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  1. 83 points with no goalie game is a solid Saturday for us. Spurgeon finally came online after starting the season with no points and a -8. The Mikheyev signing really paying off so far, as is the Gibson aquisition. Feels good to own a goalie (although now we need a backup). Dissapointing that Poehling and Bouchard got sent down. But Sandin making the team is nice.
  2. Thanks! Good performances from our big guys so far. But we probably are going to need a couple more depth guys if we want to hang in there.The Atlantic is going to be a slugfest this year too!
  3. Based on that Brady Tkachuk goal to open the season: I would like to announce that the Buffalo Sabres are currently leading the league for the first (and likely only) time! The sweet taste of short-lived, sens-flavored victory. Hockey is back boys! Good luck to everyone this year.
  4. Technically he needs to first be re-offered to any other team that made a waiver claim on him before he can be traded. But I doubt that applies here. I love this clever footwork from all parties involved. The ballsy waiving to get rid of a bad contract without being held over a barrel or needing a buyout. The pickup and flip with retain, weaponizing cap for a free asset. And Detroit recognizing that Subban is still a great asset, if a couple million are shaved off. Tasty tasty fantasy hockey nonsense.
  5. Happy to see Rantanen signed longterm. Had us scared for a bit there, but good to see him get it settled without missed time. Coming in just under what we paid in this league. Good job with realistic contract demands mod team.
  6. I don't know, I have heard that he can be a real Faulker sometimes.
  7. He is asking what the actual cash value is in the final year of the deal. It matters because it sets the base value if they want to qualify him. Some of these deals are setup with a low average, but a high final year. Basically a promise that the next contract will be big.
  8. Spicy spicy. That sounds correct though. Matching a sheet with money he didn't have, which is then overturned due to brokenitude.
  9. What can I say, I can't say no to those puppy dog eyes. The master negotiator backed us into the corner by asking politely. Obviously people need to trade with us more often. Looks like some mystery benefactor paid for our team already. So I paid for the mods because I am an unabashed suck up. Never too early to get started on those contract talks.
  10. @Salter As much as I would love to leave it out: don't forget McGinn. We also included him in that deal. God it feels so wrong to trade Ristolainen, after shutting down so many inquiries about him. He was our long standing highest scoring player, a holdover from our inherited team, and a loyal soldier. Sometimes you just have to take the chances when an offer comes along: I sure hope we don't regret this one. That being said, I am very high on the potential of both Reinhart and Denisenko, and Spurgeon is coming off a sneaky good 340 point year. Big thanks to @70seven for matching us toe to toe on some extended haggling. He managed to get under the cap, pick up playoff points, and somehow end up with the highest scoring player in the deal. I think this deal is going to be a good one for both of us.
  11. YOU? A homer? I don't think I have ever noticed that!
  12. Man having @Master Mind work with the site is so damn convenient. It took me a while to come around to the functionality. But having someone on the inside is next level service.
  13. Hey look we are actually gonna be icing a goalie! I hardly even recognize us anymore. Famously, we haven't had a real player in net since our first year. We decided early that spending futures for the aging starters on the market wasn't the way to go during a rebuild. Then proceeded to flop around helplessly, piling up goalie prospects and not much else. We are super happy to get Gibson. Genuinely elite talent at only 26 years old. He isn't in the playoffs at the moment, but hey neither are we. One step at a time. It is a real shame to give up Ehlers so soon after we paid heavily to get him, but you need to give to get. It feels like a fair price. Especially when it also gives us our first steps towards accumulating all the late round picks in the league again. (If anyone feels like dumping some 5th round picks, we live for that $&!#) Thanks to @Canuck Surferfor the pleasant talks. And apologies to @Salter for predicting that his pick will be higher. You are still my favorite food seasoning, even if my arteries don't agree.
  14. I cant tell if it bothers me more or less that they are a tradable asset. I dont have any obvious buyout candidates, an it will help balance the value slightly if we can trade it and get SOMETHING for our cap management efforts. But it is gonna feel pretty bad when someone manages to get their hands on 3 or 4 of them for some surprisingly small price. Dump 20m and use the cap to sign anyone decent that gets freed up.
  15. Yeah i'm against it. Sucks for people that have had restraint and fought hard to not offer bad contracts. Uneven benefit across the league. If you are going to artificially create cap space to play with, then increase the cap. At least that is even and fair across the board.