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  1. Emptychair is truly a champion of the people. A representative of the common-folk and the fallen. He has my unwavering and wholehearted support.
  2. I mean, one of those starters is Rittich, i'm not sure if that counts. Guy had 21 games last year, split starts this year, then didn't get used in the playoffs. Looks like he has 2 starters and a pleasant-surprise-maybe-starter. And is now looking to trade down to 2 again.
  3. Man, careful not to cut yourself on that edge there chief. I always wonder when someone is this edgy on the internet. Are you actually like that in person? Are you able to hold down a job while joking about dead kids and "not caring about anything"? Or is it just a keyboard thing.
  4. We would be doing surprisingly OK so far, actually. Considering that we sold off our Lightning and Sharks. Still would be getting absolutely rolled by the real contenders in the playoffs. But maybe one day soon we will be relevant!
  5. He made it pretty clear that it was based on how they performed relative to his own expectations. They are not absolute grades and can't be compared to each other, much less to other teams or an absolute standard. Pearson with an A is obviously not an equivalent player to Horvat with an A. He just exceeded the (relatively low) expectations for him. Considering that most people expected this team to be hot garbage, they did better than most people expected. It makes sense that their grades relative to expectations would be generally quite good. Grade them relative to a GOOD team and I admit it looks a lot less pretty.
  6. Oh absolutely, I loved Manny. I think I don't see that as a direct comparison though. People forget that in that 2008-2011 stretch Manny was putting up 30-35 points. Playing 15-18 minutes. He was a really solid 3rd liner, and we paid him like one. His scoring when we signed him to that contract would have put him 4th on our current team I think. Beagle had one season at 30 points a couple years ago. But is mostly in that 15-20 point range. Playing 12-14 minutes. Averages a few percent worse on faceoffs too, for what it is worth. Definitely the same kind of player, but just a good defensive 4th liner compared to a good defensive 3rd liner. Hard to compare the contracts straight across though, the cap has gone up so much. For the record, if he started putting up Malholtra numbers I would be blown away. That would be fantastic. Man, I miss Manny. Remember the crowd chanting when he came back from the injury? Had me choked up a bit. EDIT: Just checked the possession numbers. Definitely not similar. Manny managed 53% corsi the year we signed him. Beagle had 39.2%. For whatever weight you put on that, it is a large gap.
  7. I am honestly pretty surprised to see people defend the contract that much. I thought it was pretty universally accepted that he was overpaid. I like the guy, and don't think the contract will be a big issue. But it's obviously an overpay. I think it's possible to defend the player without defending the contract. We paid a 4th liner a 3rd liner salary because we liked him a lot and wanted that particular skill set. Nothing necessarily wrong with that. Similar move to us offering Dorsett 2.5M, or Montreal offering Prust 2.5M. You identify a 4th liner that you really like, then you overpay him by 1.5M on a 4 year contract. Can end up nicely, as it did with Dorsett. But can also age poorly, as 4th liners tend to do. It is an intentional targeted overpay because they identified the tools/culture they wanted and were willing to splash money on. But it is certainly an overpay.
  8. I am destined to pick in the 9-10 zone. Ah weeeellllll
  9. Good luck @Alain Vigneault! You know we are all cheering for you at the end of the day.
  10. WHAT A GAME FOR POEHLING IN HIS NHL DEBUT The kiddo is the first Canadien to score a Hat Trick in his debut in the last 76 years. And he wraps it up by scoring the shootout winner. Now that is how you make an entrance with style, and close out the season on a high note.
  11. Hello friend, would you like to make some large, extremely questionable trades? I have a nice bridge to sell you, for a very reasonable price.
  12. Am I the only one who was kinda fond of him? Like. Historically terrible reffing. But kinda lovable in his bumbling incompetence. Remember when he met with a reporter in a bar, took tequila shots, and was basically like "Yeah this $&!# is incredibly hard, I have no idea what I am doing most nights". ...Then of course got suspended by the league for that baffling lack of judgement.
  13. Gallagher hitting a career high with 32 goals. What a beaut. This is why it is fun to own your favourite players in fantasy. Rebuild or no, happy to have him. Edit: And there is 33
  14. I have very bad news for you if you think Tanev is even in the value ballpark of Nylander ar this point.