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  1. Dallas went dipping in california in the offseason picking up Perry and Pavelski and it's worked out great
  2. I just seen something circulating fb that the pens are going to offer Tanev a 5 year deal.
  3. No that's not all it is. Look at his uninspired play and that should be enough. And listen to what JB and TG say
  4. A friend of mine knows him personally. He is friends with his older brother Stefan, they used to play roller hockey together. Anyway he told me that none of the stories or rumours about him not being in shape for training camps etc surprise him. Hes got an attitude and his heart just isnt in it. His own friends and acquaintances want him to get traded lol I've been on the Jake bandwagon forever but I'm over it, hes not going to be another cam neely. They should move on from him. Macewen or Leivo are better options
  5. Sorry I should edit that as forwards. They're forward group is all 2nd and 3rd liners besides stone.
  6. You cant have a Vancouver trident of hatred without Calgary. Vegas overachieves. In the cap era I can think of many many many teams that are better than this years golden knights. The 2011 canucks would have wiped the floor with these clowns The 2010 Blackhawks would have easily swept them. Datsyuk and zetterbergs redwings Ovechkins cup winning caps. Crosby and Malkin in their prime alone would wipe Vegas. Last year the Bruins and the blues were both better than the knights. Vegas sucks They are well rounded and can roll 4 lines but they lack that high end top skill. Stone and Pacioretty are not on Peteys or Crosby or Benn or Ovechkins etc level Almost every team in the leagues top forward is better than Vegas '