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  1. I totally agree...... that being said I can't even being to imagine the extra premium they would want to trade him to their provincial rivals. I still remember Gillis turning down a better deal from Edmonton for Schneider, this is that situation times 100.
  2. As per the article from Seravalli the cap could increase to 78-82MM This is quite an increase, we will have a ton of cap room.
  3. A tweet from Ryan Rishaug: A shame, he might have been a nice add. 5'11'' 170 lbs Right shot 34 pts in 51 GP last season.
  4. Pedan apparently off to the KHL according to an article referenced by TSN.......
  5. Perhaps it DID sweeten the pot and this was the best Jim was offered.......
  6. Jack Rathbone | D

    Really like this pick..... There is a lot of potential here.
  7. This is one of the transactions that does not make sense to me from a Vegas perspective. Theodore if things work out will turn out to be a Vatanen type player. Why not just leave Stoner with Anaheim and take the sure thing?!?
  8. If we trade Tanev for young talent don't we just protect Sbisa in the expansion and have Biega to expose?!?
  9. [Signing] Tryamkin goes to the KHL

    Really strange he didn't give the team a chance to bring in a new coach, if that truly was the issue. Even more so given that Benning and Linden have said that they want to play the kids more.......
  10. We need to tank (Discussion)

    I don't think we need to tank at all. We will lose more than our fair share already, we aren't that good. We are moving in the right direction, but to encourage losing is a bad road to head down.
  11. Grew up in Alberta in the 80's where the Oilers and Flames were firing on all cylinders. I guess I have always been a fan of the under dog. -Linden and McLean during the Cup run. -Cliff Ronning -The Russian Rocket Lots of reasons really.
  12. The Mayor John Hoven @mayorNHLDman Chad Billins (played with #Flames in 2013-14) returns from Europe and signs 1-year, 2-way deal with #Canucks
  13. High risk, high reward type of signing..... They look like Hypocrites for dealing Subban and bringing in Radulov but honestly 5.75 million for an established goal scorer is not a bad deal. He could outscore Lucic and Eriksson next season.
  14. 1:43pm - Canadiens sign Alexander Radulov: View image on Twitter