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  1. Oh man, good call. Fantrax would remove the players entire contract from your cap-hit due to IR. Then you would still have "-2M" retention or whatever down at the bottom, since we input that separately. They could legit have negative cap hit for you.
  2. Well, Pronman released his midseason rankings and stats for top prospects outside of the NHL. We are pretty well represented this year. 1 Trevor Zegras (previous 8) 5 Grigori Denisenko (Previous 12) 11 Nicholas Robertson (previous 77) 22 Evan Bouchard (previous 26) 32 Ryan Merkley (previous 53) 52 Calen Addison (previous 98) 55 Bobby Brink (previous 87) 64 Jason Robertson (previous 69) 66 Dmitry Voronkov (previous unranked) A few gems that we unfortunately traded away also show up on the list: 7 Arthur Kaliyev (previous 19) 10 Rasmus Sandin (previous 33) 29 Ryan Suzuki (previous 37) Obviously it's nice to own the guy ranked as number 1 outside the NHL. But mostly I am encouraged by the fact that they are ALL ranked higher than at the start of the season (included the ones we traded). Drafting and following prospect development is still by far my favorite part of fantasy hockey. I am still loving how much this league lets me do that. Hard to know if we will ever be truly competitive. But either way I will have a blast amassing a hoard of picks and prospects.
  3. Romanov looks fantastic. Should show well in this league too, with his frequent hits. I admit I shook my head at that pick when it happened IRL. It felt like a reach, but he has steadily climbed and proved us all wrong. Good to see us represented up there with Denisenko and Zegras. We traded away Sandin this year unfortunately. But it was part of getting Hughes, so I can live with it.
  4. Well that probably wasn't how the US team saw that game going, but Zegras still had a heck of a tournament. 9 points in 5 games. Assisted on 53% of all US goals in the tournament. Im still feeling good about that pick.
  5. Happy new years you degenerates. You all make my hockey watching a hell of a lot more interesting. Here is to another year!
  6. If anyone has capspace to fit in a few more playoff-points, we would take a 5th for Hamhuis. 2.16ppg for 3m on Nashville. Off your books at the end of the year.
  7. I honestly think I picked them mostly randomly when I was a kid. No teams up in Northwest Territories, so everyone picks a hockey team based on their own preferences. Stuck with em since.
  8. My understanding is that he has not actually announced retirement. This is his first season without a contract. Wikipedia states him as a free agent. The closest articles I can find are that he MAY retire. Would love to have him removed, if the mods rule that he counts as retired. Are there any others that jump out at you? It certainly isn't unthinkable that I have missed an anouncement somewhere. And I could always use the cap.
  9. Have no fear! I am here and making trades. Just hadn't moved the injured guys on IR yet. Thanks for the heads up.
  10. I think there is a good chance that we actually lose this one, based on the nitty-gritties of the league. But after years of missing out in the lottery during a rebuild, it makes me happy. Every rebuld looks better with a shiny 1st overall to work around. Thanks to Jazz for sharing one of his many A+ prospects!
  11. Have the weekend off to poke around and explore the market. Feel free to shoot me a message if you have an offer on guys like Nugent-Hopkins, Spurgeon, or Lowry, or Perlini. Willing to listen on other guys if you have any clever ideas.
  12. Not only on waivers, but apparently occupying 5M worth of salary cap penalty for me! I know I spent a long time looking for a goalie, but I don't THINK I ever acquired that one. Giving goalies as gifts today @Jaku?
  13. We have you all riiiiiiiiiiight where we want you. 1718 points is the worst lead in hockey! But honestly, we tanked for two years and never managed a low enough finish to pick above 8th. If I had known that the secret to finishing last in the league was to ice a competitive roster, I would have tried it earlier!
  14. Over 2 years we have had 1 "soft-vetoed". Mods stepped in with some modifying conditions. Annoying in the moment when it happens, but we had some previous issues with predatory trading that were worse.
  15. Wow what a windfall! Some real class act names from around the forum. Welcome to the league guys. Feel free to shoot me a message any time if you want to talk trades (Buffalo Sabres), or just touch base and get situated in the league.