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  1. A team should not be allowed more than two players, including the goalie, in their own crease during play. Three or four players blocking the puck right at the net is stupid.
  2. Really liked player deployment in OT.
  3. Normal as normal can be. I have days where my daughter only wants Cheerios. Or only chicken. One week she eats bananas, and then the next week she wants nothing to do with them. This is not a result of bad parenting. This is the preferences of a toddler.
  4. Bo with that contract would make me do a happy dance.
  5. Jake V.
  6. That series sweep reminds me so much of when the Flames did that to the Canucks with WD. Outcoached, no puck luck, and refs' game management.
  7. Great post. Agree.
  8. Nasal anthem.
  9. No, thanks. I really like them.
  10. How many players were knocked down?
  11. Hire Martin Gelinas as the new head coach.
  12. Welcome back, Vancouver Canucks hater MacLean. Jerk.
  13. http://news.nationalpost.com/life/the-trials-and-tribulations-of-being-a-hockey-wife Read the last paragraph.