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  1. Report: Sam Gagner Didn't see his cut coming

    I didn't see it coming that he didn't see it coming. We're rebuilding (or whatever), the young guys are playing hard, he should have seen it coming. It's a whole new team with a whole new mentality. I wish him all the best.
  2. [Report] Tom Wilson suspended 20 games

    Exponentially is right. I don't really have any issue with it, head injuries are savage.
  3. [Report] Tom Wilson suspended 20 games

    Blindside suspension for a blindside hit. I knew it'd be multiple games, but not a multiple of 10. If that's the standard for blindside head hits, then fine, but now everyone who blindside hits to the head (even if it's not late and the elbows tucked in), and has a suspension history, better get the same fate.
  4. [Video] Tom Wilson absolutely rocks Oscar Sundqvist

    It will be more than one game, optics mean more than facts with the DOPS. The focus of the in-person hearing will be around the fact that contact was with the head, and it ill be 4 games. I don't think it was intentionally dangerous, it wasn't late, and Sundqvist is partially responsible for the outcome with his terrible choice to cross with his head down....but I also don't like seeing head injuries, after the decades of headaches I deal with from my own.
  5. Edler would LOVE to re-sign with the Canucks.

    I hope we re-sign him for a value 2 year contract. Just because CDC labeled him as #1 Dman who has never been a #1 Dman, doesn't mean he was ever a #1 Dman. He's been a great deal and a true Canuck. I hope he retires here.
  6. Should I dispute this charge on my credit card?

    Keep at it, they're hoping you will cave in and accept it.
  7. Ryan Kesler at YVR

    He was fun to watch for a few years, but his attitude takes away from his contributions.
  8. Mac Miller dead at 26

    maybe your generation will be the first to not bash the next one. As an "old head", I like rap from every generation. There was some garbage rap in the 90s, and there is some garbage rap now. Too bad for Mac, it's not safe to use any street drugs anymore.
  9. Ottawa plans to announce new stat holiday

    It's important to acknowledge it, and I wouldn't complain about an extra stat. No one should be made to feel guilty about our government's past mistakes, it's good to recognize it, and try to help the people who need a hand.
  10. Schools closed after threats to transgender child

    Do you mean in her identity or how it's been handled? I can't see anyone pushing their kids into changing their gender identity, it's just not that accepted at this point.
  11. Cody Hodgson

    He wasn't much past a child when he started his NHL career, the timeline to his diagnosis isn't far fetched.
  12. Sad News For The Tinfoil Hat Crowd

    The Oregon case was $135,000, which I think is total crap regardless, after all, it's a damn cake, people get less for doing far more heinous things...But, it hasn't actually gone to the supreme court, which may squash it altogether, or at least bring it down to a reasonable sum. Sorry, I know I'm late, but the sun was beckoning me.
  13. Sad News For The Tinfoil Hat Crowd

    The world is not an equal place. It's full of inequality and it will be a long damn time for that to change. I don't see women's only gyms as discriminating against men, so right there we have a fundamental difference in opinion. There is a cause and effect for policies, they need to stand on their own merit. An Asian cab company only serving Asians will likely be stopped, it's blatant racism. As for the anti-same sex marriage baker reference, I believe the last open I read about ruled in favour of the baker. I don't agree it's black and white, I don't believe much is, but one certainly thing is, we both get to believe what we want.
  14. Sad News For The Tinfoil Hat Crowd

    Certainly not "in any situation they see fit as long as its in their TOS?", but if the user in question has violated the TOS in repeated occasions, and the company believes it's serving the interest of their chosen or perceived target audience, I can see why they would exercise their right. To answer your question, I don't see it as a black or white question, so on your terms, I guess I'm for the ability to discriminate. I see it in grey. We clearly don't draw the same conclusions.
  15. Sad News For The Tinfoil Hat Crowd

    Are you suggesting that Alex Jones did not violate the TOS of the respective platforms?