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  1. Yea cause he has Marchand to compensate for.
  2. I completely agree with this. I think the age-gap replacement plan caused more steps to be taken backwards rather than forwards. The loss of picks in the Sutter and Gudbranson trades are especially glaring. Management must essentially draft extremely well to maintain decent prospect depth.
  3. This is Tkachuk's third year in the NHL, he's likely to develop a better defensive game as he progresses. I'm also betting that Tklachuk's likely going to have a better career compared to Marchand when all is said and done. I'm still pretty high on Joulevi regardless. Hutton, Hughes and Joulevi on the left side going forward is pretty solid.
  4. DiPietro paying Luukkonen back for the world juniors.
  5. Absolutely gutted. I'm hoping Zegras is still available at 10. But if not, I'd like Soderstrom.
  6. Demko's stats might not reflect this, but I thought he was fairly impressive in the games he played this season.
  7. Bryam no question for me. We'd have one of the best defence core's in the NHL. Elite scoring wingers can still be found outside the top 10. The Canucks will likely be drafting in the 10-20 range for a few years. Dylan Larkin and Matthew Barzal range.
  8. Didn't Ottawa trade their first to Colorado? Either way I'd especially hate for the Canucks to lose a lottery pick this year at home. Even getting #3 to draft Bryam would be amazing.
  9. For comparison’s sake this is the composition of the top 10 NHL teams vs. Vancouver. I’ve included more than 5 top players if the stats are tied or within 2 points. Since 2000, the 2010 Blackhawks has been the only team that finished outside the top 10 that went on to win the cup. Every team has a defensemen in their top 5. DUH. Other than the NY Islanders and Nashville Predators, the top 5 point producers on every team has currently broken the 40 point mark or will likely do so by the end of the season. Like Tyler Johnson and Yanni Gourde who are at 39 points currently. Only Pettersson, Horvat and Boeser have 40+ points. Which will likely remain that way unless Roussel and Goldobin score at around 1 PPG in these last games. Outside the top 5, most of these teams will have under a handful of players that are going break the 40 point mark. The only question mark to this trend might be Pittsburg. The average amount of depth players that have 20+ points on these team is 6 Vancouver Canucks Elias Pettersson 1st round (5th) Age: 20 Bo Horvat 1st round (9th) Age: 23 Brock Boeser 1st round (23rd) Age: 22 Antoine Roussel - undrafted Age: 29 Nikolay Goldobin 1st round (27th) Age: 23 No players with 30+ points, 4 players with 20+ points = Depth Scoring 4 Rousell currently has 29, Goldonbin is at 27 points Tampa Bay Lightning Nikita Kucherov - 2nd round (58th) Age: 25 Brayden Point - 3rd round (79th) Age: 22 Steven Stamkos - 1st round (1st) Age: 29 - D Viktor Hedman - 1st round (2nd) Age: 28 Tyler Johnson - undrafted Age: 28 Yanni Gourde - undrafted Age: 27 3 other players have 30+ points, 4 others with 20+ points = Depth Scoring 7 Boston Bruins Brad Marchand - 3rd round (71st) Age: 30 David Pasternak - 1st round (25th) Age: 22 Patrice Bergeron - 2nd round (45th) Age: 33 David Krejci - 2nd round (63rd) Age: 32 Torey Krug - undrafted Age: 27 - D 1 other player with 30+ points, 2 others with 20+ points = Depth Scoring 3 Calgary Flames Johnny Gaudreau - 4th round (103rd) Age: 25 Sean Monahan - 1st round (6th) Age: 24 Elias Lindholm - 1st round (5th) Age: 24 Matthew Tkachuk - 1st round (6th) Age: 21 Mark Giordano - undrafted Age: 35 - D 2 other plays with 30+ points, 5 players with 20+ points = Depth Scoring 7 San Jose Sharks Brent Burns - 1st round (20th) Age: 34 - D Joe Pavelski 7th round (205th) Age: 34 Tomas Hertl - 1st round (17th) Age: 25 Logan Couture - 1st round (9th) Age: 29 Timo Meier - 1st round (9th) Age: 22 5 other players with 30+ points, 1 player with 20+ points = Depth Scoring 6 Toronto Maple Leafs Mitch Marner - 1st round (4th) Age: 21 John Tavares - 1st round (1st) Age: 28 Morgan Reilly - 1st round (5th) Age: 25 - D Auston Mathews - 1st round (1st) Age: 21 Kasperi Kapanen - 1st round (22nd) Age: 22 4 other players with 30+ points, 3 players with 20+ points = Depth Scoring 7 Washington Capitals Alex Ovechkin - 1st round (1st) Age: 33 Nicklas Backstrom - 1st round (4th) Age: 31 Evgeny Kuznetsov - 1st round (26th) Age: 26 John Carlson - 1st round (27th) Age: 27 - D TJ Oshie - 1st round (24th) Age: 32 Jakub Vrana - 1st round (13th) Age: 23 3 other players with 30+ points, 4 players with 20+ points = Depth Scoring 7 NY Islanders Mathew Barzal - 1st round (16th) Age: 21 Josh Bailey - 1st round (9th) Age: 29 Brock Nelson - 1st round (30th) Age: 27 Anders Lee - 6th round (151st) Age: 28 Ryan Pulock - 1st round (15th) Age: 24 - D Casey Cizikas - 4th round (92nd) Age: 28 Jordan Eberle - 1st round (22nd) Age: 28 5 other players with 20+ points = Depth Scoring 5 Winnipeg Jets Blake Wheeler - 1st round (5th) Age: 32 Mark Scheinele - 1st round (7th) Age: 25 Kyle Connor - 1st round (17th) Age: 22 Patrik Laine - 1st round (2nd) Age: 20 Bryan Little - 1st round (12th) Age: 31 Jacob Trouba - 1st round (9th) Age: 25 - D 3 other players with 30+ points, 4 other players with 20+ points = Depth Scoring 7 Nashville Predators Ryan Johansen - 1st round (4th) Age: 26 Roman Josi - 2nd round (38th) Age: 28 - D Mattias Ekholm 4th round (102nd) Age: 28 - D Filip Forsberg - 1st round (11th) Age: 24 Viktor Arvidsson - 4th round (112nd) Age: 25 Ryan Ellis - 1st round (11th) Age: 28 - D 2 other players with 30+ points, 5 other players with 20+ points = Depth Scoring 7 Pittsburg Penguins Sidney Crosby - 1st round (1st) Age: 31 Phil Kessel - 1st round (5th) Age: 31 Evgeni Malkin - 1st round (2nd) Age: 32 Jake Guentzel - 3rd round (77th) Age: 24 Kris Letang - 3rd round (62nd) Age: 31 - D 2 other players with 30+ points, 2 other players with 20+ points = Depth Scoring 4
  10. Leivo is only on that line because he's the best option available to the Canucks. Let's not pretend that he's anything more than a place holder.
  11. I've only watched about 45 minutes so far. The thing that stuck out the most to me so far was when one of the boys said that Michael told him that he was his first sexual experience. Michael Jackson defenders always say that he was too innocent and too childlike himself to have sexually abused another child. I think that's precisely the reason he sexual abused children. Michael Jackson didn't grow up normally. His life was devoid of so many moments that demarcat childhood, adolescence and adulthood. He performed as a child and as an adult he continued to perform. His mind was childlike but not his body. Michael Jackson was in his mid-twenties when Thriller came out. His innocent childlike mind, likely limited or perhaps even negated his ability to have a romantic let alone sexual relationship with another adult. He likely saw the sexual abuse he inflicted on those children as friends experimenting.
  12. I enjoy listening to Michael Jackson's music. The Way You Make Me Feel. Black or White. Man in the Mirror. I don't think I'll ever grow tired of hearing those songs. As a musician Michael Jackson is an icon. Outside of that he was disgusting, self-indulgent and lacked the ability to have honest self-reflection. For me it's undeniable that he sexually abused those boys. Whether it was in a malicious way about power and control or some kind of childlike curiosity about sex. The most damning evidence for me came out years ago, when Jackson himself said he didn't thing it was inappropriate to sleep in the same bed with young boys.
  13. If Benning manages to find another Tyler Madden in 2019, a guy who was basically unknown and now having a great first year in the NCAA and played in the World Juniors, I say he's making it.