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  1. couldn't have said it better myself.
  2. This is bang on!!1 If the coaching here is so bad how did Pearson break out like he has? How did Miller Blossom into the player we have today? How did Virtanen, Petterson, Boeser, Horvat, Markstrom all improve their games? Wins and losses are the only way coaches are judged. Gallant made it to the SCF, but what if Green does that this season?
  3. No matter what coach you put in place they will still have to play the players the GM has accumulated. Its not like all of a sudden Gallant is the coach and Petterson puts on 60 lbs. The Canucks play a fast skilled game that move the puck well and put pressure on the opposition in their end looking for turnovers to produce chances. The players Benning has drafted and acquired play into that game and system. If we switch coaches now we are not likely to change much as to the game the team plays. Its just more inconsistency the players have to deal with. How many coaches have the sharks had in the last few years, or the oilers. Hows those changes going for them? I like where we are at, see the improvement in team and players and believe we are on the right path to success. You can take your glass half empty approach and enjoy your beer money going to Canuck Place. I will watch the games, cheer for our team, and continue to watch the team grow into what they can become. They may not win a cup, may eventually fire Travis Green, but as long as they are first place in the division, I wont be calling for anyone's head. That's just ridiculous
  4. Totally agree here, remember Petey was going to drive over to Minny and pick up Boes when the contract was being negotiated. They are friends and like playing together. That cannot be overlooked.
  5. From where i sit this is first off not going to get Minny to pick up the phone.If you are dealing a top 4 D man at the TDL you are looking for prospect and picks. Baertschi, Sutter are cap dumps in our favor. I am sure they have no interest in helping us out in that way as they already have some high priced veterans that do not provide what their cap says they should. Madden and Demko might get their interest but they are not taking our trash along with it.
  6. I think we are in the development stage with most of this team. What most likely will happen is as the team grows they will add other young players as Bo Petey Miller etc take over the roles that the older players have played in their development. You dont get to a point and say we have every thing we need we stop adding draft picks, players with skill, it just means as you develop you draft later. Those players you draft will need more time to develop or possibly not make the NHL. The true value in the scouts is finding players in the 25-32 range in the first round.Or the 60 plus draft pick surprising. JB and group have done a great job of picking in the top 10. You have a better chance of success doing that however you still have to nail the pick. How many times have we seen a Petr Nedved taken or a JJ Daigneault. Only to have them fail to hit the expectations. Hughes Petterson, Boeser, all have been quality picks and for that Benning deserves the praise he has gotten. When he picks at 30 and can hit the player that can add to the team then i will be even more impressed. You are bang on when you say Depth is a key to having SC p[layoff success. When the Canucks went to the finals in 2011 they had nine D men play regular games for them during the season. and not just one game stretches. You need that at all positions because injuries are going to happen. Right now the Canucks top 6 players can compete with most teams. Where they get exposed is when you get to the third and fourth lines. At the start of the season when Schaller, Beagle, Motte were scoring the team was winning easily. Now that its tightened up we are more dependent on the top 6 and Power play. As we move on from some contracts, Sutter, Beagle, Eriksson, Schaller and add in Podkolzin, Hoglander, Possibly Tryamkin, Madden, Woo the key will be having the balance we need defensively, offensively, grit and toughness to continue to improve. Benning was correct in looking for some decent bottom 6 type players to compliment the scorers. We overpaid at the time because we were a losing team without the type of success it takes to get those players on a cheaper deal because the team is a legitimate contender.Make the playoffs a couple seasons and then that becomes an easier sell. In general the Canucks are looking like they will have players that can step in and play at most positions. I for one am interested in seeing what happens if we make the playoffs, who stands out and who folds.Then we can assess who should stay and who should go. Its definitely a better future than 4 years ago
  7. 5-3 Canucks LE with the empty netter Sharks with more penalty minutes
  8. We are done with the Oilers for the regular season and we have 2 games left versus Calgary, We do however still have three games left against Arizona, 2 Colorado, 2 Vegas, 2 Boston. The games dont get any easier and we finish the regular season in April against Vegas and Arizona. One thing thats for sure is if we keep playing well, Vegas and Arizona fans will be worried about finishing the season against Vancouver.
  9. Outshooting them 14-3. 5 power plays. 0 goals. This is what we saw last year. If we do t get a couple early I. The game we fall apart.
  10. I also respect what Sabre fan has brought to this board. He has clearly respected both teams and brings a lot of thought behind what he posts. I respect intelligent discussion on this board and as long as it doesnt become a personal attack on anyone i will debate with all. Sabre fan may have taken it a bit too personal, but in hindsight he was correct. I am as big a homer as they come. I cheer for the Canucks because they are my hometown team. but i can respect other teams fans as long as we don't get too stupid about it. I am hoping Sabre Fan comes back and we all continue to get along even though we don't all have to have the same opinion.
  11. I agree on a few things here and disagree on a few Power Play: I don't think they are static at all. They move Boeser around and Petey because the other tams were focused on Petterson with the one timer. Hughes from the point has given a new dimension as he seems to be able to get the shot through. That's a good thing.Having Bo in front of the net is static but I would say they have tinkered with the power play and at times gone away from what is successful. Defense: This i agree with you on. One of the most frustrating things i continue to see from our D is the rebound comes out towards the boards as good goaltenders are taught to do and the D man does not pursue the puck even though he is the closest player to it. This has resulted in our team being pinned in our zone more than needed. I get that a lot of the shots then come from the outside but at some point puck retrieval in your zone becomes more important. Breakout: With the style and system Green has the team playing the forwards are up the ice as soon as possible. The stretch pass is often a dump in more than a pass. They try to get the puck behind the other teams D and the fore check to get turnovers. This is a safer system than carrying the puck up ice and as long as you don't turn the puck over at either blue line you are in good shape. The problem we are having is that we turn the puck over a lot at both blue lines. Myers and Edler are not exactly safe at the other teams blue line handling the puck. They both fumble it around especially if its in their skates.Stecher has been turning the puck over a lot lately as well.Tanev also. As for following the Canucks, I have been here for every season. Started watching when they came in the league and you can be damn sure this is one of the most talented cores they have ever iced. As a team 94 and 11 were better. Hughes has top end talent. Miller, Petterson, Boeser, Horvat 5 of a terrific 6. They still need one more to join them. Pearson is playing well, Virtanen is coming along but they need one more true star player to join that group and then they will be off to the races. Giving up the first round pick for Miller wasn't popular with some here and in the media but it sure looks good now. As for firing Green, I am not on board with you. He has brought a lot of young players along nicely, was one Vegas point lost away from being the all star game coach, has the team in the playoff race as much as Calgary Edmonton, Vegas, or Arizona, has given the team some consistency as to systems, and he doesnt play Megna, Baertschi, Goldobin or Chaput over Petterson, Horvat, Miller, Boeser, Virtanen, Pearson,etc. like Willy did. Coaches all have different approaches and right now the team is 8-2 in their last 10 games. If we miss the playoffs at the end of the season then we can critique the hell out of Green and every other aspect of this team. If they make the playoffs I ask "when does this stop?" When can we finally admit the team is better than it was four years ago? When can we finally admit they are more fun to watch? When can we finally admit they have some decent players? Three rookie of the year candidates in a row? Three All stars on the Pacific team? In the playoff race with a realistic chance of getting in. Its time to stop being so overly critical and enjoy what is fast becoming a team to be reckoned with. We have some real good players coming as well.The competition for jobs in the fall will be fun to watch and as the contracts expire for Loui and Beagle and Schaller the money will be there to keep these guys around for a long while. Enjoy it, I watched during the Milford era when we traded Neely and a draft pick that became Wesley for Pederson. When we made our first trip to the playoffs in 1975 and beat Montreal in the second game only to lose the series 4-1. Fans the last 20 years have been spoiled. The Naslund Era, The Sedin era have been great to watch and the expectations were realistic that they should have won a championship. They didnt but we never drafted and built a team. Most of our teams were trade wins. Maybe this is why they failed. We have a team growing together. I say enjoy watching them because now we get to watch them for a long time.Cheers.
  12. It was important to get the win today scoring six goals is a big plus but we still have a lot of things to clean up in our own end. We still are giving up the puck way too easy or defence turn it over a lot and players are allowed to stand in front of our net with total impunity. No major meltdown today take the two points and run let’s get two more in Minnesota