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  1. Bolded above It is very tough to make the argument for Petey. 1 He has one that's one season of NHL hockey in his resume 2 He did not have a comparable leader or leaders to learn from here in Vancouver 3 Being compared to Gretzky and "not letting it get to his head", how do you know? Because he didnt say it to you or you didnt read some hack that reported it? I agree with you he doesnt seem to have had any bad reaction to that but how do we both know for sure? I dont think players read the media much. 4 How do you know whether Petey says anything in the dressing room?Does the things a Captain does on the road? or organizes anything needed for media, public relations, group dinners, picks players up from the airport, is the one players go to for answers or help on any number of issues, etc. answer, you dont. I dont either. I do know that the Captain of a team emerges whether the fans want that player, like that player or understand what a Captain is. I am not running Petey down he is a great player and i hope his best years are ahead of him. But a Captain isnt about being the best player on the ice. Its a lot of responsibility, its a pain in the butt for some. Its about being the best suited guy to talk to the media after a tough loss. Its about performing to the best of your abilities consistently no matter what is asked of you by the team or coach. Its about doing the crappy things even though it might not be best for your next contract but its best for the team.Like taking all the defensive zone face offs when you could have led the team in scoring. Petey has had one good season. He plays well at both ends of the ice. He puts out the effort we expect from a star player. He is Bure to Linden He is Kane to Toews He is Gaudreau to Giordano Petey is awesome , Bo is Captain.
  2. Cap space is really flexible in a ,lot of ways these days , either by moving a player outright, having LTIR relief, or burying players in the minors. MT will get his dollars one way or another. Im sure the Flames fans are watching with the same anticipation we are watching the Boeser contract. One thing is for sure both the Canucks and Flames will be up against the cap unless something changes before the season starts
  3. Leaders will lead regardless of whether they have a letter on their jersey or not. Bo will lead, Petey will lead, Boeser will lead, Sutter,Beagle, Roussell, will all lead. This thread started by saying, Bo was lobbying for the Captaincy. False He responded to a question with grace and tact. a solid reason he should be the Captain. Bo wasn't skilled enough to be the Captain, False he almost led the team in goals score despite having to take ALL the defensive responsibility face off wise The team should wait until one of the younger guys can become the Captain, Why? two reasons why not. One the new players may not ever get it, two the team needs its leader now. The OP is obviously in favor of handing the C to Petterson. I see Petey's leadership on the ice also. But his media handling skills are not as good as Bo's. He hasn't been in front of the North American media enough to understand the pitfalls they will throw at you. We all have our favorite players on a team. Disregarding the skill set of another player to support your argument for your preferred captain doesn't gain you friends or influence in the argument. I think Petterson is going to be a great hockey player for us. He had a good season last year and has come back better prepared for this one. The thing is we do not know what is being asked of the players behind closed doors. Who is the player that goes to pick up someone at the airport? Who is the player that organizes the trip to Children's hospital or Canuck place? Who is the player that stands up in the dressing room and speaks when needed. We the fans don't know this because we are not on the inside. Saying that Bo or Petterson is the leader from a fan perspective doesn't make it so. What matters to the team is the things that the player does to make it a TEAM. What matters is whose lead do the players follow? What matters is despite what we fans think or see is what do the insiders see. Waiting to name a captain based on new players coming in is nonsensical. Horvat has been one of if not the best player on this team doing all the things asked of him with whomever the coach puts with him. He has had the benefit of watching two of the best players/people this organization has ever had before him. His skill as a face off man is just as important as Petey's one timer. I for one am glad we have both of them on our team. I will not run Petey down to make a better argument for Horvat.
  4. clearly you didnt look at the stats from last season. Despite having to take 2000+ draws and most of them in the D zone he almost led the team in goals scored. I dont get your take.
  5. I agree with a lot of this.I dont see any of them on the team at that time. A Marky depends on Demko B Sutter will probably have to play out his contract or buyout , i dont see a trade market for him even with retention unless he has a compete year of 82 games and scores 20. C Tanev, i can see a trade possibility for him to a contender at the deadline if we are not competing for a spot otherwise we keep him. Maybe we sign him to another contract but he most likely walks away in FA D Baer. I think he has already gotten more of a career in Vancouver than he would have almost anywhere else. The lack of quality in the top 6 here allowed him a much longer look than he would have gotten in a solid competing team. I think the arrival of Podkolzin pushes him out. I am still not sold that Hoglander makes this team although i hope he proves me wrong. Again i will say it, the competition for roster spots is a good thing. Maybe just not good for Baertschi
  6. I like Miller Horvat and Pearson to start but it all depends on the chemistry like you say. If that line clicks that takes a little of the pressure off of Petey and Boeser. Moving Baertschi and Virtanen down to the third line isnt a bad thing. we will need some offense there as well. I love Gaudette and his potential but i think he plays a lot in Utica this season.
  7. I don't think him answering a question should be the determining factor in anything. I agree with you. His play should speak for itself. But he will be the one that either succeeds or fails and I would have no problem with sending a veteran down as long as he has been outplayed. Sutter as well. Loui takes a lot of heat because of his contract but he hasn't shut anybody up with his play.
  8. I agree this camp will be interesting due to the battles at camp. Loui will be very interesting to see what he does.Being the fifth highest scorer on what was a pathetic roster last season doesnt impress me . With his experience he better be in the top 5 of that lot. Popular view or not Loui is not playing up to his potential. What that means is he like many others will be fighting for a roster spot this season and watching him play without effort or drive is frustrating. Instead of being a team leader he floats.I could see a roster without Loui NG and JL on it this year. We have options and there will be competition for roster spots. If Loui cant get off his a$$ and produce , like i have said about Goldobin, its produce or you wont be playing.. I like that we can say that. Its been a while since we had to make the hard decisions about players and whether they fit our team.
  9. I don’t know what that means “he doesn’t deserve Utica”. Has he played to his potential? If a younger player doesn’t play to their potential where do they go? Utica. As long as Loui is only doing the little things then he doesn’t deserve to be on the big club regardless of what he is paid. He isn’t playing up to his potential and his lack of effort at times is certainly frustrating for the team and the fans alike. He may not be an AHL regular but he hasn’t played well enough to avoid a Utica assignment. That’s totally on him.
  10. Loui wont be the reason Goldobin makes or doesnt make the team this fall. The only person that is on is Nikolay. The top 6 competition means you have to bring your best each and every night to get the roster spot. Maybe Pearson is part of that top 6 or maybe not, maybe Baerstchi can take the other spot. It all depends on how they perform in camp.The best part of all of this is we have options for the top 6 for the first time in a long time. Competition makes players better. I just dont see Goldobin beating out the likes of Baerstchi or Pearson for that top 6 role. Goldys best bet is to have a great camp and hit the 13th forward spot with Loui going to Utica. Bottom six is not where Goldy plays. That looks like Rousell Sutter Leivo Motte Beagle Virtanen
  11. Again as stated above there are nor performance based incentives except on ELC's Brock will get paid, its most likely in the 7 mill range and we will move on.
  12. Ferland Petterson Boeser Pearson Horvat Miller Leivo Sutter Virtanen Roussell Beagle Motte Baertshci Edler Myers Tanev Hughes Benn Stecher Juolevi Tryamkin Marky Demko Gaudette in Utica playing huge minutes, Eriksson anywhere but Vancouver, Goldobin traded for a draft pick, any draft pick. Baertschi traded if possible i'm really worried he will get another concussion
  13. Before i go on let me say I like this kid. He seems to have a great personality and just a likability about him and I truly want him to be a good NHL player.He has skills and it truly is frustrating to see his lapses undermine his success. He isnt far off when he says if he scored 30 goals people would look the other way on his gaffes. We did it with Henrik and Daniel for years,they out scored their defensive miscues but they don't give out 7 million dollar contracts to nice guys. Its a results driven league. You produce or you don't play. When JB went out and traded for Miller and signed Ferland the players that were hurt most by that were Goldobin and Leivo.There are others that it will affect but these two had a place on the team that was basically taken away. Leivo could potentially play third or fourth line but Goldobin doesn't fit that bill as he said in his interview. Goldy has one option and that is to score and score regularly. If he doesn't produce he isn't of a lot of value to the team and then his gaffes really become noticeable. The bad pass onto the other teams stick in flight going against us. The drop pass that is left for the opposition while our players are thinking offense. The lack of hustle coming back into our end.It becomes a shooting gallery for the media and fans alike to rip his play. He can skate, can shoot although not accurately enough, and seems to think the offensive game well. He like Jake V has to prove their worth to the coaching staff and show their improvement. Both have a skill set that makes them drool. Whether they will ever get to the point where they are the go to guy remains to be seen. I agree that Goldy may take time to develop further. He could very easily be like a Naslund that doesn't get it until he is 25. The issue here is that if that is the case it will have to be on another team because we currently have better options in our top 6 than we had last season. The fact that he communicates with Green regularly is a good sign he may yet develop. He just might not have a spot in the lineup here before he does.
  14. I think he may get another chance to play in the NHL, teams see the potential but not the improvement. Its funny because they talk about Jake not having the hockey smarts, but Goldy hasnt' exactly gotten it either. For a first round pick to be headed to his third organization at 23 it is becoming a long shot that he will become an NHL regular.