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  1. I think you might be forgetting that, unlike LE, Luongo actually did play well for the Canucks. He had his dips but he otherwise played well. He was also entertaining. Neither can be said for LE right now.
  2. If you go back through my comments, you'll see I've been a big JB supporter the entire time. I was simply pointing out that, right or wrong, it's not completely ridiculous that people were miffed at losing the first round pick knowing JB does well with them. One other point - lots of people don't know TB players from this side of the continent.....so it makes sense that people really didn't understand the deal. But regardless, I've always liked JB.....if not for his work, for the fact that he seems like a decent human being who values having good role models on the team instead of jackasses.
  3. Just park LE in the minors or in the press box until he retires. He's received most of the payout. I can't see him wanting to hang around for the last couple of years after a year of hell.
  4. You are trolling, correct?!!! The Canucks won't lose anyone who's part of the future. LE's contract will cease to be important by the time this team is contending.
  5. Canuck fans didn't know how good he would be. We're accustomed to good players doing poorly once traded to the team. Secondly, with JB's drafting record, nobody likes to see the Canucks lose a first rounder. JT is making everything alright but it's understandable at the time of the trade that there would be fans who were less than impressed given the above.
  6. Yes but it's unlikely Tanev goes.....especially for nothing. I did read....it just doesn't make sense moving forward.
  7. Can he just retire or go to Sweden to clear the cap space for the Canucks though? With Luongo, retiring early cost the Canucks.
  8. The Tan-Man is doing great with Hughes this year. What makes you think he won't be a Canuck in the future? The D is pretty solid as is with the current roster and Juolevi and Tryamkin in the background. The real question is who will not be on the D roster to bring these guys in the lineup without the obvious injury?
  9. Nope...not a fan of Pearson with Pettersson. You have two good players with Elias here, but the skill needs to be there too. Someone dangerous who can fill the net which forces the other team to not smother Pettersson so much. I think Miller is great on that top line but Pearson and Horvat are a good duo. I like the current lineup but hope Ferland can pick his game up to play with Horvat. If Gaudette and Virtanen can get it going, this team will be in decent shape this year.
  10. It was a fail when he was added to the Sedins for the Canucks but not prior to that (Worlds?). Sedins could make anyone look great except an older Eriksson. But hey, sure, give it a whirl with Horvat. It will be a kick in the teeth to all other players outplaying Loui which sends a bad message though. For example, if a younger, quicker Virtanen can't get ice time with Bo due to lack of effort, then why should Loui get time on that line? At least with someone like Virt you could suggest that we want to see some chemistry develop so there's a future there for many years. I'm good with neither player getting that chance right now because "TJ" is playing better and deserves it. Same with Pearson.
  11. I think most people would have made those pics though. The Edm - Van wasn't obvious but give the slight edge to the home team energized on the opening night perhaps.
  12. Not a whole lot of western teams near the top.....me thinks there's some bias there, but hey, at least we're higher than Edmonton, right? This isn't worth the pixels on my screen.
  13. When Loui was younger, he was solid. I'll give you that. He's not younger though. This isn't hate. This is reality. He's not playing like a 20-something year old. Horvat's been through enough with revolving teammates. Let him play with guys that earn it at this point. Eriksson hasn't earned anything yet and it's been 3 years.
  14. Can't agree enough. TJ has already earned first line time in my eyes. I like the protective effect of Ferland on the first line but the more I think about it, Ferland's likely more effective when he can be physical and playing with Petey would probably have him thinking more about the playmaking than him playing his own game. Brock - Petey - TJ Pearson - Horvat - Ferland Leivo - Gaudette - Virtanen Eriksson - Sutter - Beagle Swap Eriksson with Roussel when he returns.