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  1. It hurts but lets park it. I believe in this team alot, they got a good taste of playoff hockey tonight and they will adjust. This team always rebounds well and I expect nothin else.
  2. I havent been on this message board in a minute...feels good to be back!
  3. Virtanen will be the odd man out when Beagles back. 4th line of Motte Beagle Sutter. Virtanen stays out until MacEwen or Rousell get cold.
  4. Demko played well enough for us to win but we still couldn’t get it done. Tough pill swallow. Looks like it’s gonna be a bumpy ride to the end but I still think we squeeze in. This would be a great time for a players only meeting...
  5. I get it man...50 years of no cup will do that to a market. Cheers dude!