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  1. I don’t believe a word that guy says. I just think Tanev is the perfect Defense men for their team. They have Reilly and gardiner for the OD. They need a shut down guy so it makes sense. And the Canucks need a better winger for Horvat and Boeser
  2. I actually hope JT signs in Toronto, so we can pry Nylander from them for Tanev and a couple bottom 6 forwards. Canucks have no choice but to trade off a couple guys, we have way to many bottem 6 guys now
  3. No thanks, don’t need another plug like gagner
  4. Wow what a trade. I think Calgary won this one. Hurts to give up Ferland. He’s a heart and soul guy. But for a possible 1st liner and a possible #1 D man..... great hockey trade
  5. Trade Tanev for some picks. Then flip some picks and put a package together for Noah Hanifin. Then hopefully JB throws big money at John Carlson
  6. [Speculation] Canucks interested in Matt Duchene

    Hutton, baerchi, gaudette, 2018 2nd
  7. [Waivers] Alexander Burmistrov

    Worth a shot for sure. Exspecially on this team. We should pick him up
  8. I'm currently at the Sattledome watching the game. And wow is Biega ever bad at D
  9. Okay thank goodness, I don't get why scouts are still in Utica. Reinhart would be perfect for this team, defiantly not Kane
  10. Tomlinson on a Kane trade: "It crept up, was dealt with, & it creeps up again and now it's a talking point of potential. It's not." #Canucks a tweet from canucksnow i don't know if they're credible. Plus have no idea what this tweet even means. Id love to do a deal around Taven for Reinhart
  11. Now sign Matt Martin, or Boedeker. wouldnt mind signing schenn or shultz for cheap
  12. [Trade] PK Subban to Predators for Shea Weber

    Unreal! Past 30 min Although I would take Weber over Subban
  13. [Trade] F Taylor Hall to Devils for D Adam Larsson

    Kinda shocked that they decided to trade Hall. Guess they couldn't get much for Eberle or the Nuge. Maybe Edmonton can win some games now with a future #1 D