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  1. Normally the first payment for the 2020-2021 season would be due in about 3 weeks. I would be really surprised if we don't hear from the Canucks within a week from today.
  2. I think so. I lost a lot of money this season by selling my tickets too early. Was not an issue in the past 3 seasons but in 2019-2020 yes it was.
  3. If and it's a big if the Canucks make the playoffs they are 100% out after the first round and in 5 games max.
  4. I don't know for you bur surprisingly it's been really quiet on my side for the past 2-3 weeks. Little interest.
  5. The number of idiots trying to buy tickets for next to nothing is unbelievable. My prices are super reasonable. One lady told me that a friend said that my price was too high and to prove her point she sent me a screenshot from Ticketexchange. She was arrogant and told me "I know your struggle" with a fist as emoticon. I let her know that the screenshot price that she sent me was for 1 ticket not for the pair. I guess she was embarrassed because she stopped communicating with me immediately after going back and forth.
  6. The Canucks never sold playoffs tickets in my 4 years as a season ticket holder. How does that work? Is it like the NFL? They charge my credit card only when a game will happen at 100% probability. They don't collect any money before so they never have to issue refunds.
  7. My tickets are pretty much all sold for this season (The ones that I'm not using myself) but because Ticketmaster is no longer a good alternative for seller I'll give Stubhub another try in 2020-2021 but my main source will remain people who are buying from me year after year after year.
  8. Hummm. In previous years including this season, I sold tickets around this time and people told me that they were Christmas presents.
  9. The attendances are down at least in the NFL, MLB, CFL and I think also in the MLS. The trend started a few years ago and keeps going. The good old days are probably behind us. Home giant screens, cheaper beer, food, etc. No parking to pay. No traffic. Nowadays more and more people would rather watch the games at home for free than paying the price to see the action live. I might be wrong but I don't think that it will improve. Another clear trend in the NFL is people litterally buying their tickets at the last minute. I witnessed several people tailgating and buying their tickets while walking towards the entrance waiting for the prices to drop.
  10. Yeah, I was easily able to manage a bus strike but a skytrain strike is another ball game for me.
  11. This is my 4th season as a season ticket holder. The biggest difference this season compared with the previous 3 is that before people would argue with me over a freaking $5 or $10 reduction of my price. This season they just buy them without question as fast as they can. I guess that I should adjust my prices....
  12. Oh and by the way you noticed that our gifted tickets are exactly that right? You need 100% a smart phone with Internet connection. Not a coincidence I'm afraid. It's definitely a test.
  13. Your comment is absolutely right. Having season tickets of 2 NFL teams I know the new trend. Not only you need a smart phone you also need data because no more screen shots are allowed. I have"hotel cards" for my football tickets. They entitle me to attend every game. When a friend is going I need to give him the cards but also get them back. It's worth the trouble $$$$$$$$ doing it for the Seahawks but not so much for the Canucks. I might be out if they are going ahead with the trend.
  14. If the Canucks are going mobile tickets only for 2020-2021 , will you reconsider keeping your season tickets? We all know that this is coming rather sooner than later.