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  1. I don't expect Kawhi Leonard to play but if he does it will be a pleasant surprise.
  2. It's because he's the assistant coach for the Montreal's farm team in the AHL. I'm assuming that they will make sure that he's not going to miss any game because of that.
  3. I like the home schedule. 11 games on Saturdays, 5 on Sundays, 3 on Fridays + 3 weekdays games that will have high demand (December 23rd vs Edmonton plus Toronto & Montreal games). Right there it's more than 50% of the games in Vancouver (22/41). If the Canucks have a decent season, the remaining 19 games should not be too hard to sell as well.
  4. I have full season UB4 defensive zone. Because I get some free excellent club seats tickets at work (3-4 games a year) I try to sell all my tickets and use only the ones that don't sell. Well, for the first time in 3 seasons I sold this past season .....all 44 games (3 preseasons and 41 regular games). The problem is that 90% of my sales are local so if I was living in Victoria this wouldn't work for me. Several people here on this board are using Stubhub so you could do the same. I had very little success with NHL Ticket exchange. I sell to my contacts, to repeating customers and also a lot on Craiglist. Craiglist is not for everyone. You can waste a lot of time with texting and emailing back and forth and not everyone is reliable and serious.
  5. I was at the first session tonight at 5h30. Last year, I was in section 301 row 11. This is UB4 Defensive zone. I grabbed tonight the only available pair in UB4 defensive zone row 9 or 10. I got row 10 section 303.
  6. I also have Buffalo Bills seasons but I'm grandfathered. They no longer sell new season tickets if you live outside a 200 miles radius of Buffalo (Or 400 miles I don't remember).
  7. Several pro teams have geo restrictions. Close to us, the Seattle Seahawks and the Portland Trailblazers are 2 examples. If you live outside their area, they won't sell you season tickets. If you live in BC, you can buy Seahawks seasons (I have) but you cannot buy Trailblazers' (I'd be interested).
  8. I believe that you get half benefits for half seasons.
  9. I understood 30 years ago that the only purpose of the NHL regular season is to pick the 16 teams that will make it to the "real" season: The playoffs. Other than that the regular season is a waste of time lasting 82 games and 6 months. You can collect 130 points, get the ice advantage and win the President's cup/trophy. Then you start the playoffs with all your stars players exhausted and wasted. You might lose your ice advantage just by losing the first game of the playoffs against an opponent who rested his best players and got 45 points less than you. After only 60 minutes of playoffs play they will be in the driver's seat and all your efforts of the past 6 months are now useless. This story happened again and again and again.
  10. My tickets NEVER go to waste so that means someone who bought my tickets didn't use them for at least one game.
  11. Just with a normal Markstrom in the net this season the Canucks would have a worst record than last year. Remember he used to always give 1 or 2 terrible goals a game. Not anymore. Every 7.6 games this season the opponents get a shutout against the Canucks. Very bad. I might go to the game tomorrow. Not looking forward to it.
  12. I thought that I was the only one complaining? I stopped saying anything because I felt like the only one who saw the product as it is. You can expect a 5th season in a row without playoffs next year. The team is inconsistent, badly coached and no way it will be as easy next season to make the playoffs. The West conference will catch up with the East conference making it harder to qualify for the post season. No way that Markstrom will be as good 2 years in a row. This guy was horrible since he joined the Canucks. I'm afraid that he will go back to normal after his career season. 1 goal scored in 2 games. Shutout against the Canucks for how many times this season? I'm not happy at all with the on ice performance.
  13. What do you mean? I don't understand your answer. Round 1 is only 60% of the regular season prices? It doesn't make sense to me so probably I don't get what you are saying.
  14. I'm renewing but I have zero interest in adding more seats for now because I don't see the Canucks being competitive again for at least a few more seasons.