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  1. 2018-19 CDC Puck League

    I'm not sure I can skate backwards anymore. But after a few beers I can be pretty belligerent. Is that the same as truculent?
  2. Why so many mononucleosis cases for hockey players?

    Yeah honestly there is just a ton of physical contact and bodily fluid all over the place. It is brutal for most diseases. You remember the mumps thing? And half those guys had their shots for that too. Blood, sweat, spit, water bottles. Mouthguard to glove. Glove to a guys face with an extended facewash. Not to mention spending 24/7 with a bunch of people in enclosed spaces in airplanes, buses and locker rooms. Extended periods of stress and adrenaline are also really hard on your immune system. I am surprised that there isn't far more sickness among players honestly. Its a testament to the medical and dietary teams that keep them going strong.
  3. You could make it Tanev, Baer and our 1st and those teams still wouldn't take it. You just can't trade your first when you expect there is a chance of being bottom 3. Winning the lottery and watching a franchise altering prospect go to another team on your pick is career ending. Hilariously that may actually HAPPEN to Ottawa. But they sure didnt expect to be this bad when they traded that pick.
  4. 2018-19 CDC Puck League

    Who? Uuuuuus? We are absolutely stockpiling assets for our goalie-free push for the playoffs. Please ignore the fellow surreptitiously attaching price tags on the back of players pants. REASON FOR EDIT: Surreptitiously is a ridiculously hard word to spell.
  5. (Newest) 2018-2019 Time Capsule thread

  6. 2018-19 CDC Puck League

    Nope! IRL, no single team can retain more than 50% of the salary that they AQUIRED. If you keep trading you can go 8 to 4 to 2. Its silly and doesn't get done much because it is actual millions and not just numbers in a page. But technically legal. I definitely understand why it doesn't happen here though. One step of madness too far! Edit: In that CBA screenshot I think the important word is "50% of the REMAINING"
  7. 2018-19 CDC Puck League

    Ah! I must have misinterpreted that ruling! Don't mind me then. Between the (already convoluted) CBA and house rules in different leagues, I am entirely muddled. Carry on! Nothing to see here. Just a senile Syg. Edit: Yeah there is the one that muddled me. It was us pointing out that per CBA you can retain below 50% with multiple retainers. Mods ruled not to get into that mess. My brain retrieved it as "no multi-retain". Rather than "no multi-retain below 50".
  8. 2018-19 CDC Puck League

    Ah, there we go, that is what we were missing. This would probably be an awkward time to remind everyone that double retains are illegal. Once a player has a retain, you can't stick another one on him. Both because the mods didn't want to handle that madness, and because it opened up the possibility of us mining picks on chains of retain. Not that it makes a big difference in this case, but that extra little 0.75M is contraband.
  9. 2018-19 CDC Puck League

    Am I taking crazy pills here? Colton Parayko is signed for 7.5 million until 2022 in our league. Making him slightly MORE expensive than Gaudreau. That small retain implies that there is no other retain hidden elsewhere, since we can't do double retains in this league. Meaning you definitely get him for 6.75M this year, followed by his full terrible salary for the duration.
  10. 2018-19 CDC Puck League

    He was my favourite Canuck for that entire period, by a long shot. Both for his play on the ice, and his personality off of it. You could tell that he was an intelligent, funny guy. Add that to the rare combination of toughness with actual skill. He also gets points in my eyes for making a graceful exit. Right as he started to be questionable on ice value, he accepts a trade. Turns himself into a draft pick to help the team. Wouldn't want him as a player now, but he is welcome back with the coaching staff any day in my books.
  11. 2018-19 CDC Puck League

    Sorry man! It was a tough call whether to offer it or not. But we figured you would see it soon and get to make the choice yourself. Really depends how much regression you think him and his team are in line for. And whether you want that two years followed by UFA to compete now. Or the picks for a more youth based futures approach. Either way you are still our favorite. <3
  12. 2018-19 CDC Puck League

    Well we already knew that one.
  13. 2018-19 CDC Puck League

    Hahaha. What a funny coincidence. When not doing fantasy hockey, @Sestito'sHandMadeVodka is the DM in my current D and D campaign. Why do the real world when we can just do lots of different kinds of fantasy?
  14. 2018-19 CDC Puck League

    That clause is both a head scratcher and a work of art.
  15. I really like this one for the Habs. I truly don't understand anyone thinking they got a bad deal. This is the kind of leveraging of cap space that I always want to see from US. -The prospect that they sent the other way was a non asset. Just a warm body to send back the other way. -They easily fit Mason for a year (or buyout) with no impact on their roster or cap difficulties. Making any assets gained essentially found money. -Armia is the exact kind of depth you want to have. 25 year old, controlled asset, big body, 3rd line guy who actually has great supporting and advanced stats. -Free picks. We can turn up our noses at low picks as much as we want. But this is why some teams go into the draft with 14 of them, while we go in with 4. I would be cheering if Benning turned a bit of our new extra cap space into a solid 25 year old and some picks. Heck of a lot better than throwing millions at whatever 32 year old wants to ride the age-related-decline-slide this year.