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  1. The good playoff teams have a core thats been together for a few years and is in their mid 20's. Our core and top players are still young. Guys like Pettersson and Hughes will likely be 24 years old when we have our contender team. As far as the right defence man position is concerned I would have been ok if we drafted Victor Soderstrom. We didn't we choose the Podkolzin the bull. I see him as a complimentary 2nd line winger who has team leading ability. We made our choice and I say we stick with it. No trading Podkolzin. He could form a dangerous line with Bo Horvat. Add a guy like Hoglander on the wing for skill and watch out. Hoglander has a good chance of making the team next season. Podkolzin likely needs another year in the KHL before he is ready. Our LD looks to have prospects that can step in but the RD is completely bare. I would like to see a draft where all we take is right shot defence man and hope that some pan out. We still need a superstar RD and a top 4 RD with IQ, grit, skating, playmaking, and canon shots to be a contender. Players of this caliber have to be drafted because once a team knows they have one they won't trade them unless its a huge overpayment. Hughes __________ Rathbone ________ Juolevi Rafferty? Last years draft we decided to add two more top 6 caliber prospects. Add Madden into that group and I think we are fine for top 6 forwards in our prospect group. Our attention needs to be on right shot defence man. I think we will make the playoffs this season so we will loose our first round pick which I am ok with because Miller was a great addition for this team. But we need to keep all remaining picks. There should be a decent defence man available in the 2nd round. I would like to see us be patient at this point and focus on money management, trimming off bad contracts (Eriksson etc.) and players that are coasting, possibly trading some aging role players for long shot prospects, and signing our star players (Hughes, Pettersson, etc.) Being in good management shape is important. Its a marathon not a race. But when we feel we are really close we go all in to bring in that final piece needed to compete for our first Stanley Cup. It will be major bragging rights after that.
  2. Thats why eriksson would be a key piece going back
  3. We can still win a cup without Taylor Hall and his price tag
  4. Tyler Toffoli - 27 RW 4.6m 1 year remaining Can score and make plays Miller Petterson Boeser Pearson Horvat Toffoli Roussel Gaudette Leivo Ferland Beagle Virtanen Schaller Sutter Motte Edler Myers Hughes Tanev Benn Stetcher Markstrom Backup LA is at the begging of their rebuild. They will be looking for picks and young skilled players that can be a part of their future core. With the Seattle draft coming up we could loose a goalie and Canucks have made it clear that Markstrom is our guy. Bo needs a winger if we are going to have a chance in the playoffs. Unite Toffoli and Pearson. Toffoli is a playoff performer a skilled playmaker and goal scorer. Can slot in the top 6 right away similar to Miller. Demko is arguably worth more than Toffoli so moving Eriksson is part of the package so we have more money to sign Markstrom and our upcoming youth. To LA Demko Eriksson To Vancouver Toffoli Backup Goalie
  5. I watched him play tonight. He was very engaged and he appears to think the game at a high level which is important. His first few steps need a lot of work. At times he looked like the slowest skater out there especially when playing defence. A couple more seasons of development should help his skating and leg strength a lot. Hopefully he can get a full season in a pro league like the KHL or AHL. Once he starts moving a lot faster out there he will be a force. I still don't see him as an offensive player. I think Bo Horvat could be a good comparable
  6. Canucks are a different team this year. They are bigger, faster, younger, and harder to play against. They are learning to play as a team for each other. They have had some early success and some lessons they need to learn from. Every great team has gone through losses to understand how to avoid them and what it takes to win games even when your out matched. This comes with time and experience. This core is still very young. I view this slump as an opportunity to overcome adversity. It will make the team better in the long run. The loss does not fall on Green. He is a great coach. The best coach they have had since Vigneault. The teams success will come from the group of guys playing on the ice. The guys who are playing hockey need to figure out a way to win the games. Good things are still happening in Vancouver. I see the cup in the near future. Even if some of you have lost sight, just have patience. its coming..... Go Canucks Go!!!
  7. Similar to Virtanen.... I see Podkolzin as a high caliber 2nd or 3rd line winger who can drive the net like a bull. Its a rare skill to have. It fills a void on our team and is one less roster spot we need to worry about once he is ready. We will have a strong team for the next 10 years
  8. For some reason Craig Berube reminds me of a Gary Larson character
  9. Is Teves next in line for a call up with Sautner injured?
  10. Ive said this before, I don't think Ferland allowed enough time for his brain to rest since his concussion he got in the playoffs. He hasn't been playing like himself this season. The fight was not the old Ferland fighting. The best thing for Ferland and us in my opinion is that he rests for a good amount of time. If we make the playoffs bring him back in. If not he will be ready to go for next season. He is a long term investment. Lets not damage it now. We don't need him in the lineup regular season to win games. If he has a good 6 months to rest his brain and heal from the dizzy symptoms etc. he should be ready to step in for the playoffs.
  11. With all the big bodies and fighters on that Anaheim line up this would be a good game for us to call up Zack MacEwen
  12. I see this Hoglander having a breakout season this year in the SHL and next year at training camp he will be lining up with Pettersson and Boeser
  13. I really find it difficult to gauge how good a prospect is until I see him play for a while in the AHL. I think this will be good for his development, but I will reserve judgment until I see him play for Utica.
  14. I agree and then we will have our first in 2020 to draft Luke Hughes