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  1. I'd be surprised, as some have said, if Boeser isn't in any counterproposal from NYR.
  2. I think Subban and his contract are a perfect fit for Vancouver. I thought he played his best hockey right after the trade from Montreal. I think it would take more than what if being offered and should not include this year's 10th or Stetcher. Maybe: 2019 2nd rd 2020 1st (top 5 protected, no protection for 2021 if bumped ) & 2020 3rd 2023 2nd (turns to first if re-signed in Vancouver) Jalen Chatfield To Van: Subban 2019 3rd I think 1 first (+1st if resigned) 2nd Rd 3rd Rd Jalen Chatfield for an aging and high priced but high end right shot dman is not overpayment. This of course would be based on them wanting to sign a Free Agent Forward like Duchene. Canucks could also take Bonino as a partial cap dump if they needed. Might need a Granlund+ going the other way to play with brother and cheap forward?
  3. Yeah maybe it's off, but it was based on Florida wanting to get rid of Reimer and bring in goalie Bob and Panarin and therefore they needed the cap dump. I disagree that Sutter and Tanev are cap dumps at 50% retained and have good value. Their injury misfortunes have to change sometime and at 50% salary they figure nicely into 3rd line centre 2nd or third pairing right side D. The Hoffman for a third was if they decide to go after EK65.
  4. Has anyone looked at Seider? He has been a latish bloomer? Trade down for an extra pick?
  5. I think Florida's problem next year would be goaltending and D. Goaltending because if Luongo is done and rides out his contract on LTIR (which I have heard in a rumour and only a rumour) then they have Reimer at 3.4 million. I am not sure Reimer has the full confidence of Tallon but I don't know that for sure either. But even if Tallon does like Reimer, does he like him at 3.4 when he could have Goalie Bob (with Panarin) if rumours are true that he and Panarin would like to play together). This rumour appears so often I am starting to think it is more than just rumours. So if Panthers want Panarin and Bobrovski that could be combined, 20 million, though they might get them for less, together, and playing in Florida with less taxes. But even if they get them both for 17 million 8.5 each, they will have to shed cap. If I were JB I would phone DT and ask him if were interested in moving up to 10th overall. If so would DT, wanting the 10th overall and somehow knowing he had Goalie Bob and Panarin in place* then make a deal like: To Florida: 10th overall: Better chance at one of the US elite wingers 3rd 2021 (if Hoffman included) Thatcher Demko (back up to goalie Bob) @ 1.05 for 2 years Virtanen $1.25 for 1. year (RFA) Goldobin RFA rights (Thinking that DT might see him as a possible reclamation with Panarin and Barkov)(?) Sutter 50% retained @ $2.188+- for 2 more years Tanev 50% retained @ $2.225 for next year Cap implications: 4 players at $6.7 million plus Goldobin (same as Virtanen?) 1.25 million? They get third line centre who should be healthy finally Veteran right side D help DT gets 5 players for less than the price of the two (or three) that he is giving up. If Luongo goes on LTIR, then he has lots of Cap to add a free agent too. Karlsson? Eberle? To Vancouver 13th overall (Vancouver probably still gets Soderstrom or Newhook or Broberg or even Seider) Reimer $3.4 for 2 more years Huberdeau $5.9 for 4 more years Hoffman (if they want to take a run at Karlsson) Vancouver gives up a lot but gets Huberdeau on a great contract to play with Petey. Reimer expires when Petey and Hughes get (hopefully) big raises. I realize DT might just as easily flip Reimer (if he signs Goalie Bob) and trade Hoffman if he want Karlsson. *I forget where the UFA courting period and draft work out. I could also see DT trading for their rights from Columbus in order to get the 8th year to lower the cap.)
  6. I think everyone knows Benning's strengths and weaknesses. Yes, free agency has been a pretty hit and miss (maybe mostly miss) but I think I see an evolution in his FA thinking. I think the Eriksson signing was generally well received at the time and is certainly NOT the worst contract signed that day. Some suggest Ladd, Lucic, Okposo and Backes were all very similar disappointments. Out of all of those at the time, the only one I thought was better was Okposo. But they're all regretful. I liked last July FA's. I think term was given to attract them and I think they have done well. Especially Roussel. Trades have been ok. The biggest one Gudbranson for McCann and picks was probably a 'loss' but Florida has also moved on from McCann. And in the end Pearson may be a veteran presence who can fill in til some of the young wingers in Utica are ready. But the key is drafting and this is what the Canucks desperately needed. I can't remember every draft, but between Grabner and Horvat, not one of the Canuck's first round picks really worked out at all. Hodgson was a borderline success and yielded Kassian. Yes, Virtanen and Juolevi are not what Benning hoped they would yet, but they aren't a complete story yet either. Under Benning and his drafting team, the Canucks are poised for the highest and most sustainable level of competition they have ever had. I've been a fan since 82. Maybe he needs some help with trades and FA but I would be disappointed if Benning were fired now. I think he needs another couple of years to really shape the team after his early mandate of re-tool on the fly. Anyway I understand OP's concerns but I think they are overstated.
  7. Yeah, good points. I was thinking more that they might go Duchene, making Subban maybe the place where they would look for cap relief. I don't think they get much interest in Turris, though they would get more than Eriksson (with similar contract). I was thinking maybe they could go: Josi Ellis Ekholm Tanev Hamhuis Fabbro With Fabbro moving up the D pairings through the year. This is all of course based on whether they really want Duchene or not. Would allow them to have a deep C core of: Johansen Duchene Turris Bonino Or move one of them to wing to bolster top 6. This, however, may make Josi signing more complicated in another year.
  8. I think Tanev is such a smart player that he could play in any system, given some time. Though I agree he is probably not high on their list, in that kind of system he probably blocks a lot fewer shots and plays down the lineup, so less injury prone. If they could get him at 50% as a third pair guy, I think they might have some interest, especially if it opens up a possibility to get Duchene. I think Weber is their third pair guy right now? I think Tanev is an upgrade over Webber. Maybe doesn't have the shot, but in every other category isn't Tanev more desirable? I don't know Turris enough to know if he is just slumping/not adjusting to the system or if he has hit a wall in terms of production/effectiveness. Don't know that he would help the Canucks at 6 million (another Eriksson?). I think the Canucks don't touch any deal that involves Turris. Not that you were implying that, just if Nashville wants to get rid of Turris.
  9. I love the idea of trading for Trouba or Dumba. I totally think they are what we need and what their respective teams need. However they will take hefty assets to get out of their respective markets. One guy that I have suggested elsewhere that I think could be available is PK Suban. I think if Nashville does not have a successful playoff that they may look to change things up. I also heard that maybe they are interested in signing Duchene (why, I don't know). If Suban were available do you think this is enough: Tanev (50% retained) Remember, on a better possession team he may not have to break his foot so often blocking shots and plays a lesser role in Nashville behind 2019: 2nd 2020: 1st =Conditional pick over the length of contract based on some sort of playoff success. Subban Bonino (if they want to dump cap) I think he could help our depth on left wing (plays centre too) off the books before Pettersson and Hughes get paid.
  10. I am really scared that Karlsson might be on a steady slope to Edler and Tanev (love both of them, by the way) stats in games lost to injury. I think free agency has hampered the Canucks so much that it may just not be worth it. I was just on CapFriendly and was looking at Nashville who look to be in cap trouble as early as this summer. They appear to have only $5 million (plus cap increase to sign 5 players). I don't know the whole story and maybe thy have a way out with young players, but still have to sign RJ in a year (not Ryan Johansen). I believe JMJB was interested in PK Subban before so I could see him making a play again. After this year, 3 more years at $9 million. Now maybe his best years are behind him but ticks off a lot of boxes especially that his contract expires in 3 years when hopefully QH is up for a huge 2nd contract. To me this is a kind of deal that makes the window open a lot faster for Vancouver while the core is still ultra young and on entry level deals and doesn't hamper cap situation beyond 3 years. The questions are: Will Poile want to make a deal this summer? He may have Carrier ready this Fall and maybe Frabro is also ready for next season. If so what would it cost? If Poile wanted to make the deal for cap reasons, would Tanev (50% salary retained) and a 2020 (1st Rd) be enough?They probably ask for Stetcher and at that point is it too much? Would Benning do it? Should he do it? Edler (2x6) Subban (3x9) =15 Hutton (5x5). Stetcher (1x 2.35) 7.35 Hughes (3x.925) Stralman (2x6) 6.925 Sautner (1x.675) Biega (1x.850) 1.55 Total: +- 30m for 8 players Juolevi (AHL)
  11. Sorry don't have time to read all the posts. HAs that been announced already, because I heard people were excited that he and Dahlen (sp?) might play together in Utica. Sorry I don't have time to research. If you could reply I would really appreciate!! Thanks.