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  1. I think there is a good chance that we actually lose this one, based on the nitty-gritties of the league. But after years of missing out in the lottery during a rebuild, it makes me happy. Every rebuld looks better with a shiny 1st overall to work around. Thanks to Jazz for sharing one of his many A+ prospects!
  2. Have the weekend off to poke around and explore the market. Feel free to shoot me a message if you have an offer on guys like Nugent-Hopkins, Spurgeon, or Lowry, or Perlini. Willing to listen on other guys if you have any clever ideas.
  3. Not only on waivers, but apparently occupying 5M worth of salary cap penalty for me! I know I spent a long time looking for a goalie, but I don't THINK I ever acquired that one. Giving goalies as gifts today @Jaku?
  4. We have you all riiiiiiiiiiight where we want you. 1718 points is the worst lead in hockey! But honestly, we tanked for two years and never managed a low enough finish to pick above 8th. If I had known that the secret to finishing last in the league was to ice a competitive roster, I would have tried it earlier!
  5. Over 2 years we have had 1 "soft-vetoed". Mods stepped in with some modifying conditions. Annoying in the moment when it happens, but we had some previous issues with predatory trading that were worse.
  6. Wow what a windfall! Some real class act names from around the forum. Welcome to the league guys. Feel free to shoot me a message any time if you want to talk trades (Buffalo Sabres), or just touch base and get situated in the league.
  7. 83 points with no goalie game is a solid Saturday for us. Spurgeon finally came online after starting the season with no points and a -8. The Mikheyev signing really paying off so far, as is the Gibson aquisition. Feels good to own a goalie (although now we need a backup). Dissapointing that Poehling and Bouchard got sent down. But Sandin making the team is nice.
  8. Thanks! Good performances from our big guys so far. But we probably are going to need a couple more depth guys if we want to hang in there.The Atlantic is going to be a slugfest this year too!
  9. Based on that Brady Tkachuk goal to open the season: I would like to announce that the Buffalo Sabres are currently leading the league for the first (and likely only) time! The sweet taste of short-lived, sens-flavored victory. Hockey is back boys! Good luck to everyone this year.
  10. Technically he needs to first be re-offered to any other team that made a waiver claim on him before he can be traded. But I doubt that applies here. I love this clever footwork from all parties involved. The ballsy waiving to get rid of a bad contract without being held over a barrel or needing a buyout. The pickup and flip with retain, weaponizing cap for a free asset. And Detroit recognizing that Subban is still a great asset, if a couple million are shaved off. Tasty tasty fantasy hockey nonsense.
  11. Happy to see Rantanen signed longterm. Had us scared for a bit there, but good to see him get it settled without missed time. Coming in just under what we paid in this league. Good job with realistic contract demands mod team.
  12. I don't know, I have heard that he can be a real Faulker sometimes.
  13. He is asking what the actual cash value is in the final year of the deal. It matters because it sets the base value if they want to qualify him. Some of these deals are setup with a low average, but a high final year. Basically a promise that the next contract will be big.
  14. Spicy spicy. That sounds correct though. Matching a sheet with money he didn't have, which is then overturned due to brokenitude.
  15. What can I say, I can't say no to those puppy dog eyes. The master negotiator backed us into the corner by asking politely. Obviously people need to trade with us more often. Looks like some mystery benefactor paid for our team already. So I paid for the mods because I am an unabashed suck up. Never too early to get started on those contract talks.