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  1. Does anyone know how to report someone for violating self quarantine laws? I know someone who was out of the country a week ago and I have reason to believe they have left their house and are putting the public in danger.
  2. I hope toffoli re-signs here. Stupid corona virus may make it all for nothing.
  3. I didn't purchase them, my gf did, and she said once the date passes she will try again and if they give her the run around shes reporting them to consumer matters on global lol
  4. Has anyone had any luck getting their money back from Ticketmaster? I purchased tickets months ago for the April 4th game against the knights. Ticketmaster told me they couldn't refund me yet because the game wasnt technically cancelled, but only postponed and could be played at a later date. That's absolute bogus, if in fact it is postponed its not like they will allow fans in the building anyway. And if the season and playoffs isn't cancelled entirely, surely the season will be and we will jump right to playoffs. In these times of uncertainty it's a joke that Ticketmaster isnt refunding everyone regardless of the events "status."
  5. Why not have a laugh. We are human after all
  6. Voting steamer Nominating harold snepsts
  7. Jonathan cheechoo Sergei samsonov Peter bondra Jeff friesen Nikolai khabibulin Marty havlat
  8. That's sad. Employers need to take this seriously.
  9. Have any of you beautiful people been diagnosed with covid 19? Or do you have any family, friends, or know anyone that has?
  11. The other day I left my cart about 10 feet away to go browse produce and some woman moved my cart and it pissed me off so bad. I wanted to say something but I decided to avoid any confrontation. Seriously though lady, are you living under a rock? Dont touch my groceries. People arent getting it. I still go to work every day but I'm very much isolated otherwise.
  12. Haha no kidding. Truckers exempt but no reason why visitors should come..stay in your own ****hole country ya yanks