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  1. I'm getting so impatient. I find myself refreshing CDC and various sports media apps to find out if there is anything on this, as often as I can. This is affecting my day to day life lol Just get him signed!!!
  2. Lol you're stuck in the 2000's Contracts have changed, that's not market value. Petey will get north of 10. It sucks, but it is what it is, 7 mill is pretty fair for Brock, it's not cheap and its not an overpayment either.
  3. Opinions like this is why so many fans crap all over benning. Unreal expectations. There is no way marky gets you a first. Hes 30 years old and has only had half a season of success. Even if he has a great year, that's only about 2 half seasons of success (if you deal him at the deadline) and if he is having a great year and we are in a playoff spot.. than why would you trade your starting goalie?? Whatever happens I just hope that benning doesnt treat our goalies the way Gillis did, cause we went from Luongo and Schneider to Markstrom and lack in the blink of an eye. What an implosion of the crease that was, and that's why Gillis doesnt have an NHL job.
  4. Oh well.. as long as we sign Brock I dont care if Eriksson stays. Hopefully he can bounce back but its doubtful. Hes going to have a short leash with Green.
  5. Why wouldnt they have a ceremony for the home opener of the 50th year? That's what the ceremony would be for, the captaincy is secondary.
  6. Twitter sure is a lot more negative compared to here. There is a whole bunch of surrey kings over there. I think aquaman made the right choice, theres so much more beyond the standings. The restocked cupboard cant be ignored, regardless of draft position. Plus no lottery luck to boot. I believe in this team
  7. Look JB has his shortcomings, as did Gillis and every other GM as well.... But you say Gillis was fired for wanting to trade away our core lol? How do you know this? Cause handing out NTC and NMC to all of the core and even role players like Hansen and Higgins shows otherwise. And the goalie controversy that he created. Gillis crapped the bed towards the end big time. Gillis did a good job pushing Burkes team over the edge to the finals but then he failed miserably. Benning has made his fair share of mistakes and handed out some questionable contracts but his drafting is far better than anything Gillis ever did. Hes getting better and hes the right man for the job. Take your hater glasses off. Lol Gillis wanted to trade the core lol... and I want to win the lottery.
  8. When are the Canucks going to do the same? He deserves it. He had a more impactful time on the Canucks than markus naslund and arguably stan smyl. It would make up for Torts snubbing him in the outdoor game.
  9. They're going to have a ceremony probably on the first home game and hank will pass the C down to Bo. You watch. That's why nothing has been mentioned yet.
  10. Hes focusing on something a lot more important than hockey or his contract. I know its cliche but thoughts and prayers to brock and his family.
  11. Hes still definitely not worth a protected first though... Fire Benning S/
  12. So very true. Those prime wce years and sedins years were so short.
  13. You sound like Miller is on an expiring contract when he is actually on a really cap friendly contract with term. These supporting cast players are going to play more than one season and there will be pieces added continually. Sure it's a gamble, every move is. But as many have said before you have to eventually stop losing.