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  1. I'd think that Tanev would fetch a low 2nd, at best; more likely a 3rd + a 'B' level prospect that we can bury in Utica. As thin as we are, they need some help also when we started pulling players up here for injuries. That's the main reason they won't make the playoffs...playing an ECHL defense against AHL teams (because their AHL D is here!). Biggest need we have, right now, is an RHD. Hutton-Stetch proved to be a good pairing; Hughes-Schenn looked pretty good also. That leaves Edler with...? If we don't get to fill that spot in free agency or trade, then Brogan Rafferty looks to be next up. You don't want to overplay Biega, and Chatfield needs another 1-2 years before ready. Woo, I just can't see here next year; Rathbone needs a couple of years, likely. Even if we get Soderstrom (finally spelled it right!), I doubt he is ready for the NHL next year.
  2. It's pretty much common knowledge what we need; top 6 forward and a top D. Since it seems to be much more difficult to develop Dmen, and we are rather thin, it would make sense to look at either Loderstrom or Seider. Both are probably available with a later pick than 10th. So yeah, agree that trading down to grab an extra 2nd or 3rd would make sense...IF that is an option to be explored.
  3. Very nice signing. Goalie with some promise, already with some competitive years behind him, and no spending a draft pick to acquire. Looks to be ECHL, or if shows better, then a depth signing for Utica. Well done!
  4. Edler resigned, pairs with Sautner (1st pairing...later 2nd) Hughes in; sign Tyler Myers (2nd pairing...initially) Hutton and Stetch are back (3rd pairing) Brisebois and Schenn are the depth Tanev gets moved in off-season, likely at the draft. Pouliott is gone, I really don't care but something would be nice. Biega ends up in Utica, captain material and coaching in his future. Juolevi starts in Utica, but probably takes over for Sautner by mid-season; Brisebois becomes trade bait at that point, as we probably will have a draft pick (or two, or three) showing their future worth, and Chatfield along with Rathbone and/or Brassard become the immediate future depth
  5. Seider would be a good add. Sounds like Guddy, but a better skater and a little more aware of getting the puck out...without turn overs!
  6. Father Ryan

    Sam Gagner | C/W

    Yep. Get what we can for Vanek (3rd, 4th?) and bring Goldobin up. By then, he should have had enough time to get the message that pro hockey isn't just scoring (though that really helps!). Goldobin should be able to make the team from the start, next year.