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  1. Totally disagree, and I have been a "power forwards take longer to develop" guy. Jake is exactly what a power forward could and should be. A player that uses his size to his advantage. In Junior he had the advantage of playing against boys who had not developed. He used his size and skating ability to take advantage of what he was given. The media labeling him had very little to do with Jake's issues. Its the game he played. Is there a sense that Jake has not fulfilled his promise. Absolutely!! A player that has his skating ability and a shot many would like to see used more who doesn't play with heart is disappointing. It has nothing to do with deployment. It has nothing to do with being on the 4th or 3rd lines. Both Burrows and Kesler started on third and fourth lines. Their heart and work ethic made them better players and they moved up the lineup because of it. Many here have said if we could just transplant Motte's Heart into Jake's body we would have a helluva player. They are right. Contracts have nothing to do with a player being unprepared for training camp or a season. That rests solely on the player. comparing him to Pearson is a wasted argument. I agree with you Pearson did disappear in the playoffs and had a horrible series against the Knights. If you want to discuss his game lets do that but two different players with two different skill sets and two different paths to be where they are at right now. I don't recall any reports of Pearson partying, drinking at the bar when he should have been preparing for the season or avoiding the COVID virus. Maturity is Jake's issue. It doesn't matter his age in years but his age in becoming a man The claim Jake isnt hitting enough is simply due to the fact he hasnt been doing enough to maintain a spot on this roster. There are others coming that will supplant him. MacEwan should be getting his chance now. Podkolzin is coming. Hoglander and Lind also. Jake may still develop further into a better NHL player. It wont be in Vancouver. He hasn't shown enough to take the next step. He hasn't shown enough to implant himself as a regular top 6 guy. He has even been used on the second unit power play. so i don't think we can say he hasn't been given the chance. Plenty of young players do not develop into what was expected of them. Some of them its how they were managed. Some of them its in their head. Some its in their heart. Jake its head and heart. He has not been mismanaged. He was challenged and didnt respond.
  2. I like Demmer and i think if Marky is asking north of 6 million you let him walk away and go with Demko however TD did struggle when he had to step in after Markstrom went down with the injury late in the season. That's a fact. I also would like to see how TD performed after playing 50 games of an 82 game schedule and then 15 games in the playoffs. Having not played in the restart except for the 8 minutes in relief, i think he was fresh and that may have been an advantage for him. Not to deny he played amazing, i just have seen goalies that get hot before and cant sustain it. Binnington may be an example. Having sai all that I stick to my point of if Marky is looking for a NTC or over 6 million we say thank you very much and use the cap space for another goalie and D help.
  3. If the KHL season starts on time they will be done early enough for him to join us mid season.
  4. Demko was unbelievable in the games he played. Thats the future right there Horvat was a beast in the face off circle. Starting with the puck makes such a huge difference.Those two goals against the blues?? Captain Canuck. Petey is sure not afraid to go where he needs to against any D core. Great to see him have some playoff success also. Motte somehow lock him up long term. Great performance by the young man. Marky, played great through the season and playoffs. He may have played himself off the team as he deserves a big raise but we cant afford one. Stecher was great against the Wild and Knights. Hughes had a great series against the Wild and Blues who had no answer for his skating, against the Knights he ran into some bigger players that could catch him. Miller was great against the Wild and Blues but like most of the team had issues with the bigger faster Knights. I think he may have been playing hurt also. Fantenberg actually played well also.
  5. I think Demko is the future also however he did not play in the playoffs up to that point and would have been fresh. Maybe that was an advantage. Having said that he played very well. I would like to see us keep both but if Markstrom comes looking for more than 6 I would have to say we say thank you very much and move on. We have depth in the organization in goal. If we cant sign JM then we have a few more dollars to sign Toffoli or Tanev and move on.
  6. my take is more season based also. Pettersson: A+ - Our best Forward.Skill and heart. Miller: A+ - He is worth so much more than what we paid to get him./ great trade by JB Toffoli: C+ Had an immediate impact upon arrival. Would love to resign him if he can be had for under 5 Horvat: B+ - Great leader, showed up big in the series with the Blues. Pearson: D - Didn't think he had a good playoff, ok season ; some empty net goals.We need more than he provides Boeser: C tough year for Brock with his Dads health and missing camp. We need more from him if he is to stay with this group Roussel: D not enough show for the dough. Writes checks the team cant cash. Not a smart series vs the Knights Sutter: C- does not do enough for the salary cap implications. Not foundational at all. Gaudette C still has a ways to go but i would play him over Sutter especially regular season. Motte: A+ Core effort, sign him and keep him. Beagle: C - Good defensively but I thought he could've been more physical and chipped in more offensively.Agreed Virtanen:C+ If he could just be more consistent on what he brings to the game.Cant keep defending his lapses in judgement on and off the ice. Might be time for a change in scenery. Macewen: B - I think he needs an expanded role next season. Has hands and is the type of grit we need against the bigger teams in the conference. I would play him over Jake. Hughes: A+ Great player already and he will only get better. Tanev: B+ Stayed healthy most of the season and playoffs. When healthy he is the Canucks best defensive D man, Edler: B I bash him but he is relatively consistent. Agree we need to find a way to give him less workload next season. Myers: B+ -Bad calls against him in the playoffs, he is part of the reason Edler and Tanev stayed relatively healthy this season. Stecher: B played well enough in the playoffs to deserve a contract offer.. Fanta: C+ Played well for a depth D man, better than expected all season. Benn: C+ Depth D man not a difference maker, Juolevi: N/A- did not play enough to see what he can do but would like to see what he brings full time. Hope he has a great camp. Markstrom: A+ our best player all season long and in the playoffs. Without him we dont get there. Looked great in playoffs as well. He has earned a bigger payday than we can afford to pay him. Demko: A+ The future. He played incredible in the 3 games against the Knights but would like to see him in a full season.
  7. I think the real skill will be who and what we draft now that we wont or shouldn't be drafting in the top 10 anymore
  8. Here are my thoughts on this season What a great ride. Sad that it had to end. just finished my 50th season as a Canuck fan and i might be more excited than I ever have about a core of players. Horvat- those two goals against the Blues were amazing Petterson- He gets it. Superstar player with great skill but heart to match Miller- this was a steal of a trade. His value is way beyond what we paid for him. Demko- I love Marky but his performance has earned him a much higher payday than we can afford and his age works against him here. Demmer was lights out. Hughes- Rookie of the year, even if they dont give him the Calder trophy. Now its just how to build more around them. This season was better then expected by a lot of people. TSN season preview had the Canucks missing the playoffs let alone taking out the Wild ,Blues and then almost the Knights along the way. I have been saying Benning has been building a great core but now is where the real work begins. How to decide who to keep and who to let walk. Who to add to the mix and at what cost. Up front Gaudette, still needs some seasoning. Has flashes but still needs a bit more time. Motte- i might even add him to the core if he can be signed for decent money. Gives his all every shift. Love what he brings. Brock is one i am on the fence on. He has had some success but hasnt seemed to grow beyond where he started at. He did look better skating and with his shot in the Wild series and if he is truly healthy for the first time since the rookie season than add him to the list above. If he cannot take the next step we should explore what he gives us as a return.I think he is a great kid, just need to see more from him. Jake is done in my books. I have defended the young man more than once, but it might be good for him to get another start in another organization. The expectations for him here are too high based on his draft position. Tyler Toffoli is a great add but only at a price we can afford. Tanner Pearson, was non existent in the playoffs and particularly looked horrible last night. How many empty net goals in his total? Rousell has to go along with Sutter. These two have not been effective especially at their current salaries. This is where we need cap help. Eriksson- anything JB can do to move him along would be beneficial. Beagle, has been great for his experience. As for the D, id love to see us re-sign Tanev, i think this was his best season since 2011. Stecher had a good playoff and I think he deserves another contract with us. Fantenberg was solid as well. Benn is the man out here. Hopefully they can get a push from within the organization, Juolevi might be ready for next season. The up an comers, I think Macewan should get an expanded role next season.Juolevi as well. would be nice to see Tryamkin come back after next season in KHL. Ferland should not get back on the ice at any stage of hockey. If he wants to be able to speak later in life. Leivo is the forgotten man and will probably walk.UFA. Coaching Green has done well. Im not sure if another coach would take this team over the top but i am not in the fire Green camp. Newell Brown gone or not the power play has to be able to adapt to the team we are playing. What worked against the Blues did not work against the Knights and we did not adjust well enough.It may have cost us the series. Lastly i want to thank the other fans here who like me love the team, sometimes get overly heated about some things yet still come here to discuss the team and the game. 50 years in, still love the Canucks, still hoping to see a championship before i die. It feels like we may be on to a good thing and hopefully that happens soon. Cheers Canucks fans , see you all next season.
  9. The loss in itself doesnt really bother me as much as we didnt get a bounce and no power play goals despite the 5 on 3. One of those early ones goes in it changes the game. The bigger piece for me was what seemed like a lack of emotion,We skated ok for the first 5 or 6 minutes but the team sagged after not potting one on the first three PP. Roussell needs to find the pine. He just hasnt figured it out. Play between the whistles. Everything he does when the puck is in the officials hands is just playing into Vegas hands. In game 2 he was almost invisible after the whistle and thats how he has to play to be successful.People will point to his emotion however he has his energies misplaced.If Mac is not injured he would be a better replacement. At least Mac can score. The ice seems bad as the puck is bouncing all over the place. Yes both teams have to play on it but for a skill team that depends on puck possession, it gets really frustrating to have the puck bounce over your stick. Its a little less relevant for a dump and chase team. The D need to take notice when Tuch is on the ice. He is the straw that is stirring their drink right now. Pay attention to him. Also if we could step up once or twice in the series instead of collapsing on top of Marky, that Whitecloud goal Tanev looked like he was playing goal and totally screened his own goalie. Lots of bounces went Vegas' way on that goal. Bottom line the team has to find that emotion that fueled their win in game 2. Need to drive to the net. Need to remember the way the Knights treated them in game 1. All the fire got lost in the BLM postponements. Its good to respect an opponent but dont be in awe of them. Go Canucks go!
  10. I agree and also the lack of distractions in Vegas help us against them. No bright lights. No casinos, No crazy parties. Just get to work. That's an advantage for everyone against the Knights for sure. Once they get down to the last 4 teams its an advantage to the western teams for sure not having traveled many thousand KMs compared to the eastern teams. Remember the 94 series when the Canucks had like 24000 kms in and the Rangers had less than 1000
  11. The issue taken with saying " All Lives matter" is that it disregards the problem with what is happening to black people and people of color especially in the US. Its like saying protect all houses.... but its the one burning to the ground you need to pay attention to right now. Its not an American problem only but they are the biggest percentage of the issue worldwide. Racism, Poverty, Education, Health know no color but in the US where the dollar is king it is definitely in favor of the white person. Its a complicated issue that will have to be worked on by both sides of the issue. Blacks will have to continue to work harder to improve their conditions worldwide, Whites will have to accept that there have been injustices and understand that to fix them we will all have to engage in dialogue, listen to others perspectives, and work together to ensure that anyone can succeed in this life regardless of what skin color they are. What undermines the BLM position is that destroying others property only gives credence to the argument that they commit all the crime. What makes the civil rights march so effective and long lasting is the fact that they marched peacefully. This gained respect among others. Saying "no justice no peace" undervalues the issue. The real leaders of the world everyone needs top become will happen when ears listen and those who speak speak with the same respect expected on the other side. No one individual will fix this. No one city, state or country will fix this. All people have to have a look in the mirror and expand their minds without thinking that this will take something away from me. The world is in a lot better place than in the 1960s for people of color. Some will argue that but its changed a lot. Today we have to take the next steps and continue to grow as a society. The fear mongering that rules the world has to stop. Its not ok to destroy people for being different. Its not ok to destroy businesses and property of others to make your point. Its not ok to not listen. Each and everyone of us has to think.we all need to act.Peace and love were tenets of the 60s movements. We need to take the way we all feel about conflicts of war and turn that same energy to stopping race wars. otherwise this will just keep going
  12. Lets go get the lead here and dont give it up. An early lead takes some of their players out of the game and we need to keep the clucker on the bench.
  13. .well at some point you have to decide who is the core. Who do you keep and build around. The Hawks kept their core and kept adding pieces around them. The pens built arouns Crosby and Malkin and Letang. The lightning had to jettison Miller so its not an easy game to play that way. We wont be able to keep everyone together especially if we win a cup. We will have to decide who is a core piece and then keep rebuilding around them
  14. its not what you and I think he will get paid that matters but a team looking for scoring that has the money to outbid what we are prepared to offer. Again i state it will come down to whether he is willing to forego a half million or so to stay on a team he likes with a good friend.
  15. I have my doubts also. I agree its a challenge but with Horvat Boeser Miller all under 6 million Toffoli in at 5 doesnt upset too much and we have a few expiring contracts before Petey and Hughes come up