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  1. Its obvious that the borders should be cut off and it is intelligent the countries that cut borders off early like russia etc have little to no virus based on them jumping on it early
  2. Marky and tanev should be healthy by resume date we will most likely be 100% once season resumes
  3. Close the borders trudeau u pos
  4. Tbh im happy i get to watch this race go down watching these games u become so emotionally invested its crazy its great to be a fan right u think all the other teams were in the chase with are just giving up on there team naw.... its been a few years since weve been this close to a playoff birth enjoy this s*** instead of beeing a pathetic bandwagon fan “sips tea”
  5. Just wanna say myers is playing real solid tonight he looks fresh and that call was bs
  6. Our compete level is still low the hustle is not where it should be with the race beeing so close they really need to bury teams and be aggressive right out the gate i see way to many fly bys and not enough hitting -rousell is not hitting at all and has been pretty invisible i would demote him to the 4th line and put motte up with gauds and tuna - defensive zone breakdowns have been bad we need to button up defensively if we are going to be effective coming down the stretch -beeing outshot every game has to change to many trys at perfect plays throw the pucks on net we got the 2 points thats all that matters onto ottawa which if they play agressively will be an easy W
  7. Statistically with the amount of games left our record could be below 500 and i still think we get in ...demmers gonna know this is his time to shine we will be fine
  8. See this might be a good situation just think about this... DEMKO gets to run with the ball the next 3-4 weeks just know hes been a starter his entire career and might get hot with a big workload if this happens and he gets hot markys backing up demko in the first round (look what matt murray did to fluery in pitts) if it works like this markys gone next season which =5-7 mill cap saved for resigning our other core players BUT.. only in a perfect canucks world
  9. Tanev has been great all year and thats huggys d partner and we need grit not pansy offensive d men
  10. Im with u 100% on this loved watching this team come together the past few years