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  1. That would explain why it took them 12 days to call me and why he didn't put any pressure on me They have so many people to call and they are focusing on the more expensive tickets. A lot of decisions I make, are taken with my heart. Not renewing was 100% taken with my head. Whether I like it or not, buying Canucks season tickets is in some ways an investment. I think that due to current circumstances, it's a real bad one right now. Yes, they are refundable but if we get hit hard with a second wave, and people start asking for refunds, we will see how fast the Canucks will issue those refunds. We all laughed when the Canucks said that it would take them 4-6 weeks to issue refunds for the last 6 regular season games. I just hope that they don't start having cashflow issues.
  2. We need to pay 5% of the total bill immediately. Installments will start later. I didn't ask any question about when the next season would start. They probably have no idea.
  3. The Canucks just called me, 12 days after the deadline for renewing. Quite frankly, I was surprised that it took them so long. They will release my seats. I'm officially out. He didn't put any pressure and he understood my point of view. I hope to come back, maybe, once everything goes back to normal. I was not in for only 4 seasons but it is what it is. Good luck to all of you. It was nice exchanging here. Go Canucks!
  4. They will not sell beer or alcohol this season in the NFL. Their offers of food and non-alcohol drinks will also be extremely limited. Some teams announced that their stadiums will be cashless. Seattle is one of them. The social distancing is between the different groups that are together (Maximum 10 people). If you have 2 or 4 tickets (Maximum 10), you can all sit together (Masks still mandatory). You will be 6 feet away from the next group of 10 (or less). I know that this is the NFL, but I would expect the NHL to just do the same.
  5. My friend, back east, has 4 New England Patriots season tickets. They received an email yesterday. The Patriots don't know yet how many fans will be authorized to attend games but if there are any, masks will be mandatory as well as social distance. NFL games last near 3 hours and a half. You are about 4 hours in the stadium. I know that it's for our protection but when I wear a mask, I start feeling like I desperately need air after only 15 minutes. Attending sporting events sounds really fun now huh? Cheering, yelling for my team with a mask. Nobody will hear me from 2 rows. Talk to your friend, the entire event wearing both a mask... Again nobody's fault. I have no alternative to propose. I just don't see myself be a part of this. Some people might go once and find the experience so depressing that they won't come back until life is back to normal. I'm afraid that tough times are ahead for the sports industry. I wouldn't be surprised if some teams don't survive this including the entire CFL. The Kansas City Chiefs gave Mahomes 503 Million, most of it guaranteed. I don't get it. Not right now.
  6. Dear x,Thank you for your continued support as a valued Seahawks Season Ticket Holder. As planning continues for the 2020 season, there have been numerous reports recently speculating on the NFL schedule and stadium capacities.We are continuing to follow all local public health, CDC and government mandates, as well as NFL policy, to ensure the safety and well-being of all of our fans, players and staff. League owners recently voted to approve that the first eight rows at each stadium will be unavailable to fans this season to allow for proper on-field distancing of our players, coaches and staff. While there is still much to be determined, we will continue to communicate with you as additional details for the season are confirmed.In light of today’s uncertainty, we would like to offer Season Ticket Holders the option to pause season ticket membership and either request a refund for the 2020 season or keep credit on account for 2021 renewal. Please let us know your preference by completing the form below: 1. PAUSE YOUR SEASON TICKET MEMBERSHIP One-year deferral + request a refund for your 2020 payment or keep credit on account for 2021 renewal. This will pause your season ticket membership and your seats will be released for the 2020 season only. You will retain the ability to purchase same seating location in 2021 subject to state and local public health, CDC and government mandates, as well as NFL and team policy. Refunds will be applied to your most recently used card(s). Please allow 4-6 weeks for your refund to be processed. 2. WAIT AND SEE Keep credit on account as we confirm details and government mandates for the 2020 season. No changes will be made to your season ticket membership at this time. If stadium capacity or game schedule changes occur you will still have priority for ticket options. Any unused credits from 2020 will roll over to 2021 season ticket renewal or, upon request, be refunded.
  7. I can hardly wear a mask for more than 5 minutes before I start feeling very uncomfortable. I will never attend a sporting event if we need to wear a mask for 3 hours whether it's mandatory or for our own protection since social distancing will be impossible. I would 100% prefer watching from my living room without a mask.
  8. I read somewhere, that the best case scenario for the NHL, is a full 82 game season starting in January 2021. That means hockey games in June, July and August. Some of them being regular season games. Are you interested to go to a regular season game, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, at the end of June, between your Vancouver Canucks and .....the Carolina Hurricanes? Sounds exciting huh? We have so few beautiful days in Vancouver in a year, especially in 2020.... I won't lose one of them just to watch an indoor hockey game, especially one of 82. If you're not interested to go to that game, not a lot of people will be, I'm afraid. No doubt that my representative will call me, after July 24. My answer will be, until the situation is again normal, meaning the virus is dead and the regular season ends at the beginning of April with the playoffs immediately following, I'm just not interested. Period. Too bad if I lose my seniority and my seats. They are not worth the investment right now. Sometimes, I need to take my decisions based on facts and logic, using my head not my heart.
  9. Don't forget that normally we start paying 7 months before the beginning of the regular season (First payment in March for a regular season that starts in October). I'm out until the virus is gone or is stopped by a vaccine. I'm not advancing thousands of dollars just to get an interest free refund in several months. I'm not a bank. I know It's not the Canucks' fault but I can't do this.
  10. Maybe but I also have Seahawks season tickets. They are super independent. They have a wait list to be on their waiting list for season tickets but nonetheless they should still also be looking for volunteers to leave their seats for 2020. I sent several emails. They finally told me that they would give me a credit if the border is closed and the Seahawks have a home game the same day. There are 50,000 people waiting to take my place. They just don't care....
  11. Several NFL teams (Including my Buffalo Bills but also NY Jets, NY Giants, New England, etc.) are offering their season ticket holders the option of skipping the 2020 season and still keep their seniority AND THEIR SEATS for the 2021 season. It would be awesome if the Canucks offer the same thing.
  12. Because I don’t personally attend 90% + of the games and because I don’t want to lose money, I just cannot justify to my wife and I, why I would renew for the 2020-2021 season. I will gladly come back once a vaccine is found. If it’s too late and there is a wait list at that time, so be it. This virus is such a disaster.... The Canucks are going up. With just good coaching (sorry if I offend anyone but we need better than Travis Green) and just decent drafting + free agents hiring, they will be Stanley cup contenders within the next 2-3 years.
  13. No excuses. I guarantee you that if we all owed the Canucks money the processing time would be 4-6..........hours. Not weeks.
  14. They are not helping their case. It just makes me more careful before sending them more money.