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  1. Sundstrom17

    (Discussion)What is Gagner worth to CHI?

    Granlund & Gagner for Hossa and 2019 2nd, 2020 2nd and 2021 2nd round picks
  2. Sundstrom17

    [Proposal] Van-Mtl Van-Edm

    I would do this trade only if we get a RD in the draft and we switch out our second for Granlund. We need to keep our draft picks.
  3. Sundstrom17

    (Proposal) Vancouver-Carolina

    Agreed. It's to early to trade AG.
  4. NYI: Karlsson, Erik & Burrows, Alexandre (our Canuck connection) and OTT: 2018 1st round pick, 2019 1st round pick, Pulock, Ryan and Ho-Sang, Joshua So Ottawa essentially gets 4 first round picks... I was thinking 2 - 2018 first rounders but Ottawa has no 1st next year, but the other 2018 would be higher then next year... I was also thinking of adding/swapping in Nelson, Brock or Dal Colle, Michael (but Mike really has little value i think) and maybe swapping Alex for Gáborík, Marián but Ottawa might need him to stay above the floor. NY has the assets to pull it off and it would help make Tavares happy and help with his decision to stay.
  5. Buffalo does not need Nilsson. They have Ullmark coming up next year and will probably be playing for the starting role if not then he will be the backup. But if they trade Lehner prior... then we could make a deal (also if Moulson waives his NTC).
  6. Sundstrom17

    (Proposal) possible packages for Noah Hanifan

    How about a package full of cash with a bow on it?!
  7. Sundstrom17

    [Discussion] #2 C options

    I think the Jets would want to keep Stastny to play with Laine and Elhers again... which makes Perrault expendable. Maybe we can land him for cheap? He can play centre for a year then he could play on the wing. Maybe take on Mason's contract to make the trade easier for us to give up less and then eat a mil or 2 and flip Mason right away to Isles or Canes?
  8. Sundstrom17

    [Discussion] Noah Hanifin and the 7th overall pick

    I would like this deal to but they don't need Baer when the have Aho, McGinn and Skinner at LW.
  9. Sundstrom17

    [Discussion] Noah Hanifin and the 7th overall pick

    I could see Carolina wanting Sutter back... but we can't afford giving up a center. Maybe if we were a third wheel in a trade taking on salary for a team we could land Hanifan that way? We don't have the assets on our own to get him.... cause we are keeping our 7th! Maybe... Carolina: Kessel, Brassard & Nilsson Pitts: Staal, Skinner and Jasek Van: Hanifan and we retain salary on Skinner and Staal? ( a million for each year of their contracts?) Kessel and Sullivan are on the outs and Piits probably would like Staal back. Also Carolina would love a big right winger. Technically Pitts doesn't need us for the trade but we could if they wanted more money to spend on a UFA.
  10. (Proposal) Who Should fill the spot(s) of the Sedin's next year? It is known.... I can see the future.
  11. Sundstrom17

    (Proposal) Weaponize - 3 way Trade

    I don’t think we would get more if we took on Gaborik’s whole contract... maybe get Batherson in return (hope/wish). I wouldn’t really want Gaborik on the team to begin with... I would rather save that spot for one of our own. I guess I would trade Gagner or Granlund for him (and one of their prospects) but again they are better and more healthy then Gaborik. I would rather eat half of the contract and flip Gaborik again for more assets .. that would be my first and main option.
  12. Sundstrom17

    (Proposal) Weaponize - 3 way Trade

    Was Ottawa rebuilding before or after they traded for Duchene? (serious question) They had no problem getting rid a 1st rounder and a high D prospect... Do you think they would have a problem parting with Batherson? Seeing that they have Brown and White already at center.
  13. Eurocanuck is right. No one will sign Green to a large term especially when he is getting spinal surgery this off season. I would be surprised if he even gets 3 years.
  14. Sundstrom17

    (Proposal) Weaponize - 3 way Trade

    To gain prospects and weaponize our cap space with out trading our key assets and not taking on the whole contract or player. Vegas, Ottawa and Pittsburgh made a similar deal with Brassard where Vegas retain some contract and got Reaves and a fourth in return. Vegas did it .... so why can’t we do it on a larger scale and get a better prospect(s) in the process?
  15. Sundstrom17

    (Proposal) Weaponize - 3 way Trade

    No one in this forum is an actual GM... obviously. Are u? It’s quite funny that you have to get so upset about it. It’s not real. I simply made a proposal to gain prospects and obviously you hate it and that’s your right. I might be off on prospects and cash but I am willing to hear some ideas. Maybe add some constructive criticism to help make the deal work instead of complaining about. Thanks. Cheers!