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  1. please try to think before you type. We can't allow people to burn tires on railways. Even you should see that.
  2. its hard not to see todays shenanigans of lighting fires on train tracks as anything other than domestic economic terrorism. Not sure what else to call it. If this gets much worse we might actually see the Emergencies Act be invoked to protect the railway system (the old "war measures" act was replaced by this). I would hope it had unanimous or near-unanimous approval in the House but we'll see.
  3. remember when Jake came to camp fat? yeah I forgot about that too.
  4. yeah its a pretty weak attempt to attack the RCMP members.
  5. I think he goes free agent and signs with Chicago.
  6. you can only invest so much in patchouli and quinoa farms.
  7. we're just days from someone using an explosive.
  8. man I'd hate to lose Rathbone tho, I'd probably put him on the no-touch list as well. But that still leaves a lot of quality prospects. Its going to be painful, far more than losing Madden. But theres really no other solution. I'm hoping that Loui has some sense of wanting to leave something on the table and not hamstring the team but it is a businesses. Jim is treating him very very well tho, so maybe it will be reciprocal.
  9. yup. It happens. We're going to likely lose at least one UFA next year too. The problem with this years TDL is Doobie set his price too high.
  10. pretty much. I think part of this is the team became competitive a year faster than anyone expected. Hughes and Petey sped up the rebuild. So its inevitable that Jim has to give away another good prospect to shed Sutter. We can buy out Baer. If Loui can be convinced to retire well that would be ideal. But he can be moved as well for a price. Yes it sucks to lose prospects, but on the other hand we do have some to lose and the team we will have will already be competitive.
  11. its clear that the chiefs backing the protests dont have the support of their people. The blockades are now turning into people lighting fires on the tracks. Its only a matter of a short time before someone is killed. The 4 chiefs need to step back and call for calm, and get a negotiated solution to this, otherwise someones going to pay with their life.
  12. actually it was Benning that didnt cave, imo.
  13. Madden is tiny. He needs to put on weight to be Gaudeau. He doesn't fit Green's system.
  14. I could see Troy signing something like a 10 mil total, 4 year deal to be able to stay home and be part of the run. I love Tanev, but this years an anomaly and he won't age like wine. Can a right side of Myers, Stecher and Rafferty really be a competitive right side..... I think we get a chance to find out.