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  1. This thread is become funny to me ....if you know this team and know the way its coached theres no way green is gonna trust him if your thinking hes coming back this season were on a run and everyone knows the systems and the fact that hes just a depth D in even the KHL should prove it
  2. You see that 6 million dollar screen by LE on the Mysey goal 7 BABY LETS GO!!
  3. JT MILLAAA guy always looks pissed on the ice never smiles but is the most solid acquisition in my mind in the past 10 years
  4. Hall going to zona is not good for us if he bolsters there scoring more and fits in well thats just another team in the west that got better rental or not
  5. I still feel green is playing hughes to much he plays 2-3 min shifts sometimes like they double shift him constantly green needs to chill on that or injuries and fatigue are in our future
  6. From what ive noticed this year Brocks wrist injury took about 25% off his shot its no longer feared as it once was and please bro get some dekes going dont just shoot at the goalie o for on breakaways that couldve ended the game if that was petey all 3 of those breakaways go in
  7. Big 2 points with ferly and beagle back we are heavier on the puck think ferland had 6-7 hits looking good miller doing his EP impression in ot with that blast RIP water bottle
  8. We played hard in 1 period and won .... i really feel that we need to string a few together to put space in between us and the other teams behind us
  9. Look how scary our team was in the beggining when he was in the lineup he puts fear into the opposing team cant wait for ferly to be back apparently he was in full practice mode could see him saturday
  10. I really hope marky starts mcdavid and LD will pick demkos blocker side all game
  11. The entire league now knows demko is weak blocker side watch his next start and see how many times they shoot there
  12. Like i said before green loves grinders and he wants goldy to play like a grinder its a waste of offensive talent
  13. Fact...every team knows to go blocker side on demko green calls up goldy puts in a bottom six role? Wtf is that im seeing alot of guys flatfooted not pressuring towards the end of these games almost like they gas out with 10 mins left i still have faith in this team but i dunno the coaching and management decisions are questionable
  14. Travis green is officially bush league for calling up an offensive guy in goldy and dumping him on the 3rd 4th line playing with plugs smh this is getting ridiculous