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  1. Totally agree although it doesnt hurt to have a player play his natural side.
  2. He plays off side wing though he shoots left. And I agree how many teams could screw that up?
  3. No disrespect here but the Options are pure speculation as we will never know what has been or is being offered in this vein. I am more of the mindset that teams do not want to take on players that have not performed to their contract regardless of how much cap space you retain. I have come arou8nd to the idea of selling off Sutter to the highest bidder this season, not because he hasnt worked hard or given us all he has but the injuries just keep piling up. A year long healthy Sutter would be hard to argue trading but he hasnt been that guy since he arrived here. I like signing a top 6 winger and my pick from this years crop is Lee for NYI. I like he is a leader , not afraid to go to the net and get dirty in the corners. He would be a great fit on Peteys wing with Boeser. As for a UFA for the D well there's a lot of folks that want a Erik Karlsson but he isnt coming here. We can sign two players for his money demands and we would be better off having the depth and not having to play Stecher and Hutton to death against the better lines in this conference. I dont see anyone trading a RHD for Hutton at this point, he has had a bounce back year but He will have to show more to attain what you are asking for him.
  4. I am excited we can let Pooalot go and Gaunce although he was a high draft pick has not shown anything that some of the other young players can do also. Gaudette looks like he can be that 3rd line center. And he has a shot that most don't. Granlund is a border line 3rd liner. I prefer to see Motte and Roussell and Pearson and Baertschi. Moving Eriksson is like Edmonton trying to move Lucic. One it makes no sense to add that to your team unless they really sweeten the pot. Two why would we want to help out a division rival to allow them to get better and beat us. I say Let the Lucic contract handcuff them forever as they waster Connor McDavid and Draisitl together. Moving Eriksson will most likely be done at the end of next season when buying out his contract will make cap sense. If anyone was to offer to take on his contract they would want a high draft pick or a player from our top 6 to sweeten the deal. Its not as easy as saying its time to move Eriksson. Lastly this Draft has a few players that can help a team sooner than later, maybe even next season depending on who we pick. I like the young guns we have and a few more may get in the lineup this year. If we are going to throw the huge money out there id say sign Panarin. The trade market is pretty bare for us seeing Trader Jim has only bad macaroni Jewellery to sell other than a few diamonds in Boeser, Horvat, Hughes, Petterson and Demko. Not much to offer to gain a stud RHD. Stay the course, continue to draft well and look for a UFA who can play RHD if possible.
  5. Thank goodness, why not see if we can dig up Jake Milford or maybe ask Harry Neale to come back as well? hell Harrys 82 but he got the team to the finals in 82. Lets move forward not backwards.
  6. I will bet Vancouver is like in the bottom 5 in the league on his list. I am betting on a contender like Tampa. All they need to do is shed some salary cap.
  7. Think Tampa Bay as long as they can shed some cap. Perhaps we can pry one of their good young D men out of them to make room for Karlsson there, They have a couple good young Russian Right handers 20 and 21.
  8. Bolded why cant we add both? Now that would speed things up a bit. it would be interesting to see if they could sign Myers and then convince the big Russian kid to come back. now that I am being all hypocritical on signing free agents. As for a top 6 center maybe Gaudette will become that.
  9. Bolded above i agree with The player i would really like to see us sign is Lee but i cant argue your logic on Skinner. Lee is a no nonsense player that is a leader can play the game and stands up for his team mates and isnt afraid of the dirty areas. Love to see him on Peteys wing if we are going to take that big money and flash it in front of someone i would go with Panarin, even though i think we will have a chance to have some elite players up front from our group. Petterson is heading that way already. I think Hughes may become just as good as Karlsson. We have room for one maybe 2 D men that play small. the others need to be built to withstand the playoffs. and an 11 million dollar contract is an albatross. as for wasting Bo thats not a bad point. We shouldnt waste him as an asset. if we are not going to compete for a cup when his contract is up when we need to resign him then we should move him for something. I personally dont think we will have to. Bo will be part of the winning core. If we are going to play Hutton and Stecher and Hughes in the playoffs we are going to be in trouble. None of those D men can play against the bigger players in the conference once they put the whistle away. We need bigger players to survive the playoff grind. The teams that have made the final cut have bigger D men for the most part. Tory Krug is small but built like a fire hydrant. St Louis has size. we need some of it also. and it has to be strong size. Think Dave Babych in his prime. strength and skill. Karlsson has not been able to withstand the punishment of the playoffs. I doubt that will change as he gets older. I respect your desire to improve the D. it is the weakest link for sure. We may not agree on how to do it but we agree it needs fixing.
  10. Hockey Prospect projects Caulfield to go 26th, ISS has him at 16. Why would we take Caulfield against a guy projected to go number 3 overall? I am sure the BPA will not be Caulfield at 10
  11. if 90% of the replies say you are not right maybe you are not right. Just saying
  12. Ok no disrespect to your facts on Karlsson, I concede he has been an elite defenseman but those stats are behind him not ahead of him as he will be looking for term as well as cash. Its not the fact that he would or wouldn't help the team. I agree he would be a help especially if we draft a couple more pieces but when will we be ready to challenge for a cup? Karlsson is not the last missing piece we need to challenge for the cup. Even adding an elite player of his abilities, assuming he is healthy which he isn't again and would even consider coming here, doesn't put us in the Tampa , Boston, San Jose, St Louis etc level. It could however give us cap trouble when its time to sign Petterson et al. It would definitely move us up the ladder, maybe make the playoffs and even win a round , but when the going gets tough and the other teams have elite players at ALL positions we are not there. Karlsson is hurt again this playoff year and how will that affect what happens in Free agency. The only thing signing him will do for sure is affect where we draft. I am not saying it's Karlssons fault but the Ottawa teams he has been on have basically been one and done. One year everyone is excited about them and then they implode. San Jose is a perfect place for him as they are trying to win now. That's who need to resign him or another team that is on the cusp. I still also have concerns over his overall health when he is deemed healthy with that ankle. Making the playoffs when the rest of the roaster is not ready to compete for the cup pushes us into the same middling place we have been for the last 50 years. That's what happened to Edmonton. It made them and their fan base think they were ready when they are still not and they ended up signing bad contracts trying to prove they were ready when they weren't.Hall and Eberle are gone because they thought they were further ahead than they were. Maybe i am a bit bias against trying to buy our way into contention. I have seen us try it over the years and it hasn't worked out very well. I am not against signing free agents but id prefer to see us take the next step before we start trying to augment a roster that hasn't been developed yet. I see it as impatient and somewhat foolish. Bad contracts can handcuff a team. See Lucic or even Eriksson. I think the point is we may be in a place in three years to challenge for the cup. Given a couple more draft steals by Jim and the management team , by then Quinn Hughes may have developed into the new Karlsson and we would have to sign him regardless. Then it may be time to add an elite piece if we can get it. Success in free agency is usually preceded by some success by the current core. Players will want to come play beside a player like Petterson or Hughes because it will make their stats better or give them a chance to win the cup. Juolevi, Woo and perhaps one of the other D men even Tryamkin could return. (I'm not counting on it but it could happen.) I would rather see the team continue to draft well and develop the core that will take us into the 2020's and be ready compete for championships. Not just make the playoffs. I don't think we are ready for that yet. Where we are on that scale is arguable but i don't think anyone is planning a parade for next June
  13. mikeyman109

    CFL Thread

    The quick kick has been an option in the league for years. When did this change?
  14. This i agree with. Panarin will draw interest from every other team. It may come down to where he thinks he can be successful when everyone throws the bank at him. Lee is a bit more of the rough and tumble player i would like to see on Either Bo or Petes wing. He can play also unlike a Lucic
  15. His offense is arguably great but his defensive play is awful and we do not have the other horses to defend in the playoffs yet. a defense of Karlsson, Stecher, Hughes and Hutton are not going to get it done against the bigger players once the whistles get put away. The game has changed but the teams that survived this year are bigger again. You can have some undersize D men but our D men all play small. Adding another undersized defender will not provide the defense we would need to make a run at the cup. Adding Karlsson is a move an impatient fan base wants to do based on the fact we haven't been in the playoffs for a couple years. Its not the building block we need to sustain long term success. It's been this franchises calling card for 50 years. Its why we traded Neely for Pederson. There is no recipe for instant success. I am not convinced he is completely done. Would he improve the Canucks? Yes nominally i am sure. Maybe we would make the playoffs. Would he make us a contender for the Stanley Cup. I am not convinced. I dont want us to be a one year and done team like Ottawa was three years ago, like Edmonton was a few years back as well. I want us to have sustained playoff success. I dont believe signing Karlsson is the answer.