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  1. 100% agree. Look at Buffalo. They traded a solid guy in Tyler Myers for basically an obnoxious man child in Evander Kane. I still can't believe they thought Kane was a missing piece for them. I give that draft a B+. A lot of good choices made but a little boring. I was hoping for some hometown fireworks like Puljujarvi being traded or moving up for Byram.
  2. If playoffs is the goal, I really can't see Sutter or Schaller being traded.
  3. JT Miller is management pushing for the playoffs. Risky with just Hughes and Joulevi coming up as upgrades on defence. Fingers crossed that whoever is in charge in 2021 doesn't over extend themselves at the trade deadline.
  4. More like Virtanen is working towards being a Podkolzin. Virtanen even at this stage doesn't have Podkolzin's hands.
  5. If the lotto balls didn't cause us to move down a spot, we'd have nabbed Zegras at 9. We lost out on him due to luck more than anything. 2 years is also a pretty decent timeline. This year will be Hughes' first year in the NHL. Virtanen is on the edge of maybe becoming a top 6 player. Gaudette needs a couple years to mature into a 3C. Our draft picks in 2020 and 2021 will really add to the Canucks overall depth. We're still a rebuilding team and can't afford to be throwing picks away, especially when there's potential top 6 and top 4 talent left in the second round.
  6. I'm more excited about rounds 2-7 to be honest. This is where Benning cleans up.
  7. Willie Desjardins is not an NHL coach. That being said, management is equally responsible for Tryamkin leaving the team. It was ridiculous of them to sign Tryamkin to a one-way deal for his first year in the NHL. Tryamkin was a 22-year-old rookie who had only played 13 games in the NHL. He wasn't a Panarin, Zaitsev or Dadonov talent wise. Nothing in his KHL career entitled him to ask for a contract that said he would only come to North America if he was given a one-way ticket to the NHL. Yet management gave him one. Completely contrary to their preachings of wanting each and every player to earn their roster spot. Willie got fired in 2017 because we as a fan base we were unhappy since 2014 with Torts. Linden is a legend. Benning was a former Canucks and part of a Cup winning management group. We had a BC born coach in the system that was already getting offers in Travis Green. Compared to Linden and Benning, Willie was the most disposable and in the eyes of the fanbase had the most demerits against him, largely because his choices were on display every game. But Willie's choices really hinged on the choices made by Linden and Benning. They gave Willie an absolutely uncompetitive roster while marketing a "competitive rebuilding" strategy. Let's also not pretend that the Canucks finishing at the bottom of the league under Willie wasn't a necessary evil. Olli Joulevi and Elias Pettersson was the fruit of that evil. Our #1 PP became so because we didn't have the talent to complement the Sedins. I'm glad Willie's back in junior hockey where he belongs. But let's try to be fair here.
  8. Tryamkin doesn't see himself as a bottom pairing guy. If I remember correctly, there was one interview where he said he was happy to be back in the KHL because he was getting top pairing minutes compared to Vancouver. This is ultimately what gives me pause when it comes to Tryamkin: He didn't want to develop in the AHL. Likely a money issue IMO. From his perspective the AHL is a development league that only pays thousands, so why not develop in the KHL and get paid millions? He's in his mid-twenties now so his development time is likely finished or close to. If he isn't a top pairing guy or even a top 4 guy, will he accept a role on this team as a bottom paring guy?
  9. The Canucks have had the cap space to take on a numerous bad contracts since Benning has taken over. But that sort of thing just isn't Benning's managing style or the Aquilini's just didn't want to pay up for it. Whatever the reason it's a real shame. For example, this team missed out on Dante Fabbro or Jacob ChyChrun when Detroit dealt away Pavel Datsyuk's contract.
  10. I thought he left before a contract could even be offered?
  11. Championship or not this guy has had a really impressive junior career. Can't wait to see him in Utica.
  12. I personally don't think Hutton will or should be moved. He showed not only improvement but a lot of character this season. He's the right age to mature and be a leader on this team when it starts to contend as well. Plus I don't think the Canucks have the depth to move a defenseman for the next few years unless they're getting a defenseman back that's a prospect. Woo likely won't be pushing until 2021 at the earliest since he still has another year of junior and likely one year in the AHL. There's absolutely no guarantee on Rafferty, Teves, Brisebois etc. but will Tryamkin have an edge on them if he comes to training camp and pre-season in 2020? I honestly don't think so. If anything I think Rafferty has an edge because he's right handed and he certainly didn't look too out of place when he played this year. I can see Rafferty starting in Utica next year, being the first call up and then sticking from there just like Troy Stetcher.
  13. Will Tryamkin even have a place on this team when his KHL contract is done next summer? Especially if he wants top 4 minutes. Tryamkin clearly outplayed most of the defence core in 2016. But 2020 will be a different story. Hughes is a lock. Hutton and Stetcher make a great tandem. Joulevi, Rafferty, Teves, Brisebois will likely be in the mix. Edler and Tanev will likely still be here. Then there's the possibility of the Canucks drafting a defenceman this year, if it's Victor Soderstrom, he could likely compete for a spot after another year in the SHL. Tryamkin isn't exactly Nikita Zaitsev, so he's likely not going to be gifted a spot to see what he can do for the team.
  14. Yea cause he has Marchand to compensate for.