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  1. J-23

    NBA Discussion

    Unless it's the NHL , cause the refs are absolute dog $&!# and inconsistent.
  2. J-23

    NBA Discussion

    What do the Nuggets do with Bol Bol and MPJ next year? Team is going to be real scary in a few years.
  3. J-23

    NBA Discussion

    If the Nuggets come back from this and somehow take the series, this would have to go down as one of the best Playoff runs in sports history? Reffing has been pretty fair in both series, missed calls on both sides. Matter of fact, I think Lebron not getting a whole lot of calls this series, besides last game. He getting hacked almost every time he takes it to the paint.
  4. Why DM post like he 15 and 40.
  5. You two are definitely smoking LL's weed eh.
  6. Dusting Byfuglien is done with hockey. Would be shocked if he returns to the league.
  7. Imo TP can't really point fingers, they were collectively bad. Just bounce back next game. Time to hit Mafia retirement with my boy @naslund.is.king
  8. DM was the sheriff until his role got swapped with NIK. Also he technically did claim when he said he got a read peak on AV. It was a smart play by him considering he wasn't the sheriff anymore, too bad nobody believed him cause of meta.
  9. There were 2 sheriffs You need to read the analysis
  10. Wrong 2 sheriffs. DM was the real sheriff, then it was NIK. Falc was paranoid. Wrong you got the wheel. Was smart on Maf to increase their odds and it worked. Everything randomized on here https://wheelofnames.com/. So unless you have some sort of conspiracy with the wheel that's on you. TP biggest mistake having two red peaks and not going after a single one.