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  1. I'd like to see the comparable's for this stat. But holy cow thats amazing.
  2. seems likely. But LAs not going to do an in-division trade without getting some value. If Hansen gets you Goldy, then I can't see them moving Brown to us for Loui for anything less than Madden, given how he's also not under contract.
  3. well, really? that kind of potential out of Madden? maybe IF he even hits Gaudettes numbers in college we can start talking about him competing with AG for a job. He's not there yet but I also don't watch anything but the highlights, reports, etc.
  4. honestly if the cost was Madden it could be worth it, given how much teams have paid to shed players. Mind you they weren't bringing other big contracts back. We'd save only 1.5 mil in cap space buying out Brown vs Loui, but the cash flow aspect is slightly better with the Brown buyout, its 3.2, 3.2, 1.33, 1.33 vs. 5.67, 3.67, .667., .667 and we'd be banking on Brown being more useful. maybe I'm under valuing Madden, I think he's too skinny to translate into someone who will displace Gaudette, just don't see it.
  5. yeah good point.... I didn't make the connection. OK to heck with the ugly bugger, let him rot in LA if Canada isn't good enough for him. Too harsh?
  6. I guess one thought could also be trading Stecher and Loui for Brown. LA really needs NHL quality d and Stech certainly fits in on their top 4 right now.
  7. anyone not named Juolevi, Tryamkin, Rathbone, Lind, Woo, Hoglander, Podkolzin, Lockwood or DiPietro. Take 2 even. It has to be for a couple of our "B" prospects, thats really the only option. Maybe a 3rd.
  8. why? its happened before. Its not like @Alflives is making up some new category of shenanigans. Luongo clearly had a handshake deal in place.
  9. I like it, in part because the buy out isn't too bad. He's also more productive than Loui, and can add in some physical play and bring some playoff experience. Brown has a 7 team no trade list so we may not be on that, so it could be out of his hands too. LA needs young assets of course.... my concern would be them demanding Woo, e.g., but if they were willing to look at a combo of something like Madden and Raffety or Briesbois, something along those lines then yup. That d group tho... what a train wreck. Maybe Breezy and Raffety and Loui for Brown?
  10. he would know all the insiders to be able to make that comment for sure.
  11. I'd be happy with that
  12. i didn't think they'd go with 7 this long, but so far its worked out. Man, Loui's free agent year, what a turd for so many teams. So far the only team thats benefitted is Edmonton by getting Neal. Where's our Calgary, huh? why can't we find a team like that to take Loui?