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  1. What I find most puzzling is why people think when they say, ”we got so and so” who can score they assume the other team doesent have so and so who can score or more importantly play a system that shuts down these guys, or study video of them before the game (which they alll do as a team requirement on video day) and play to their strengths to defend/defeat us. this league isn’t a “if our Canucks get a better roster they automatically do better!” like in a ea simulator would likely do. This happens on the ice. That’s why it’s a game. Or else let’s just start handing cups and Trophies out to who the best players, teams are before the season starts and not even play hockey. This is real life. .best teams don’t always win. In fact they hardly ever do. (Going by best teams in the regular season I mean, as the best team in the playoffs obviously usually wins) That’s why just like the game of life, the game of hockey is left up to chance, and a number of different circumstances like momentum, puck luck, what positive or negative energies their teams are riding waves of, the atmosphere in the building, the chemistry of lineman’s and those against them, the mood of the players on that particular day, I could go on but people get the idea. Just because we have guys who can score, and guys who can skate ....doesent mean that other teams don’t too....and it also doesn't mean those players named aren’t immune to being shut down by better defensive systems. Or ones that are playing better. We really don’t have a top offense, (top ten) we have a good nucleus going forwArd but we definitely lack in secondary scoring and I’m not saying in general, I’m saying compared to the rest of the league. If you think we don’t, you probably haven’t watched the rest of the league for the last few years....we’re getting better though. It’s not going to happen over night just because you have the talent on your team. The talent had to also be ready to succeed and then go out there and actually do it. Again, this isn’t a simulator, this is life. Nothing is guaranteed but the better we get, obviously the chances we get better and I think what’s puzzling people here again, is they assume just because we are better we should be better. the league improves with us. It’s not like everyone stays the same and we change.
  2. Fans calling for greens head think we have more talent then we actually do. you can see the names on paper and think wow well this team looks pretty good. And you’d be pretty right. heres the thing though. Almost every team in this entire league looks really good on paper and if you don’t think at least 24/-25 teams do then you don’t know enough about other players in the league. people treat the season like it’s dome EA sports game and if we have a good team that means we should doesent work that way. Because with a cap it breeds parity, with parity Breeds a ton of mediocre teams close together. just because we have mostly the right group of players doesn’t mean they’re ready three of our four best players are in there first second or third years. our best four defensemen is a 19 yr old kid, two past their prime iffy bandwaids and a six million dollar Myers who was brought in for offense and is being outscored by gudbanson on a bad ducks team. that says it sll. And then our offense is bipolar we almost never score first and then we have games we score 4-6 followed by two or three with less then two. I don’t like how green cries about penalties and then after the game praises our young team and the other teams grit, heavy fast hockey but really ...they’re NOT ready. But the fans are tired of waiting. mix those things together and you have a disgruntled fam base who is being tired of being told “yes the Canucks were worse in the 80s and 90s) we don’t care we have three playoff wins (not series wins we have zero of those) but there playoff game wins since our cup finals run in 2011, one vs la in a five game first round loss, then two in that first round Calgary loss the last time we made it in 2015, We’re tired of being told to wait, but the team isn’t ready. It’s a toxic formula really. So People can say it’s early. Is it though? It’s literally Xmas and don’t give me the blues that core made the playoffs a lot and was gritty everywhere and deep and got saved by a goalie who played out of his mind. And people can say we were worse in the 80s and Keenan era, but If we miss this season , there we’re literally looking at 2021 as the next possible playoff appearance and by then it will have been a full decade with zero series wins and those three I dividual playoff game wins i eluded to above vs la in 2012 and Calgary in 2015, and that’s IF we make it in 2021!
  3. Lol at people who think the refs are out to get Vancouver every game and go for a Vegas team that they literally screwed worse then any team in the last decade from last years opening round in a game seven quit being a victim. i wouldn’t brag too hard they will come back mad and still haven’t lost to us in regulation but I’m happy we ended up winning against hose expantion erotica cirque de salei Golden knight experience we seldom outscore our mistakes and tonight we did, I know we only have like 4 regulation wins in our last 25 games and this doesent help that hit damn it a wins a win a win win win
  4. Edler and tanev are over the hill bandaids and not top four on a contending team let alone playoff team anymore (numbers and our performance show that) and that’s when they’re healthy they are over the hill and always hurt half the time while Hughes is literally a kid in his first year. so three top four dman we have are a kid in his first year and two bands aids who are past their prime. and then we have no depth up front. Yet j keep hearing how we have the talent now. we have most of the talent now but that doesent mean the talent is ready. Ya Canuck fans are tired of waiting though so it created a bad formula and That’s what is unfolding before our eyes
  5. I’m talking about the room he has now. in the NHl that was my whole point in what I said it was only one line long it said “he had to of had the room first” why would I care what he did in another room when it’s not the room we’re talking about that he supposedly “lost.” It’s not even the same league
  6. In order for green to of lost the room he had to have the room first. when has green ever had a winning record? never
  7. No we don’t. our defense has one top four defensemen and two bandaids with an overrated guy, and our offense scores one or less or two or less over half the time
  8. People say the rebuild is over every year since 2016 and it’s just not. out best dman is 19 and we score 2 or less in over half or games we are not ready but the fans are sick of waiting Equals a toxic formula they can keep pumping up our future in commercials and have sportsnet analysts talk about how amazing we will be to keep hope and Ratings up but let’s see it, quit the talk and let’s see action bennings had long enough no excuses
  9. AGreed. I never understood how the guy could blame injuries every year for the last decade and have three different coaches and have the fans buy into his crap while signing Eriksson and Myers to 12 million drafting juileviover Tkachuk and ehlers and having no us in one fluke playoff round six game loss in like seven years (I get he drafted EP but that’s why he hasn’t been fired yet) he needs to go and I’m not sure green a rookie is the answer we hired one rookie after the next that’s on Benning again!
  10. Did you just take that from the Babcock Dubas storyline? I mean I haven’t that once about out teams GM and coach? But that’s was the leafs Storyline the last two years i do agree Benning is a bit out to lunch and green does a lot of things I don’t like but I don’t know if it’s then being off the same page? I just think he’s a rookie and Benning hasn’t been a genius. Not trying to be mean by the way maybe I’m oblivious to what you said and it is an issue
  11. Having refereeing and Bettman is an absolute joke in the poll. Look at our defense and tell me that’s a playoff defense. Look at how our forward core shows up half the time scoring one or two goals or less. That’s on Bettman and the refs? We were never as good as people thought, don’t shoot I mean...we should be good just not yet even if people are tired of waiting I say more about that in the paragraph below this one but .... our October consisted of half our 9 wins coming against Detroit and KA, we beat the blues and caps but in a shootout old tie, as ive said plus in October teams aren’t playing their system Pittsburgh alone never shows up in October and have made the playoffs every year since 06-07 then the caps and blues ys Back in second meeting and I know everyone wants to crucify green for calling us a young team but our best played are in their second third or first years. We aren’t ready anyway I think we will be good but unless we get primary and secondary scoring because our defense Myers, amongst others are no good. Over the hill. Hughes is great we need more depth up front and on the back. It will come but will Benning be around to see it. Doubt it. a genius GM like people called him would have a team in the playoffs by now. His trades are awful is draft picks land a lot and a few times not at all and his FA signings have been ok but most suck (Myers erikssson 12 million) how many points ?
  12. Look at our defense. you honestly think that is a playoff blueline with Hughes as a rookie? He’s our best defensemen by far and he’s 19. tanev is solid but injured a lot and a shell of what he was. Edler has been valuable but even he is also injured half the time and over the hill. Don’t get me started on Myers who’s been thrashed over not even skating tonight on one of the goals all over twitter, (I posted the link on page twelve) a couple other decent players but no top four d or even confirmed top six d on a playoff team in the rest of the bunch. i don’t like green either at the moment but perhsps We’re not ready ? our offense has to click more then it has too.
  13. Green doesent present great by giving the team a pass because they’re young each and every loss
  14. Babcock blackmails a superstar kid while playing him in the fourth line then tells his teammates what he said about them when it was Babcock idea just to toy with Marner like a snake with a mouse. And Marner is the punk for calling him out, and doing it after he left the team then saying at the end it doesent matter anymore it’s over. look I hate the leafs too but that’s bushleague coaching by any league standards let alone NHL. Remember...this is the same guy who didn’t let modano play his 1500th game just because he could. and no Babcock isn’t a bad coach all of the sudden because of that, it’s because in the last decade his nickname is first round knockout mike. He won won titles with the most stacked teams possible then under achieved with the same ones. He probably gets into the HOF for sure but don’t act like he’s god.