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  1. Tower102

    [Signing] Golden Knights re-sign Max Pacioretty

    Too bad the tax system doesn't work exactly that way. While there is some benefit, it won't be that massive and easy to figure out. They pay the state/provincial tax based on where the game they play is played in, as in, their away games are taxed differently then their home games. So while the 42 home games will be taxed lower in Vegas than Montreal, I am positive (while being too lazy to look up the difference exactly) that the away games would likely be close. The difference in home games is not enough to make a multiple million dollar difference.
  2. Tower102

    [Trade] Hoffman to Florida

    Fans don't want playoffs. Fans want a cup and are willing to wait to properly build the team to get the latter. True fans anyways...
  3. I would try to put Petterson in the best possible position to succeed on offence so I would put him with Tavares. I also liked how Leipsic played with Horvat, and think Eriksson still has value as a defensive minded winger. Petterson-Tavares-Boeser Baertschi-Horvat-Leipsic Eriksson-Sutter-Virtanen Granlund-Gaudette-Goldobin Or we try to add a veteran model to Gaudette's line and put Goldobin in a more offensive role and go: Petterson-Tavares-Boeser Baertschi-Horvat-Goldobin Leipsic-Sutter-Virtanen Granlund-Gaudette-Eriksson Regardless though we would have one very skilled offensive line. A second line that can score and has a responsible Horvat on it. And our 3rd and 4th are defensive minded. We would also have a good mix of youth and veterans.
  4. Agreed. I think we are fairly set or at least much closer to a cup contender forward group than we are a defence corpse. If we could find a way to get 2 of the top 3/4 Dmen in this draft we are looking good for the future.
  5. He doesn't have Carolina trading the 2nd overall, they get the 12th and 2nd rounder for taking Zadina instead of Svechnikov. But this still doesn't make sense. That is too good for Carolina. Montreal gets hosed as the 3rd overall is worth more than Taveres' rights. And why would the Isles want Svechnikov so much more than Zadina that they are willing to trade the 12th overall with it.
  6. Tower102

    [Rumour] Canucks interested in Hanifin

    I assume though that if Benning is willing to trade the 7 then he is using his strengths of scouting to realise that Hanifin is better then what he can get with that pick. I hope this is not the case and that we can have a repeat of last year but with a Dman, but Benning is the expert and I trust his judgement on scouting talent.
  7. As much as I would love Tavares to sign with the Canucks, I think we should focus more on Carlson. We have so much talent coming up with our offense but little in Dmen. He would be cheaper and we would quickly turn around the look of our back end this offseason with him and our draft pick.
  8. Tower102

    [Rumor] Jonathan Tavares to test UFA

    Can anybody tell me why they can't just have the cap hit be equal to the salary, so the cap changes with the salary. It solves the issue of the back diving contract, as well as actually being able to align a players value to their cap hit. You have a young guy that is good but shows promising signs of being great, then have a contract that goes up in the later years and the cap hit follows that. Or for a guy like Thornton, he can be signed to a contract that dives because we all figure his play will dive and that way his cap hit actually follows that drop in value rather than being low early and high late.
  9. Tower102

    [Rumor] Jonathan Tavares to test UFA

    Yes. Thornton is at 8 mil, they also have Hansen's 2 mil, Ward's 3.275 mil, and Eric Fehr's 2 mil all coming off plus a rising cap. They do need to re-sign Hertl, DeMelo, and Tierney. It might be tough for them though if Tavares wants more than 10 and Kane wants a big increase on his 5.25. They also will have Couture and Pavelski needing new contracts the next year. They are actually pretty flexible contract wise, Burns, Vlasic and Jones are the only contracts that go beyond 20/21
  10. You act like he chose to get a poor return. He took what he could get, like most posters on here suggested they would do. Motte has more of a probability to make the NHL than a 5-7th rounder would. Plus people would roast him if he kept Vanek.
  11. McDonagh is not a rental...and Tampa traded for him from the Rangers...I feel like this site needs to vet peoples basic knowledge before they get to post on this site.
  12. They can ask all they want, and of course they will start high. But if I am the Canucks management and they go that ridiculous I counter with Tanev and a 2nd just to be ridiculous back. No way Boeser gets dealt for anything not named McDavid, EP won't get traded either unless its more of a straight up deal for a young but more proven guy, but that is not likely at all. Our first also is untouchable unless it is #1 protected.
  13. Tower102

    Benning Extended (Official)

    So the delusion stems from you believing your opinion is equal to facts laid out in front of you. Fair response.
  14. Tower102

    Benning Extended (Official)

    WOW!!!! What delusional world are you in. You make it easier and easier for everyone to see that you are just out here grasping at straws and making $&!# up as you see fit. Bergeron: 50 gp, 27 goals, 51 pts, favorite for a selke and in the discussion for Hart this year. 4 time Selke winner. Kesler: 21 gp, 6 goals, 8 points. 1 Selke. How are they equal...?
  15. Tower102

    Benning Extended (Official)

    Stop, just stop. You are going further and further from the point. If you just admit that this years current standings do nothing to prove the Bruins have done a better job than the Canucks since they both started to struggle, we will be good. I understand where you are coming from that they have made more moves for picks and you wish we did the same. That is a fine argument to make, and while some might disagree, I am neutral on. I just will not let you get away with the argument that this years standings prove your point. Now... Kesler. Pretty sure he forced our hand....and he also has declined much more than Bergeron.... and be realistic when considering trading the Sedins and their massive combined cap hit, not as easy as it is was in NHL 15.