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  1. That feeling when you realize the guy you have been excitingly watching drop was actually picked in the 2nd. Damn spelling errors on spreadsheets. With pick 66, Buffalo selects Kasper "The Unfriendly Ghost" Simontaival Please tell me I didn't miss that one being taken as well @Azzy it is all you baby.
  2. @JimLahey is an absolute animal on the draft floor. Leave some picks for the rest of us!
  3. Sorry, bloody time difference. I had just gone to sleep. Accepted an offer on pick 63 just now upon waking. So pending final approvals, @JimLahey is on the clock again.
  4. Man, this guy just keeps stickin around eh? I keep thinking he is cooked after flaming out as a high potential guy. But someone keeps taking a flyer on him.
  5. With the 20th overall pick, the Buffalo Sabres Select, from the pond behind my house, this turtle that I just found! He says his name is Rodion Amirov or something Russian like that. But seriously... kid looks like a turtle. @Nail the Mic is yours!
  6. Oh crap @Sestito'sHandMadeVodka they have us outnumbered! There goes our only advantage. Two half-brains making one almost functioning one.
  7. Unless i have lost count, I think that was Schneider at 16 wasn't it?
  8. Dildo Newfoundland is definitely the answer. All in favour of the Dildo Dongers? Possibly the Dildo Danglers, if you want a nice hockey themed word?
  9. The Buffalo Sabres draft Captain Raymond Holtz, from somewhere in Brooklyn. (Also known as Alexander Holtz from somewhere in Sweden) @Rush17
  10. Hey, he said projections! No indication if they were CORRECT projections. Sometimes analysts are wrong after all.
  11. I will be moderately annoyed if some teams got a shot at the playoffs ahead of us, then a juicy shot at 1st overall, then jump ahead of us again for the rest of the draft. If we are going with us being ahead of those teams, then we should either be in the playoffs or having a 12% chance at Lafreniere at the moment. We cant get screwed from EVERY angle. :p
  12. Olofsson, Klimchuck, or McShane available for a 5th, this year or next.
  13. Yup. Gonna get weird. Some folks behind us in points are gonna be in playoff-play-in. Pulls em out of the initial lottery. Cause if they win the play-in round, they are in the playoffs and the highest they can pick is 16. If you go over to the IRL habs forum you can watch all the fans praying that they lose the play-in round so it doesn't ruin their tank. :p
  14. A few big boys, and honestly quite large on defense (with one exception). But still very small. A lot of the reputation is fairly earned. Actually not the smallest in the league though. Nashville beats them out on height narrowly. But they are in a two horse race down there at the bottom of the heights.