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  1. Never thought i would say this but if jake cant get it together thn ill glady rather have Eriksson take his spot for opening night.
  2. Media reporting he didnt show up for media availability yesterday???
  3. Maaan ive been saying this for this guy! He doesnt appreciate that hes living the dream by playing for his hometown team. He made a comment about how these young guys are gonna have to fight him for his roster spot. Well he looks like a f'n dubas now. Hes way too comfortable.
  4. Irfaan Gaffar wannabe canucks insider. This guy is the worst...
  5. Looks like any other black pigeon that sh*ts on my car after I detail it. Who gives a F about this damn bird.
  6. She thinks its her new haircut but doesnt know its due to the new canucks season.
  7. With all the excitement goin into the new season my wife noticed that I also got bigger in the lower body area.
  8. I can guarantee that Bo will be named captain this season. Jim Benning revealed that he spoke to Greener about this issue. And Greener revealed that he wants a captain going into this season.
  9. Yes. The pills are from an unknown company in Edmonton. A second location soon to be open in Calgary and Ottawa.