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  1. Likely Demko because it's too risky with the expansion draft. Juolevi would be on JB's list too I think despite it being too early to judge him yet. BUT, I can't see JB parting with these guys unless LE's salary is heading in the other direction. I'm a little shocked that JB couldn't dangle Juolevi and Baertschi for a first rounder and Demko and LE for another first rounder. Boeser - can't see him being traded.....too much of a connection with the city in his early career. When he's fit, he's a game changer
  2. Showing these future stars the expectations of winning and hard work is absolutely the right thing to do. Hughes and Petey will still be here in 5 years, perhaps with different players but they'll be better off for the development now. That creates a better window later.
  3. Agree but at least this year has been about inconsistency / streakiness each way. They've at least been able to put together a series of wins after a 3-4 games of lacklustre play. Tonight will be an excellent test for their readiness.
  4. I think it doesn't take much to be the 8th place team at this point so no point in getting too excited yet. With that said, it's incredibly fun knowing that many wrote this team off before the season started and now WCF is in the discussions Anything can happen with momentum peaking at the right time but the natural course of events would suggest this team is 2-3 years away from serious WCF discussions. JB is slowly putting together a team that is more playoff ready but there's still some toughness missing IMO.
  5. But what if JB can use other assets to dump Loui? If Toffoli signs at a reasonable price for a few years and gives us even 3/4 of what Miller has done, it's an excellent trade. Madden may be great or the size issue may be a big challenge in the NHL......especially in the playoffs. JB is building for the playoffs which we've needed for a long time.
  6. The thing about the names you've mentioned is that other teams have prospects that are that good or better too. The Canucks are in a good place but there will always be the need to stock the cupboards. The salary cap will emphasize that.
  7. Ugh, my guess is that Benning tries to move some salary for draft picks. I can't see him trading DiPietro for Simmons.......that would shock me as much as I was shocked to see you type that as a possibility. Relax.....JB has already stated that he doesn't see them as a contender but he wants the young players to get a taste of the playoffs. You don't trade key prospects for that.
  8. I do think Demko could be traded, but not for 2-3 years at least and only if Marky can keep it up and if DiPietro races along with his development. At this point Demko is critical for goaltending stability for the next few years.
  9. I wondered about this also. I have no doubt about the injury, but it seems like a good life and career move for him to heal up and spend some time with his Dad. If he can come back and play the playoffs, then this is a nice solution to the cap and helps put some extra troops in the mix for hopefully a solid run. Perhaps some crafty discussions with JB also.
  10. Plus Mason Raymond. I saw him in the press box last night so this could really have some legs to it...
  11. I think you might be forgetting that, unlike LE, Luongo actually did play well for the Canucks. He had his dips but he otherwise played well. He was also entertaining. Neither can be said for LE right now.