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  1. 5-2 Canucks Canucks score first Laine gets a late point
  2. Not a great game from the boys. Our best players were not our best players. Scoring from the fourth line has dried up. Scoring from the D is gone. Power play has been ineffective., Lots to worry about but its early in the season. We will see what they do in the Peg tomorrow night. Win that one and all is good again.
  3. JT millers worst game as a Canuck, Boeser and Petey didnt help tonight. Bo has been awful the last two games. The goals from the fourth line are gone. The defense hasnt added any scoring, the goals have dried up.Teams have figured out what they are doing. Marky also has not been great. Add it all up its a 5-2 Loss.
  4. Bolded I also believe is critical to making the playoffs.We have to take more points off of the Cali teams to make the playoffs. we have struggles against them the last five years.
  5. Thank goodness we didnt sign him for the 11 million asking price. If you think we have cap issues now what would that have looked like?
  6. First off you assume i was not aware Quinn was the GM in 89, you couldnt be more off. I was referring to the error on your comment the Canucks went to the finals in 92. which they did not. I never assume, so if you try to put words in others mouths you often are incorrect about their intentions. I have watched every season of the Canucks since they entered the league so trying to give me a history lesson on this team might be difficult, but i always try to learn things here. Secondly you also were incorrect on the team we played in the 7 game series in 89. It was the Flames not the Kings. As for being a jerk ok if you took it that way thats fine but i never try to make anyone here feel bad about their support of our team. If you are looking for a fight this is the wrong place. All the best to you. You may find others here more interested in arguing with you over your mistaken history.Cheers
  7. First of all you need a history lesson, The Quinn coached and managed team went to the finals in 94 not 92. Pat also had to rebuild a team and a relationship between the city and the team. Much Like JB is doing now. The trade that brought Momesso Ronning and Courtnall here had no Snepts in it. but it was considered one of the most lopsided trades in NHL history. Now the 89 team was not anywhere near as young as this team. They had a lot of older players like Mel Bridgman, Ken Berry , Stan Smyl, Larry Melnyk,Paul Reinhart, Doug Lidster,Steve Bozek and they played the Calgary Flames not the Kings as you somehow have confused. The Canucks should have won that series as Joel Otto kicked the puck in and also was in the crease. This team has a wealth of young under 25 talent that we have not seen before. As they bring in the Podkolzins, Hoglanders, Woos, Maddens, the team will still be young. The difference in this group is how many of our Draft picks are playing on the team and in leading roles. This is where we will see the difference. We get to watch these players for a lot longer.
  8. My thoughts on the game last night We out shot the Ducks badly especially in the first period. In games where we do that and don't get a lead to show for it we are usually going to lose. I am not sure what the trio of Canucks were doing on the first Ducks goal but that just looked like a tire fire.No one wanted the puck or they thought the other guy would get it. No one blocked out the Duck. Gibson stole that game and the Ducks are like the Canucks. When their goalie plays like that they are tough to beat. Markstrom played well, got beat for the first goal by a great shot, took away a couple others. I didn't like the charging out on the breakaway but he has played so well the last few months of last season and the start of this that I can let it go. It really looked like a bad decision. The team seemed to sag the minute Hughes got hurt. There was no ability to move the puck and Edler just is not good enough on the first unit power play. He doesn't move well enough to replace Hughes. Stecher might have been a better replacement with that group. Leave Edler with the group he practices with. That Duck team is built to win games 2-1. Big hard nosed team, hard on the puck , tough to move them. They got lucky that the Canucks didn't finish a couple times but they played their game to a tee. Sometimes you play well and don't win. That was last night. We played a pretty good game against a tough team and came out with a point. I keep saying we have to take more points off of the California teams than we give away to make the playoffs.We got three of four last night but gave up 2 so we are one ahead of the curve going into tonight's game with the Sharks.In order to get more than we give we have to win this game. If we lose even with a loser point we still do not come out ahead. I am watching this trend all season.
  9. Keep our foot on the gas. This is a team we should be able to skate against. They wont be able to catch us. Power play should have some chances, especially with Gudbranson and Del Zero on this team. I am thinking the Canucks get 4 here to win 4-2. I know its not the usual 5 we score but it should be enough against this team.
  10. Last nights game was a win against a team we should beat. Plain and simple the Kings are terrible. We took care of business and to me thats a step in the right direction. In the past these would be trap games. Looking ahead to Anaheim or San Jose and playing down to the opposition. Its nice to ride a hot power play and get the win. It was nice to see Marky not have to play lights out to get a win also. Some one asked what will happen when this team doesn't get 924% goal tending. Well if they keep scoring 5 goals a night they wont need it. Obviously they wont get 5 goals every game but as long as they can continue to score 3 a game we have a chance each and every game. Petey looks like he is getting comfortable playing in the NHL.That's bad news for a lot of teams. Hes become a more complete player this year, can still snipe the puck but the passing is sick. Boeser is a good finish man to play with him. Miller makes this trio great. Edler and Myers did not have a great game.They fumbled the puck a bit more than previous games. Could have been ice but still they struggled. The passes right onto the opponents stick have to stop and what the heck was Edler doing passing to Bo in the midst of three Kings players. led directly to his penalty. Hughes has been great. I am hoping he is young enough to keep this pace up all season. The key is the team is winning. When its fun teams seem to have extra energy. That might keep things fresh. there's 2 points off of the California teams, love to come home with at least 2 more. Have to take more points off those teams than we give to make the playoffs. GCG