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  1. See, I am all for Golf as a way to take a walk and drink a beer or seven. But I am not sure I brought sufficient mountain climbin equipment to go huffing and puffing up and down that bad-boy. ...Did you use a caddy, or just a Sherpa?
  2. Are we supposed to be able to move our guys freely around Fantrax during the summer? I know that guys will have to pass through waivers to start the year down there. But it would be nice to be able to play with the roster and see how much cap I have in different scenarios. Right now I still need Mod powers to drop someone through "waivers" to the minors. @Master Mind
  3. Tick Tock Tick Tock Whatcha Drouin about that offer sheet friend? EDIT: Lol I am way too slow with my puns. He is Drouin plenty.
  4. Our one true moment of glory. The throw-in on that deal became Poehling for us too. Unfortunatly we used up all of our brains early though. Now our hobbies include overpaying for D then playing them on the 3rd pairing.
  5. Welcome to the league @Silver Ghost. You have some big boots to fill! Although maybe now Columbus won't steal all my draft targets..
  6. Jesus: 4th overall, Glass, 1st? That is... a lot.
  7. Woooooops. I definitely didn't notice the new thread, and missed 6 pages. I THOUGHT it felt like an awfully quiet summer!
  8. Not bad. 27 points last year. Same as Goldobin, more than Virtanen. Positive relative corsi/fenwick on a bad team. 115 hits, 51 blocks. Only 25. Kinda similar free found value to the Leivo pickup for us. Except a bit younger, a bit higher scoring, and more physical. Solid deal with no risk for 1Mx1year.
  9. You goobers. He is asking you to take our top 6 D. Then place them in order according to their offensive skills, then defensive skills.
  10. We threw in Edler as a sweetener somewhere when we first started. It made so much sense at the time! He was coming off a bad season. Expensive. Aging. Recently injured. Terrible team. CLEAR target for spring cleaning. he is one of the highest point producers in the league, and still truckin. Woops.
  11. 100% agree. I remember being fairly stressed trading when we first got the team. Trying to offload aging assets to strangers for whatever I could before they devalued. It makes a huge difference to feel comfortable saying "No thanks, happy to hold".
  12. I said against, but I don't strongly hate him or anything. I think he has been average. Maybe a bit below average. Strong drafting. Questionable signings. Some wins, some losses on trades. Not acquiring more draft picks to leverage his strengths at the draft bothers me. But hard to know what is available. I would give him a C+ or a B-. Its a pass, but I would like him a lot more as a head scout or an AGM.
  13. I definitely zoned out for a bit there. Is @Azzy our beloved Capn? Or a coincidentally named stranger.
  14. Well that wraps up our biggest draft day to date. We went in with a ton of picks, and came out with a bit of everything. A few meat and potato's Puck-Specials. A few fun Zoom Zoom smurf passion projects. A couple of our favorite sneaky un-drafted 2018 picks. One really solid trade. A set of funny matching names for the luls. What else can you ask for? 9 : Trevor Zegras -2 19 : Lassi Thompson +16 28 : Ryan Suzuki -4 29 : Rasmus Sandin (2018 1st) 34 : Bobby Brink -13 47 : Drew Helleson +40 53 : Nicholas Robertson -11 75 : Adam Beckman +24 82 : Mikael Vukojevic +19 89 : Mac Hollowell (2018 4th) 95 : Connor Dewar (2018 3rd) 110 : Ryder Donovan +11 114: Dmitri Voronkov +18 131: Rhett Pitlick -14 135: Isaiah Saville +18 173: Benjamin Brinkman -22 (But totally worth it) We are happy to say that all 16 of our players got drafted IRL: no misses this year. Excluding our 2018 draft scoop-ups, we have a net gain of +80. Honestly I like most of our guys that fell a bit more than the ones that rose a bit (Lassi Thompson is flattered, but slightly confused by his pick at 19). Big thanks to the mods for the most exhausting week of the year, and to anyone who offered us trades that we didn't have time to answer.
  15. I literally did a spit take and almost killed myself coughing. Absolute madness.