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  1. [Discussion] Bring Hamhuis back?

    Bringing Hamhuis back would be at the expense of an existing Dman's contract. We'd have to move someone to make room, and I don't see Hammer being the guy you move contracts around for at this point in his career. I'd totally welcome him back though. He was playing good hockey last season, I don't see why anyone would be dead set against it for the right price, if he wanted to be here.
  2. Skytrain Manners - What bugs You?

    I never sit on the skytrain. My general contempt for the empathetically challenged has become a guard. Some people just don't care how there actions affect others, or care about other people's feelings at all. It definitely bothers me less now that I have moved out of the city though. My biggest complaint is the amount of vomit at and around Main St station.....and recently a Ziploc bag of dill pickles.
  3. [Signing] Canucks sign F Jay Beagle [4 year x $3M AAV]

    I like the Roussel signing, looks like a decent replacement for Dorsett. Hopefully he can move around the bottom 6 and contribute some offense, or it will be an over payment. Ahhh, but the Beagle signing, this one is still baffling me. I was going to try and stay away from this thread because I didn't understand the signing, and I needed to hear some of the positives . No that I have, I'm still not in love. I certainly don't mind the player, hopefully he is the "locker room" guy as advertised and plays hard defensive minutes. I like his size and pedigree. I don't like his age, and I don't like any clauses in a contract that long, at his age. This could easily end in a buyout in 2 years. Somehow I feel like this signing could affect Gaunce. I was hoping Gaunce would excel at the role I see Beagle in.
  4. [Signing] Flames sign Neal [5 years x $ 5.75m]

    No, and yes, hindsight is 20/20 or something like that. I just don't see this as a terrible move by Calgary as much as some others. I don't see it being the Lucic boat anchor that Edmonton signed, and Neal at 2 years younger has still been putting 20 plus goals over the last 7 seasons. I'm saying I don't think this is as risky as contract as some.
  5. [Signing] Flames sign Neal [5 years x $ 5.75m]

    I'd rather Neil at 5.75 till 22-23 than Eriksson at 6 with clauses till 21-22.
  6. Welcome to Vancouver losers (Macleans Magazine article)

    I lived in Vancouver for most of my life and I still love it. I moved away when I realized I had made enough equity from my condo to buy house with ocean views further up the Coast, and still had some left over to start a nest egg for retirement. I still love coming to Vancouver for my band and to see the wonderful friends 30 plus years of living their provided. It's a beautiful city with some great people, but I have to agree the real estate market sucks. I've seen all four corners of this country and there is a reason BC is coveted. It has a lot to offer. Vancouver isn't the only place to enjoy what Vancouver has to offer.
  7. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Derrick Pouliot

    Good one. That's a quality signing.
  8. 230,000 Gallons of Tar Sands Oil Spilled in Derailment

    Fair enough. Especially in an area where you know there is a pipeline. I don't mind opposition though, without the polarized arguments from both sides there would be no consideration from either POV. I may not be a protester against the Trans Mountain Pipeline, but I would have chained myself to a tree if they tried to put one through the Great Bear Rain forest given the inaccessibility. I also worry about the effect on the coast, not necessarily from a spill like many, but from the increased traffic. I'd gladly make a concession and accept the increased traffic if we ended open pen salmon farms and worked to rebuild wild salmon and herring stocks. It's a balance, we need industry and the environment, protesting is a part of that balance. In the end, as usual, the moderate voice will prevail.
  9. 230,000 Gallons of Tar Sands Oil Spilled in Derailment

    What difference does it make really? A ruptured pipeline is a ruptured pipeline and a derailed train is a derailed train. I'm not saying don't have a pipeline or use rail to move oil, but I am saying don't be naive that either aren't going to have spills. Let's keep them in areas with easy access and in areas with the least environmental effects.
  10. 230,000 Gallons of Tar Sands Oil Spilled in Derailment

    While not being against all pipelines, I believe many on Burnaby Mountain will remember a pipeline bursting and leaking 250,000 litres of crude. I also question how many heat their homes with oil.
  11. Vinnie Paul Of Hell Yeah/Pantera Dies Age 54

    In memoriam.
  12. [Rumour] Oilers actively shopping Milan Lucic

    I'd take him if the trade was right, yes, his contract is terrible, but if the return was right, and the future buyout made sense, I'd be happy to have a local guy defending our youthful talent. Every time I met him he seems like a decent guy.....other than 2011
  13. Shooting at Santa Fe, Texas, high school. 10 reported dead.

    In my opinion the gun problem is a symptom of a greater problem. Gun owner's aren't necesarily killing people, killers are killing people. Why are there so many people wanting and willing to kill? Granted, if they had basic gun control there would be less ability. This is way out of hand.
  14. Woman arrested for throwing poop in a Langley Tim Hortons.

    I figured I wasn't going to be the first to trek down that path...yours wins.
  15. Woman arrested for throwing poop in a Langley Tim Hortons.

    That was disgusting and I wish I didn't watch it. ...that said, perhaps she was unsatisfied with yesterday's purchase and wanted to return it.