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  1. They need to break this record as Canucks!
  2. 2018 Winter Olympic Games Thread

    Words we'll never get to say... Olympic Gold medalist Mason Raymond.
  3. OMG Fog?

  4. CDC Celebrity Dead Pool 2017

    Hopefully for the celebrities you don't go 20/20!
  5. CDC Celebrity Dead Pool 2017

    It's probably best if you don't edit your post when someone dies.
  6. Just want to hear your stories about why you cheer for the Canucks! Thanks, mta EDIT: Some great replies. Let us know where you're from (promise not to stalk you).
  7. Merry Christmas!

    Happy ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ Day in December that falls on a Federal Holiday before Boxing Day everyone.
  8. CDC Celebrity Dead Pool 2017

    I think this is a good amendment. nuckin_futz, can we edit until Dec 31, 2016?
  9. CDC Celebrity Dead Pool 2017

    I'm making a list. I'm checking it twice. I'm gonna figure out who's old and gonna be cold as ice. Thanks for continuing the Death Pool! 1. Ozzy Osborne 2. George RR Martin 3. Richard Simmons 4. Andrew Lloyd Webber 5. Robert Plant 6. Alice Cooper 7. Queen Elizabeth II 8. IM Pei 9. Olivia Newton-John 10. Peter Mayhew 11. Dalai Lama 12. Ruth Bader Ginsburg 13. Michael Douglas 14. Tommy Chong 15. Shannen Doherty 16. Chuck Norris 17. Barbara Bush 18. Rodrigo Duterte 19. Stephen Hawking 20. Gord Downie
  10. Was Emily Carr ever in the running?
  11. CDC Celebrity Dead Pool 2016

    What a year for celebrity deaths! Who's winning so far?