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  1. 2018-19 CDC Puck League

    Thanks to @Tylez for doing the low level shuffle with us. Just some more of our usual cycle: taking in players, turning them into picks. Turning picks into Obscure Russians TM. Carrick came close to being a swing and a miss last season: Never turned into the player that we wanted when we acquired him, scratched often, and finally shuffled off the Dallas for a 7th. He has looked good in a few games with Dallas, so we are happy to cycle him for a 2nd. Hopefully he will keep it up now that he has some faith from the coach; he certainly has the potential. I still like the kid, even as we ship him off. Broissoit just became the casualty of too many backups in the system. Someday we will get a real goalie. Someday.
  2. 2018-19 CDC Puck League

    Congratulations man, that is fantastic news! Wishing her the best recovery possible. That really gives the meaning to the thanksgiving holiday. Nice work with the tree as well; looks like you might have some good firewood there while you are at it. I am thankful that I have two new kittens in my house, and they haven't managed to destroy any of my belongings yet. And as always - that hockey is back.
  3. 2018-19 CDC Puck League

    This one is the blockbuster of the season. Ignore the Jones trade. Ignore the Byfuglien trade. This bad boy is the league changer you have been waiting for. We are extremely excited to aquire... *checks notes*... Derkals? If @Sestito'sHandMadeVodka likes him I assume he is russian: all hail the motherland. Future considerations continues to be my favourite asset to spend. Sure hope we dont run out of those precious precious considerations.
  4. 2018-19 CDC Puck League

    That is undeniably a sexy sexy core of young D. Some real blue chips at the top, and plenty of depth.
  5. 2018-19 CDC Puck League

    You learn new things every day! Pleasure to meet you, Brandon from Fantrax. Now I feel REALLY out of my league for how clumsy I am at navitaging that system.
  6. 2018-19 CDC Puck League

    Those cooking injuries. The true scourge of the hockey world.
  7. 2018-19 CDC Puck League

    Ouch. Nate Shmidt out for 20 games for using performance enhancing drugs. I think that's you @Master Mind
  8. 2018-19 CDC Puck League

    Welcome on board! Can never have enough leagues eh?
  9. Sad News For The Tinfoil Hat Crowd

    That is probably a good thing. The guy runs a radio show/podcast/youtube/abomination. Mostly conspiracy theories and really aggressive fringe politics. His shtick is to scream until he is red and sweaty, and increasingly at risk of spontaneous aneurysm. The lizard people are making the frogs gay with their chemtrails Monty. Open your eyes sheeple. The unfortunate thing is that all of this probably makes him MORE popular in his demographic. For the first time in his life he ACTUALLY has authority figures trying to shut him down. He is going to have a field day with how he was "shut down for telling the truth" if he ever finds a platform for it. In the meantime, at least it muzzles his reach a bit and keeps him away from sane people.
  10. I love how the first two responses to this thread were someone on each side reinforcing the vitriol and raging at each other. It took exactly one post each to bring in the words pedophile and snowflake respectively. It couldn't have reinforced his point better if he tried. @Rob_Zepp you sure those aren't both extra accounts of yours?
  11. 2018-19 CDC Puck League

    Are you saying that the rest of the things exploding in films since then HAVEN'T been real? I was wondering how they managed to build that death star..
  12. 2018-19 CDC Puck League

    I'm not sure I can skate backwards anymore. But after a few beers I can be pretty belligerent. Is that the same as truculent?
  13. Why so many mononucleosis cases for hockey players?

    Yeah honestly there is just a ton of physical contact and bodily fluid all over the place. It is brutal for most diseases. You remember the mumps thing? And half those guys had their shots for that too. Blood, sweat, spit, water bottles. Mouthguard to glove. Glove to a guys face with an extended facewash. Not to mention spending 24/7 with a bunch of people in enclosed spaces in airplanes, buses and locker rooms. Extended periods of stress and adrenaline are also really hard on your immune system. I am surprised that there isn't far more sickness among players honestly. Its a testament to the medical and dietary teams that keep them going strong.
  14. You could make it Tanev, Baer and our 1st and those teams still wouldn't take it. You just can't trade your first when you expect there is a chance of being bottom 3. Winning the lottery and watching a franchise altering prospect go to another team on your pick is career ending. Hilariously that may actually HAPPEN to Ottawa. But they sure didnt expect to be this bad when they traded that pick.
  15. 2018-19 CDC Puck League

    Who? Uuuuuus? We are absolutely stockpiling assets for our goalie-free push for the playoffs. Please ignore the fellow surreptitiously attaching price tags on the back of players pants. REASON FOR EDIT: Surreptitiously is a ridiculously hard word to spell.