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  1. Are the Sedins future changing?

    I don't disagree on the production, but what about defensively or that they must always be together.... don't you see those as potentially being issues?
  2. Are the Sedins future changing?

    and in the range of -15 to -20. For 3.5-4 mil we can bring in some other skill sets to the team, more toughness, better defensive ability, similar points.... there are options. https://www.capfriendly.com/browse/free-agents/2019/caphit/all/forwards/ufa
  3. Are the Sedins future changing?

    I'm feeling the same way... if they would just try splitting them up, what the hell do we have to lose? I know this line of thinking generates howls of 'where will the offence come from!' but thats a bit ridiculous imo, we can find 40 point players in free agency or maybe even in our system given a chance. Its time.
  4. [GDT] Canucks @ Jets, Jan 21, 2018, 5 PM

    so with Guddy going on the IR that means he has to be off for at least a week, correct? precautionary move maybe?
  5. pretty sure you had a similar comment about Burr's value.....
  6. oh! well, it seemed like something he'd tweet today
  7. the idiot is actually enjoying this
  8. 'an interesting turn'? did he forget he's the president?
  9. [Proposal] Canucks - Penguins

    the difference now is though Sutter has proven to be a very good shut down C. So if thats what they think they need I think he'd be a good fit. I'm sure if someone like Pacioretty became available of course they'd go that way but he'd cost a lot more.
  10. [Proposal] Canucks - Penguins

    I don't, I really like Sutter and don't think he's overpaid actually. He's just the best fit for the Pens thats on our roster imo. Just theorizing.
  11. Zack MacEwen | C

    the Kassian comparison is interesting, if he arrived here with that kind of impact that would be a real steal for JB.
  12. Elias Pettersson | C/LW

    how so?
  13. wow some of those are bad. I agree with @Scottish⑦Canuck that Metropolitans is a great name with history to it, but I suppose Bettman won't want a name thats the same as a division. I was hoping to see something to do with aerospace but thats tough since Boeing like to use numbers most of the time and Clippers and supersonics are taken.
  14. confessions

    its hard to say, all i can say from my experience is I couldn't imagine life without being with my wife so it wasn't ever a question of not being sure. other people we know who have been together for a long time had the same thing, you just have that feeling of always wanting to be with that person and everything else is just noise or not important. Folks can go for coffee, its your life.