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  1. Elder don't turn your back to the hit last second mannn take care of yourself
  2. Edler wouldn't make the top 4 of any other team in the league?
  3. Simple is key! Glad to see someone not trying to be more than they are capable of
  4. Honestly he was solid. Made some basic offensive plays (passing, shooting on target); he can actually hit the net consistently!! No glaring mistakes too. And the boy hitsssss
  5. Whoah how did you insert emojis? Do share
  6. With that attitude we cannot allow you to continue discussing Canucks prospects, in order to avoid the risk of bad grammar limiting their development
  7. I guess the conclusion is that the Canucks and all of our prospects are totally f$cked
  8. Bruhhh don't you know that spelling a players name correctly has a profound impact on their development?
  9. Slept on this topic overnight.....still confused about the grammar