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  1. Vancouver 5 Flyers 4 Provorov - 1 goal Konecny - 2 goals Giroux - 1 goal Pettersson - 2 goals Boeser - 1 goal Hughes - 1 goal Gaudette - 1 goal Virtanen fights Patrick
  2. If Anaheim is going to miss the playoffs they might be sellers. Schaller has more offence than Deslauriers. We might have to toss in a 2020 5th to get it done. Small price to pay for a player that could come in handy during the playoffs.
  3. If it looks like we are going to make the playoffs around the trade deadline this might be something worth looking at To Vancouver - Nicolas Deslauriers To Anaheim - Tim Schaller Deslauriers gives us a fighter if we make the playoffs and need a guy that will happily bleed for us. He can also win fights against tough guys. Shaller isn't that guy. Roussel might bump him out of the lineup but he will then be playoff depth. Roussel rarely wins fights. Deslauriers should be easy to get, he is a good team guy, will stand up for team mates and leave it all out there.
  4. Would never normally do this but tonight I felt like reading through the game comments with the Gladiator music playing. Gave me chills, feeling like something really special is building. Bo Horvat will be a great captain! Our elite players are just getting warmed up. This was fun hockey to watch. Starting to remind me of the 2009/2010 season
  5. To Detroit: Jake Virtanen (6th overall 2014 NHL draft) Jake could use a change of scenery, his stats are projecting upwards and Detroit could be his kind of place. To Vancouver: Michael Rasmussen (9th overall 2017 NHL draft) Big body local kid
  6. I didn't, I thought he was more like a Baertchi type. Its good to see he has this in him. If he can be skilled and scrappy he will be valuable to a lot of teams. A mix between Sven Baertchi and Andrew Shaw Maybe a bit like Gabriel Landeskog?
  7. I wonder if JT Miller is the first NHL hockey player from Palestine?
  8. I still think Baertchi on the top line would create more offence than with Ferland. I could be wrong. But I hope he gets back to playing at 100%
  9. A line up like this could look good in a couple months Ferland Pettersson Boeser Pearson Horvat Miller Leivo Gaudette Sutter Roussel Beagle Virtanen Motte Eriksson Edler Stetcher Hughes Tanev Benn Myers Fantenberg Markstrom Demko
  10. Not sure why but I could see him playing for a team like Chicago
  11. With Feland and Boeser out; I would like to see lines like this Eriksson Horvat Pettersson Baertchi Gaudette Miller Pearson Sutter Virtanen Leivo Beagle Motte
  12. I am concerned about his health. Having multiple concussions myself I can tell you a realistic timeline for healing your brain is more like a year. Even then you will be really hesitant engage in contact. Look at Baertchi. His injury was around Dec/ Jan of last year. He is only just able to play. I can tell from Ferlands interviews how he is struggling to come up with the right words or finish sentences at times that he is still experiencing severe concussion symptoms. I still think he can be a good player for the Canucks but I think he needs more time off. I would keep him rested until after Christmas then let him join the team healthy. Its not worth risking his career just so he can start playing when the season starts. The Canucks committed to having him long term. They should do the right thing and give his brain more rest. We have extra forwards this season to fill spots. Make trades as needed Miller Pettersson Boeser Beartchi Horvat Pearson Eriksson Gaudette Sutter Leivo Beagle Motte Goldobin IR - Roussel Ferland
  13. Who's left with the team of the bubble players?
  14. Ferland Pettersson Boeser Baertchi Horvat Miller Person Gaudette Leivo Motte Beagle Sutter Eriksson (Roussel- injury) Gone- Virtanen, Schaller, Goldobin, Edler Stetcher Hughes Myers Benn Tanev Fantenberg Biega Markstrom Demko