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  1. I think had the season continued Hughes had a better chance of winning the Calder. The Eastern media was starting to notice his play more and it was regularly discussed on the broadcasts more towards the end of the season. Makar most likely will win it although i think they had handed him the Calder right out of the gate without seeing anyone play a full season. Both players help their team and lucky for us we have one of them. Given that we have three finalists in the past three years for the Calder it should give us hope for the future. The core is there, we need to manage the cap and supplement them with the right players. If we can keep Tofu, the top 6 to me looks like this. Boeser Miller Petey Pearson Horvat Toffoli. I would take that top 6 for a full season. we just need to shed some of the dead weight. Who fits in the bottom 6 .....that's not my call. I would take that below Leivo Gaudette Virtanen MacEwan Beagle Motte
  2. I voted Smyl more for what he meant at that time to Canucks fans. We needed the work ethic night in night out. Loved what Bure brought. I figured he would be the one to run away with the vote Nominate Harold Snepts, that winning goal he scored against Montreal brought the house down.
  3. I think the kid said something in the interviews about not being big on Vancouver. His old man had lots of negatives when he played about Vancouver and they probably said they would prefer not to play here. Thus JB goes in another direction because they keep saying they took kids with character they liked. Its all easy to throw the rocks at JB but its more than possible the Tkachuck camp let it be know they would rather play somewhere else.
  4. Good first period should have been up a couple but we will take it. Now two more periods like that please.
  5. So we called up Bailey to sit him in the press box??
  6. Time for the team to challenge each other. Let’s get it going. Win tonight. Come home and get on a run
  7. thank you for the clarification. Im thinking beagle is out after the shot block. Who else then?
  8. doesnt do any good to call them up and not play them. Put Eriksson in the press box