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  1. We have Benn, Rafferty, and Juolevi needs to get up here at some point. Luke will clear
  2. I thought the rumor was that Gillis almost traded Schneider for him?? That move could have been the difference in us getting a cup. In his prime David Backes was a tough and solid hockey player, and not having Schneider would have meant no goalie controversy, Luongo should have always been our guy. That move could have changed Gillis' fate as a GM had it gone through. Oh well, no Schneider means no Horvat though today. Water under the bridge.
  3. Miller Petey jake/brock Pearson Horvat Eriksson Roussel Gaudette brock/Jake Sutter Beagle Motte Ferland is not going to play 4th line. And hes not a centre. And you dont want to mess up chemistry. It has to be Eriksson. Keep in mind Leivo is sidelined too. If this whole forward group is healthy I see this. Miller Pettersson Boeser Pearson Horvat Ferland Roussel Gaudette Virtanen Sutter Beagle Motte Leivo Eriksson We've come a long way from the Vey Megna Chaput days
  4. Hes probably coming out of the lineup though when Ferland comes back
  5. Remember all the trade proposals? Patience pays off
  6. Hes still an overpaid bum. But Loui has been playing his best hockey as a canuck lately.
  7. They have a pretty solid fanbase in smashville dont they? Seemed that way during the playoffs anyway
  8. So many people thought they were smart acquiring Subban. I always thought Shea Weber was the best player in that trade. They did go to the finals afterwards though.
  9. Ya and Hartley is clearly a clown. Wont be seeing him back in the bigs. I doubt it anyway
  10. So Shane O'Brien says that nobody hardly talked to him for the whole season he was with Calgary. Shows you the losers they had (and continue to have) in that organization
  11. That's beautiful! This is a contact sport. I love seeing blood on the ice. And I love seeing Jake getting more engaged. Perrault is a puss
  12. I would guess it's the 2nd best winning % at the 41st game, so ya it probably will be Greener.
  13. Vegas isn't having that bad of a year, they big time over achieved the last 2 years. I'm surprised they canned him, I dont think DeBoer will fair any differently.