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  1. I thought I remember Green saying he wanted 2 way players on the wing. Eriksson can still go out in a penalty kill and thats what Green wanted in his bottom 9 wingers. Baertchi had a bad concussion and I think Utica was a chance for him to get back to normal game play and also maybe add being a 2 way player. Canucks didn't want him to get to comfortable in his spot. The also signed Ferland who they thought could play top 6 wing minutes. It would be nice to see Baertchi get a fair shot again with the Canucks. He has proven at times to be a player that creates offence and scores goals.
  2. I'm hearing Calgary is very interested in acquiring Brendan Leipsic. They like what they see in him
  3. If i could vote on this I would want Judd Bracket as the teams new GM for the 2021 season!
  4. If the NHL stays on pause longer than expected Eriksson might just decide to call it a career. This would work out well for the Canucks
  5. I always liked Cody Eakins game. High energy, team guy, plays smart defensively, can chip in offensively,
  6. Nothing to credible just someone at the dog park said a doctor told them this. Take it for what is. Just trying to give people a heads up if their is any truth to it
  7. Hearing second hand, that as of Sunday everyone will be forced to stay inside. That date is not confirmed. Any last minute necessities should be picked up tomorrow. Expect a potential 3- 4 month lockdown. People will still be permitted to get things of need like food and medication etc. Might be similar to Italy
  8. If Rathbone decides he wants to play closer to home so he can be near his 11 year old autistic brother, would you do this trade. To NYR - LD Jack Rathbone - Why NYR does this, unite the Fox/ Rathbone duo. Rathbone has speed and skill. NYR would be happy to have him. To Van - LD K'Andre Miller - Vancouver would add a defensive prospect with size which could add to team toughness. His stats are not as good as Rathbone in college hockey but he would be better than loosing Rathbone for nothing. Thoughts?? K'Andre Miller Defense -- shoots L Born Jan 21 2000 -- Hopkins, MN [20 yrs. ago] Height 6.03 -- Weight 206 [191 cm/93 kg] Drafted by New York Rangers - round 1 #22 overall 2018 NHL Entry Draft Regular Season Playoffs Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM +/- GP G A Pts PIM 2016-17 U.S. National Under-17 Team USHL 34 0 7 7 12 -29 -- -- -- -- -- 2017-18 U.S. National Under-18 Team USHL 22 4 12 16 6 13 -- -- -- -- -- 2017-18 U.S. National Under-18 Team Exhibition 36 5 8 13 20 10 2018-19 U. of Wisconsin Big-10 26 5 17 22 18 7 2019-20 U. of Wisconsin Big-10 36 7 11 18 24 -7 Embed K'Andre Miller stats! | View as text
  9. Benning looking to move Baertchi, Stetcher, and a 3rd for a pick in the 5-10 range
  10. Rumour has it Canucks are high on drafting Tim Stutzle in the 2020 draft. Michaelis another German is likely being brought in to make the transition easier
  11. Out - Sutter, Roussel, Beagle, Ferland, Baertchi, Eriksson, Miller Pettersson Boeser Virtanen Horvat Toffoli Pearson Gaudette Leivo Motte Jassek MacEwan Lind Hughes Tanev Edler Stetcher Brisebois Myers Sautner Rafferty Markstrom Demko
  12. By March of 2021 we will have a complete economic breakdown in Canada. Another Great Recession except this one will be worse. The government will borrow money and print cash as long as it can to keep things afloat a little while longer. Many other countries will do the same. A new global economic model will be implemented. Great future cities will emerge like Neom in Saudi Arabia along with new regions of power. USA will be less important. A civil war might happen in America. WW3 might still happen which will allow the shift in global power and the right off of debts. Now might be the time to buy real estate in Egypt on the Red Sea Coast. I dont trust Jack Ma. 4 months ago he was running an internet business now he's the guy donating Corona tests? Him Bill Gates and some of the other Silicon Valley moguls have me suspicious. I could be totally wrong. This agenda could fall apart. Nobody knows the future. People predicting things are often wrong. Everything could go back to normal in a months time. Only thing to fear is fear itself. Get ready for mandatory curfew and vaccines.
  13. Anyone else hear anything about the playoff format changing to a best of 3 and more teams allowed in?
  14. Are people getting to take work off?