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  1. Close one between Hughes and Miller. Have to go with Hughes, knew he was going to be good but didn’t expect him to be this good right out the gates. 24 points in 29 games, and he’s showing no signs of slowing down. Still fairly early, but it’s so nice to have a defencemen with so much offensive upside. Miller would be the runner up, point per game right now. Looking like an absolute steal, just does everything right. Also would throw in Gauds, putting up solid numbers. I probably sound like a broken record when I say this but fans need to remove that “Future 3C Label” from him. Showing he can be more than that as of now.
  2. Need to keep on winning can’t let the Yotes and Coilers get too far ahead.
  3. I have like 5 Finals I should be studying for tomorrow but there no way I’m missing this game. Hopefully we see a line brawl.
  4. It’s early but as of now he is up there.
  5. Not discrediting Benning, but I’m pretty sure Brackett plays a huge influence on the later picks.
  6. Since we having fun with lines Miller - Petey- Gaudette Roussel - Horvat - Boeser Ferland - Sutter - Virtanen Pearson - Beagle - Leivo Motte Schaller
  7. Reminds me of Kesler, his attitude, style of play, heavy shot. Doesn’t have that trash talk or physical edge as Kes did, but he does finish his checks. It’s still early though, you never know. So nice to have a player like that again.
  8. All teams blow leads, it’s just part of the game. However, you would think that our guys would learn their lesson, especially after the Washington and Pittsburg games. Show a little more push in the 3rd rather than just sitting back. Its frustrating but I think come Playoff time, we will close games the right way. Well, I hope at least.
  9. Makar out from a Marchand hit

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. 6string


      Wow,his head actions after the hit made me think it was bad, but not that bad.

    3. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      @Alflives hopefully Hughes can avoid that kind of hit better than Makar tho... the 'lil fellers have to slip away from that kind of thing. 

    4. Pears


      That hit was surprisingly clean

  10. Marv needs to relax, crying to the refs after the game and all that extra $&!#.
  11. Team needs to start sticking up for one another. Stop sitting on leads as well.