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  1. Twenty years ago today the Canucks signed Mark Messier

    You just gave me a seizure. Please delete this. I don't want to remember this.
  2. 5 Reasons Why We Should Sign Jaromir Jagr

    Who's Horvat? Anyway he's probably not that important of a player if he's not signed yet. We have 6 million in cap space. Locking Jagr up with that for 6 years should be good!
  3. 5 Reasons Why We Should Sign Jaromir Jagr

  4. 5 Reasons Why We Should Sign Jaromir Jagr

    Yeah and we have 6 million in cap space for that deal! We signed literally everyone important!
  5. 5 Reasons Why We Should Sign Jaromir Jagr

    Yes. He can also be a father figure for Virtanen.
  6. With him still in free agency and the Canucks in need for roster spots... here are 5 Reasons Why We Should Sign Jaromir Jagr: 1. HE'S GOING FOR CHEAP Not many teams are interested in him so he won't go for much! Around 6 million for 6 years should be good enough! They have the cap space for it as well and have no one else left to sign! 2. HE CAN PLAY WITH THE SEDINS Jagr is a veteran and right winger so he can be placed with the Sedins and automatically have awesome chemistry! We could have one of the best 1st lines in the NHL! 3. PERFORMANCE He got 30 goals in Florida like 2 years ago so if we sign him then that should get us 30 more goals or even more with him playing with the Sedins! 4. HE FITS THE REBUILD With the Canucks trying to get younger and faster signing Jagr long term should help speed up the process and be with us in the future! He can also take power play time away from others so we aren't rushing anyone! 5. MULLET He can teach every player on the team his mullet growing powers! Each player would get a +10 boost for puck skills, senses, shooting, and skating which can help us get that cup!
  7. Trade for Ovechkin!

    I might do it anyway just to show you how much I really do care about this website, but alright, thanks.
  8. Trade for Ovechkin!

    Are you sure? I'll do anything! How about I'll make a new topic tomorrow about what the Canucks could do? A really REALLY good one! It can have links, photos, and everything!
  9. Trade for Ovechkin!

    What will it take for you to let me be apart of this amazing website mr nucksguy?
  10. Trade for Ovechkin!

    What about wine and sleeping pills?
  11. Trade for Ovechkin!

    "Your comments on youtube are cancerous enough, don't bring them here." -3 reputation
  12. Trade for Ovechkin!

    Did Fatso write the lyrics for you?
  13. Trade for Ovechkin!

    Trader Jim? No, he's a friend IRL though, which is why he usually replies to me at the same time I post VERY IMPORTANT things and why I used the same picture that he has.
  14. Trade for Ovechkin!

    What if we give them Virtanen for Ovechkin?
  15. Trade for Ovechkin!

    Yeah true. We'll probably have to add a 5th as well to make it go through.