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  1. Nylander is way better than CDC gives him credit for. We would be calling Petterson soft and that we would't want him if he was elsewhere.
  2. I wonder if the Leafs would be interested in something surrounding this: To Vancouver: Barrie Nylander To Leafs: Myers Pearson + Prospect/pick package The salary is off by less than 400K. Leafs get a bigger better defensive RHD that they won't lose at the end of the season and Pearson would be serviceable for their top 9 replacing Nylander (Kapanen probably pushes up the lineup with Pearson sliding into the 3rd line). Also receive a package of picks and prospects to even out the value. Canucks get to improve their backline and top 6. Nylander can slide in with Horvat on the second line to offer more scoring their (or next to Gaudette when Horvat is needed for defensive responsibilities). They then have Barrie that can slide in next to Edler meaning we have two solid puck moving d-men in our top 4. This trade would require a few different things to happen though. Canucks would need to agree to an extension with Barrie and be confident they can move enough cap space in order to fit him in next year. They should also talk to Myers and get his approval for it so that they don't look bad trading a UFA signing in year 1 and deter future UFA signings. It also very much depends on what kind of prospect/pick package the leafs would require. I believe it needs to be of fairly high substance to equal the value, but the Canucks wouldn't want to give up one of their higher end prospects or a 1st or 2nd (unless the 2nd is opposite year to the 1st that goes to TB).
  3. You might be accurate that the Canucks have taken on the higher risk for trade value for where the pick ends up. But when discussing risk of the trade, you can't ignore the risk factor of trades that are picks vs established players. In that regard, TB is taking on the risk and the Canucks are not. We know what we got in the trade, TB has no idea, even if the pick is say a 5th overall. Tb could "win" the gamble of where the draft pick ends up, but still lose the gamble of what that pick becomes.
  4. You comment this on a thread where the exact opposite has happened. You know the Flames traded Neal to the Oilers and now is thriving again.... as in he is better on the Oilers than he was not on them..
  5. Haven't read all pages, but what I have read, everyone is pissed at Benning and no talk of Green. Green tells Benning the roster he wants. I didn't see this coming, but it makes sense. LE and others can play down the lineup whereas Baer can not. If he does go unclaimed then we have a solid top 6 guy to call up for injuries. If he does get claimed we get cap relief. Baer would look good on Edm wings but they don't have the cap space from my memory.
  6. IMO it goes 1. Point 2. Marner 3. Rantanen (Those 3 all very close and in Tier 1) 4. Aho (slightly below the guys above but better than the others) The rest are all fairly close in Tier 3 (other than a couple that would be a lower tier.) If Laine can figure out his consistency then he has the highest potential. Imagine last November type play throughout a season. For me, Point has the best contract, with Werenski and McAvoy also great deals. Boeser, Connor and Meir are team friendly. Rantanen is more or less fair, and would have expected Marner to get a similar contract to him. Over a million and half more a year is a big overpayment by the leafs.
  7. Regarding the signing bonuses vs salary. It is what some of you have said, but it is also just simply money up front right away rather than throughout the year. Money now is always better than money later. I also wonder if bonuses avoid escrow...
  8. How does that work? I always assumed if a player went on LTIR their cap automatically did not count against the cap (or their cap hit would be allowed to go up in an equal value). How does having a second player on LTIR affect the first? Why is the LTIR relief on Horton not 100% already?
  9. The great thing about this signing is the versatility it adds to our top 9. If Baer is hurt or not producing as hoped, or Pearson can't continue his play with Horvat from next year, then Ferland has the ability to step into the top 6. If all our guys play great, Ferland is suited for a third line role and his contract is not an overpayment for that role either. As great as I think he could look next to Petey and Brock, I think him and Virtanen on opposite wings of the same line could be a menace for teams (assuming Virtanen continues progression and has a bit of a fire lit from Ferland). Green has a lot of flexibility in how to deploy his forward group now. Basically the only combo I don't want messed with to start the season is Pearson and Horvat as Horvat really seemed to bring Pearson back to life. If it doesn't work again early though, Pearson could be moved up and down the lineup. I probably start the year with something like this: Miller Petey Brock Pearson Horvat Baer (give Baer a chance to re-secure his top 6 role, unless we can move him out for something decent) Ferland Sutter Virtanen Leivo Beagle Motte Gaudette in the Ahl being first call up, Rousell on LTIR. There are also options of moving Leivo into the top 6. All in all, this forward group has a ton of options for all situations. If our young guys can keep progressing, our middle aged guys can produce as shown in the past, and we can actually stay healthy, I really think this is a playoff team. Go Canucks! Lets make that 1st to tampa a 31st overall! (let me dream)
  10. Exactly. Edmonton showed us that you can not rebuild with just young guys through the draft, but you need the supplementary veterans that teach a winning culture. Rebuilding is not lose, lose, lose, win/contend for the cup. It is lose, push for the playoffs, make the playoffs, win/contend for the cup.
  11. If we get Nylander for Tanev straight up then we will have robbed the Leafs by taking advantage of the cap crunch. Never going to happen though, let alone HAVE to take Nylander back.
  12. I like the idea of trading him to the Jets. Tanev for 19 overall - I would be willing to add a mid round pick if needed. Jets replace Trouba's open slot. We get to pick one of the defenseman that will be available then and can take a winger at 10. Or Tanev + 10 for Ehlers + 19. Again, we would have to add a bit their but depending what they want that can be negotiated. They might be interested in Sutter with us retaining some salary. Ehlers would fill nicely into our desperately needed LW so we would not require our 10 pick for that, and then can use the 19 for a defenseman.
  13. I would also be happy if we trade him for Neal. Play Neal for 2 years, if he comes back to form then great, if not buy him out then with very friendly terms. Cap Hit Calculations SEASON INITIAL BASE SALARY INITIAL CAP HIT SIGNING BONUS BUYOUT COST POST-BUYOUT EARNINGS SAVINGS CAP HIT ( CGY) 2021-22 $5,750,000 $5,750,000 $0 $1,916,667 $1,916,667 $3,833,333 $1,916,667 2022-23 $5,750,000 $5,750,000 $0 $1,916,667 $1,916,667 $3,833,333 $1,916,667 2023-24 $0 $0 $0 $1,916,667 $1,916,667 -$1,916,667 $1,916,667 2024-25 $0 $0 $0 $1,916,667 $1,916,667 -$1,916,667 $1,916,667 TOTAL $11,500,000 $11,500,000 $0 $7,666,667 $7,666,667 $3,833,333 $7,666,668