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  1. The problem with our outlook on our team

    Yeah if buffalo doesent turn it around this year I’ll think that. Evander Kane Lehner were headcases they had no goalie and Eichel sprained his ankle twice, not that Ullmark who was an Ahl all star twice and is ready to split duties with Hutton who had. 931% best in nhl m, no excuses now. plus adding a dahlin and mittlestadt is like our demko juoleci pettersen gaudette ...unless all four thun our great.
  2. The problem with our outlook on our team

    Well that’s exactly around the rating I said then. Top ten can mean 1-10 so that’s halfway. I guess top five would be higher but those other teams are more established we are adding pieces to too not much. plus my post was about other teams not so much ours, and I also pointed out teams in the top 5 the last six years were the oilers sabres and coyotes that was my point. And I I never once said anything about is not having that. The d the g and the offense. We do I think it looks good but i just think we out too much emphasis on our players and not other players. I mean it’s not always or players fault when we lose. (For instance)
  3. The problem with our outlook on our team

    You realize in the time it took to write that post you could of read my post entirely where I even start a paragraph with the words “what I’m trying to hit home is” as well as “my point is” but it I think you clearly just wanted to hear yourself more then me. That’s fine but I don’t need to be responding to you anymore if you don’t read the thread. It’s not very long. Who responds with what are you saying? Im talking about other teams having gotten better too and other teams jn top five for prospects have finished at the bottom of the standings the last five years. this stuff takes time. the rebuild is just starting now that the sedins are gone. the dark days should only be here 1-3 years. This will cost bennng his job though.
  4. I don’t think this is just a problem with our fans but since we are dealing with prospects galore we sort of do it more then others I would assume. But leaf fans are guilty of this too, as are fans of others but despite the leafs not winning a series in fifteen years (lol) they have turned it around, we have not. We have a long way to go and yeah yeah, I’ve heard about losing henriks giveaways and cycling but they always finished in our top five if not top two or three in points for the last decade, expecting that offense to be magically replaced by 18-19 year olds in there first year is unrealistic and highly unlikely. There growing pains bound to come. A year or two at the least. My take is we need to realize every team has it’s good players and prospects and every team is going to be flashing new shiny toys this upcoming season. You don’t think Calgary isn’t excited to play James Neal on it’s top line with Monahak and Gaudreau or lindholm and hanifin, etc? Vegas adding stastny, and the list goes on. If we lose a game it’s because our players played bad. If we can win it’s because how much better we look. We need to realize we don’t play an ai simulator every game wth our upgraded roster we play thirty other teams that have players doing the same things as us. Anyway the main thing I’m hitting home here is lots of our fans just look at our roster and see the potential. Buffalo has Jack Eichel sam Reinhart ristolainen and now mittlestadt and Dahlin and who knows if there going to be any good? Carolina has six d-men that could be in our top unit and who knows if they are going to be any good? i hear things like we got better on July first! So did 30 other teams. i hear we got great prospects. So do 30 other teams. We have one of the best prospect pools in the league probably top ten (if you think it’s higher then top ten you’re overrating all our prospects and don’t know or underrating other teams.) that at doesent instantly mean we will be great. Look how long it took the jets to be great after being in the top 5 on top prospects forever. do you know three teams who were in the top with Winnipeg on hockeysfufure in the past 6-7 years? Wait for it, Arizona, buffalo and Edmonton. So that should be a wake up call that prospects aren’t everything. sometimes teams strike lightning in a bottle like Vegas, it’s about chemistry, it’s about things coming together at the right times. If I’m called a blind hater I’ll instantly ignore people.
  5. Stealth-Renewal Is 100%...Just 1 More Yr of Kamikaze-Descent

    People think this actually will be our last year of suffering or we actually may compete this year? Rebuilds don't go A-Z. Left to right. Bottom to top. There more like roller-coasters, there's rises and dips and what-not. That's why you see Edmonton get good then fall back, but they very well could make the playoffs ths year as much s we don't like to admit it. They probably won't but they COULD. Look at Buffalo after getting Eichel, ROR,Kane to Reinhart and Risto they looked like they could compete with Lehner and Eichel has been absolutely fabulous for them. (Don't listen to Toronto media who cry about EIchel because they all blinded by Matthews) but has faced two sprained ankles. Lehner is serviceabl with good numbers e but never makes the right save at the rght time like Marky. ROR is always reliabe but Kane was and probably will still be in SJ inconsistent, so is Reinhart but Sam looks to be finding his game finished with 37 pts in his final 38 games. 25 25 50 last year after just 11 pts in his first half. Anyway my point is they looked good, they finished around .500 in 15-16 after two last place finishes then in 16-17 they finished a bit under .500 mainly due to injuries. Then Last year? POOF. All the way down they went. But should they sign/trade for a goalie and Ullmark is what he is thought to be (2x AHL ALl Atar) I could totally see Buffalo pushing for a playoff spot in 18-19 with the emergence of Dahlin. Mittlestadt, Cliff Pu/Nylander/Asplund, and the strong play of Scandella-, McCabe, Ghule, they just got a lot of potential. Us? Well we can't seem to figure it out any year, we're never really close. WIthout the Sedins people think this team will flourish due to Boeser-Horvat always on the PP, well yeah but who will our 2nd unit be. I shudder thinking about it. Most great teams, a Horvat and Boeser would be a very strong 2nd line. Even a team that doesen't make the playoffs Florida arguably has a better 2nd line then we do first line. -Hoffman-Trocheck-Huberdeau, all of them are around 60 pt guys, Huberdau had 69 last year. I mean it is our first year without our Franchise's two best players, there will be growing pains guys. Yeah, yeah without all the give away's bla bla, they still were always our top scorers or at least in the top 4. So we have to replace that offense JUST TO maintain our what 28th, or so place we finished? Our defense is still a joke. Hughes wont be reeady and Juolevi is a pipedream of being any great d-man like so many projected, he may be ok but he's going to be overrated to high hell. Look at Ben Hutton, he became overrated for being so underrated then fell off. Juolevi is the opposite only we havr to wait and see. Every year we want to trade Edler and Tanev but they're our only sold D-men n most cases. Stecher is a very sold top 4 guy but he doesen't even crack Tampa Bay's roster. Hell Andrej Susr, Foote, Jake Dotchin and SLater KooKoo (Spelled Kokocek or somethng) all were not in the lineups most night due to them havng 6 other dependable guys. Even if Petttersen and Gaudette have great campaigns of something like 50-55 and 35-40 respectively, that still is around or under Sedin numbers, Eriksson is another year older he could even be worse then laast year or the year before. Granlund and Baertchi seem to be degressing IMO. I just think we should try to be good, sure...but realize we wiwll probably be better off with another high pick next year. (Not that we should tank0 but the mangement should realize making the playoffs wont be easy. At all and we should too.
  6. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    You know a thread needs to die when he last fifteen pages over the stretch of theee months I’d post by post talking about the thread dying.
  7. [Report] Evander Kane suspended 1 game

    The honeymoon is over. i wAtched buffalo and he was hotter at the beginning of the year 19 g 36 pts in 39 he goes cold so often and has a high shot total because he shots land at the chest of goalies leaving the play dead. ive repeated this over and over but eichel pavelski or contours have to givewrap him goals for him to snipe most often. when taken off Eichels line he went from scoring 19 goals in 39 gp to 3 goals in the next 21. eichel also did better when Kane left his line probably cause the puck didn’t die in the other goalies chest. we don’t need Kane he’s deceiving.
  8. NHL 2018 Draft Lottery

    Barf lol great fans loud and passionate but arrogant and like leafs hate us. lets all cheer for our franchise cousins who haven’t had a number one pick since they beat us in both our first years.
  9. NHL 2018 Draft Lottery

    Except Eichel outscored matthews this season playing less games (if u include playoffs) and last year had a higher points per game as he had 57 in 61. dude has 121 pts in 128 games on the lowest scoring team in the league coming from two sprained ankles at age 20 and 21. Oh and over 45 of his 64 pts in just 67 games this year were both primary and even strength points...he’s pretty much christ and gift wrapped Kane 19 of his 22 goals as a sabre this year. When Kane was taken off his line he only had three goals in the next 21 and Eichels percentage went up 30 percent! Eichel will only get better with zadina or svechnikov not too mention Casey Mittlestadt (or Dahlin) hes the most underrated nhl player easily
  10. NHL 2018 Draft Lottery

    Have you seen the wilds roster? greenway zucker kunin parise coyle suter spurgeon Pretty sure they have many others in the system and obvious ones I’m forgetting ooh say can you see
  11. NHL 2018 Draft Lottery

    Well maybe we shouldn’t of finished 6-2-2 and we could of had the habs spot
  12. NHL 2018 Draft Lottery

    How is it bs? we had the 6th best odds. We got 7th. Must be a conspiracy.
  13. NHL 2018 Draft Lottery

    Thank the oilers for changing the rules. they have the longest playoff drought by the way. carolina. 2009. buffalo next 2011. go sabres imagine eichel dahlin risto ROR reinhart mittlestadt ghule ullmark thats not bad if it happens
  14. Playoff Hockey : Still a street fight. CANUCKS ARE YOU WATCHING ?

    Austin Matthews is so overrated. He's never finished a season with 30 assists, 29 in both. On a top 5 team in scoring. He has one point in 4 playoff games this year and Leaf fans claimed it was because of Bergeron. Then Riley Nash takes his spot and he does worse. Matthews has also been brutal defensively which a lot of Leaf Fans claim is one of his best traits. I would take Mark Scheifele, Jack Eichel, MAYBE even Boeser...over him. We'll see how Boeser's numbers look next year. He can score as good as Auston so I don't see why he can't be as good. If Eichel was a LEAF for example he'd be hailed as god almighty. 121 points in his last 128 games on the lowest scoring team, coming back from two sprained ankles. And he's 21. (Eichel) These examples only prove that the Leafs are going to need a better forward then 69-63 pt Matthews to win the cup. When was the last time a team won the cup without a forwad who hadn't ever passed 70 pts?
  15. [Retirement] The Sedins to retire at the end of the season

    Because the Canucks are winning the cup next year.