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  1. 84 Buick Skyhawk 79 Mercury Monarch 84 Nissan 200SX 79 Volkswagen Van 82 Mitsubishi Sapporo 78 Toyota FJ40 78 Toyota FJ40 90 Pontiac Grand Prix 96 Honda Prelude SRV 04 Jeep TJ 92 Volks Jetta 80 Voks Vanagon (whoops) 08 Hyundai Santa Fe 05 Ford F350 I enjoyed digging through my brain for all of them. Cars have given me some great memories.....and some terrible ones!
  2. Fair point. We can only hope he becomes that indispensable that quickly.
  3. For sure we will have one prospect playing, probably 3, possibly 4. Juolevi for sure. Pettersson most likely. Lind or DiPietro maybe. But hey, it's still a ways away, things could change.
  4. This is why wild animals get too comfortable with humans. I live north of Sechelt, if a raccoon comes on my property I chase them away with a shovel. Treat them like a wild animals, which is exactly what they are. If you treat wild animals like pets or circus animals, you get aggressive animals looking for food, and when they don't get it, they get angry. On a side note, feeding wild animals junk food is really dumb, not to mention irresponsible, and people that do it should be beaten with a length of rubber hose...in my opinion. On another side note, that lady was smart to take more the abuse from the raccoon herself and save her dog from more bites and scratches, I know firsthand how costly a vet bill can be after a raccoon fight...in my case it was my dog initiating the fight, so I don't blame the raccoon for defending itself, but I do aggressively chase them away. OK, one more side note. The pic of her shorts is disgusting, and she may require Chipotlaway
  5. I don't think it's an issue for Brock to be playing. It's the rigors of the NHL season that beat people down, this will be a fun way to stay focused and keep the muscle memory up. I'm all for it. I think the physical break in between seasons is more important for the "old guys" or those recovering from injury. I hope to see some of these games.
  6. I see it being 6 at 6, similar to Monahan's, but marginally less.
  7. I wouldn't be surprised to see any team give him a PTO, his size would be helpful. I don't think he worked out for Montreal because they play such a different game than LA, and he is more suited for a power game than a finesse game. I'd be happy to see him as a PTO or even signed to reasonable contarct, but I don't think he is what we should target for the rebuild. Is he holding out for the best contract? Someone will pay him, but it needs to be for a larger role than 4th line to be worth it. Perhaps Dallas, Bruins or NYR?
  8. I think the best fit is Pitt. He'll sign for less to make one last run. If Sid keeps getting taking head shots, Jagr and Crosby may retire the same year....in all seriousness!
  9. Gudbranson would have little value to Edmonton, he only has a 1 year contract. The better he plays, the more he costs to re-sign, and they have some expensive contracts coming. To get Puljujarvi, I think it would cost our 2108 1st and a prospect with value, such as Boeser. I don't think it's feasible, I doubt it will happen.
  10. Most of forum my opinions are brief surface level opinions, so I caneasily agree to disagree, and I don't think he's lazy at all, in fact he is a very good 2-way player. I don't see him as a high end scorer though, and perhaps overrated with the hype surrounding him. You may be right about the bold faced type, there is no transfer agreement, he could feasibly retire and Dallas would lose nothing, but, Dallas isn't one of the golden child teams so I expect to see some form of penalty if it happens. The league wants every penny of their share of the money in that contract.
  11. OK junior, a 6 year contract for a 30 year old player who has already left the NHL for his home country is too long a contract. I really don't care if you agree or understand it, it wasn't that hard to figure out. As for your comment, "...It's been well documented that many believe.." WTF is that? That amounts to jack squat. That's basically...
  12. At little cost.....with little effect.
  13. Too much term for a 30 year old with commitment issues. Not sure this signing helps them past 2018-19....and then they have to re-sign Seguin. Shades of Eriksson.
  14. This gives us decent depth at center for our rebuild. Interesting to see how the lines shakedown at the beginning of the season. Gagner, Sutter, Bo and Hank, with a few others waiting in the wing to fill in. We should have 4 decent lines, maybe short on offense, but we'll have to see if and who make a jump in production. I'm genuinely excited.
  15. Sad to see him go, happy he ended up where he wants to be. I will remember him fondly as a Canuck. Best of luck Ryan.