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  1. loaning him does help us in the sense we don't have to overload Utica with veterans. It would be a nice thing to do as well I suppose to put him in Dallas close to his family, might buy Jim some cred with players.
  2. Its the Ben Shapiro game. Begin with a reasonable premise (e.g., racism is bad) and then try to tack on adjacently related topics until you get to what you really wanted to say, which would never stand on it's own.
  3. you give it a rest champ. For some reason you are on a mission to minimize the rights of first nations people in Canada. Its creepy.
  4. Hes trying to set up a basis for something that makes even less sense- wait for it
  5. he deserves credit for looking her in the eye tho.
  6. Nope, Freeland had to finish off 29 of them for Harper I certainly didn't miss the FIPA deal with China thats basically neutered us in any trade disputes. We have no legal hammer against them on trade now thanks to Steve, but that doesn't stop the CPC from trying to fundraise on Kovrig and Spavor's grief. Man that was low even for the CPC fundraising machine, to try to use their imprisonment to raise money.
  7. it used to be about a smarter trade focus and sound financial ideas, but now its morphed into this odd focus on social issues and a lot of intolerance. They've gone a long way away from Mulroney.
  8. Or just dont lie. If that's all you can do maybe dont say anything.
  9. I dont think people need to run around claiming we have each other's backs, but the least we can do is not make things worse with false narratives and intolerant bs.
  10. Yeah but we were the end of the road so I'm sure there will be a TSN story on how we screwed him.
  11. Bingo. I have no idea what it's like to grow up the way Hips dad did but I do know what it's like to grow up around intolerant people, and I know it when I see it.
  12. he thinks he's learned something from Ben Sharpiro, but no one explained to Rob when you start with a false premise (Shaprio's whole shtick) everything else you say is bs. this take on things is very disturbing, but I'm glad to know what Rob really is now. It does explain a lot about some things going on in con circles tho.
  13. you're acting like a complete fool. I can easily tear down all of what you said, but you know its bs. I don't know why you've chosen to try to minimize the experience of first nations people in Canada, but you seem to have gone all in. If its not out of racism then its just stupidity. Its pretty pathetic. But like I said, this seems like you've finally revealed yourself. Good to know for future reference.
  14. Why lie about it? you really should stop talking now, you are sounding like a complete dick. But maybe this is the real you.