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  1. Lol I was clearly trolling with part of my post. I said dont hate on jake, hate on me. Then went on to spew some insensitive garbage and for those that I offended I'm sorry. I am fortunate that this virus has not affected anyone close to me or even in my distant circle (facebook friends for example, acquaintances etc) and that is obviously a big reason why I dont take it as serious as some. But Jake did nothing wrong.
  2. I cant believe some of you. Lay off Jake. We all go to grocery stores and breath the same air. Gtfoh! This nanny state covid has created is more deadly than the virus. I never wear a mask, I dont social distance and I think this is all a joke to be honest. Hate on me, lay off Jake or like others have said. Free agents arent going to want to play here in snowflake city.
  3. Total cases 10 746 584. Deaths 517 504 4.8% And most of those deaths were elderly with underlying health conditions. That's why I called it a fake pandemic. These are similar numbers to pneumonia and various versions of the flu in some under developed countries.
  4. https://ncov2019.live Global numbers My bad. Its 4.8% I was off a decimal. Still very low
  5. Omg virtanen went clubbing during a fake pandemic.... One where over 50% of reported cases have recovered and less than 5% die. It's like saying dont go outside you might catch a cold. I for one am glad that JV 18 is enjoying life before he crushes the Minnesota Mild.
  6. I'm 33. Was 7 in 94. It's been long enough. 5 rounds would make it even sweeter. And it's similar to winning on the road. There would still be parades in the streets. Robson street downtown. Scott rd in surrey. South Fraser Way in abbotsford. These social distance guidelines dont mean anything when it comes to Vancouver winning the cup. It will still be every bit as special.
  7. It's a win win. Our traded pick is lottery protected. If we beat Minnesota then hell ya playoff hockey in august and September (hopefully October) for our boys. If we lose, this season already feels like a loss anyway cause of covid and we hilariously have a better shot at first overall than any of our other "tank years". This is good news all around. GCG
  8. Mogilny def got snubbed.. as others have said he was a forgotten superstar. He also bounced around a lot. What team would he go in under? I guess Buffalo? He played on a lot of teams and his playing time on each was spread out, he never really settled anywhere.
  9. That was an exciting game 7. I was only 7 when that was live so it was nice to see again. That team had heart, and that team is the greatest canucks team of all time, right down to the buzzer. The 2011 team laid an egg in game 7 and the game was over after 2 periods. I hope this new core can do one better than Linden, Bure, McLean and co.
  10. I bet my left one that nobody is going to get any sicker than they normally would. Covid is liberal bs It's happening whether you like it or not. Bring on the playoffs! Hopefully they come here as the other hub city.
  11. They shut the world down on the side of caution but hindsight shows that it really isnt that deadly. Germany has been playing soccer for months now. Italy just started, New Zealand is open for business. Go back in your pen
  12. Corona is all fear pushed anyway. It kills a small percentage of us but it's no worse than pneumonia which we have lived with for centuries. Life goes on. Vegas is an obvious choice with all the hotels. Not sure why some of you are surprised by this. If things keep trending the way thet have been there is a good chance Vancouver is the other host. Time zone doesn't matter without fans in the stands. East conference games can still be played at 4 pt/7et. My bet is both host cities are in the west with the case numbers back east. Also most American cities are a tire fire right now besides Vegas, havent heard of any protests or riots there. So its looking good for Vancouver. We have lots of hotels and ice space, plus we could probably house a few teams at UBC and there's an NHL sized arena there as well.
  13. Hes not that low on that list. He should be around 9-10