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  1. Thanks guys, the input at this stage will drive how the final product is shaped. Although the focus likely will be on competitive players, we could probably make something fun just for minor league kids and beer league players too if any interest there.
  2. Hey, sorry for the forum spam but this seems like a good place to get some feedback from hockey players / coaches. I'm part of a team building a hockey player/puck tracking tag that auto collects game stats and player performance attributes. This is being done under a commercial agreement with a local university's prototype development lab. I'm looking for some input and thoughts from a player / coach perspective. Here's a Google survey link if you're a player / coach with 5 or 10 minutes to spare: Thanks, much appreciated.

    I've wondered that for a while too. It would mean him taking a step back though, probably something he doesn't want to do at this point.
  4. Demko worth mentioning too, he looked solid for most part, made some big saves look easy.
  5. Exactly what I saw too. Juolevi and Boeser were the two standout guys able to carry a play. Their game is already at a higher level and they will look good with better players. Carcone looked good at times too, and a couple others, but not as ready as Juolevi and Boeser. I think Juolevi still needs some time in Utica first though to refine his play, he'll be a top pairing guy there.
  6. Maybe limit the number of 18 yr olds picked per team to maybe 2 or 3 for a couple yrs
  7. [Poll] Fill out the Canucks roster

    I don't think Dorset is a lock, he's on the bubble and will be first to waivers if outplayed by any young guy coming in. That's Virtanens spot if he can take it.
  8. 2017-2018 line up (with what we have)

    I think Sedins might be more valuable apart this year, can make 2 solid lines. Both are are high quality players still, but a little slower, and can anchor their repspective lines with strong leadership, smarts and compete. Might even be good competition between hank and dank on who's line does better. I would try lines something like: eriksson hank Boeser dany horvat rodin/goldobin Baer sutter granlund dorsett gagner burmstrov/virtanen stetcher Edler Delzotto tanev gudbranson Hutton/joulevi
  9. [Discussion] What Now?

    I wonder if Willie D. would take the Utica job. He'd be good down there.
  10. Maybe it isn't canucks who are unlucky, it is you. There is an alternate reality where canucks won this lottery, but you are unlucky to be part of this one.
  11. Should we follow wild/jackets lead?

    I don't think we have a choice. We just have to play the cards we're dealt with, Bennings doing a good job of managing the assets. I think Benning has a plan to get competitive with some depth coming up at same time, manage cap to give us options, then go all in when timing is right on getting a big name or two. It's up to luck and players from there. Hopefully it's enough to beat out what Edmonton, Winnipeg and Toronto are doing. At least cup will stay in Canada for a while.
  12. Past gm's brought us to the cup finals, so the bar is to win at least once.
  13. Reasons for Early Success

    Seems there is a better team commitment to defence - Canucks do not seem easy to score on anymore. Forwards are contributing more to getting back.
  14. Parade route ideas

    Since we are 3-0 now, it's pretty obvious that this is our year to bring home a cup. With only 79 games left to go, I was thinking we should get a head start on planning out a parade route for the cup and team. It'll be summer, so what does everyone think of starting at rogers arena and heading up Pacific all the way to Denman for a giant beach party?
  15. Eriksson on second line

    I’m surprised so many people are pegging Eriksson on the first line. Eriksson should play regular minutes on the second line, but with Sedin’s on the first line powerplay. Eriksson can still score without the Sedins The difference between goals playing with Sedin’s vs. without Sedin’s will be bigger with a guy like Hansen Gives us a more legitimate second line, playing either w/ Rodin/Sutter or Horvat/Bear. Without Eriksson on the second line, any second line combination is more like a third line. To-date, in world cup hockey ¾ goals from the line is on the power play (x2 Eriksson, x1 Daniel), so they will still score plenty of goals same way on first line pp unit