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  1. I agree with this if this was goldy or jake those two would have been benched or sent to Utica
  2. been using chromecast since it launched... excellent device but i still like using a remote to easily switch between my nfl games on Sunday morning...
  3. My bad.. my point is more people wanting to not own TV and watching sports on monitor or ipads or phones... even streaming last game onto TV was not a great experience...
  4. he/she said they dont' even have a TV... and yes i know there are lots of way to stream a show onto TV. thanks for assuming i don't
  5. because people like me don't want to watch on a 27" monitor...
  6. You got to use the 'right' list depending on the year. So Petey's year you got to use Mckenzie's list but for brock you got to use hockey prospects list! Even I can figure that out!
  7. Just using boeser as an example So you are saying all those years Canucks drafting late 1st round picks like Jensen, Gaunce, Schroder; all they had to do NOT to screw up on these picks was to draft someone 'expected' on Hockey prospect list or Bob's list? I get it... is so easy even I could out GM GMJB.
  8. Only because Avs have been out of the playoffs 8 out of the last 13 years. They have been building since 2006-2007.. they should have plenty of surplus if you were to compare to the Canucks
  9. 3 of the 4 you named played over 40 games for nyr. If that’s the case I could say canucks have even a better prospect pool with petey gaud Q juolevi demko etc etc i think is too too early to tell if nyr has surpassed the Canucks in their “rebuilding”
  10. Can you share with me who are the nyr players in this great lineup and the players in their great prospect pool? Just curious
  11. In a year or two it will be To NHL Team - Boeser To Van: 1st round pick, 2nd round pick, top prospect 1, top prospect 2
  12. I agree take a look at the Islanders or the blue jackets stats. None of them have a 100 point player but they have solid defence goaltending and forwards.