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  1. [Discussion] What's Next for Washington

    I was thinking if they keep Orpik, they loose Carlson (probably) and since they didn't use Bowey in the cup run, Hutton could slip in on the left side to help replace Orpik's minutes. Hutton in a lesser role of course, but maybe Washington sees him rebounding from a down year. We get a young RHD with better potential than Hutton(?). Washington gets cap space for Carlson, a lesser replacement for Orpik and then maybe Orpik back again for a playoff run. Orpik only played 16+ minutes a game in the playoffs though played a lot more in the regular season 19+. Bowey didn't seem to be hurt, so it looks like Trots may just like the other guys more.
  2. [Discussion] What's Next for Washington

    Orpik was a beast in the playoffs I think having a team high + -. While some people think that stat is misleading I think it shows why a lot of secondary scoring for Caps' opponents were held off the sheet, especially Vegas. But if it comes down to a cap decision I have to think they have to try to re-sign Carlson. I am wondering if something like: To Van: Orpik, Bowey To Wash: Hutton, %50 retained (1 year@ 1.4), later pick You could probably even trade Orpik back to them at deadline!? If Washington wanted a pick instead of Hutton, I hope GMJB would do no higher than a third (Nucks don't have a 4th) or if a Wash wants a prospect, maybe Sautner or Brisebois
  3. 2 Deals with Wash & OTT(Proposals)

    I don't mind this trade, and I think Washington, in order to keep Carlson would trade Orpik as a cap dump although it is clear that they love him there. But wouldn't you want to see a Dman coming back like Bowey?
  4. NHL 2018 CDC Top 10 Draft Challenge

    1.) Rasmus Dahlin (Buffalo Sabres) 2.) Svechnikov (Carolina Hurricanes) 3.) Tkatchuk (Montreal Canadians) 4.) Boqvist (Ottawa Senators) 5.) Zadina (Arizona Coyotes) 6.) Hughes (Detroit Red Wings) 7.) Bouchard (Vancouver Canucks) 8.) Wahlstrom(Chicago Blackhawks) 9.) Dobson (New York Rangers) 10.) Wilde (Edmonton Oilers)
  5. NHL 2018 Draft Lottery

    Can you please turn off Bill Daly! Happy for you SabreFan1, but please, turn him off. Eyes hurt. Have to turn away.
  6. I could see Ottawa trying to trade Ryan and giving up an asset, but it would be hard to see them parting with their 1st round pick just to do that. I went to Capfriendly and Ryan has a contract that generates a higher cap hit than actual salary cost, on a buy out, even with his signing bonuses. And since they are never a cap team, they would probably just buy him out if they wanted to save money. I think it is about 3.4 million cap hit for 4 years and then under 2 for another 4, but the actual dollars are 1.8. +or - I guess if Dorion threatens a buy him out, Ryan might lift his modified trade clause if he wants to make the big money. I could see Ottawa retaining up to 1 million a year, or maybe a bit higher. But would Dorion give up the first knowing that next year they don't have one? Maybe they would give up the Pittsburgh 1st? To Van Ryan (1 million retained) 6.25 for 4 more years (ugg) Pittsburgh first Formenton To Ottawa: Hutton Nilsson Utica forward (Carcone...) I have no idea what is fair but I think Hutton needs a fresh start. I doubt Vancouver does this though because GMJB has the opposite problem in 3-4 years. He wants to be a cap team and $ is sometimes more flexible, so I doubt Vancouver takes Ryan. I am more curious about a team like Washington. Are they going to be all in again next year, even if they bow out early? If a guy like Orpik gets exposed in these playoffs because he is too slow, could Vancouver convert that into an asset? If Washington lose his contract they could re-sign Carlson. To Van: Orpik (5.5m) 1st rnd pick Bowey, would they do that? To Washington: Hutton (No Ottawa deal obviously) Apparently he still has good 'underlying numbers' and I've heard it is a personality issue with coach, maybe still has value? Baertchi (rights) Still young and could be had for cheap, could have more value in speedy East? 2nd or 3rd (As a sweetener for Bowey) If I were JB I would give up a second rounder this year for a mid to late first and M Bowey. He could then use Tanev or the late first or both to move up from his first pick if he really likes someone higher. Still lots of cap to throw at Tavares:) 14m x 5years? Is that crazy, I mean besides the amount?
  7. [Discussion] John Tavares & Evander Kane?

    I think the only way that JT signs in Vancouver is if Nucks land 1st overall and acquire Dahlin. If this happened then maybe there is a lesser version of the McDavid effect in Vancouver. If that happened and there was an awakening to come to Vancouver and play with Dahlin then I think they would have to offer him 5x14. The cap hit is crazy but this is the only way to make the term reasonable. Maybe he takes that contract knowing he can still sign another one somewhere else after. If Nucks acquire Dahlin and he can be like a Drew Doughty, then maybe in a few years they could be a serious contender if all the prospects not only pan out as players but also exceed expectations. Line up for 2019-2020 Dahlen JT Boeser Lind Horvat Petterson Baertschi Gaudette Virtanen Leipsic Sutter Gadjovich extra: Granlund Dahlin Tanev Juolevi Stetcher BFG Guddy Extra; Bull dog and Pouliot Traded: Baertschi, Boucher, Eriksson (bought out maybe?), Gagne, Hutton, Del Zotto Sedins retire after a return to playoffs in 2018-19
  8. Markstrom Moving Forward: A Big Head's Take

    Yeah, I agree with these statements. I think the goalies aren’t doing as well since Melanson (sp) retired. In my mind Cloutier was always a battler, but lacked sound fundamentals. I was surprised to hear he was a coach.
  9. Markstrom Moving Forward: A Big Head's Take

    The worst thing they could do is rush him for a team that is hopefully on the upswing, but nowhere near contending.
  10. [PGT] New York Rangers vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Wouldn’t it be Dahlin-Tanev Juolevi-Stetcher Tryamkin-Gudbranson Pouliot-Biega
  11. [PGT] New York Rangers vs. Vancouver Canucks

    I don’t know much about hockey but I am surprised how often two huge goalies get beat over the shoulder. Are they down in the butterfly too early? I can’t understand it. Seemed like a lot of deflected goals against, though. Also 1st and ot goals looked like Marky and Nilsson don’t cover the post well enough. Is that because they are too lanky? Entertaining game from offensive standpoint. And it looked like a hard working group too. some have said that GMJB’s biggest need this summer is a goalie. I still think it’s First Overall!
  12. I've been a fan since '82. It is hard as a fan with the lack of championships, but there have been some great times with this team. I personally haven't been this excited about a prospect pool since ... maybe ever (in my memory). I think the difference today is so many people play hockey manager on their game system and they somehow believe that GMJB can just manipulate other GM's into giving him whatever he asks for. I am personally glad he got an extension and that he will be able to continue building the prospect pool. Criticism comes with every job, but I think in the Canucks crazy fan base it is exponential. I get it too. Fans are passionate, but it would be nice if everyone would just be on the bandwagon every day. Then managers and players wouldn't have to double guess what they are doing. Go 'Nucks!
  13. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Alex Biega

    Hard not to love GMJB brining back the bulldog! Love his energy!
  14. If he doesn't get traded, maybe as the Canucks continue to improve (hopefully) and enjoy better possession numbers, the dmen will be forced to block fewer shots. I can't remember how many times I have seen Tanev take a shot of the boot or shin and hobble off. That's why a team loves him and why he has so many injuries due to fracture etc. Not to mention when he blocks the puck with his face and hands!