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  1. Canucks - Leafs(Proposal)

    I don`t think Toronto would give up Gardiner.... And unless they are going to give up Liljegren, Timothy then... As much as I like getting and thinking of ways to get new prospects and picks... Jimmy said it.
  2. Popular Cash Dump names and Values (Discussion)

    I agree with Rush... and we can trade for more than one of these contracts if they have value to another team. After we trade for a contract we can retain some of the salary and flip them back out right away for more prospects or draft picks. I`d do this deal (or if Wash wants to keep their pick... ask for Pilon, Garrett ) and then retain $1-2 Mill and flip him to say Phili asap for picks and prospects.
  3. [Discussion] Kevin Bieksa

    Agreed. I like him but there is no room ``right`` now. Also if it isn`t Tanev and Guddy is the one traded then Juice can drop into the 6 spot. Signed to a one yr and traded at the deadline.
  4. (Proposal) OTT-VAN

    Nucker is Right but the players i would only be interested in are Brown, Logan, Batherson, Drake and White, Colin (and Ottawa would have retain some $). If one of them are not in the deal then no way. Ott would also have to take Gagner in return.
  5. Tanev would go for those pieces... realistically. You are overvaluing Tanev. LIke what Canuck Surfer said ``Tanev may not command that return at this stage? Played only half the games. Had 11 points?`` Yes he is worth more to us then to any other team, but his injuries have probably brought his value down. McLeod is what we need... a scoring center (a 1st round pick) is exactly what we need. Santini (who should have been a 1st round pick) is a hard-hitting, shut-down top prospect defenseman. Maybe brush up on NJ`s prospects before you assume they aren`t good enough for us.
  6. (Proposal) Canucks-Stars

    I think he would wave playing minimal 3rd line minutes to play 2nd line minutes with Pettersson on his line.
  7. (Proposal) Canucks-Stars

    Ben Kuzma also thinks picking up Spezza would be good for Pettersson’s development. Dallas has enough centers so Spezza is expendable. We could probably flip him at the trade deadline for picks which would be a bonus too. I don’t think we would need to give up Baer and I don’t think they’d want Hutt. We will still need Baer for pts. So I propose Dallas: Granlund and 2018 5th round pick Van: Spezza and 2018 1st round pick ((top 3 protected) & additional 2018 4th round pick if 1st is in 2019)
  8. Give up on who? And as i recall it was your decision to trade Tanev. I just made it more acceptable from NJ's point of view.
  9. I don't think NJ would trade their first or Severson. Just like Brobidus said " Trading Damon Severson who is one of the guys they lean on D for Tanev is counterproductive. " New Jersey Devils recieve: Chris Tanev Vancouver Canucks recieve: Santini, Steven & Lucia, Mario or ,Mcleod, Michael
  10. [Proposal] Help St.Louis

    I'd say simplify the deal due to too many components. And Sobotka might be an improvement on Baer...? (same amount of pts) To Vancouver: Vladimir Sobotka St.Louis 2018 3rd To St.Louis: Brendan Gaunce Vancouver 2018 7th
  11. Draft Day (Proposal)

    I think NYI with use the 12 overall pick to get a goalie from someone... Dell outta SJ? or... And for trade 2 I think we could get another piece added to Roland. I like the kid so I would want to get him. Or ask for Haydn Fleury instead? Make a trade with Carolina! Baer can only play 3/4 of a season on average... he needs to move on.
  12. Van - Ott (proposal/discussion)

    I don't see Ottawa or us giving up current draft picks that they/we need. And meh on Harpur... I'd want better/more. Van : Gagner & Hutton OTT: Gaborik & Drake Batherson or Christian Wolanin & 2020 3rd PS. Fanuck I know what you are going to say to this, so you don't have to and we can say you did already... deal?
  13. I am pretty sure the team that is trading for the player with the NMC has the option, when the deal is being discussed, to honor or void the NMC when they get the player.
  14. [Proposal] Chi-Van, Edm-Van

    So take the 1st round pick out of the deal... Chicago gets Del Zotto+Baertschi Vancouver gets Saad The whole point was to get a 1st round pick but Saad is an upgrade in Baer. Chicago doesn't need to trade Saad cause they have the cap space to keep him but we could use him.
  15. Maybe a similar trade with Wash... to Edm: Holtby and to Wash: Talbot and Edm's 1st Round pick?