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  1. Virtanen will be the odd man out when Beagles back. 4th line of Motte Beagle Sutter. Virtanen stays out until MacEwen or Rousell get cold.
  2. Demko played well enough for us to win but we still couldn’t get it done. Tough pill swallow. Looks like it’s gonna be a bumpy ride to the end but I still think we squeeze in. This would be a great time for a players only meeting...
  3. I get it man...50 years of no cup will do that to a market. Cheers dude!
  4. This market is the #1 biggest knee jerk reaction fanbase out of all nhl teams.
  5. Yes 100% but some of the crap people say on here is just ridiculous
  6. It also doesn’t need a bunch whiners more support for the final stretch would be a lot better
  7. It’s true though...thrs a percentage of this fanbase that are dumber thn a pile of rocks. And actually think they have all the answers and can make better decisions thn the well qualified NHL GM and Coaches of this team. These are the same fans that show no support when things go south.
  8. Change the damn slogan “we are all canucks” sounds pathetic with this fanbase. Half this fanbase can’t even support the team in this final drive. Half of them are at offseason mode talking about firing coaches,need new owner, how to fix the cap, sign this guy waive that guy jeeez jus stfu!
  9. The problem is these fragile people actually BELIEVE they know how to run and coach the team. Thrs a large percentage of this delusional fanbase that are just f’n embarrassing and I can’t stand. But cheers to u and all the other solid supportive fans out thr.
  10. No support when things are going south. Just a bunch of know it all’s calling for peoples heads to be fired. Clown ass fanbase. Thrs still solid fans out thr but these clown fans can be overwhelming.
  11. This market needs to chill on the knee jerk reactions. Seasons not done yet. This team is still very capable of making the playoffs and winning a round. But instead we got a fanbase acting like a bunch of b*****s!
  12. Babs and Gallant r the only names this dumbass fanbase throws out because it’s the only 2 big names they know. I’m sure thrs other coaches out thr possibly in the ahl that would be better suited for this team or another previous nhl coach. And what guarantee does Babs and Gallant make us better? Toronto players hated Babs and Vegas players tuned out Gallant.