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  1. I think the proof that he is actually learning is in who he let go more than who he acquired. From Gudbranson the end of last year to letting MDZ, Pouliot, Hutton and Granlund walk. Those guys were weak links and I’m sure Sutter would be gone if healthy as well even though he is playing fantastic right now. also drafting high skill and fallers in the draft shows he is seeing the game transition to what it is now and even if Podkolzin doesn’t pan out he was easily the best player available and hard to blame.
  2. Best moment in a game I can remember was game 7 vs flames with Jovo in the box and Naslund taking it end to end where Matt Cook stuffed home the rebound with 2 seconds left to send it to Overtime. Unfortunately we lost in OT but that moment was one I’ll always remember as a fan.
  3. That Provorov for Horvat deal you take and run to the airport. No brainer there. Patrick could fill those shoes sooner rather than later and the 11th overall could also provide a replacement or another piece to rebuild the D. Provorov is worth more than Horvat by the way.
  4. At what point did you wake up from this dream? You’ve predicted that Byram will be there at 4th, unlikely. You think that Edmonton who is in cap hell is going to take on Sutter for no salary returned in the deal and give us a second rounder? You also feel we can get the 15th overall pick for Hutton and a second round pick? Lol!!! Then the Lucic scenario is hilarious in thinking you can trade for him and then flip him for 50% retained. You just retained on Sutter in the deal! How many retention spots do you think they have? Sorry to be a downer but if any of these played out (even one) I’d consider Jim Benning a top 3 GM and the new Yzerman. I’d personally love for everything you just listed to happen and have Loui Eriksson wake up one day and decide he feels like retiring from Hockey and become a monk somewhere in Alaska!!!
  5. I’d love to see us trade for Subban and solidify that #1 RHS Dman and sign Lee for a net front presence and winger for The top line! We should focus on some size for the wings and I’d avoid Ferlund at all costs. Capitalize on cap strapped teams and buy low while offering salary relief for them. Highly unlikely but if Erik Karlsson and his wife like Vancouver you have to make it happen and disregard Subban but I see that being about a 3% chance of happening.
  6. Definitely worth picking up the phone and seeing what teams like Washington ( heavy Russian influence ) would be willing to give up that probably have no chance of getting him. If you have a trade target like Nashville and Subban see if they are high on him ( top 5 ) and use that as a trade chip and play it off like we gave them a top 5 pick in the draft. Buy low sell high kind of thing.
  7. Broberg is definitely interesting and would compliment our team and the way we want to play. I’m ok with that pick after seeing him this tournament. With a backend of Hughes, Broberg and Juolevi we would definitely be able to get the puck up ice quickly and kill the forecheck for the other team. Im team Broberg for this draft as of now and hope Boldy falls to give our management the options of forward or D. One of those two and I’ll be over the moon.
  8. Our team is full of third line and can move up in a pinch tweeners and Brett Connolly will just add to that. We have enough bottom six players and not enough bonafide top six players. If we are dipping into free agency we need these big ticket play drivers for our first and second line and a RHS power play Qb on D. If Pearson and Baertschi don’t show up or are injured like the latter always seems to be we are in serious trouble. I am sick of this team not generating any offence and constantly picking up third and fourth line players. Its time this management made a splash for a PK or Panarin or both even and truly put a stamp on the team and put asses back in the seats. I have a feeling the draft is going to be exciting this year and our ownership will want to put on a show. Signing or trading for players in the age category 27/28/29 will not ruin this rebuild and you’ll be able to recycle them when their contracts are up just like Chicago did while remaining competitive. People are up in arms when trading picks and prospects like they got nothing in return but if you go after the superstars of the league they are major assets because they can always be flipped for a return similar or better depending how much salary you would be willing to retain.
  9. Chicago was a pretty small team when they won. Pittsburgh as well
  10. To everyone responding through the draft I agree and understand but we will be adding players through free agency and trade to compliment those prospects regardless. I agree the draft is 100% the best way to build our core but the topic more less is about price and term on free agents or assets and better fit ( targeted ) and on friendly deals. My example is Subban for 9 million for assets for 3 more years or Karlsson for 11.5/12 million for 7 or 8 years for free.
  11. It is according to our fan base though because when they go out and trade a second for Baertschi or picks and prospects for Gudbranson everyone is up in arms! When we dip into free agency and sign the big ticket that year ( Eriksson ) everyone screams at management. Last year I loved the Roussel contract but found the beagle contract redundant with Sutter here. My whole point of the topic was do we want to sign guys to high prices and longer term deals without giving up assets or do we want to trade the assets and get guys on better contracts ( Tyler Johnson, JT Miller, William Nylander etc ) I see the top guys all commanding 8.5/11.5 million this year with the cap inflation. You could get guys that signed their deals via trade before the cap went up and they now seem like great deals compared to future free agent crops. Personally I hope we trade for PK Subban and try to get a forward from Tampa via trade (utilize cap space and buy cheap or get an asset with the player like Ehrhoff) then trade players at the deadline like Tanev, Sutter, Hutton etc to get those assets back or at least some of them.
  12. I think they need cap space and they could go out and acquire through free agency. Matt Duchene recently built a home in Nashville and is virtually a slam dunk if they can free up the cap space while retaining picks and prospects. Players like Juolevi and picks are gold to a team like Nashville because they could pan out at a cost effective option or be used at the trade deadline to acquire other players.