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  1. Also a former Obama voter
  2. Geez man the ref let's Hoe'rn get some rabbit punches in before stepping in
  3. Utter xit is all I say. Now I freakin know why they chose that dirty Hoern, so they could give him the win and make him generate a lot of money in his next fights. Utter xit, Hoe'rns has a face stunged beyond unrecognizable, and somehow he wins Wadapak!!
  4. Benning seems to be pleasing me with this draft
  5. This is benning's pick for people who wanted WN. Would of wanted Casey but fine with patterson
  6. What happened with Mittlestadt. That guy was supposed to be one of the most skillfull forward on this draft
  7. Would be the biggest deal in JBs tenure.
  8. thats my pick at 3rd overall, mittelstadt the's guy has everything, he got size, speed and most importantly skill. We can always get size through trade and later picks
  9. it would suck to see the team we were better than for the most part of the decade win the cup. Now drafting top picks for a several years does actually win you a cup
  10. yes, my mistake, of course they have to be proven guilty and convicted.
  11. No, it is a problem in their country, its not playing on fear or dog whistles when someone calls out this problems that they're facing. Until they acknowledge that a group of people have a problem, and they have lots to show for it, the issue won't be solved and will remain an issue
  12. I don't care if it was a muslim who commited rape the suspect should be killed. When muslim countries have high rates of rape, and abuse of women, is it not fair to talk about their culture, their beliefs and where they got it from?
  13. I don't see Le pen a bigot, acknowledging the problem with the immigrants/muslim immigrants, doesn't make her bigot. I just hope French standard of tolerance of the problems that they have is "higher"
  14. Ow man those insults, whatever makes you feel better, good husband and good father, more superior human being. What you just posted is exactly what I expected from you, when you get triggered I feel the same way emotional outrage to natives and caucassians being raped, white girls are the ones who are mostly getting raped in europe so. All rapists should be executed or have their dicks cut off
  15. yeah, dont care about something that is literally happening in yoir country. Good man you are with that "le pig" thing.