebuild, 2nd coming of Brian Leetch) would win the draft lottery as my draft lottery conspiracy. Going into my 18th year, 15th as a full time STH.
  8. NHL Draft 2019 - Tickets

    In 2006 I got to sit in the lower bowl in the corners. Can't remember if it was assigned seating, as I couldn't find the ticket stub, which I collect if it's not PDF. Also, couldn't remember if the upper bowl was open. I looked back on my accounting and I bought 4 tickets for $29.50.
  9. 2018-2019 Canucks season tickets thread

    Don’t care where as long as we don’t have to include it in our package! I’m ok with not having to pay for 4 preseason games.
  10. 2018-2019 Canucks season tickets thread

    Just wait until the complete set is available. Probably, over $200 for the set.
  11. 2018-2019 Canucks season tickets thread

    And the remaining amount expires at the end of the season. Make sure everyone uses their cards up.
  12. 2018-2019 Canucks season tickets thread

    Maybe this should be a Vancouver and Seattle Season Ticket thread.
  13. 2018-2019 Canucks season tickets thread

    Just checked and mine said March 16.
  14. 2018-2019 Canucks season tickets thread

    More importantly when is the deadline to renew?
  15. 2017-18 Season Tickets Thread

    Boston is a top 5 team. It's probably Boston fans buying up tickets.