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  1. seriously tho, Loui has earned 60 mil in his career. Yes its 5 mil more if he goes to Utica for 2 years, and he may do that. Or he can terminate, and get a performance bonus contract for next year somewhere. Its not really that crazy an idea that he walks away from this contract.
  2. Yup, its hard ass old school time. A lot of people have been calling for this approach for a while now, good to see it happen. I guess Barry isn't the super agent he made out to be.
  3. thats not really accurate. He'll only make 1 mil next season, and then likely be bough out in his final year. The consequence of that is he'll never play in the NHL again since it will be 18 months or so between now and then, and no one's going to be looking for a 37 year old that hasn't played in nearly 2 years. Its very clear now, if Loui wants to extend his career in the NHL he needs to terminate his Canucks contract. He'll go on unconditional waivers, so if some team wants him for cap floor purposes he's there for free as well.
  4. thats not the issue, its whether or not Ottawa chooses to be a cap floor team that saves real dollars. If thats the route Melnyk wants he can save up to 5 mil with Loui. I'm really glad Jim isn't panicking and is telling teams to go pound sand if they want significant assets. This isn't Toronto, he's not Dubas.
  5. Jim won't add a sweetener Good. Its time for the adults in the room to have a real conversation. Loui now knows its Utica or bet on himself with mutual termination. The fact is Loui's deal doesn't kill the future, but burning a 1st might though. I'm glad Jim is going full hard ass on this.
  6. Now this is impressive



    1. BBC


      Okay, This Is Epic

  7. the other possibility is Demko and Juolevi turn out to be just as good has who left, or at least something comparable.
  8. I do think they were doing a decent job as well, and I'm not an NDP voter either. It would have been just fine by me if they held power until the scheduled election date since this minority government is actually working. I don't really have a big criticism of Horgans record, well up to now at least. That doesn't mean I want to see him in a majority, but running a minority its been fine given the constraints on him.
  9. the Canucks have put a big effort into developing Demko its understandable they don't want to just give that away for nothing. If there was a deal to be made in getting a 1st round pick for him it would have happened, but teams probably aren't offering squat since they can see the situation Jim is in. I don't know why Marky wouldn't accept not being expansion protected. I mean who cares? if he doesn't he's gone from this market anyway. And really, does anyone want to be living in Detroit for 6 years
  10. I was speaking about the infrastructure projects, but keeping those folks working was a good decision.
  11. It seems like it a bit, doesn't it? Even with a Toffoli deal in place there's so much flexibility if Jim waits a year. I see a lot of people talk about wanting to be where Colorado is at today, and thats exactly where this team would be at. The big risk of course is Demko doesn't keep developing.