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  1. UFC fight night last night.......great action .......8/10
  2. It's been one hell of a fight night eh guys....good action!
  3. $ on Poirier but hoping Hooker wins it
  4. Torres won that fight hands down...pretty good for someone fighting for ten years already
  5. Another underrated coffee is MJB, the original in the green can. It's smooth and not bitter at all. The problem is they have discontinued it at a lot of stores. The only place that sells it now is Buy Low at Kingsgate Mall and that's only because my friend asked the manager to keep it on the shelves. And it's cheap too! Folgers and Maxwell House are junk, imo.
  6. Are you saying he got the mushroom stamp of approval?
  7. Me and a lot of my friends are boomers and are not offended (I asked a few of them)....boomer is short for baby boomer, no biggie. Also, a couple of my friends named Karen aren't offended either, they think it's funny. People are so easily offended today....it's called 'pussification'. Ya gotta be able to laugh at yourself. The 'Karen' in my family growing up was a 'Hank' or 'Wilbur' , e.g. Don't be a Hank ! or what a Wilbur !
  8. By the way, LaVazzo Oro is cheapest at Walmart, by quite a bit, compared to London Drugs or Save On etc
  9. Blue Mountain (Jamaica) coffee, imo, is the best...however, very expensive. They were selling it by the cup in Steveston...$18 a cup. I bought some while in Jamaica last year, brought it home, and was very disappointed. It was a blend at best. Same in Hawaii, Kona coffee you get at the ABC stores etc are a blend, not pure kona coffee. Big difference.
  10. I went for blood tests last winter and I was low on Vitamin D. The doctor said something like 70% of Vancouverites are Vitamin D deficient in the winter simply because of the lack of sunshine. He said the best way to get sufficient Vitamin D is 30 minutes of sun on skin. So that being said, Happy Mother's Day and go out and get your Vitamin D (sun). :-)
  11. Has anyone been able to get in touch with Alf? I hope he's okay.
  12. Pretty much except for the toddler running around and in my way and the Mother thinking she was cute and letting her almost grab glasses off the shelf...she was like a bull in a china shop while i waited at the end of the aisle for them to finally walk right pass me and not exit the other end where they were!....grrrr...
  13. I hear ya but I bought a hybrid bike (first mistake?) from them and brought it back for them to fix a few things , seat and tire... I had my tires on rims changed over there last month, cheapest in town i found...$39 for all 4
  14. I know this is off topic but I didn't know where else to put it (I searched )...but maybe take a break from the pandemic madness and watch the Gold medal Canada vs US 2010 Olympics game on tv right now (KING channel 114 here in Richmond with Shaw). I had to bring my bike into Canadian tire today and wow , lots of cars on the road and people in the store...looks like 'business as usual' out there... LUUUUUUUUUUU CROSBY SCOOOOOOORES Gosh, i miss those days...and everyone knows where they were at that exact time and place...I was at the Tennis Club on W 16th, a friend is a member there... Where were you?
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rsj3Re7D4zc How awesome is this!? If this doesn't put a lump in your throat, a tear in your eye and make your heart go pit-a-pat, well then, you are not Canadian.