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  1. Stan Lee, 1922 - 2018

    this was Saturday mornings for me.
  2. [Waivers] Adam Clendening

    right - I get confused over the details of some of these deals. Most of the time they're not worth worrying about.
  3. [Waivers] Adam Clendening

  4. [Waivers] Adam Clendening

    meh, sometimes these lower-level deals don't work out. This one didn't, Motte did. Leipsic might.
  5. [Waivers] Adam Clendening

    ftfy The complaining about Forsling hasn't quite reached peak-Corrado, but it was close for a while there. I wouldn't call him a 'good prospect'. He's borderline. He's Edler without the size, shot or as much skill and while its nice to have more prospects he'd be behind Juolevi, Sautner and Breisbois.
  6. How? In the US 20% are hard core alt-right racists, 20% vote republican cuz daddy and granddaddy dud, another 10% worry about their jobs. Oh and 20 years of gerrmandering.
  7. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    less..... air filled?
  8. dotard has been sulking since losing the House. But hey there's always hope that you can bump some ratings by shooting unarmed migrants in a few weeks.
  9. NHL eyeing European expansion????

    I hope it doesn't happen anytime soon, you have to think the best Swedish talent would be happy to stay and/or sign as free agents with a team there. I think it could possibly work, Winnipeg-FLA showed it can happen. They could probably do one road trip like that for each team and get away with it. But its the 2 month road trips for the Euro teams that might be unfair. They'd probably have to do a weird schedule where Euro teams here had "home ice" for some games.
  10. next time Bombardier comes with its hand out the Fed's should carve off a piece of that company to develop a crown corporation of aerospace engineers to do just that. Not to build them per se but to design and spec a new Canadian or joint aircraft like @Ryan Strome suggested with Japan
  11. but dont you know, its all the fault of the left. They make people vote nazi.
  12. they've probably handed him a nerf nuclear football, he probably wouldn't know the difference.
  13. I do blame social media in large part for conditioning us to all have instant and highly emotional reactions to tiny snippets of information, often out of context. Real discussions take time, you have to listen/read a little bit to the other people, and try to think a little bit about what you are saying or writing before slamming on the keys. Social media rarely does any of that.
  14. that might go a long way in repairing the damaged relationship - thats the one main trading partner that Trudeau managed to annoy last year. Not bad all things considered.
  15. TSN NHL Rankings

    Imagine if we had a top 10 goalie.