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  1. dunno. Do weed companies have to do the same thing? or cured meat companies? or people not using sunscreen? how far do we push the nanny thing?
  2. I think you can for sure make an argument the fed's could have begun things a few weeks earlier, particularly around getting our own capacity built up for manufacturing PPEs here in Canada, but we may just squeak through with what we have, particularly now that a lab in Winnipeg has shown you can reprocess N95 masks at least 10X. But its also clear we can't rely just on the government to do it all for us. We as individuals can do as much or more to protect ourselves and families than the government by following the distancing and self quarantine rules.
  3. they'll all fine for the most part in moderation, except for cigarettes.
  4. why? the AB court didn't strike down the law. You know what to do if you don't like living in a federation. and it wasn't unanimous btw.
  5. I work on the assumptions that: I. Most people are good. II. Some people are good but just don't know things but can learn. III. Some people are good but dumb. Like really dumb. But still nice people. iV. Some people are bad and refuse to learn. V. Some people are just bad and dumb. I don't know between categories III-V who causes more damage tho.
  6. they get it, they just don't care.
  7. well that happens anyway no matter what you think
  8. I just assume at this point everyone is aware of what the consequences are.
  9. no you actually didn't, the AB court didn't strike the tax law down.
  10. is that something people need to be reminded of anymore?
  11. they could be working on the issue of lag time between when a case is conformed with a test vs when the person felt sick - BC CDC corrected this in their reporting as well.
  12. he makes an interesting point - both S. Korea and the US had its first confirmed cases on the same day on Jan 19th. Canada's was Jan 20th according to the PHAC web site. we're doing better than the US in many areas, including serious case rates and death rates. Its really hard to compare the US and Canada on raw numbers but the rates should be similar given how similar our populations are, but they're not. Outside of U30s in Quebec pushing up our numbers so far we're doing OK.
  13. No we're testing at a much higher rate, per capita we are testing as many as S.Korea is now. We're learning some hard lessons on the whole just-in-time philosophy of hospital supply. Its not like people didn't know this was possible either. There is a new study out of Winnipeg today that you can re-process N95 masks at least 10 times in an autoclave (https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/manitoba-researchers-answer-shortage-n95-masks-1.5518226). This is pretty big deal, and something hospitals should be able to handle since all elective surgeries are stopped and the sterilization departments shouldn't be overburdened.
  14. at the risk of drawing @aGENT 's ire again, I think you need to consider the possibility of Sutter and Eriksson. I know BS is a useful player, and I'm not arguing that at all. But - if for some reason that extra 1 mil in salary is still needed after every other possible move is made then I still think we might see it. E.g., if we can't use a compliance buyout for Loui's recapture and if the cap actually goes down, depending on how negotiations go with other players things could be very very tight cap wise.
  15. so come up with your own plan in AB and then you can defer it. Simple.