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  1. 5 vs 12 Edmonton Oilers (5) vs. Chicago Blackhawks (12) Hawks in 5 Hawks were the hotter team. Pittsburgh Penguins (5) vs. Montreal Canadiens (12) Pens in 4 6 vs 11 Nashville Predators (6) vs. Arizona Coyotes (11) Coyotes in 5 Preds cannot defend the PP Carolina Hurricanes (6) vs. New York Rangers (11) Rangers in 5 7 vs 10 Vancouver Canucks (7) vs. Minnesota Wild (10) Canucks in 5 Canucks sweep in three New York Islanders (7) vs. Florida Panthers (10) Islanders in 4 8 vs 9 Calgary Flames (8) vs. Winnipeg Jets (9) Jets in 4 Toronto Maple Leafs (8) vs. Columbus Blue Jackets (9) Jackets in 5
  2. Never mind the extra day of rest the Rangers had after the Jersey series, how about changing the date of game 7 to allow the teams an extra day of rest. Had we played on the Monday as originally scheduled, the younger Canucks who by game 7 had worn out the Older tired Rangers most likely would have beaten them handily. Even with the extra rest we almost had them. The league does what is best for the league , not the teams or their fans
  3. Whether there is a vaccine or not, I would prefer they cancel the playoffs and get ready for next season. Its just crazy to think of Playoff games in August. I love hockey as much as anyone but they have had a season cancelled for a lock out, a pandemic in 1918, and a shortened season that ended on time. There is still a lot of risk to players, coaching and training staff, broadcasters, team employees for something that is not essential. Start the season on time, with the benefit of a few more months of understanding this a bit better. How is everyone going to feel if we make it to the finals only to have 5 or 6 guys come down with the virus and we cant compete because of it, or even worse one of our young players gets really sick and perishes? That could be any team. I am in the safety first group on this. If they do return, regardless of how or where I may tune in to see how we do but once the Canucks get knocked out i wont watch another game. Summer is for Baseball, golf, even CFL football. I would have a hard time watching St Louis play Tampa Bay in Late August. I can see the other side though.
  4. I agree if we cant beat Minny there are a lot better teams we will see in the first real round. We should be able to beat them unless Marky regresses...or the D cant keep up to their speedsters.
  5. I want to see games but id rather they finish a full season to decide playoffs fairly, decide draft position properly, and allow players to be safe in what they do. Cant wait to see the cup handed out to whomever wins in a dead quiet stadium. cant even have a parade if you win. Just so many reasons not to do it.
  6. I didnt mean that things would be normal but that the season would start at its normal time. I dont doubt there will be a second wave of this crap either. i agree with you. What i want is the Players, workers and fans to be safe regardless of what the owners want. People over Money , I have been saying this all along regardless of what the discussion is. Do I want to see playoffs. You bet. I am not sure next years team will be worse. Who knows what happens in the off season? Hoglander is signed. Maybe they make a deal with Tryamkin. Maybe one to get Podkolzin over early. Maybe a big trade to clear cap and a signing, one never knows. Who is to say that next years team isnt better? As for other summer things, the campgrounds will be open in another few weeks.The parks the beaches, they even are going to let you have a few beer at the beach. There will be lots of things to see and do. I love hockey but its not an all or nothing thing for me.
  7. I have been resigned to the fact that the season is basically done. I am of the mind set that we should just cancel it and resume as normal in October. Every newscast shows the idea that they are considering using a "HUB city" to allow teams to play games with no fans. What I am most confused about is how would you continue to have the scheduled games between all the teams as scheduled. I am of the understanding they would have 6 or so teams in one city. What if those 6 teams were not scheduled to play each other in the last 15 games? I am very confused by how we would continue with the season with all teams playing a fair schedule. As for jumping right into the playoffs, the scenario they have been discussing has been around Winning percentage. We would like that in Vancouver but I am sure Nashville would be pissed. Above all player and worker safety is the most important issue here. Playing the rest of the season or handing out the Stanley cup has to take a back seat. So I ask the question, perhaps others here have a better understanding of how this will work? Your thoughts?
  8. voted for Lanz, next up Murzyn, Nomination....hmm its getting tough. How about Jiri Bubla
  9. Voted Oddleifson, nominate Schmautz
  10. Voted Oddleifson nominate Schmautz
  11. 1.The series against the Rangers in 94 was my favorite. We really did get jobbed by the league adding the extra day so both teams could"rest" We were the younger team and were really coming on in the series. There was no need to let them rest other than to give the Rangers a chance to catch their breath. Game 1 Mclean was unreal and Gus Adams from Ronning and Bure is one of my favorite Canuck goals of all time 2.The 94 series against Calgary was second on my list. Coming back from a 3-1 deficit with OT wins in three straight games was legendary. Kirks save in OT in game 7 is still The best save any Canuck Goaltender has ever made. Bures goal and the pass from Brown was amazing. 3. Third on my list the 1982 Series against the Hawks. Roger and team, towel power, the City went nuts. King Richard, Harold, Tiger, Nills winner in OT was so exciting. That team had no right getting where they did and a lot of things went right for them but in Game 1 of the finals they probably deserved better than they got. As a teenager watching that was amazing. 4.in 94 we faced the leafs and it was so nice to see the team dispatch that Parade planning city from the playoffs in 5 games. Most satisfying for sure. Bure was unstoppable in that series. McLean out-dueled Potvin for sure. After the Dallas series we needed the extra rest after winning it in 5. 5. Probably the odd set out in my mind is the 2011 series against Nashville. The Chicago series went longer than it should have,I still think if we had finished them off in 4 like we should have it would have been a better result at the end. But in the Nashville Series, Kesler was unstoppable. He was the Conn Smythe winner if he hadn't gotten hurt. That Hip injury and Hamhuis going out in the first game of the Bruin series was what cost the Canucks the cup. Even the suspension and the leagues obvious bias wouldnt have stopped us if those two had stayed reasonably healthy.Against Nashville you just felt the Canucks were going to win no matter what the Preds thew at them. Luongo let in a couple stinkers in that series but was awesome the rest of the time.He'd make 4 great saves then let in a softie. Honorable mention to the Sharks series in 2011, penalties against were almost criminal and yet we still won ... Bieksas goal off the stanchion and the celebration afterwards was epic.
  12. voted Coxe. if you havent seen them watch these two fights. Gino was a fan favorite but id take Coxe and Brashear over him as a pure fighter. 1,Coxe 2, Brashear 3, Gino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nK3yNgktCLk
  13. Schmautzie flying down the wing with that slapshot...loved him in the early days. Voted for Oddleifson id nominate Schmautz as well
  14. Cant argue with Butcher, I have seen every season. GB was a tough customer.
  15. The Canucks have got to decide who they want to be in the top 6 or 9 and find ways to get rid of the rest. Toffoli Miller Petterson Pearson Horvat Boeser Ferland Gaudette Virtanen Macewan Beagle Motte if we cant move Sutter he can finish his days out in the press box. Loui is the compliance buyout. Defence Quinn Tryamkin-if he can be signed Edler Myers Juolevi Brisebois, at some point we have to find out if these guys can play at the NHL level. Benn or another pickup? Marky Demko If i can only sign two of the three Tanev walks. Oft hurt player who has been good when healthy just never healthy