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  1. Loui Eriksson | #21 | LW/RW

    I would think Green would begin with sheltered.
  2. it really is. If they can do that to themselves then think of what they'll do to other people or support.
  3. Loui Eriksson | #21 | LW/RW

    ^ this one looks the best to me as far a 2 scoring and 2 matchup lines. Plus we haven't discussed the power play options yet which could be scary with EP and Boeser together.
  4. Loui Eriksson | #21 | LW/RW

    I think at this point you have to figure out a top 6 that works in all situations and expect that Green's going to shuffle the heck out of it. Green might even try Granlund back in the top 6. Loui and Bo is a must imo to maximize Loui's skill set. Love that 3rd line tho, thats going to be fun to watch if it works out that way.
  5. pretty sure its the extra 40 or 50 pounds giving them man boobs
  6. the whole soy thing has been debunked: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20378106
  7. Loui Eriksson | #21 | LW/RW

    I guess we'll have to see how good EP is at taking face-offs. Who knows, he's good at everything else so it might not be an issue.
  8. wow its a wonder China has hit 1.4 billion people with soy having such "effects" what a load of cow patties. I guess we'd better not tell the people that use the term that soy products are in just about every packed and fast food they cram down their pie holes.
  9. Loui Eriksson | #21 | LW/RW

    Don't you think it needs to be Loui-Sutter-EP to begin with tho? I can't see EP being thrown into a 2C role right off the hop.
  10. yah thats a new one. Must be dog whistle code for something incel maybe? Its fascinating to watch these guys, create a fake war/fear story about war mongering lefties to both distract from the real issue and also make themselves feel better. They're actually knowingly creating lies to make themselves feel better. Thats a fascinating level of self delusion, you know you're lying but it feels good to do it.
  11. I suppose my tin foil hat is working. Everything you are saying is ridiculous, but you seem quite convinced. Consider the possibility that you are the one who has been fooled, I would guess by fear, to think there's a giant conspiracy going on that only you and Trump can see.
  12. yeah, you are ranting and not making any sense at all. No one was pushing for anything.
  13. [Signing] Torrey Mitchell signs with Lausanne HC (NL)

    nice way to cap off a career with some time in Europe
  14. don't worry, Trump just surrendered so that shouldn't be an issue anymore.
  15. he's not crazy you're crazy